Out of the Past Pt. 02


"Do you remember that night, the night before I left, the first night we..."

"Yes." His voice was calm, deep, steady.

"That night...I know we had talked about leaving in the summer. But those days Michael...he was acting strange. He kept saying how much I looked like my mother, how I was grown. That night he- he tried something. It was at the office. I came to you for comfort, for protection, but I couldn't say anything. You just looked so...lost and sad."

She stopped talking before she said any more. The young man he'd been had fulfilled her dreams that night, and then broken her heart. It seemed history was doomed to repeat itself, she would leave before he ha the chance to chain her to a destiny she couldn't accept.

"Why didn't you tell me?" His voice was dark and dangerous, his body suddenly still.

"What did it matter? I told you I had to get away, that night. I was willing to leave everything I was so desperate, and you...you refused to go with me."

He turned onto his side, letting her go as he loomed over her. "Do you really want to have this argument now?"

"No, I don't. Whatever reason you tell yourself at night you had for staying it's obvious why you did. The house, the company, the money...you're just like them all. All you goddamn Kellners are the same!"

He grabbed her shoulders. "I know what my grandfather and uncle did to you, to me! If you think I am anything like them, you're mad!"

She broke free and nearly fell scrambling from the bed. "Forcing me to do things against my will? Treating me like an object? Oh, you're right, you're not like the rest, you're the exact same bloody thing!"

Head held high she stalked naked from his room to the one she'd been given and slammed the door. When Sebastian heard the lock click he got up and quickly dressed. Ignoring his work clothes he shoes jeans a long sleeved black shirt. He brushed his hair back into a neat ponytail and went to the garage for his own car.

He was in the mood to strangle somebody, and he knew just who it would be. In his anger he never even noticed the binoculars in the field behind the house. He wanted blood, and soon it would flow.

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