tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOut Of My System Ch. 3

Out Of My System Ch. 3


Despite the surprised hiss of breath I heard when I grasped him, I led Fez slowly and seductively into the Foreman’s white tiled bathroom. I released him and reached for a candle sitting on the counter. As I struck the match to light the wick, he did the gentlemanly thing by running the bath, adding some bubbles from out of the linen closet. He smiled dazzlingly at me as the water rose to the halfway point of the ivory bathtub.

“After you.” He said, gesturing towards the foamy scented water. Steam was already beginning to gather around the corners of the room. I smiled at him and stepped gingerly into the steaming tub, easing myself into the waters. Fez gently slid himself in beside me and grabbed a soft body sponge from the shower rack. We sat across from each other, Indian style, our bodies softly lit by the sparse candlelight.

I sighed in pleasure as I felt the sponge caressing me, dripping water off my neck and breasts. His masculine hands began to touch me softly, sending shivers rippling across my damp skin and down my spine. As he dipped lower to wash my stomach, I moaned softly and pushed him gently back into the wall, straddling his bent leg as I did so. I positioned myself so that my sex pressed against him. Fez smiled and raised his eyebrows at me in surprise as I began to slide my hips up and down his thigh. My clit quivered and throbbed as I watched him watching me get off.

“Let me help you with that,” Fez said, sliding his hand between my thighs and stroking me lightly. I moaned and smiled lustfully as my crotch began to rub against his palm. Suddenly, he gripped me by the hips and moved himself underneath my body, and my breath caught in my throat as his tongue dipped into my hot snatch, licking rapidly around my aching clitoris. His right hand still massaged my breasts with the sponge, rubbing and teasing at my sensitive nubs, bringing my impending orgasm closer and closer within my reach.

“Your turn,” I whispered shakily, sliding back along his torso so I was facing him again. Taking the sponge from him, I gently massaged his shoulders, neck, and chest with the warm water. Fez moaned softly and smiled again as I slowly worked my way south. A gasp escaped his lips as the sponge gently gripped his now revived erection. I leisurely moved the sponge up towards his head and then down again, creating delicious friction along Fez’s soapy, throbbing shaft. While he had his eyes closed, I reached for the burning candle and slowly dripped the overflowing candle wax onto his gorgeous chest. His reaction was mouth-watering, I thought as I watched Fez writhe and shout uncontrollably from the sensations I was giving him, his delicious body undulating in the candlelight. Grinning from ear to ear now, I leaned in to kiss him with an open mouth.

“Mi amor,” Fez whispered when we separated, reaching out to lovingly cup and tease my breasts again. I gasped and cried out softly as his thigh nudged upwards to rub harder against my swollen clit, roughly, almost bouncing me on his knee. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the erotic motion in the bathroom mirror, making me even hotter for him. “Te quiero, my Jackie, I want to be inside you.” He murmured huskily, his cock visibly growing harder from his immense desire. I bit my lip and nodded hastily, my need having outgrown my will.

His hands grasped my hips and guided me towards his engorged member, slowly impaling me on it. I grinned and moaned loudly, loving to feel him inside me again. Gradually we moved in time with one another, letting the sensations build. My hips thrust quicker against his, steadily riding his eager cock, and I cried out softly each time it hit my fleshy pleasure center. The water started to slosh against the sides of the bathtub.

“Ah, yes, Fez, that’s the spot, don’t stop …” I moaned happily. He shot me a sexy grin and placed his hand in the small of my back. “That’s the spot, huh? That feels good to you?” Fez asked, working my hips against his faster. “Mmmm, yeah,” I replied breathlessly, feeling that familiar ache inside me again as he worked me harder, pushing himself deeper and deeper inside me. My velvet walls throbbed around him, eliciting the sexiest groan from deep within his chest. I lost myself in the primal rhythm of his thrusts, relishing every plunge of his shaft inside me, every throb of my own sex.

“Are you getting close, Jackie? Hmm?” Fez asked me breathlessly, his sexy voice jostled by the rhythm of his maddeningly hot thrusts. “Poised right there on the brink of oblivion, are you, my love?”

“Stop calling me that,” I gasped, moaning and rocking myself along his rod. I closed my eyes, thrust my head back and bit my lip in frustration, trying so hard to make myself come faster, but nothing was happening. I whined and bucked my hips frantically, only to be stung by the burning heat of candle wax upon my breasts. That did it; my body arched sharply upwards as my orgasm tore through me, spurred on by his relentless banging of my g-spot. I whipped my head up and stared at Fez in shock, but all he did was smile at me as he watched me come. My head spun, and I screamed as I felt him release himself deep inside me, bringing on a second climax. Colors swam before my eyes, and then all of a sudden, the bathroom darkened and the world went blissfully black. ________________________________________________________________________

As the next morning rolled around, I slowly awoke to find myself nestled against Fez’s body in Eric’s bed, clad only in my panties and his t-shirt from yesterday. I smiled gratefully, realizing I must have passed out from our unbelievably hot encounter in the shower, and he had carried me upstairs to bed. He’s so sweet, and so considerate, I mused sleepily, cuddling closer to him. Yesterday was the most incredible day of my life, by far, and the aches in my sweetly exhausted body reminded me of every last place he had been. The night had gone by way too fast, and now it’s the infamous morning after. I sighed unhappily as I realized we could never be together. Too many things stand in our way. There’s too many people involved, and I just can’t seem to get past that. I’m being such an idiot, I thought. Why can’t I just give it up?

Almost as if he had heard my thoughts, Fez rolled over and wrapped his muscled arm around my waist, drawing my body close to his, so that each curve neatly fitted around each other. “Good morning, lover,” He whispered and softly kissed the side of my neck. “Morning,” I whispered back. Groaning softly, he rolled over and positioned his body over me, leaning in to kiss me. My mouth yielded sweetly to his, opening gradually to let his tongue lick and dart across mine. His hips moved against mine, making his hardness press against me through his boxers.

“Thank you for carrying me upstairs last night,” I murmured as he began to neck with me. “It is nothing, as long as you’re ok.” Fez replied, his hand nudging aside the white cotton shirt I was wearing so it came up to my neck, leaving my breasts exposed to his lips. I moaned his name, my hips bucking upwards gently with faint stirrings of desire.

“Fez, please, stop this…it isn’t right…” I protested weakly, trying to find the words to tell him that we can’t be together, we can’t be a couple; it was just a one-night stand.

“How can you say to me that this is not right?” Fez asked me. “It certainly feels right, does it not?” He moved lower to suck gently at my sensitive nipples, and I moaned again, louder, unconsciously wrapping him in my arms to pull him on top of me. Every sweet caress of his mouth shot fire down my spine and through my sex, soaking my panties through and through. Fez’s right hand slowly traveled across my flattened stomach, sending shivers over the surface of my skin, and came to rest at the hem of my panties. “Your body has shown me your true feelings, over and over again, my Jackie. The body never lies...” Fez murmured seductively, bringing himself to a sitting position beside me. His index and middle fingers lightly, teasingly traced along the lined fringe of the cotton briefs, and I jumped and moaned as he dipped lower to trace an invisible line up and down my slit. Fez smiled knowingly and slipped his fingers inside my panties, maddeningly tracing the edges of my lips. I moaned for mercy and thrust my head to the side, grinding against the pillow.

“You can’t deny it anymore, Jackie,” Fez stated in a husky whisper. “We care for one another deeply-“ those fingertips pressed gently where he knew I needed him – “and you know as well as I do-“ then lower to stroke at my entrance – “that we should, ultimately, be together. Forget about the rest of the world. Just let this be between us.”

I drew sharp breath in anticipation, knowing all too well by now that Fez was a caring and extremely satisfying lover, but he very much liked to keep me in erotic suspense. This can’t go on, my mind piped up halfheartedly. It’s not real; it’s only blind lust…

The feeling of his fingers slipping between my lips and stroking me gently inside my panties instantly drowned the voice out as I cried out in delight. “Ah, yes, that is my girl,” I dimly heard Fez’s voice encourage me. “Ooh, that’s right, you like that, don’t you?” His fingertips lightly swirled around the hood of my swollen bud, making me writhe right up off the mattress.

“Yes, just give in to it, Jackie…” Fez whispered. “Do you feel the fire starting to burn inside you?” He asked me.

“Yes…” I whispered, bucking my hips for more. The sweet ache his fingers were producing inside me was building fast, but I held there, poised on the brink. He began to stroke me faster, keeping his touch light and teasing. “Tell me, my love, could you ever really go without this?” Fez asked, kissing my stomach as his fingers flicked over my slippery center over and over again.

“No,” I admitted, halfway between a moan and a whimper. “Oh, god, Fez…” I began to tremble all over as his pressure increased, stroking me faster and faster while pressing gently on my pubic bone. I squirmed wildly and bit my tongue to keep from screaming bloody murder, the sensations were so intense. My nails dug into the sheets and I began to pant and whimper as a new tickling, pulling sensation began to swell up inside me.

“Mmm, Jackie…” Fez moaned appreciatively, breaking a sweat as I melted into his unbelievably skilled hand. “It’s driving you mad, isn’t it?” His touch reduced to a tickle, but it stroked me lengthwise along my silky wet petals and around my throbbing clitoris, back and forth, maddeningly slowly. “Touch it, Fez, work me, please…” I begged.

A soft, helpless cry escaped my lips and my body arched upwards sharply. My knees began to shake, and I really did scream this time as his fingertips finally concentrated fully on teasing my pulsing clitoris. My body rocked against his hand, making the bed knock against the wall, the figurines on the bedpost shaking almost as much as I was as my orgasmic screams echoed through the tiny room. Distantly, I thought to myself how much I loved the way he rendered me senseless, always knowing exactly what to do to make me completely lose control.

“That’s it, a little more…almost there,” Fez whispered hoarsely in my ear, raising the hair on my neck. “Now, my love, do it…” His whisper set me free. I let out a moan that rose to a lusty cry as my pelvic muscles shuddered and spasmed against his fingers, causing my whole body to shake in absolute ecstasy as my warmth spread over his hand, on my inner thighs and onto the bed sheets. I was frozen helpless in that delirious state until finally the last climax claimed me, and I fell back onto the pillows, dazed and exhausted. Fez gave me his sexiest smile as he pulled his fingers from between my legs and slowly licked each one clean of my juices. “You taste so good, like liquid candy.” He purred, brushing the last of my moisture off of his sensuous lips. I moaned softly and shifted my hips, hotly anticipating his tongue treating me like candy, sucking, teasing, licking at me to the point of no return. But to my utter astonishment, he merely kissed me on the cheek and got up to put on his jeans.

“Hey…wait a minute, Fez! What are you doing? Aren’t you going to finish what you started?” I asked him breathlessly. He grinned at me devilishly.

“Expending all that energy must have made you very hungry,” Fez said coyly, heading for the door. “I was going to go downstairs and make you some breakfast. Don’t worry,” He added with a wink, “I won’t be long.” And with that, my lover disappeared from the doorway and headed for the Foreman’s kitchen.

I sat there, body aching and legs splayed elegantly, staring after him for the longest time. His shirt fell back around my waist, almost as if it was disappointed, too. Sure, I’m hungry, I thought to myself, pushing my still damp curls behind one ear, but not for food, and he knows that! How could I, after what he just did to me? What on earth is he trying to pull now, I wondered. I remained there for a while longer, simmering, until I finally slid off the bed and put on my boots again. I slipped the wet panties off my legs and kicked them to the side, deciding I wouldn’t need those for a while yet. What’s the harm in conducting one more experiment, just to make sure?

To be continued in part four

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