tagGroup SexOutback Fantasy Ch. 04

Outback Fantasy Ch. 04


This is the last part of our adventure stuck in the outback. Please see the first three parts for the story so far.

Thanks to Gentwithhandcuffs for the editing again.

Trish awoke the next morning, just before sunrise, awakened by the call of the birds as has become our norm when travelling. We lay on our bed in each other's arms listening to the sound of the Outback awakening. The bruises on her arms and leg from the rough restraint were visible, creating purple rings around them.

"Lucky we are stuck out here, if we went into town with you looking like that, I'll get arrested," I say, "Are you still sore?"

"These bruises with heal in a few days, but I will remember the orgasms forever."

"I think we went too far this time."

"Don't be silly, I would have stopped if it was not so good." She smiled, "Besides, I never realised I would enjoy being tied up that much. Not being able to escape meant I could let go completely as I was not in control, you guys were."

She moves to get up from the bed; it is obvious that her pussy is a bit sore from being fist fucked the previous day. "Ooh, that hurts a bit," as she stands up, "You guys will have to give my pussy a rest for a few days," she says with a smile. " There are a few other ways to have fun though, I can think of at least two."

We both get up, naked as usual and climb down out of the truck. Richard is sitting next to the fire, seeing Trish limping painfully down the stair, he jumps up to help her down.

"I'm sorry" he apologizes, "I got carried away."

"Stop", she says, putting her finger on his lips to stop his apology. "It was wonderful, no need to apologise." She heads over to the recliner and lies down, her legs open, exposing her pussy which looks swollen and red from the abuse she received. She touches herself gently, "It still a bit tender, so I'll have to find another way to repay you both today."

"Don't worry," I reply with a smile , "I'm sure we will find a way"

"Only one thing worries me," she says with a naughty grin. "Just how you are going to top that," she laughs. "We still have quite a few days here, and I'm sure there are plenty of things we can still try. I'm going to be a bit sore for a day or two, but make sure you have something planned for after that."

Richard and I get breakfast going as we fuss over her for the rest of the morning.

"Look guys, I am OK, I had a great experience yesterday, please stop grovelling. Now both of you go and explore a bit, I want to read my book in peace."

Richard and I laugh,

"OK, we get the picture," I reply "Let's go and have a look at that rock outcrop we passed yesterday."

"Sounds good," he replies.

We put on our walking shoes, grab the camera, bag, and water bottle. Trish is lying on the recliner, sipping for a glass of ice water. She looks at us with a very naughty smile.

"Hold on you two, I think you need some sunscreen" calls Trish. "Come over here"

She takes the sunscreen, massaging in it into her hands, and starts to run it over my back, her hands gently massaging the muscles in my back and arms. She applied more, rubbing it down my back, her hands running over my butt cheeks, her hand slipping in between, rubbing my tight hole. My cock stands to attention when her hand slides between my legs, rubbing the sunscreen into my balls.

"Turn around" she orders, "Time to do your front" I turn around and she pours a generous amount of sunscreen on my cock, then starts to stroke it gently. "Take over whilst I help out Richard," she says with a naughty smile.

I take my throbbing member and start to stroke the length whilst I watch my wife rubbing sunscreen over Richards back, her hands running over his bare butt and between his legs; his cock already hard from watching my naked wife working on me. Her turns around and she pours the sunscreen over his hard member and starts to stroke it with one hand.

"Come closer," she says to me, "I'm sure I can use both hands at once." As she pours more of the sunscreen into the hands.

She started slowly, moving her hands gently over the full length, spreading the sunscreen from base to tip. She pulled my foreskin back, spreading the sunscreen gently over the sensitive tip, with her other hand she is doing the same. We stand shoulder to shoulder, our cocks mere inches apart. Gripping our cock, she forms an "O" with her thumbs and forefingers, gently rubbing just the very end. The feather-like touch is exquisite as she slowly holds our two cocks, gently stroking. Richard has closed his eyes; the pleasure of my wife's touch is mirrored in his expression. She reverses her grip, cupping our balls in each hand, as she slides her fingers gently along our cocks from below, right to the end.

She kneels lower, gripping our cocks with all fingers, her hands running the full length down adding a twist to the end as she strokes us, slowly increasing the speed. As she gets to the end, she twists her hands inwards. I start to tremble in pleasure, looking over at Richard's glistening member, I notice the pre-cum glisten off the end, and seeing my wife, who up until two days previously had never even held another cock is there giving the two of us a fantastic hand job. She is kneeling before us, her mouth open, concentrating on her stroking. Richard shudders and gasps with pleasure as she expertly increased the speed, the pressure, and the intensity of the hand job.

"I want your cum in my mouth boys, I need to taste your cum." she whispers hoarsely, her hands working furiously over our shafts as the pre-cum glistens on the tip; she raises her head so that her mouth is level with our cocks.

I can feel the orgasm building as she changes grip again, rapidly pistoning the last inch of my dick between her thumb and forefinger, slipping over the sensitive rim on my cock head. I start to feel light headed, I close my eyes at the expert pleasure my wife is giving me. Her hands blur, stroking the very tip of our cock heads, my legs tremble at this incredibly erotic and pleasurable experience. I can feel the pressure building inside; I'm ready to cum. I hear Richard groan and open my eyes to his cock spew ropes of thick, white, pearly cum into her mouth and across her face. She closes her eyes, her tongue licking his jism from her lips where his aim was off.

"I'm cumming. "I grunt; the sight of my wife eating another man's cum making me explode.

She directs my eruption into her mouth, her aim was perfect as my thick creamy sperm squirts right inside. She rapidly swallowed our combined sperm, licking her lips as she slows down her stroking and continues to milk us for every drop from our now deflating members; her mouth greedily catching every last drop of cum.

"That should keep you two satisfied for a while, I'll have something special for you when you come back from your exploring" she declares with a smile, licking the left over cum off her face.

She turns to Richard, kissing his mouth, sharing the taste of our combined cum with him, he licks her check, cleaning the last of the cum off her face. She turns to me and kisses me as well, her tongue penetrating into my mouth as I taste our cum as well. I look at my wife, amazed at how much she has changed, whilst always a bit of an exhibitionist, she had never touched another man in her whole life. Up until two days ago, sex was enjoyable but fairly predictable. Now I did not know what to expect from her, and it excited me. She had never expressed any interest in another man, now she had asked for a complete stranger to lick her pussy, had then sucked his cock whist I fucked her ass, and begged to be fucked in both ass and pussy at once. She had sucked on both our cocks making us cum over her tits, then commanded us to lick up our sperm. She had let herself be bound, endure the pleasure and pain of being fisted by this stranger, and was still wanting more. I'm also amazed that I have let this happen, that I have happily shared my life-long companion with another man.

Trish wipes the last traces off her face, "Go and explore those rocks, I need a bit of rest now." She grins "That was my upper body workout for the day."

Richard and I grab a couple of water bottles and a hat each. Since we are heading off through the bush, we put on some shorts and head off up the road, heading for the large rock outcrop we looked at the previous day. We set off through the bush and as we get closer we see it is a series of tall rock spires.

"This reminds me of the 'Lost City' up near Mataranka," I say, talking about a fantastic place where Trish and I had spent an entire day exploring a series of majestic spires, then ended up making love in a hidden water hole we found by accident. "I wonder if there is a way through them."

Richard and I clamber about over the rocks and, after about 10 minutes, find what looks like a narrow path between two huge boulders. The path is fairly overgrown, just the occasional kangaroo footprint. We head of down the game track, clambering over a few fallen trees. At the base of two large spires, the track seems to disappear. We are just about to turn around, and a large kangaroo hops out from nowhere. We freeze, the 'roo hops forward, followed by another and another. We look at the strange creatures of the outback, suddenly they sniff the air and turn towards us, then in a flash they turn around and disappear.

"Where did they go?" I ask in amazement.

We approach the spot where the 'roos were standing and there is a narrow slot between the spires, just big enough to squeeze through. I enter the gap.

"Be careful," warns Richard, "If they are still in there and you corner them they will attack, they can really kick and tear with those hind legs."

"Don't worry, I think this goes right through," I say and squeeze back out.

I grab a thick heavy stick off the ground. Banging it either side of the gap, I make as much racket as I can to scare out and creatures lurking in there. Listening carefully, I can't hear anything, gingerly I head into the gap. It is a tight squeeze, the gap twists and turns, and I keep on banging the stick to scare off any creatures ahead. After about twenty metres or so, the crack turns and opens out onto a large wide area, surrounded by tall spires of rock. In the middle of the clearing is a large flat rock with a few small trees and a bit of low grass on one side; the ground is covered by soft sand. Looking at the rock walls I can see all sorts of ancient figures decorate the walls. The 'roos have hopped away to the opposite side of the rock. When they see me, they disappear up into the rocks and with a few big hops, bounce their way up and over the rocks on the opposite side.

I turn back to the gap I just squeezed through. "Richard, you got to see this," I call out.

A few seconds later he squeezes through the crack in the rocks. "Wow, this is fantastic."

"Look over there, all the rock art. "

"This much is aboriginal. Looks those figures, what are they?" He says heading over to the wall. "These are really old, hundreds maybe thousands of years old."

We look at the rock paintings, there are figures all over the walls. We have seen a lot of ancient aboriginal rock art in our travels, but these are different.

"They all have big cocks" says Richard with a laugh, "Look," he says pointing to one of the drawings showing a stick man, but with an obvious erection, "They all have hard-ons!"

He is right; all the figures have huge erections. We look around the rocks and there is a larger mural, a group of figures, they are surrounding a single figure with a large rectangle around it. The hands and legs are spread wide. The figures around all have hard-ons.

I look back at the flat rock in the middle behind us. "This is some type of ritual, look, this must be what that picture is about, the flat rock over there, with all the men surrounding it.

"Look here, says Richard pointing, "look what they do."

The next mural has one of the men humping the figure on the rock, the others all have their hands on their cocks. The figure is a woman, judging by the tits and lack of a cock.

"The dirty pervs" I laugh, "Look at them wanking whist one of them fucks the woman on the rock."

"Looks like they all get their turn with the woman on the rock," he says pointing to the next mural, "This one has two different figures doing the humping, one at each end."

I head over to the flat rock in the middle of the area. "Look here Richard, maybe the one on the rock didn't do this willingly. The rock is worn smooth, and in the corner are holes, rough-drilled through the corners. "Looks like the woman was tied to it."

"That mural over there shows one man at each end, I'd say the woman was more than willing, or they are pretty brave, she could bite if she wasn't willing." he replied with a smile.

"Ancient porn, a woman tied to the rock getting fucked by the village, each man taking their turn. This sure gives me a few Ideas. I'm sure Trish will enjoy taking part in our own ritual. I never thought she enjoyed being bound, but yesterday showed me a whole new side to her. She seemed to enjoy the pain as well."

"I thought I'd be going too far, but she responded more to the pain than the pleasure," he replied, "Do you have any more ideas, she did ask for something special!"

"There is one thing I have always fantasised about, Trish has always talked about getting her nipples pierced, but has always been too afraid. I even have the nipple rings I bought a few years ago when she said she was going to get them done, I'm sure they are in the back of the truck. I also have some sterilised needles in our first aid kit." I say, getting excited.

"I trained as a medic in the army, if I can give injections, then I'm sure I can handle a bit of piercing."

"We would have to get her really turned on, begging for release, begging us before to do this to her" I reply, "A few days ago I would never thought it possible, but after yesterday, I think anything is possible now."

"Her clit ring looks so good, nipple rings would sure complete the trifecta" says Richard, a broad smile on his face.

"We need to make this special, there should be a full moon in a couple of night's time, looks like that's when this tribe conducted their rituals, judging by the murals. Let's get things set-up."

"We keeping this place secret then?" he asks.

"Yep, lets clear away this long grass, get some flares and things for lighting, I want to video this as well."

We spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the place, gathering old dead branches into a heap, ready to make a bonfire in the night. We clear up the long grass and just as the sun was starting to go down over the edge of the rocks, we can sit back and relax. We have transformed the area, clearing out years of vegetation, discovering the ancient fire pits that surround the central rock, and we pack them with dry grass and wood, ready for our ritual.

"Trish will be getting worried" I say, "Let's go back"

"Good idea, I'm starving as well" replies Richard.

We return to the trucks later on in the afternoon, dripping with sweat and dirty from our labour. Trish looks up from her recliner, she is still naked.

"I was wondering if I had to mount a search party for you two." she says as we approach, "You must have found something in the rocks then?"

"We did, something special, but you will have to wait until the full moon tomorrow night before we take you to it" I reply, looking deep into here eyes, "You asked for something special before we go, so we have something planned for you."

Trish smiles, "I guess I'll have to wait then, but tonight I have planned something special for you." Her eyes running up and down us. "Go and get cleaned up, you guys are scruffy!"

Richard and I head down to the river, and stripping off, jump into the brown waters. It is cool and refreshing we wash the dirt and sweat off. I head back to the truck and rig up the outside shower. I wash, shave and get clean, Richard does likewise and soon we are making the fire, getting ready for dinner. We make the fire a lot bigger than normal, both Richard and I are eager to see what Trish has planned for us. We have a nice meal of barbeque steak and roasted potatoes and corn. Life is great, and we settle back to relax, watching the stars and listening to the crackling of the fire. Trish disappears into the truck, and I can hear her rummaging around. After a while she emerges, she has put on an outfit: her black leather corset and her knee high black riding boots. In her hands she has a long leather-tipped riding crop. Richard looks at me with a smile. My cock starts to stiffen at the sight of my gorgeous wife in the firelight.

"My turn to play with you guys now" she says with a very naughty smile. She grabs a blanket off the recliner and walks over to my chair, "Bring your chairs closer to the fire," she orders laying the blanket down. "You on this side," she points to me. "And you on that side!" she says to Richard.

We position our chairs either side of the blanket.

"Now lie back and close your eyes." she says to me.

I lie back in the chair, and the warmth of her mouth envelops my member as she sucks it gently into her mouth. My cock responds, getting even harder as she takes the full length. The gentle touch of her lips caressing the tip and then sliding down, exposing it, gently sucking as her warmth engulfs me.

"That's better", she says, my cock standing to attention. She takes my hand and places it on my rigid shaft, "Watch me, and keep yourself hard" she commands, her eyes glinting in the firelight. "Your turn Richard."

Trish moves over to Richard and kneels before him, her pussy is pointing directly to me and I can see the moisture on her slit reflecting in the firelight. Richard moans as her mouth envelops his cock. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my sexy wife would be kneeling in front of someone we had only met a few days ago, sucking his cock deep into her mouth, making him hard.

She looks back at me, "Come over here, I want you fuck my ass," as she gets down on all fours, "but first you need to get it well lubricated with your tongue." Turning to Richard, she says, "I want you to fuck my mouth. Bring that cock here now"

Richard obeys without question, his engorged member is swollen form the work her mouth as done him. He kneels before her and the she takes his full length into her mouth once again. I kneel down, and run my tongue up her crack, tasting the wetness from her dripping slit. I slide my tongue over her tight little bud and she moans, the cock in her mouth muffling her expression of pleasure. I push my tongue into her ass, he pushes back into my face. I push my tongue deep inside and her moans increase. I lick more juice from her slit, bringing it back up to her tight ass and then slides my tongue back inside.

"Use your fingers to stretch me open" she says, pausing on her sucking of Richards's dick. I place my hands on her back, my thumbs probing her ass. I slide one thumb in, she moans at the penetration into her forbidden hole. I slide the other in, adding lubrication from my mouth. Gently I penetrate deeper, until both thumbs are inside her completely. I start to move my thumbs in small circles, gently pulling them apart, stretching her to receive my cock which is now throbbing and massively swollen with excitement. I use her own juice to lubricate her, adding to the wetness by sliding my tongue deep into her.

"Slide that cock into my ass now," she commands and I place my swollen rod at the entrance to her gaping opening. She moves back, impaling herself, just the tip entering her ass. I am trembling with excitement as I guide my cock into her ass and watch as her ass is stretching, she pushes back gently again, taking half an inch, then she moves back more and the hard ridge of my cock is past her tight ring muscle. She slides back, taking my full length as her body trembles with lust.

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