tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 07

Overcome Ch. 07


To say that was the last the boys saw of Trinity, would be lying. They saw her daily at school and they would find ways to sneak her into an empty room or closet or hidden place to have their way with her. They fucked her either together or one at a time, usually everyday.

Trinity had no objections. She really didn't think she could object. Since leaving the boarding school, her life was about obeying the men around her and satisfying them, as they needed. She was thoroughly happy being a submissive sex slave for any man or men that wanted her and knew that forced needed and desired. Chuck, Jess and Nick discovered how to use her need to be forced to get what they wanted from her.

She continued to suck and fuck Frank & Hank at home (and occasionally at lunch), and then submitted to the boys during class. Her last semester was full of fucking, keeping her very satisfied.

Soon the boys realized they could use her to help them with their grades. Jess was the first to grab her and pull her into his trig class. Mr. Jenner was alone as Jess told him his proposition. 'Give me a higher grade and Trinity will suck your cock.'

Both Trinity and Mr. Jenner blinked. Trinity's mouth watered. Mr. Jenner started to get hard.

'Trinity,' Jess commanded, 'on your knees and take your blouse off.'

'Yes, Master,' she said as she unbuttoned her blouse and flicked her bra off.

'Now give Mr. Jenner a nice blow job.'

Topless, she was on her knees in front of the trigonometry teacher, undoing his pants before he could object.

The teacher looked at Jess as Trinity enveloped his cock in her warm, wet mouth. The two men nodded in agreement to the proposition.

'She's a submissive sex slave, Mr. Jenner,' Jess explained as she deep throated the teacher. 'She will do as I command. Isn't that right, slave?'

She caressed this new cock against her cheek as she replied, 'Yes, Master. I'm a dirty little sex slave that sucks & fucks cock as you command.' She moaned as she thrust the teacher's hard cock back in her mouth and deep in her throat, relishing the taste of this new cock.

Mr. Jenner wanted to be offended but her velvet mouth and tricky little tongue worked their magic. He always wanted to fuck a pretty submissive student. She was willing, so.... He gripped her head and lodged his hard cock deep in her very inviting throat. 'I'll give you a B plus,' the teacher panted as he started to thrust his cock into her mouth. Soon, he was about to cum in her mouth.

'I want to swallow your cum,' she said caressing his cock all over her face, smearing pre-cum all over her willing face.

'Not right away,' he demanded. 'Hold it in your mouth.'

'Yes sir,' she said as she took his hard cock in her mouth and held his cum in her mouth as the teacher directed. It slipped from the corners of her mouth.

'Let me see it,' he instructed. She looked up at him innocently and opened her cum filled mouth. He tapped the back of her head and said 'Swallow.' She then swallowed his offering.

'Is there anything else I can do for you?' she asked as she stood up, still topless and licking cum from her lips.

Jess seized her and sat her up on the desk and dove head first into her pussy. Mr. Jenner was behind her fondling her massive tits. Once Jess had a taste of her pussy, Mr. Jenner feasted on her pussy. 'Oh shit!' she screamed in a whisper, 'you suck me so good, I'm gonna cum!'

After she had an orgasm, Jess force her to lie back down on the desk while Mr. Jenner fucked her as she sucked Jess's cock while her head dangled off the edge of the desk.

Jess grabbed her arms and held them immobile as he fucked her face. He knew this turned her on. She loved his huge cock in her wet mouth. Mr. Jenner fucked her pussy while gripping her thighs wide and thrashed in and out with brutal, impatient force.

Jess played with her tits and pinched her nipples as he fucked her face like a cunt. She moaned and whimpered, her insides broiling from the ruthless treatment she endured. It made her cum and moan and jerk so the male teacher & athletic student held her harder and fucked her deeper. She came again.

'She really likes it rough,' Mr. Jenner wryly said as he pounded her tender, wet pussy.

'She likes cock any way she can get it,' Jess laughed as she writhed and quivered beneath them.

The men soon came in and on her, smearing cum all over her torso and tits. Mr. Jenner kept her panties as she dressed. She was always losing her panties to the men who dominated her! She didn't mind. She was getting forced to fuck. She smiled as the cum swished in her cunt.

Soon, Jess, Nick, Chuck & Trinity saw their grades improve in all subjects. Lucky for them, they all had very horny male teachers. Trinity was either asked to stay late after class, led into various school rooms and offices where she was either on her knees, bent over a desk, up against a chalkboard or sitting on top of a hard cock, most every afternoon. The "tutoring" sessions were proving to be positive for all concerned. By the end of the semester, they all graduated with high marks.

Uncle Frank cut her off from the boys after graduation. She was happy to oblige. To Trinity, her future was up to her Uncle Frank. She was his slave. Whatever her Uncle Frank wanted to do with her, that, she thought, was her future. She was addicted to cock and he knew just what she needed.

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