tagErotic Poetryover your face

over your face


get on your back
i'm gonna stand over you
do you have any idea
as to what i'm about to do
i'm gonna play with my pussy
right over top of your face
the mere thought of that
makes your heart race
you can't touch me
'cause your hands are cuffed
i'm gonna work my clit
while my pussy gets stuffed
i'll use a dildo
and vibrator too
you're lusting for me
and there's nothing you can do
i'll spread my pussy
so you can see my pink
are you getting excited
tell me what you think
you're intoxicated
by the way my pussy smells
and with the vibrator on my clilt
it begins to swell
i love teasing you
and playing sex games
you wnat to touch my pussy
but you can't, ain't that ashame
i tell you to open up your mouth
because in a minute i'll be cumming
i work the dildo faster
and the vibrator is humming
i explode in ecstasy
and with my cum your face is covered
i was grinding my pussy so much
that you danm near were smothered

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