tagIncest/TabooOut of This World!

Out of This World!


This story contains plenty of male bisexuality. If you are offended by depiction of sexual acts between two or more men please don't read this story.

Chapter 1

The boy grunted and grimaced when I shoved my big cock all the way up his tight asshole with one firm thrust. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to start fucking him.

"Do it!" he purred. "Fuck me!"

"Hold on," I hissed and grabbed a pillow, propping it under his muscular butt.

"Oh shit!" he grunted when I started to gyrate my hips gently from left to right. "I'm so fucking stuffed!"

Grabbing his ankles I spread his young muscular legs even wider apart. He looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and smiled reassuringly at me.

"It's ok," he panted. "You can fuck me now. I can take it!"

"I'm sure you can," I said and started to piston my cock back and forth inside his magnificent shithole.

Leaning on his elbows he lifted his upper body and bit his lower lip. He then turned his gaze toward my glistening well-lubricated cock. I started to fuck him slowly and rhythmically. I pounded him firmly, first all the way in and then almost all the way out. Only my blood-filled helmet remained inside his hot shitter. I leaned down and licked his tongue before our lips locked in a passionate kiss.

"Birds flying high, you know how I feel," my wife's beautiful voice came from the bathroom.

"Sun in the sky," I started singing. "You know how I feel."

"Oh god," the boy chuckled. "Is it always like an episode of Glee here at your house?"

"What do you mean?" I asked as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

"You were doing this last night too," the boy panted. "You were singing duets while we were fucking!"

"You don't like our voices?" I asked jokingly.

"No you two are actually quite good!"

"I'd like to think so," I replied smiling. "We've made quite a comfortable living from our music."

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life," my wife continued singing.

The bathroom door soon opened and my beautiful wife stepped into the bedroom wearing a large towel around her sexy body and a smaller towel wrapped around her head in the shape of a turban. I looked at her and smiled without stopping my thrusts for a second.

"Oh Jesus," my wife said with a pretty smile. "You must really like this boy. How many times did he fuck you last night Rocco?"

"Five ... six, a dozen times? I lost count." The handsome young man laughed. "I'm hoping he can fuck me as many times today!"

"Uh oh! Not today sweetie," my wife said shaking her head. "We don't have time for that today. As a matter of fact you've got to leave right after this round is over. We have to pick up our daughter at the airport!"

"When can I come back?" Rocco asked pouting his lips.

"We'll let you know sweetie," my wife replied throwing her body towel to the floor, revealing her toned body, her perfect D-cup breasts and blond pubic hair.

"Hold his cock straight up for me baby," my wife ordered me as she started to straddle the boy's cock, holding on tightly to my shoulders for balance.

I stopped fucking the boy while my wife carefully impaled her trimmed blonde pussy on his shaft.

"Good to go," my wife purred against my face as she started to ride Rocco's cock. "You can start fucking him again."

"Oh god!" Rocco moaned loudly.

"Does it feel good?" my wife asked grinding her pussy lips against the boy's black wiry pubic hair.

"You bet Lola," Rocco grunted in ecstasy. "Jon's big cock in my asshole and your hot pussy riding my cock! Oh man ... you two are the best!"

"Thanks baby," my wife husked and kissed me hotly on my mouth. "You need to shave your moustache!"

"But I like it honey! Makes me look more distinguished."

"Your beautiful salt and pepper hair makes you look plenty distinguished," she said caressing my hair lovingly with her soft hands. "The moustache makes you look like a distinguished truck driver!"

"Oh thanks!"

"It scrapes my skin when I kiss you!"

"Your bush scrapes my skin when I lick you!"

"Then I should stop kissing you and you should stop licking me!"

"Done deal," I laughed. "From now on no kissing and no licking!"

"Ok you win!" Lola pouted. "The moustache stays, so does the pussy hair. I can't shave off my bush ... it gets way too itchy."

"Your bush looks amazing," Rocco said from underneath our bodies. "So does the moustache!"

"Hurray for facial and pubic hair!" my wife cheered and started to ride up and down Rocco's hard cock.

We had picked up Rocco at a bar about a week ago and since then both of us had been fucking him like crazy. He was a very handsome, nineteen-year-old, well-built, charming, extremely horny bisexual young man and that was all we needed to know about him.

My beautiful wife's real name was Karina. Karina and I had started to have sex with other men and women together fifteen years ago. We had been married for nineteen amazing years and our open sexual relationship had been a true blessing for our marriage.

Karina was an extremely beautiful wannabe superstar when I first met her back in Sweden. She was only sixteen but I realized that she had the looks, the talent and the will to become a hot teenage superstar the moment she walked into my agency. Under my advice and management Karina became Lola; a hot, slutty, teenage singer that all teenage girls envied and all men wanted to sleep with.

Privately Lola was mine and mine only, although I shared her with friends and occasionally with horny fans. But her heart belonged to me. We had a beautiful daughter together without the knowledge of media and her fans. After four best selling albums and three European tours Lola was done.

"I'm ready to retire," she said to me one day. "From now on I want to be a housewife."

We had made more than enough money to live a comfortable life ... ten lifetimes over. We moved to Naples, Florida and settled in a beautiful area. We also bought a villa in Spain and a mansion in California. The villas in Spain and California proved to be unnecessary luxuries and we sold them a couple of years later. All of our good friends and sex buddies lived in Florida and our daughter Kia loved it there.

We never hosted any sex parties when Kia was around. When Kia turned thirteen Lola talked to Kia about the matter and she seemed to be fine about it. From early on we knew that Kia was highly intelligent. She graduated high school at fifteen and was accepted to UCLA at sixteen.

My heart filled with dread the day she left for California. Lola was much more relaxed.

"Don't worry," my wife said. "She's strong like her mother. She'll be fine!"

"Yeah sure," I replied worriedly. "Look what happened to you! You moved to Stockholm when you were eighteen and met me. A perverted older man who took advantage of you!"

"Oh? Is that what happened?" my wife chuckled. "I recall marrying a wonderful older man who has taken very good care of me since God knows when. I met the love of my life and he has never let me down since!"

"You're right. She'll be absolutely fine," I said sarcastically. "There are hundreds of guys like me out there ... thousands even!"

My wife pinched my butt playfully and that marked the end of that discussion. One week later we started to build a playroom in our home and started to host the most amazing sex parties.

Now at age thirty-eight my Lola looked lovelier than ever as she rode the cock of the boy I was fucking right in front of me. She was in a very good mood because our daughter, finally earning her PHD in psychology was coming back home.

I had not seen my daughter in over two years. Although I had video chatted with her and knew that she looked almost exactly like her mother in all aspects at the tender age of twenty-one.

I removed the towel from my wife's head and ran my fingers through her damp long golden hair. She started to ride Rocco's cock faster and harder as she kissed me passionately.

"Fuck him harder baby," Lola moaned into my mouth. "Do you like his asshole?"

"Yes!" I grunted.

"Fuck him!" my wife cried. "Come inside his shit chute!"

"I will honey."

"Bang his fuck hole!"

"Is this hard enough for you?" I moaned as I picked up my pace.

"I'm gonna come soon all over his cock," Lola husked. "I want you to come with me baby. Let's come together."

"I'm ready," I confessed. "Tell me when!"

"Hold on," she cried. "Hold ... on ... one ... two ... now ... comiiiiiiing!"

I started to send load after load of hot cum deep into Rocco's asshole. Lola collapsed against me and I held her shuddering body tightly against me.

"Tell him not to come inside me," Lola whispered weakly into my ear.

"Don't come inside her Rocco!" I ordered the boy.

"Hmm ... ok!" Rocco replied moaning.

I took hold of Rocco's shaft when my wife rolled off the boy and started to jerk him off until he shot his white cum up into the air and all over his toned abs.

"Chop-chop baby," my wife laughed spanking the black-haired boy's butt cheeks. "Time to go home!"

"Uh ok! Where are my clothes?" the boy asked confusedly.

"You took them off by the pool last Friday," Lola replied giggling.

"Have I been here since Friday?" Rocco asked.

"Yep!" my wife replied.

"Where's my cell phone?"

"In your pants' pockets?"

"Oh shit!" Rocco exclaimed and hurried out of the bedroom. "Call me?"

"We will honey," my wife said laughing melodiously. She then turned to me and said, "Gym. Breakfast. Shower. Airport. Move your sexy ass!"

In our home gym I looked proudly at my sweaty refection in the body length mirror. Like my wife I had a perfect tan. My muscles were hard and well defined. I was in an extremely good shape for a fifty-five-year old man. I felt wonderful thanks to my sexy younger wife and our exciting lifestyle.

"Breakfast is ready," Lola's voice came from the kitchen.

Distinguished truck driver my ass, I said to my reflection and smiled.

I ate half of my breakfast and ran off to take a shower. After a quick shower I got dressed and ran downstairs. Lola was waiting for me inside our Mazarati. She was wearing a short shear white sundress. I could easily see her white bra and panties through her dress.

"Is that what you're wearing to the airport?" I asked with concern.

"What's wrong with this?" she smiled impishly.

"I just don't want to get arrested and leave Kia hanging ... that's all!"

"They're going to arrest you for what exactly?"

"For punching out whoever who tries to arrest you!"

"Oh yeah?" Lola chuckled. "I assume they will arrest me for trying to blow up the airport with my boobs?"

"No!" I replied carefully. "They'll arrest you for being married to me!"

"Come on honey," Lola softly protested. "It's so much fun. The look on men's faces when they see me in this is priceless. Where's your sense of adventure?"

"Sorry babe," I replied defeated. "Maybe I am getting too old for you!"

"Not if I can help it," Lola smiled and started to drive toward the gate.

Chapter 2

At the airport I was surprised to see my beautiful daughter walk toward us hand in hand with a hot black-haired girl. She was probably a few years older than Kia. The girl was wearing a sexy crop tank top and tight low cut jeans that barely covered her pubic area. Her belly button was pierced with a diamond stud and a Kanji tattoo decorated her lower tummy.

To my disbelief my daughter the doctor was dressed in almost exactly the same way, except that her Kanji tattoo went from the left side of her hip all the way up to her armpit. My first though was to find and kill the tattoo artist who had gone crazy with Japanese letters all over my little girl's body.

"Relax honey," my wife whispered and squeezed my hand tightly. "Remember that we are her liberal parents!"

"You knew about this didn't you?" I asked trying not to move my lips.

"Surprise!" my wife chuckled quietly.

"Dang!" I mumbled and raised one eyebrow.

"Daddy!" my little way-too-sexy-tattooed girl cried and threw herself into my open arms. "I missed you so much!"

I caressed my girl's long double braided golden hair and kissed her forehead. Her fresh scent filled my nostrils as she smiled prettily and planted butterfly kisses on my cheeks.

"I missed you too Bubbles!" I said to her lovingly.

"Your moustache tickles my skin Daddy," Kia giggled wholeheartedly.

"Do you like the stache?"

"You look kinda funny with it!"

"Funny like a truck driver?"


"I like your dad's pornstache!" my daughter's friend abruptly interjected. "He looks like that guy from that gay porn we watched the other day!"

"You watch gay porn?" I asked.

"Filter Fay!" my daughter said to her friend, blushing slightly. "Use that filter between your head and your mouth. Remember?"

"Oh, sorry!" Fay pouted.

Then my daughter ran to her mother and hugged her tightly.

"Look at you Mom!" My daughter smiled. "Still teasing poor unsuspicious guys every chance you get huh?"

"Always!" my wife giggled.

"She looks so fucking hot!" my daughter's friend blurted again.

"Sorry guys," my daughter said. "This is my rude girlfriend Fay."

"Nice to see you in person Miss Lola," Fay said and hugged my wife as if she had known her for a long time.

"Mrs. Bergstrom honey," Lola corrected.

"When Kia showed me the video for Lollipop I almost creamed my panties," the hot girl confessed. "You were so damn hot in that video ... and your voice ... oh my God! You look even more gorgeous in person."

"Thanks honey ... I guess," Lola said grinning with pride. "Where did you get that video Kia?"

"It's on YouTube!" Kia smiled. "All your videos are up on YouTube! You have quite a fan base on YouTube Mom."

"Can we check that out when we get home honey?" my wife asked me.

"Sure babe," I replied.

"Fay is going to stay with us for a while," Kia said looking at me. "I hope that it's ok?"

"Sure Bubbles," I said. "She can have the guest house all to herself."

"Actually both of us will be staying at the guest house Daddy," my daughter said looking down at her feet.

"Yes ... I'm kind of a screamer ... if you know what I mean," Fay added. "We don't want to wake you in the middle of the night with my screams!"

"What did I tell you Fay?" Kia barked at her sexy friend. "Too much info at once!"

"Sorry," Fay pouted again.

"It's ok girls," my wife said. "You can have the guest house all to yourselves and ... hmm ... fuck as loud and as much as you want. I'll have the housekeepers have it ready for you by the time we reach home."

Suddenly everyone became silent. My daughter blushed lightly as she finally looked at me.

"Yeah ... what your mother said," I finally said. "Now let's get out of here before they arrest us!"

"Who's going to arrest us?" Fay asked innocently.

"The Boob Police!" Lola joked.

"Who?" Fay asked again.

"Let's get going girls," my wife laughed. "I'll explain on our way to the car."

I was reading a paper and drinking my protein shake at the kitchen table when my daughter entered the kitchen. She had taken a shower and changed into a pair of lower cut jeans and a sexier crop tank top. Her C-cup breasts looked marvellously firm. I could see the crack of her ass and her sexy thong when she leaned into the fridge to get a drink.

"Daddy I need to ask you something," she said while opening a can of beer. "But I don't know how!"

"What honey?" I asked looking up at her. "You need a new pair of jeans because you've grown out of the ones you're wearing now?"

"Very funny Daddy," my pretty girl giggled melodiously.

"Well ... I can see your cute butt crack!" I confessed.

"Shame on you Daddy!" my daughter said with faked modesty. "Were you checking out your daughter's ass?"

"Yes!" I chuckled. "She was smiling at me. She asked me to say hi!"

"Are you being strict with me Daddy?" my daughter said and laughed lightly.

"Good heavens no!" I said more seriously. "I'm just having fun with my daughter. Who am I to preach morals to anyone?"

"Are you flirting with me then Daddy?"

"Are you teasing me Bubbles?"

"Maybe I'm testing you!"

"Oh!" I chuckled. "So now you're psycho analyzing your own father?"

"Yes I am using the good old show-your-dad-your-ass-crack method!" my daughter said smiling cutely.

"I like the way your method sounds!"

"Well just so you know Daddy," my daughter said more seriously, looking into my eyes. "I was a nerd for such a long time. All I did for so many years was studying hard. I didn't do anything fun at all. I didn't even know how to have fun ... until one day I met Fay."

"Yes, the famous screamer," I interrupted my daughter. "Sorry honey. Go on."

"She woke the sexual beast in me," Kia continued. "She saved me from turning into a lifeless sexless bore!"

"God bless her!"

"I guess this was mixed in my genes," she said. "Now I want to explore my sexuality like you and Mom. I want to try new things. I want to be naughty and have hot sex with guys and girls. I want to be bad and do stupid things like a normal teenager. I know I'm not a teenager anymore, but I don't want to be a boring nerd either!"

"I guess you're a late bloomer."

"I tried a relationship with a guy once. He broke my heart and I didn't have sex for three years until I met Fay!"

"God bless her!"

"God bless who?" my wife asked cheerfully as she entered the kitchen followed by Fay.

"Fay!" I said.

"Yes?" Fay asked confused.

"God bless you," Kia said giggling.

"Thanks," Fay said sheepishly.

"I was just telling Daddy that I want to explore my sexuality," Kia explained to her mother. "But I don't want the heartache of a relationship and falling in love."

"That sounds good honey," Lola approved.

"But I'm scared at the same time," Kia confessed. "It takes time to find a group of people that I can trust."

"To have sex with?" Lola asked candidly.

"Yes!" Kia said with a sigh of relief.

Lola looked at me with her prettiest smile. I looked at my paper, then at my protein shake before I finally shrugged at my wife.

"Do you agree with me?" Lola asked me.

"I don't know honey!" I replied.

Fay looked at us puzzled. Kia was holding her breath.

"I don't see anything wrong with it," Lola said. "Do you?"

"Bax's son and daughter joined us last year and nobody complained," I pointed out.

"Are you kidding me?" my wife chuckled. "Everyone was so fucking turned on when Jill and Tom joined us. They were only disappointed that Bax and Suzie weren't fucking their kids in front of them!"

"You almost passed out when Bax and Suzie fucked the kids in front of us!" I reminded Lola.

"It was too fucking hot!" Lola confessed.

Bax and Suzie only fucked their children in our presence. They did not want to risk others finding out about this.

"Honey do you want to join us at our next sex party?" my wife asked our daughter. "Is that what you want?"

"Can I do that Mom?" Kia asked with a shaky voice.

"I can't see why you can't honey," my wife said in a reassuring tone. "If that's really what you want it's ok with me and your father!"

"Is it really ok with you Daddy?" Kia asked looking at me expectantly.

"Yes Bubbles!" I said hoping that my wife and daughter could not notice the excitement in my voice.

"Hey, what about me?" Fay asked like a little girl.

"Of course you can join us too honey!" my wife said smiling lovingly at the hot girl.

"When is your next party?" Kia asked trying to conceal her excitement.

"We were going to move it to Bax and Suzie's house this Saturday when you decided to come home early," Lola said. "But now that things have changed we'll turn it to a welcome home party and have it right here at our place."

"Maybe we should make it a private party," I suggested. "Only Bax, Suzie, their kids and us!" "Good call babe," Lola enthused. "I'm sure Gunter and Sasha can take over our turn. I'll call them right away."

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