tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOut on the Balcony

Out on the Balcony


This is a sequel to another story I wrote years ago. You don't need to read that one to understand this one, though. Characters are introduced and they have sex on their first date, which is not their style.


It had been several weeks since my last date with Marc, so his e-mail inviting me over to his place for drinks came something out of the blue. He must have realized that, since he briefly apologized for the radio silence, and asked me for a quick reply with my phone number so he could talk to me. Being a good girl, I didn't reply right away of course. Being a little bit of a not-so-good girl, I agreed to come over. I didn't give him my phone number, I always feel awkward on the phone. It makes me feel all schoolgirlish, talking to someone I can't see. I guess it has something to do with having trouble guessing a person's mood or intent without the visual interaction.

Not that it would be hard to guess Marc's intent. Our previous and only date had been mostly sexual. I'm not *that* kind of girl, usually. I've only been with three guys in my life, and the other two were back in college. That date with Marc was actually more an accidental meeting in the gym, and the conversation had turned to people's sexual patterns. Marc had managed to get me to admit that one of the main reasons girls like me don't give in to their desires, is because they fear being looked on as cheap. The night had turned out to be very intense and memorable, and Marc had admitted to me he was as surprised about the outcome as I was. Still, it was clear this wasn't leading to a relationship. The weeks of silence between us made that clear. I was very curious what he was up to, and I for my part I wasn't willing to go along with just anything.

Saturday morning I got another e-mail from Marc, with instructions on how to get to his apartment, and the suggestion to bring a bikini or swimsuit, since his balcony faced south and would be very sunny. As for the directions, I can use google maps of course. But as for the bikini suggestion, I was a bit annoyed at his obvious ploy to get me to flash my assets. Sure, it was hot outside, but I wasn't planning on being easy today. I decided to go with a black tank top and shorts, Lara Croft style. He would have to settle for bare shoulders and just half an inch of cleavage. But when I stepped out of my air-conditioned car and walked over to his building, and felt the sun scorching down on me, I felt a slight regret. This wasn't just an ordinary sunny day, it felt like the first day of a genuine heat wave. Black had been a bad choice, and I felt myself getting sweaty already. But I decided that Marc at the very least had to be shirtless, and he was pleasant to look at of course. This might become a nice day after all.

Marc was very friendly, and he had prepared ice cold drinks. As I expected, he was shirtless and I had to try not to stare. He had been in on his balcony for some time apparently, since apart from being nicely bronzed some sweat glistened on him here and there. He was quite a sight to behold, and I almost felt sorry for not bringing my bikini so I could return the favor. We chatted a little about what we both had been doing the last few weeks, but the conversation remained very casual. There were numerous awkward silences, as if we both were looking for something to say, or didn't want to talk about what *was* on our minds. My guess was that's what happens to people who've had sex. During another awkward silence, Marc picked up the glasses and refreshed our drinks. While he was back inside, I peeked at myself and saw beads of sweat trickling in my cleavage. Somehow I managed to make even this thing look sexy.

As Marc walked back onto the balcony with our drinks, he glanced at me, and said: "You look hot, don't you want to change into a swimsuit or something?" I shook my head, saying: "Sorry, I didn't bring one. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure? Black isn't the best color for the sun, and you can always work on your tan." Marc replied. "I mean, you can take the top off, I wouldn't mind. And it's not like this balcony is on display."

I smiled at his remark, I guess this was the start of us flirting. I looked around to the other balconies. The neighbors wouldn't be able to see much because there were panels between the balconies. Also, because the apartments were quite big, they were a few meters apart. Two upstairs neighbors to the side might get a good look at me, if they bothered to look over the edge of their balcony. And as for the apartment building across the street, it was over a hundred yards away; someone would have to use binoculars. I supposed it would be possible to take off the top.

"As you can see, the other side would need eagle eyes or a telescope. And the neighbors aren't a problem at all. You could also go topless for an even tan, if you like." Marc added. My reservations against stripping grew a little; he was being a bit too obvious to get me naked. I tried looking angry at Marc, and shook my head. "Oh no, mister. I'm not falling for that one." My angry look failed, and I giggled. Then we both laughed out loud.

"Seriously, what's the big deal?" Marc had recovered, and continued his efforts. "I mean, it's more comfortable and good for your tan. Also, I've already seen your boobs naked. They look great, honestly, and I like looking at them I'll admit that. But there's nothing to worry about." He gave me an honest smile, and together with the compliment I almost melted. I'm self conscious about my boobs, but I can always take a compliment. I was ready to give in now, but I had an idea to make it a little more interesting.

"If you're so sure about your balcony being safe to undress, why don't you take off those shorts, first?" I asked him with a devilish grin. That certainly caught him off guard, and for a moment he was speechless. Then his grin returned, and he agreed with me. He took off his shorts without much ceremony, and the next moment he was standing before me completely naked. I couldn't help staring a moment at the newly exposed flesh, his dick was limp but it still reminded me of the ample size it could grow into. His balls hung low, bigger than I remembered. I swallowed, and I repressed a thought about what now almost certainly lay ahead. I managed to get a grip of myself, and saved myself with a joke: You could use a little tan improvement yourself, white boy."

He didn't reply, and just smiled at me as he waited. It was my turn, apparently. I got up and took off my shorts, then I peeled of my top. Reaching behind my back with a shy smile, I unclasped my bra and it fell to the ground too. I piled up my clothes, and sat down on the bench again, naked except for my panties. Marc picked up a bottle of sun lotion, and said while pointing at my big, naked and very white boobs: "Now that's one place you don't want sunburn. Would like me to put some oil on you?"

Wow, we were moving at record speed, so it seemed. One moment he wanted me topless for tanning purposes, the next he was aiming to get a handful. I reached out and took the bottle from him. "No thanks, I can manage. I opened the bottle and applied ample amounts of oil to other hand, my neck and shoulders and the tops of my boobs. I began rubbing my arms, neck and shoulders, and then I realized that there was probably no way I could seriously rub my boobs without making it an erotic display for Marc. I stopped for a moment, and glanced at him. He was enjoying the view apparently, smiling at me. I used the pause to apply more oil, and decided to do it properly then. I began massaging the oil into my breasts, making slow circular movements, all the time looking directly at Marc. He was no longer trying to decently look at my eyes; I had captivated his glance with my massaging movements.

The effect was fascinating. His limp dick made a twitch, then another, and then another. It began to swell slowly, getting longer and thicker. It began lifting itself to an upright position, all the time getting thicker and longer. Meanwhile, I could see his balls which had been hanging low until now, being pulled tight against his body. This made them look even bigger, I could swear they were the size of small chicken eggs. His dick had reached its maximum girth, and its swelling in length had made the foreskin draw back, revealing the purplish-red head. It was as big as I remembered, seeing it swell from beginning to end was a fascinating view, and I was getting seriously turned on by this. Finally, his erection was complete. I can't remember ever seeing a man looking more sexual than this, Marc with his muscular torso, fully erect penis with the head now completely revealed, a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip, and his balls swollen and drawn up tight. If I had doubts about whether we would have sex again today or not, they were gone now.

I stopped massaging my breasts, and waited for Marc's next move. If he would pick me up and take me to the bedroom there would be no protests from me. Instead, Marc picked up the bottle of tanning oil. He kneeled next to me on the bench on one knee, and applied more oil to my boobs. "You missed a spot," he whispered, as he began massaging more oil into my already very sun-protected breasts. His position caused his penis to dangle right in front of me. I took it in my hand without thinking, and began sliding my slippery hand up and down its length. My free hand cupped his balls, confirming their size and swollenness. I gave them a light squeeze and Marc groaned in return.

Slowly as to not lose my grip on his dick, he sat down next to me, bent over me and started kissing me slowly but deeply. One hand was still massaging my breast, but the other one moved down into my panties and found my very wet pussy. He began slowly rubbing my opening and my clit, and I moaned in delight. Then, as he paused a moment to shift his position, I realized we were well on our way to have sex on his balcony. That snapped me out of my trance for a moment, and I glanced around. Still no neighbors around, and I still couldn't see any detail across the street. Safe for now. but I decided I wasn't going to risk it.

Not wanting to spoil the moment, I decided not to ask Marc to go inside, but instead I applied both my hands which were still slick with oil to his now throbbing penis, en began sliding them up and down the entire length. He responded to my movements, and I quickly increased both speed and pressure. I was going to make him come in my hands now to 'get the edge off', then we could always move into the apartment for some serious lovemaking. I was well on my way too, and Marcs breathing was shortening and he was pumping his dick into my hands. But at the same time, he was working on me too. He shifted position with his fingers, then withdrew from my pussy and applied his thumb in circular motions directly to my clit. I gasped in response, and momentarily lost grip of his penis. Then I recovered, and got back to jacking him off.

It was a race then. Marc was close, but he was working me towards an earthquake of an orgasm, and fast. I broke the kiss, and looked at his penis. It was throbbing, pre-cum was streaming from its tip, and I couldn't imagine he was going to last much longer. Marc groaned deeply, and for a moment I thought I had 'won', then the pressure on my clit became too much and my orgasm exploded on me. I groaned out loud and began bucking my hips. I lost my grip on his penis completely, and Marc grunted in obvious disapproval. I reached back out with one hand, but my orgasm was just getting started. I began shuddering and moaning as wave after wave of pleasure swept away my control. Marc was at least being the good sport and continued working on me. For what must have been a full minute I climaxed with his thumb working on my clit. In the sparse moments I could open my eyes I could see Marc sitting bent over me, his rock hard throbbing dick still dangling in front of me.

I felt my orgasm slowly subsiding, and Marc felt it too. Softly but firmly he pushed me on my back. In a quick move he removed my panties. He pushed one of my legs over the back of the bench, and pushed the other one aside. I resisted, I didn't want to have sex out here on the balcony! But I was weak, and Marc ignored my resistance. I guess I couldn't really blame him, being so close to coming. He positioned himself in front of my opening, and guided the head of his throbbing dick. I felt the tip enter me, and then he paused for a moment. I was amazed at his control, being so close to climax, but he waited for several seconds with the tip of his dick inside me, and I could feel the throbs. Then he began pushing slowly in, and slowly out. Last time it had been a tight fit, but I was extremely wet and he pistoned in deeper with each thrust. I could feel myself stretching, and taking him completely. After several thrusts he had entered me completely, and he began to thoroughly fuck me. He withdrew his dick completely each time, then buried it inside me with each slow but powerful thrust. It was an incredible sensation, and I was lost in a blissful state. But when I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see we were being looked at!

One of Marc's upstairs neighbors had a view on us from their balcony, and a middle aged couple was looking at us. For one moment I froze, but even from this distance I could see they weren't too shocked but were very much enjoying the experience. I looked at Marc, and he was smiling a very happy smile at me. There was no way I could stop him now anyway, so I smiled back and encouraged him to go on.

For minutes Marc managed his deep thrusts, then as his own climax was building again, he penetrated me fully again and began making short, quick strokes deep inside me. Then I felt him becoming irregular in his thrusts, his penis swelled even more inside me, and I could feel him climaxing inside me. He groaned out load and shuddered against me. I felt him spurt his load again and again, until he finally stopped. He was still hard, and he resumed softly pushing in and out until I felt him softening, and then he withdrew. He collapsed next to me on the bench, and I looked up towards the other balcony. The other couple was gone; maybe they were inspired and had gone inside. In any case, we were alone again.

We lay against each other, nude and exhausted for the moment. No words were spoken for some time. Then, as I traced my finger along his now limp penis, I said: "That was really fascinating, seeing it grow from small to big."

Men can't take compliments about their equipment without a response. His penis twitched. He smiled, and replied: "Looking at you does that to me." But we were both looking at his penis as it swelled to full size again. When it was fully erect again, Marc got up and lifted me in his strong arms, carrying me inside. For the couple on the other balcony, the show was over. But our show had just gone through the first act.

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