We kick the kids out the door to school. Yee Ha! We have time to play. We load some snacks and drinks into the truck and head out to the desert for some fun in the sun. You are wearing the great pair of grey shorts that are very loose and allow me a flash of red trimmed bush when your legs are parted just right. The day is warm already and you suck down a beer quickly. The vibrations of the wheels on the road have your engine revving already.

Your hand slides up and down my leg. I am getting hard, wanting your hand to slide up and under my shorts. I slide my hand down your shorts and discover your pussy is wet already. I insert my finger inside you then bring it to my lips, enjoying your flavor. You tell me how much you love the bench seat, as it allows you too sit next to me and tease me. You say you have a surprise for me and slide your shorts off and pull your shirt off exposing your hard nipples. This really turns me on as we are just pulling on the freeway and there are other vehicles around. I guess that since the truck sits up high you feel safe or maybe it is just you are so fucking horny.

Either way I love the show you start putting on for me. You put your legs up on the dash and starting playing with your cunt. You spread your lips and run a finger around and around until finally you slide a finger then two inside you. When you pull them out they are glistening with you juices. You run you wet fingers up my arm and across my lips. I breathe in deeply enjoying your smell. I suck your fingers into my mouth licking them clean. My shorts soon join yours somewhere on the floorboard.

Your next surprise for me is revealed when you pull your vibrator out and start working on your pussy. You run it around your pussy then upwards to your nipples spreading your wetness on them. They some how seem to stand up even more. The vibrator makes a trip back down to the Y. You stop and hold it on your clit. Your moans fill the cab as well as the smell of female sex. You then slide the vibrator down and into your wet pussy. You slide it in and out as your free hand plays with your erect clit. More and more of it disappear, as your moans get louder. Almost all of it is inside you as you scream your cumming. I have never seen you fuck yourself so fast before. It is so exciting to see, hear and smell. Your body finally stops bucking and you open your eyes breathing deeply saying #1. How long before #2 will arrive, you wonder...

Looking over you see some pre-cum has oozed from the tip of my throbbing cock. You run your finger tip over my purple head and spread the wetness around. You reach down and squeeze my cock wanting more to be released. You are rewarded with another droplet. This one you bring to your lips. You let out a hungry sexual sound as the taste drives you wild.

You look around and see that the highway has cleared out as we are outside of town now. You lean over and start licking on my cock. The bench seat allows you to get comfortable and kneel in the seat while teasing my cock. I put the cruise control on, lean the seat back and ease a leg over to allow you free access to my balls and cock.

You start by sucking on my balls. My free hand finds the vibrator and I start running it around your body lightly teasing your breast and ass cheeks. As you start sucking my cock into your mouth the vibrator finds its way to your dripping hot cunt. You try to pull away but stop and moan deeply as the tip just slips inside you. You start bobbing up and down on my cock and I hold the vibrator just so, so that the vibrator is sliding in your cunt as you come off my cock. As you go down on my cock your pussy pulls off the vibrator. You think back to the club where you were getting fucked by Robyn with the strap-on and sucking my cock at the same time. The thought drives you wild and you dive down farther on my cock.

The cab of the truck is getting hot so I lower the window down. The feeling of the air blowing on your hot steaming pussy drives you wild. You start moving faster and faster on my cock and the vibrator. You feel my balls start contracting and your cunt starts cumming again as the hot jet of cum erupts from my cock. You feel the wonderful wetness of your pussy run down your legs as the vibrator fills your cunt and pushes the wonderful redheaded nectar out.

My cock starts to shrink in your mouth. You pull on it sucking and playing with it, wanting more. You finally start coming back to reality and hear a loud noise coming from somewhere. You sit down in the seat and look out your window at a bus. One of the buses that runs groups of people out to the casino's and back home. All of the windows have faces plastered in them, both women and men alike. You are embarrassed knowing that your ass was in the air with a dildo deeply embedded in your wet cunt just seconds ago and only a few feet away from all those people. You reach over to smack my arm and see that my cock has already started to get hard again. You say "No way!" and tell me to get away from the bus dammit.

I slow down and they all wave at us. You laugh nervously as you see one woman is flashing her breasts at you and 2 guys are flashing their cocks at you. You laugh, relaxing at what has all just happened and staring at the hard cocks being waved at you. One of them remind you of a contest on one of your bulletin board websites, "Is it real or fake".

We pull off at the next exit heading into the desert. You bask in the strong sunshine being warmed by the rays on your skin. You open another beer saying hurry; I want to be fucked by flesh and blood now! I speed up as I am extremely excited by the show we gave the bus tour group. We find the turn off and pull up to the gate, which is locked. I ask you to get out and unlock it. You say no I have flashed enough for today. So I get out with my cock bobbing up and down and unlock the gate. My flashing the world as the road is only 50 feet away and you can hear cars drive by once in a while excites you.

I pull the truck through and you volunteer to close the gate. I am excited to see you walking around nude and carefree. You are so sexy when you are walking around with no inhibitions. You close the gate and jump back in. We head off into the desert to find our place to soak up some sun and have some great sex.

We drive for a while and finally get so worked up that we cannot wait anymore and we pull off the road behind a large group of sage brush. You say we are a little close to the road but I say that we have seen no one else out here and I cannot wait to feel your cunt wrapped around by cock. I spread the blanket out on the ground.

We both jump on quickly and start groping and kissing madly. I bend you over and slide my rock hard cock in your wet hole. You are so wet there is no resistance as I slide in until my balls bounce against your erect clit. I grab your thighs and fuck you hard and fast. The wetness from your pussy soaks my balls. The noise of our wild fucking turns me on so very much. My cock swells feeling your pussy clamping down on me. I am starting to get close to erupting, so I pull out and lay down. I pull you over and have you sit on my face so that I can enjoy your taste while you clean my cock of your own juices.

You sit on my face letting me lick and tongue your swollen red lips and hot juicy cunt. You lean forward and start nipping at my dick with your lips. You tease me by just taking the head in and licking/sucking it. You find that the mixture of your hot juice and my pre-cum make a tasty covering. You find that you have to take more of my cock in too keep tasting your flavor on its length.

Mean while my tongue is working your pussy into frenzy. It is as if your hips have a mind of their own as they fuck my face harder and harder. You feel the vibrator in my hand just touch your lips. The thought of having both your cunt and mouth filled drives you wilder. You think back to the sex show you provided to the bus load of people and you start rocking back on to the vibrator wanting to have your pussy filled with a hard cock but also not wanting to pull the throbbing member from your mouth. The orgasm is upon you before you realize it as your mind thinks about the 2 guys that were stroking their cocks, especially the thick one. Your moans echo from the canyon walls as your cunt cums, juicing all over the vibrator, my hand and down your thighs.

Feeling the hot liquid running over my hand causes my cock to start throbbing and jumping around. You want to feel me in your hot cunt so you pull me out of your lip lock but it is too late you realize as the first gob shoots out landing from your cheek to your chin. The salty taste on your lips and the show excites you and you starting pumping my cock wanting the rest of my man juice on your face. As the flow slows down, you rub the head of my cock all over your face, spreading my hot seed all around. You use my cock to rub the cum off your face and lick me clean. Finally you are finished and collapse next to me, allowing the sun to play over your body.

After a while we both sit up and start replenishing ourselves with the snacks and drinks we brought with us. It is so nice too watch you while you are eating, sitting outside, with the mountains as a backdrop. You finish your beer and lay your head down in my lap. We both drift off for a while thinking of what we will do next. We start kissing and snuggling. I can taste my cum on parts of your face. Your hands wander all over my body, finally finding my cock. The weather is warm and my balls are hanging very low as you play with them. You push me back down as you say there is one more surprise. You start licking the length of my cock, trying to coax it to full length. I say it is too soon yet for that, but you just give me an evil smile and reach into your bag and pull something out.

I can't see what it is, but I don't care as I feel your tongue start to work its magic again. I feel your fingers running all over my balls, thighs and down under. I feel your tongue slide down the length of my cock and over my balls down the side of my thigh. You then cross over to the other thigh giving my asshole a quick lick. My cock jumps as I wonder if this is what you had in mind by the surprise. I pull your ass over to my side so that I can see and smell the excitement glistening on your swollen cunt lips. My hand runs all over your ass cheeks, kneading and rubbing them. I spread your legs a little wider and you shiver as you feel both the suns rays warming your ass and a slight cool breeze bringing a slight chill to your hot pussy.

I feel your mouth suck on one of my balls. You are dripping lots of wetness from your mouth onto my balls and I feel it run down and over my ass. Your finger traces a circle around my ass spreading the wetness. My cock grows a little more with the anticipation of what is to cum. Your mouth takes little bites along the length of my cock as you work a finger into my ass. It feels great. Having my wife suck on my cock in the great outdoors with her fingers working on my ass while I look at your ass silhouetted against the canyon walls. The sun, the breeze and the smell of your pussy are working, as my cock is starting to get harder.

You slide your finger in and out getting deeper as you feel my muscles relax and my cock grow. Your tongue is teasing the head of my cock as you pull your finger out and say here is the surprise. You place the tip of a butt plug against me and start working it in. My cock swells with the thought of it. The feeling of the pressure is different and makes my cock swell thicker in your mouth. Finally it is in and the feeling is indescribable. Feeling your mouth sucking my cock deeply into your throat and the plug pressing against me from inside is building me up quickly to another orgasm. You take my cock out of your mouth long enough to say here is the surprise, and you turn it on. The plug starts wiggling around as it vibrates in my ass. Whoa, I was not expecting that at all. You moan loudly as the plug makes me leak some cum out every time it moves against my prostate. You hungrily suck and lick up all the cum that oozes out.

I run the vibrator around your swollen soaked lips. Your juice is running so much that droplets are forming on your short cunt hairs. I look over and notice we have some company. A guy, apparently walking the dirt road or trail, is watching us. He has pulled his cock out and is stroking it. His cock appears to be a little longer but much thicker than mine. I say I have a surprise for you but I don't think you have heard me as you are still trying to suck all of the cum out of me as it is still oozing from my erect cock.

I motion him to come over quietly. I start rubbing the vibrator in and out of your lips, soaking it with your juice. I slide it in just an inch. You want your twat filled like your mouth is and push back to try and get more of it in you. I tease you by pulling back on it, to just keep an inch inside. You moan fuck me with more of it, but I say patience, I have my own surprise coming.

By this time the lone stranger has stripped and looking at your white ass and red swollen cunt lips with a hunger. I am having trouble with preventing you from taking more of the vibrator inside your burning wet pussy. I say here is the surprise I told you about and make like I am reaching for something. You moan as I remove the vibrator from your wanton hungry twat. I say the people at the store promise this feels life like and should fill your wanton desires. You start to turn around to see it but I stop you. You can see it after it is soaked by your cunt and lick it clean for me.

I guide your head back to my cock and you catch up on the cum you have missed. I motion for him to just tease you. He rubs his head against your wet lips, parting them as he moves it up and down. You moan and push your ass back trying to get it in deeper. But he plays the same game and prevents it. I say stop, let me fill you slowly with the toy. You stop pushing backwards but your cunt lips are twitching wanting to be fucked. He once again rubs the head of his thick cock up your wet slit. You moan thru your cock filled mouth, fuck me, fuck me now. The stranger has held off long enough and starts to slowly push it in. He moves in little by little. Your moaning and hot wet cunt drives him to deliver more hard cock to you. He gets about three fourths of the way in then reverses direction and starts pulling outward. You pull my cock from your mouth and start to get up saying you want to fuck me now. I tell you wait and let me finish with the toy, but you persist saying you want a cock in your cunt now. The stranger makes your wish come true and grabs a hold of your hips and starts grinding into you.

The feeling of being filled causes you to start rocking back and forth swinging your head around letting your hair fly. You turn around as you think how can there be a hand on your breast squeezing and tugging on it, a hand using a toy in your twat and two hands on your hips? You gasp as you see the stranger and go to pull your ass away from him but just then you feel his hips touching your ass. Your cunt betrays you as it clamps down hard on his cock and you start cumming.

Your hot juices stream out and down your stretched swollen lips. He starts fucking you faster. Your orgasm peaks feeling his thick hard cock moving in and out of your pussy. Your orgasm stays at a high level as you grind you ass backwards wanting the fucking to continue. The feeling of fullness in your twat, my cum on your lips brings another wave of ecstasy to your body. Your mouth finds my cock and devours it. Your throat takes me in until I feel your lips sucking on my balls. Now you start moving back and forth on our cocks, slowly at first getting your throat and pussy used to being filled.

As they become adapted you speed up. Your grunts and moans are turning everyone on immensely. Hearing the slut in you ask, no demanding the stranger to fill your cunt with cum takes him over the edge. You feel his cock erupt filling you with his hot seed. This brings you to another orgasm. You reach back and grab his balls and give them a squeeze, as you want every bit they have to offer. The mixture of your plentiful juice and his cum now starts pouring downs your thigh. The site of this makes my cock erupt in your mouth. You suck just my head in, to allow the hot cum to cover your tongue and cheeks. You swirl your tongue around enjoying the taste. Finally you swallow my salty discharge.

You are worn out and collapse beside me. The stranger lies down next to you to also recover. You dreamily think how nice to have a cock on either side of you as you drift off feeling the heat of two bodies next to you and the sun on top...

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