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Outdoor Adventure


First let me say that I have been a house nudist for many years. Over the last few years I have been experimenting with outside exhibitionism. During the late spring through early fall, I take advantage of the increased foliage provided by my surroundings. I sometimes go outside to the mailbox to get the mail, or sit on the chairs on the front porch. Most of the time I go on the back deck where I can stretch out and relax.

My only concern about being caught comes from my immediate neighbor's daughter. She works strange hours and sometimes comes home at different times, sometimes catching me in an awkward position. Nude sunbathing often leaves little to the imagination.

She is about 20-ish and has a little meat on her bones, but is cute as hell. I have often jerked off thinking of her coming over after catching me outside. She would walk over to our deck and clear her throat looking at my naked prone body. Waking up and attempting to cover myself, she would tell me, "No need to cover up now, I've seen everything."

Looking up at her blushing, I tell her, "Well, now that you have seen me, what about you? Can I see what you have?"

Looking down at me she opens the gate closing it behind her. She looks around and reaches for the hem of her shirt. I notice two large buttons that appear to be her nipples starting to grow under her shirt. In one swoop she lifts her shirt over her head baring two braless melons that are exactly what I imagined she would have. They look to be in the D scale, maybe a 38 or a 40.

Seeing the size of her nipples, which are larger than pencil erasers, my mouth begins to water. She leans over me hanging he breasts just out of reach of my mouth. I stick my tongue out barely grazing each of the large buds lightly. They seem to be growing even larger every time my tongue brushes against them.

Lifting my head, I clamp down on one of them and she gasps loudly. She lowers her body so that my head is back on the deck. She begins feeding her breast to me as if I am a small child feeding from her large breast. I suck on one and then the other as she begins moaning softly. I grab her head and pull it to my stomach where she begins kissing and licking the sweat from it.

I reach up and begin rubbing her sides and back pulling her to me. Running my hands over her body, I begin fumbling with her shorts trying to remove them. She catches on to what I am doing and lifts up taking off her shorts. I turn over and kiss her deeply on the lips as she runs her hands over my chest down to my enlarged cock. The warmth of her hand gets me even harder than before.

Kissing her, I turn her around so she is under me. I begin kissing her face slowly moving down. As I reach her breasts, I again work them over again feeling her hips rise up to meet mine. Pushing my hips down grinding our hips together feeling the heat from her pussy spreading across my cock.

I begin kissing lower working my way down her stomach kissing her hips and bellybutton as her hips begin moving with purpose. Grabbing my head, she pushes me down to the center of her being. Kissing and licking my way down, I notice that she is completely shaven which matches my own condition. I love the feeling of skin on skin when making love to someone.

I kiss her pelvic bone pushing down firmly causing her hips to rise higher than before. As I push down with my mouth, my tongue slips out and travels between the folds of her pussy and over her clit. She grabs my hair and pulls my face farther into her pussy. Flicking my tongue over her clit her body goes into convulsions soaking my face with her sweet tasting juices. I look up from her pussy and see her looking around us as if looking for someone to see us. She seems to be continually cumming as she realizes where she is and what she is doing. As I feel her body cresting from another orgasm I rise up and move to where I can kiss her again. She kisses me deeply and begins licking her juices off my face.

My cock is as hard as is can be without bursting while she licks my face, that she doesn't notice as I slide effortlessly into her pussy. She feels me slide into her and she stops kissing me and bites my shoulder. I slide in and out of her slowly letting her get used to the sensations. She stops biting me and begins looking around to see if anyone is watching us. She looks up into my eyes and I kiss her tenderly as I slide all of my cock deep into her.

I feel her pussy contract on my cock as if she is trying to keep it for herself. Her eyes snap open and she looks as if she is about to scream and I clamp my mouth over hers as she thrashes her hips up and down and side to side as she screams into my mouth. Her hands are on my hips trying to force more of me into her as her pussy spasms around my cock. I begin trusting deep into her as I feel my balls slap on her ass. I feel the cum building in my balls and begin shooting deep into her pussy. She opens her eyes and I rise up to watch her cum and she lets out an earth shattering scream that I'm afraid that will alert the neighbors to what is going on. Filled with passion, I let her scream her head off not caring what happens afterwards. My cum explodes inside her as she continues screaming.

As we both began to come down from our first outdoor fucking, I begin to stroke her hair and rub her stomach to relax her. I roll off her and as I watch my cum slowly seep from her pussy, I hear a noise from the side of the house.

Looking up I hear someone say, "Don't mind me, I just came over to see what my daughter was screaming about."

"Mom, I can explain!"

"Don't bother explaining, just move over!"

But that is another story.

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