Out of School


It was Darren who noticed it first. Mr. Benett's mobile phone on the floor of the Hostel common room. After giving me a nudge and pointing in its direction he casually bent down, picked it up and slipped it into his trouser pocket, the same as if it were a coin he had just dropped.

"Give it 20 minutes", he said. "If he notices it's gone before he goes to sleep he'll come down looking for it."

We actually waited 25 minutes, just to be sure. Then, after exchanging knowing glances between ourselves and our room-mate Paul, who we'd let in on the find, we headed off as normal (so everyone thought) 'to bed'.

I should fill you in on a few things. Firstly, we were on a Sixth Form trip to Europe, currently spending a few days in Prague, in the Czech Republic. There were about 20 of us in all, with four teachers along as supervisors: Mr. Bennett, Ms. Spenser, Mr. Hunt and Mrs. McCoy.

The reason Mr. Bennett's phone was such a good find is that, back home, he was going out with one of the best looking women in the school, the Biology teacher Ms. O'Neill. In fact, she wasn't just good looking, she was hot.

What was so hot about her? Well, Ms. O'Neill was a teacher from Ireland in her late 20s, so she had this delicious accent; she's about 5'8" tall, with shoulder-length straight blonde hair, and underneath her clothes she was slim, and seemed to have perky B cup (I'd have guessed) boobs, as well as a curvy round bum. Trust me, she's hot.

And I wasn't the only one to think so. As we got into our room, we were all in agreement that the coolest thing about having Mr. Bennett's phone was that it might have texts or (even better) pictures from her on it.

"Right, let's have a look!" said Darren, as he sat down on the end of his bed.

"Go to the photos section first..." I said. It was clear that it was a pretty new, 3G picture phone.

I looked over Darren's shoulder as he went through the Photo section of the phone's memory. While there was a nice one of her in front of some scenic location, she was wearing way more clothes than we wanted.

"How about his text messages?", Paul suggested.

Darren started to scan down through them.

"What's her first name?" he asked.

I was completely blank. Paul didn't look like he knew either. None of us actually did Biology, so we'd never had her as a teacher, we'd just seen her around the school.

"Would it be Susan, or something like that?" Darren said, "Most of the messages in her are from the phone number that he's called 'Suz'..."

"Looks like you've cracked it!", I said with a wink, "Well, anything interesting?"

"Most of them are boring enough, I'm afraid. 'Do you wanna meet for lunch?' and that sort of thing."

Paul and I exchanged resigned looks. Perhaps this phone wouldn't be the goldmine we'd hoped.

"Hang on a minute!", Darren shouted, "How about this: 'Sorry you're busy babes. If we could have met up I'd have told you all about how I've been day-dreaming about last night all through this mornings classes...' - that's from about six weeks ago."

"Fair play Mr. Bennet!", Paul said, "He obviously knows a thing or two!"

"Yeah, well sorry if I'm not too excited that he gets to see her tits and we don't." I said

Just then, the phone beeped in Darren's hands. The phone had just received a text message. Darren hit 'Read'.

Suz: Hi there babes. I hope today went well. You miss me? Cos I'm really missing you...

"What are we going to do?" asked Paul, "Should we try and smuggle the phone back to him?"

Paul may have thought the game was up but not me.

"No way man. We might still be able to get what we want here. Ask her how much she's missing him by..."

"Good idea!" said Darren, and proceeded to type.

Message: Today went well. So you're missing me? How much? ;-)

I thought the little wink at the end was a stroke of genius. The reply was pretty much instant.

Suz: Oh so much baby. I was just about to get to bed – that's why I texted you... ;-)

She was preparing for bed! No doubt we all had the same mental picture at this point! And she was winking too - this boded well. Quick as a flash, Darren was typing again.

Message: So go on then, tell how much you're missing me...

"Nice one Darren" I said.

This time the reply took a few minutes to arrive.

It was a picture message! She must have taken it in front of a big bathroom mirror. In it she was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white tank top and her hair tied up in a pony tail. Her hands were spread far apart, with the phone in one of them.

Underneath she had added: This much!

This was such a surprise that as I looked from one guy to the other, all our mouths were where you'd expect – hanging wide open with the shock! This was a godsend. Not only did we now know that she also had a camera phone but she'd also shown that she wasn't afraid to use it.

"Ok, we've got to get her clothes off" I said.

"Way ahead of you man" Darren replied. He was already typing.

Message: You're a funny girl. I like that. How about you show me, in the way that I like, now. ;-)

This was a slight risk. Maybe Mr. Bennett didn't go in for the kind of photos we were hoping to get from her. Still, if he had a girlfriend like Susan O'Neill and he didn't then he was a bit of a saddo.

Pretty quickly we got a response. It was just a text message though.

Suz: What do you mean? How do you want me to show you?

"Hmmm" said Darren, "how blunt should we be?"

"Go for it dude" said Paul, "you're her boyfriend, after all."

"I dunno, maybe it'd seem a bit off, if he doesn't normally boss her around, or something. Y'know?" said Darren.

"Lookit, we've come this far and we will never, ever have this chance again." I said, "Let's just ask her. What's the worst that can happen? She'll be mad at him – not us!"

"Ok, here goes" said Darren, and started typing again.

Message: Like maybe you could show me how much the rest of your body is missing me – not just your arms?

Quickly we got a response.

Suz: Well aren't you a naughty boy! I dunno. What if someone sees them?

This was great news. She wasn't totally disgusted by the idea. In fact, she was just checking make sure a photo didn't fall into the wrong hands. If only she knew...

Message: Don't worry about that. I'm on my own in the room and I'll delete it off the phone by the morning. Please!

By now I had decided that Darren was a texting savaunt. That 'Please!' at the end was as good a touch as the winks had been earlier.

Five minutes passed by and still we got no response. Darren lay back on the bed while Paul and I paced the room.

Finally, the phone produced a message tone. Paul and I jumped on the bed behind Darren.

"It's a picture message!" said Darren, as he clicked 'Open'.

Now we were talking. In the photo she had just sent she was now wearing a matching set of black lace bra and knickers. She had the index finger of her left hand in her mouth whilst the other one, obviously, held the camera. I'd guess that it had taken five minutes as she'd let her hair down and probably changed. I think we'd have seen an outline of the black bra through the white top otherwise.

While it wasn't the nudity we'd hoped for, it was definitely hot. The dark material helped show off her lovely athletic figure. And the finger in the mouth was just so ..... Well, let's put it like this, she was obviously turned on!

Underneath she'd written: I seem to remember you liking this set! Well, have I shown you enough?

"Oh man, you better Bluetooth that to me!" said Paul.

"No hurry – I'm sure there's more where that came from..." said Darren, "that last line was a dead giveaway."

Darren wrote back.

Message: Are you horny baby? I'd say your nipples must be really hard. Why don't you let me see them, so I can check?

There was silence now in our room between texts. It was like we were all holding our breath.

A response came quickly, in text form.

Suz: Oh I am so hot for you right now! How about you? I'd say Mr Big must be quite hard too! Why don't you show him to me first? Fair is fair! ;-)

It took at least 30 seconds for someone to say something. It was Paul.

"Dude, you've got to do it. Seriously, it's for the team."

He was talking to me. I should have mentioned before this that I was the only white guy in the room. Darren's parents are from Jamaica and Paul's mum comes from Morocco. And Mr. Bennett was, yup, white.

"He's right" said Darren, "lucky for us you've even got the same hair colour."

"I dunno guys. What if my guy isn't as, y'know.... Isn't the same as 'Mr. Big'?" I said.

"Don't worry" said Darren, who seemed to have already thought this through, "you'll have to take a close-up anyway, to keep your face out. I'd say all you white-boy's dicks look the same when you can't see the rest of the body!"

I thought about it for a minute.

"Alright, but not in here. Give me the phone and I'll pop to the toilet."

"Ok man, here ya go. Hope your guy's in the right mood..." Darren said. "Underneath it write something like 'Mr. Big wants to see all of you'. You'll do fine I'm sure."

I headed for the bathroom. Truth be told, while I had been very turned on when I saw her picture message, I had gone a little bit limp with this pressure to provide a photo myself. However, another quick look at the photo of Ms. O'Neill in her black lingerie got me up to full mast again. I didn't bother with a deliberate close-up. I simply pointed the camera down from in front of my chest and snapped the photo. This would be believeable I decided. For once, it wasn't Darren who'd come up with the right idea!

Under the photo I wrote: Mr. Big sure is hard and he wants to see all of your tight little body now. Don't let him down!

I hit send and then went into the 'Sent Messages' folder and deleted it there. I didn't want the boys to have a peek at it later, even if they were only being curious. I was afraid they'd take the piss I guess.

Anyway, I headed back out to the boys and gave the phone back to Darren.

"It's done" I said.

The boys gave me a couple of High-Fives as a well done. Then we waited. Would she buy it? Was my dick close enough for Mr. Bennett's for us to get away with this? Still, even if things went wrong now, we had the photo of her in the lingerie so that wasn't bad.

It didn't take too long. The phone beeped. We crowded around Darren once more.

Holy Moley! We'd hit gold. It was a photo of her wearing just the black lace knickers this time. She had a naughty look on her face whilst her left hand was held, self-conciously, across her tummy. Her boobs were there for us to see and they were fantastic. They had a lovely shape and came straight out from her body. There was no sag here. And her nipples really were super erect. They'd have to be to show up so clearly as such on a little phone screen.

The message beneath it was, if it were possible, almost as good: Well, I don't want to let down Mr. Big, do I?! :-) That was so hot btw. Here's the first of my photos.

The first of her photos! I think Paul nearly fainted on reading that... I, on the other hand, was a bit distracted by the fact that she thought a picture of my dick was 'so hot'! Ok so she thought it was Mr. Bennett's, but still....

I was thinking about this when the phone beeped again.

In this photo she had taken off her knickers but had also turned around so her back was to the mirror. She was looking at us over her left shoulder whilst she took the photo with her right hand. Her ass was so sweet. Whilst being nice and round it was clearly as tight and fit as the rest of her.

The message under this one was: You getting these ok? I hope Mr. Big can hold on for a few more mins. It'll be worth it!

We were learning more about this lady all the time. Not only was she ok with taking naked pictures of herself but she was also perfectly fine with the thought of her man wanking off over them. Mr. Bennett was one lucky guy!

"I think I better reply to that one" Darren said, and started to type.

Message: Pics are super hot! You are such a babe! Mr Big can't last much longer... What you got planned?

After he had sent the message he started to Bluetooth the pictures to our phones. I think we all knew that the only thing keeping us from going our separate ways for some 'private time' was the promise of more on the way. As soon as she was finished sending us pics, we'd be off to find ourselves toilet cubicles.

Another photo arrived. This was it – the holy grail! Ms. O'Neill completely and totally starkers. Naked, standing in front of the same mirror with her left hand on her hip. She was winking – in real life this time! And, NEWSFLASH, she has no pubes - she's clearly shaved them off!

The message below reads: Surprise! I know you've always wanted me to do this. I thought it'd be a nice treat for when you get back. :-)

Mamma mia. She's only just shaved! This is simply too hot for words now. None of us spoke, but I could definitely see Paul was sweating buckets down his forehead and onto his face.

Darren starts up the text editor as if he's about to reply. But he just stares at the screen. Even he's stuck for words!

The phone beeps once more for an incoming message.

If we thought we'd already seen the holy grail we were in for a surprise. This one was even better! How so? Let me describe it to you.

She was no longer standing up. Instead she was leaning on the bathroom counter with her right elbow. Her left hand was clearly at work in between her legs and her face was contorted with her lips making an unmistakeable O shape.

The accompanying message is: Wow baby. I've just had the best orgasm and now I give you permission to.... :-)

As if the message really had been meant for us and not her absent boyfriend we all, simultaneously, made a sprint for our en-suite toilet. As I had come out of there not too long before I was nearest, won the race and bolted the door behind me.

I was so turned on that I nearly came whilst just in the act of dropping my trousers and jocks. It won't surprise you then to hear that it didn't take long! And again, as if the message had been meant for me, it was pretty close to being the 'best orgasm' I'd ever had. I had a fleeting moment of sympathy at this point for the other two who would have had to wander down the hall looking for a free public toilet.

When I re-entered our room I saw the phone had been abandoned on the bed. I put myself in Mr. Bennett's shoes for a second and texted back simply: Mission accomplished. Thank you baby and good night.

I transferred all the remaining files over to my phone and erased all the messages we had been responsible for from the 'Sent Messages' folder. I then set off for the common room and, once there, I dropped the phone where we had found it.

If all went well, neither of them need ever know...

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