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Over the Line


You were being a bitch.

All night you had teased me and taunted me. We both knew we were going to fuck at the end of the evening. That was taken for granted. But you were in a pissy mood, so you decided to poke me and prod me and make me angry, knowing full well I would take it out on you when we got into the bedroom.

But you didn't realize how far you had pushed me.

"Maybe I just need to find a guy who I don't have to fake orgasms with," you spat at me from across the table. I just stared at you for a moment. My silence unnerved you. I had been counter-punching your sniping all evening, tit for tat. But this comment had stopped me. You were tempted to apologize, but you decided to hold your ground and stare back.

"I have to make a quick phone call," I announced, and got up from the table.

You frowned sadly and picked at your food while I was away from the table, afraid you had hurt my feelings. When I came back you were sweet to me, and I was sweet back. Everything is all right, you concluded.

We got back to my hotel room: gentle kissing, slowly undressing each other. You began to wonder if I wanted to make love tonight, instead of fucking. Then you smiled as you felt the first handcuff snap onto your right wrist. I had hidden them as a surprise for you. You followed obediently as I stood up and led you by the cuff to the wooden chair. After you sat down I went behind you, laced the free cuff through the woodwork, then snapped it onto your left wrist. You looked up at me with a bashful smile, waiting for what I had in store next.

I surprised you by walking over to the door. I opened it a crack, looked out, and softly commanded, "Come in."

A young woman walked in, smiling smugly. "The phone call...," you thought to yourself. Your first reaction upon seeing her was arousal. She was pretty and sexy, with a hint of decadence in her eyes. But your second reaction was intimidation. You wondered how I thought you compared to her. Did I think she was prettier? Better in bed? And would you be able to handle her? We had talked many times about your fantasies of fucking another woman, but you had never actually done it. You could tell by the look in her eyes that she had, and was probably very good at it. You swallowed your fear, though, and focussed on how sexy she was, and how you were about to realize your fantasy. Your smile broadened and your pussy lips opened hungrily.

The woman didn't say anything. She just started to undress, continuing to look at you in a smug and unnerving manner. When she was naked, I gestured for her to kneel in front of me. She flipped her long, beautiful hair to one side, so the side of her face and my cock were easily visible to you as she hungrily sucked me off. You licked your own lips, ready for a taste of what she was getting. Soon my hips were thrusting my cock into her face, and your hips were squirming on the hard wooden chair. You could feel your ass start to slip around on the juice that was running copiously from your own cunt.

I suddenly jerked the woman's head back by her hair. She panted as I held her head away from my cock. You knew well what she was feeling: the frustrated longing to swallow my cum. I dragged her up to her feet. You leaned forward in anticipation, as far as the cuffs would let you. You knew I was going to make her eat you out now.

But instead I dragged her over to the bed, shoved her onto her back, then slapped her legs apart. You moaned in envy as my face went down to feast on her luscious pussy. You realized that you weren't sure who you envied more: her for getting eaten out by my skilled tongue, or me for getting to taste her beautiful shaved pussy. The woman started to breathe even more quickly and moan. Her nipples were rock hard, and she pulled on and pinched them herself. Her orgasm came on suddenly and was loud and dramatic. I had to hold tight to her ass to keep my mouth in place, pussy-cum was smeared all over my face, and she screamed in pleasure.

You were literally trembling with lust by this point. Watching two people fuck in real life was even hotter than porn! But you were also relieved that she had finally cum. Now it was your turn!

So you were dismayed when I climbed up on top of her and shoved my cock into her. She groaned as I sank in, but I didn't fuck her at first. I just held my face over hers and she started to lick her own pussy cream off my face and beard, like a hungry puppy. I had taught you to do this too, so you realized she must have done this with me before. As the licking turned into passionate kissing, I began to expertly pump into her cunt. She almost immediately came, her scream muffled by my mouth as we kissed. She's multi-orgasmic, you realized.

She broke the kiss long enough to look over at you with that same damn smug, mocking smile. You realized now what it meant: your man is fucking me in front of you, and I'm going to please him while you have to watch, and you're not going to get any of his cock. Then she looked away as the second orgasm overtook her, making her shake and moan. You felt the tears well up in your eyes.

How long did it go on for? You weren't sure. You know that by the end you were dizzy with a combination of feelings. Your arms ached from being in the handcuffs behind your back for so long. Your ass was sore from sitting on the wooden chair. Your lower body was drenched with the pussy-cum that kept flowing as you desperately watched me fuck her. And your upper body was drenched with the tears that ran silently down your face, onto your breasts, and over your hard nipples.

Finally, I asked her, "How do you want it, baby? How do you want my cum?" She smiled. You suspected she had never had a choice before, just like you had never been offered a choice.

"In my mouth," she panted, "and also on my face. Please."

I pulled out of her cunt and quickly straddled her chest. She opend her mouth wide, like a hungry baby bird, while my hand worked quickly over my cock, slick and shiny with her juices. You were surprised at how much cum I shot onto her face and into her mouth. When I was finally through, she frantically rubbed it all over her face and neck and chest.

We rested for just a moment. When she and I stood up, I tenderly kissed her, first on the forehead and then on the lips, and said, "You did wonderfully." At the sight of that, you cried even more, but struggled not to sob out loud. "Go for now, sweetheart," I said to her. She looked back at you, and for the first time the whole evening she seemed uncertain. When she looked back at me, I said, like a kind but stern father, "Remember what I said." She nodded like a good girl, quickly put on her clothes, smiled at me one last time, and left.

I turned toward you and you immediately looked down, too humiliated to face me. I quickly got a hand towel from the bathroom, then kneeled beside you and started to dry your tears. "You know I did that for you?" I asked softly. "If I didn't care about you so much, you couldn't make me so angry." You didn't say anything. "You do know how much I care for you, don't you?" You looked at me, sadly but lovingly, and nodded slowly.

I went around behind you and undid the handcuffs. You groaned as you moved your arms back in front of yourself. I gently massaged your stiff muscles and joints. You leaned against me. I tenderly cupped your face and turned it up toward me. We looked through each other's eyes into each other's souls.

You knew it was going to be the most beautiful night of gentle love-making you had ever had.

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