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I have no idea why, but I once asked my wife to lay on the bed with a towel under her and pee. When she did, all sense just left me and I went down on her. She was disgusted and couldn't believe I did that, even though she wasn't peeing at that moment. I was really turned on by this, and started thinking about how much I would like to really taste it, as I really didn't get much of a taste that day.

Several weeks later I worked up the nerve to tell my wife I had been fantasizing about her peeing in my mouth while we did a 69. She reluctantly agreed. She's no prude by any means, we had been having anal sex regularly for about eight years. When we finally did it, I wasn't really prepared and she pissed all over my face, up my nose, in my eyes, and in my mouth. As we got in the shower to clean up, I can remember saying, "what the hell was I thinking?"

For some reason I continued to think about my wife peeing in my mouth. I told her I wanted to try it again. She still wasn't keen on the idea, but again agreed. She laid on her back, and I spread her lips. I placed my mouth over her urethra, and when she was finally able to relax, I received my reward. This time, it was an incredible experience. The thought of my wife laying on our bed, peeing in my mouth, and me drinking it all was so incredible to me that I shot off all over the bed without even touching my cock.

My wife still wasn't too interested in the idea of me drinking her piss, but she accommodated my fetish once every few weeks. She knew I loved it, though. When we moved into a new house several months after the discovery of my little fetish, I was under tremendous stress. The contractors had not finished the house, and we were staying in our friend's RV in our driveway. All our possessions were in the garage and carport. My wife was so wonderful, as she always attempts to accommodate me when I'm stressed. She let me drink her pee every night before bed for about two weeks while the contractors were finishing the house. During that period of time, my wife began to enjoy the feeling of laying in bed and having me drink her. She was able to relax enough to begin letting me eat her out after drinking her.

After that, my wife really enjoyed peeing for me. She especially liked it when it was a cold morning or night, and she didn't have to get out of the warm bed to go to the bathroom. Although it isn't an all the time thing for us, like anal sex, my wife has come to enjoy this.

Once, when we were camping, the outhouses were disgusting. I told my wife I would drink all her pee, then she only had to use the outhouse when she did #2. She loved it. I think she even drank more liquids that weekend, just to she could pee more in my mouth.

Although she had said she would never return the favor (I had not asked her to), after about a year of this activity, she said she wanted to try having me pee in her mouth in the shower. I noticed she had been making a point of sucking me after I went pee. I drank a ton of water, as to dilute my urine to the warm water stage. It took some time to begin peeing with my hard on in her mouth, but I was finally able. She let it run out of the sides of her mouth while I peed. At the end, she spit most of the pee out but made a point of making certain I knew she swallowed a little.

I really didn't want to pressure my wife, so I didn't bring up peeing in her mouth. One night she had several shot of Aftershock. She always loosens up more after a couple of shots. I don't think she gets drunk, I think it's an excuse to do what she really wants to, but is afraid to admit to otherwise. She led me to the bedroom, and we started to 69. After a minute or two, she said she had to pee. I said it was okay, she didn't have to get up, but that I had to pee also. I though she would pee, then I would get up to go to the bathroom. To my amazement, she said I didn't have to get up either. I almost shot a load in her face at the thought of it! It seemed like it took forever to relax enough to begin to pee. I really thought she would probably just let it run out of her mouth (we have a water bed, so the mattress isn't a concern). As I relaxed and began to feel the first feeble dribble of pee, she began to apply suction to my cock. Just then she let go too. I couldn't believe it! My wife was peeing in my mouth while in a 69, all the while drinking my pee like she couldn't get enough. It was incredible.

After that night, it was as if she didn't remember it. I really didn't bring it up. She continues to pee for me. Sometimes we have a "pee weekend," in which I drink all of her pee that weekend.

Although our true passion is anal sex. Neither one of us can get enough, pee games are sometimes still part of our lovemaking.

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