tagRomanceOutback Nights Ch. 01

Outback Nights Ch. 01


The cold night air blew into the room, lifting the sheer curtains with their gentle touch. The woman, so beautiful with her long brownish blonde hair, sweet smile, angelic eyes and voluptuous body, stood there naked in front of the window, looking out into the world beyond her window. The Outback is so beautiful this time of the year and part of her wished that she could be out there in the wild, free from the stress of her daily life and the hell of her past. But tonight she was not alone, and she was thankful for that fact. She had been alone for more months than she would care to remember, and she had all but forgotten the touch of a man.

As she looked out of her massive window, her eyes fluttered and her senses erupted as she felt the tip of a gentle tongue run from the base of her spine right above her round bottom, all the way up to the top of her neck where her hair began. She moaned and her breathing grew heavy as her lover began to nibble behind her ear, feeling his breath and hearing it so close. Her nipples grew erect, not from the breeze but from his gentle actions, which drove her wild with just a touch. But she knew that he knew her weakness and he exploited it.

His tongue then went back down her spine, practically retracing it’s previous path, except this time it was accompanied by soft kisses which traveled down her bottom, the back of her leg and to her weak spot. His breath hit the back of her knee and he could tell she was getting weak from that alone. With a smile he gently licked the outside of the curve, kissing the back and licking it all the way to the inside of her leg. He placed his hands gently on her leg to hold her in place as he continued to exploit her weakness and made her wet with anticipation in the process.

He then moved to the other knee, treating it a bit more rougher this time than the other. She loved it when he bit her and he did not disappoint. His teeth raked against the back of her knee and he would clamp down with them as well, and all he managed to do was make her so weak that she almost collapsed right there. He stopped and let her recover, but she surprised him with what she then did next.

He was in the process of standing up when she pushed him back onto the bed behind them. She walked around to the other side and looked at him with a seductive glare upon her face. She then crawled up onto it, slinked over to where he lay and straddled his face. Her wet, shaven pussy ran across his mouth and she stopped dead in her tracks when she felt his tongue reach out and lick at her. His strong but gentle hands grabbed her by her hips and pulled her down as he shoved his long tongue deep within her dripping vagina. He slid it in and out of her very slowly, prolonging the experience and the taste of her sweet cunt juices.

“Oh God...eat me baby, just fucking do it!” she moaned loudly to him. and he did just that. His tongue slid all the way in as far as it would go, then he would pull back and flick at her swollen clit some before sliding back into her.

The woman ground her pussy on her lover’s mouth as she took his throbbing cock into her own, sucking it slowly, and then licking all around it. She caressed his balls with her hand, running her fingers along the skin from the base of his cock all the way to his butt hole. His legs spread when she did this, letting her work her hand down further. As she continued to suck on his cock, she probed his hole with her finger, sliding it in just enough for him to feel it enter and then back out. His cock twitched in her mouth as she did this, and he shoved his tongue deeper into her pussy once again.

As she rubbed her vagina in his mouth even harder this time, she stopped sucking on his cock long enough to look back and beg for him to suck her juices from her dripping wet cunt. She began to cum, squirting her juices into his willing and ready mouth. He did his best at swallowing every drop that he could catch, but loved it even though some splashed across his face. When her eruption subsided he pulled away and licked her crotch from her clit to her butt hole, teasing it every time he came to it. This drove her even more over the edge as she went down even further onto his cock. The warm wetness from her mouth being so deep on his member drove his head into the bed under him.

He snapped back to reality and resumed his tonguing of her dripping pussy, sucking her natural juices into his eager throat. But his feast was short-lived as she stopped sucking his cock and instead began to stroke it and licked the tip of it. Then she sent him into even more of a state of ecstasy as she took his sack in her mouth, sucking his balls and licking them and moaning like a hungry beast.

The man, still pinned under her sweat-covered body, shoved three fingers into her wet cunt as she sucked on his ball sack. As he fucked her with his hand, he would rub against her clit with his thumb, causing her legs to shake as though in an earthquake. As he did this to her she once again took his cock into her mouth, grabbing his butt to pull him up to her even more. She was so far down on his cock that it felt as though she was trying to not only take it all, but his sack as well. She was hungry with her lust and he was her meal.

After a good while of the fingering and the sucking, she moved away from his mouth and turned around so that she could face him. She licked his lips, tasting her on him as he could taste his own cock on her. As she looked him in his longing brown eyes she smiled at him as they grew big when he felt her pussy slide down onto his erect member. She slid it all the way down until her pussy rested against the base of his cock. She closed her eyes and smiled from the feeling of finally having a man inside her again, but tears began to stream from the corners anyways. She was in such a state of erotic pleasure that it touched her deeply.

She leaned forward and opened her eyes and looked into his. As he reached up and wiped the tears from her face she was overcome by pleasure and started to slide her pussy up and down on him. She looked down at him and as she grabbed her nipples and tweaked them she said to him in a breathy voice, “Fuck me, baby.”

He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down hard on his cock. It felt as though it went in deeper this time and she gasped with delight. He held her there despite her struggling to move up so he could savor the feeling of being inside of her. His muscled rippled as he controlled her movements, making her raise up just enough so that only the tip of his cock remained inside of her...and then pulling her back down hard, slamming into her. Each time she gasped and screamed in intense pleasure as she was pulled down or lifted up, but she couldn’t handle the teasing way that he made love to her anymore.

She grabbed his hands and pried them away from her hips and she then began to bounce up and down on his throbbing hard cock. She intertwined her fingers with his as she rode him harder and faster as the minutes rolled by. Her full breasts bounced up and down with her movements, and she leaned forward so that her lover could suck on her rock-hard nipples. He would suck and bite on the nipple that she placed in his mouth, which drove her mad with desire, and it was only heightened by the way his thrusts would meet her coming down on his cock. Her pussy juices flowed like a river down his shaft, over his balls and down his butt crack.

She looked down at him as she pulled her breast away from his mouth. “Fuck, you feel so good inside me,” she struggled to say between the pounding thrusts. “I want to make you cum over and over again.”

“Oh baby I want to cum inside you so bad,” he himself struggled to say.

“Do it, baby. Let me feel you explode deep inside me! Let me feel your hot cum inside me,” she screamed as she started to grind her pussy down on his cock even harder. “Oh my fucking God I want to feel it baby!”

She could feel him getting ready to explode. His cock began to get thicker inside of her and she began to bounce once again, letting his cock feel her pussy slide up and down at a rapid pace. They were both thrusting and bouncing so hard and fast that every time she would come down and he would go up, she could feel his ball sack slam up against her ass. His head went back, the veins in his neck bulged and his hands holding her in place as he screamed out “I’m cumming!”

She threw her head back and screamed as she came the second that he did. He shot loads of hot cum into her pussy, and she erupted, splashing her cum all over his ball sack and inner thighs. He roared as his cum shot over and over, pumping into her vagina as though she was draining it. She cried as she came, loving the feeling of his cum inside of her and the feeling of his spasming cock spewing that which she wanted so much.

As he lay there, the last of his cum squirting up into her, she got up and slid up his body until her dripping pussy was right above his mouth. He could see his cum dribbling out of her wet cunt and he shoved his tongue inside her. His cum, mixed with her sweet orgasmic juices, poured down his tongue and he enjoyed swallowing every mingled drop.

She pulled her aching pussy away from his mouth and lay down and kissed him passionately. He had saved some of their ‘mixture’ for her and she sucked his tongue clean of this concoction they made together. She kissed him and licked his face, tasting her juices as she did so from her previous eruption.

She lifted herself and looked into his eyes. They both smiled at each other and they kissed so passionately that neither could have ever believed that this night was happening. He wrapped his arms around her and he held her as he kissed her softly and sweetly, and she to him. But the whole while that they kissed she could feel his cock getting stiffer once again. She stopped kissing him, smiled at him with an evil look in her eyes and she spun around. Her wet and hungry mouth went around his cock again as she sucked the last bits of cum that remained in his cock.

The woman licked his cock from base to tip and back down again, licking her juices from his stiffening cock. She would swallow him whole and suck him for a while before returning to her licking. His head rolled around on the mattress, his long hair soaked in sweat and his eyes rolling back in his head. He moaned loudly when he felt her tongue penetrate his cock hole, not deep enough to cause plain but deep enough to send chills of pleasure up and down his spine. She would do this, and then lick the tip and suck on it, still with the intent of milking him dry. Her hand moved up and down on his shaft, the movements mixed with her sucking actions driving him wilder and wilder.

Her lover moved some so that he was between her legs once again, and this time he pulled her down to where he could slide his tongue up to her butt hole. His hands reached around and pried her cheeks apart as his tongue probed her small hole, tracing around it and then slipping into it just a little bit.

“Oh God I’m going to cum,” she cried out as he probed her hole. This announcement made him bury his face into her pussy and shove his tongue into her. She swallowed his cock as her pussy began to spasm around his tongue, and another gush of her orgasmic juices filled his mouth. She pushed her pelvis down as she gushed into his mouth, his tongue going deeper into her driving her wilder and prolonging her orgasm.

When she finally finished cumming he returned to her ass. His tongue, covered in her juices by now, traced her hole once again before finally sliding inside her rectum. She gasped around his cock as he did this and moaned as well, and that was more than enough of a sign for him to continue. His hands held her butt cheeks apart as he slid his tongue even deeper into her asshole, and it made it easier with each thrust as he began to tongue her hole over and over.

She continued to stroke and suck on his throbbing cock as she delighted in his tonguing of her tight little hole. But her pussy started to twitch once again and she wanted his mouth there for her orgasm. She wanted his tongue inside her and against her clit. She want to feel him swallow her juices and for him to lap at her erupting vagina. She stopped sucking his cock long enough to moan out that she was going to cum again, and as she had hoped for his mouth met her pussy in time.

His tongue licked at her cunt and played at her clit which drove her wild, and her pussy exploded in another gush that went across his smiling face. He would swallow some of it, but also lick at her clit, making it more and more sensitive with each pass. This only made her orgasm last that much longer and it caused her to suck on his cock harder and faster. Her entire body started to shake as her orgasm went on for what seemed like an eternity.

“Oh God yes,” she screamed as her orgasm continued. She had never cum so long or hard in all her life with one man, and she enjoyed every spasm and tremor in her body. She went wilder as his tongue rubbed hard against her swollen clit, and then his teeth raked against it and sent her into yet another gusher of an orgasm.

His swollen cock in her mouth began to get thicker and thicker, and she knew what was to come. She wanted to taste him, of that there was no doubt in her mind, but there was one thing she loved to perform that she was not going to deny herself the opportunity. She let his cock fall from her mouth and she moved up enough to take his cock between her breasts. Pushing them together she began too rub them up and down on his massive, swollen and ready-to-explode cock.

He couldn’t handle it anymore and his cock erupted, squirting hot cum all over her breasts. Some splashed against her face, which she licked off, but the rest managed too lube her bosom even more, making the experience more and more slippery for him. His spasming cock erupted over and over until finally there was nothing left in his system. With the last bit of his strength he turned her around so that he could lick her breasts clean of his cum. He sucked on her cum covered nipples for a brief moment and then finished cleaning her off.

The smile on her face reached her eyes, and so did the one on his. She kissed him passionately and he returned it with just as much, if not more, passion. These two lovers had both been denied sex for more time than they cared to remember, and this moment felt to them as though it was made just for them.

They fell asleep in each others arms as the breeze from the Outback swept across their naked, sweat-covered bodies.

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