Overcome Ch. 08


The painful struggle over to him made her hot. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked his ear lobe. 'Fuck me.' The submissive hotly whispered.

Tattoo man smiled an aggressive smile as he thrust his cock in her tight pussy. She screamed out as she was filled up again with cock in her pussy & ass at the same time. The little parade across the cabin got the men hot and they brutally thrust in and out of her tight wet holes, packing her full.

She could barely stand the pain of the two large cocks fucking her deeply. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip and cried out with each brutal thrust.

Tattoo man & Big Rom laughed and slapped and spread her ass cheeks and pounded her more. Tattoo man stuck his thumb in her quivering mouth. She naturally sucked on it as she bounced between their hot hard cocks. She couldn't help but cum between the brutal thrusts.

The 2 big men finally came inside her with brutal force. Cum leaked from between her legs as they disengaged themselves from her, when all was said and done; she came 3 times between the two brutes.

They let her rest during the 3rd quarter and most of the 4th. But to her distress, a couple of the guys got on their cell phones, telling the men they telephoned to come to the cabin and fuck a cheerleader.

Three more fresh cocks walked in during the 4th quarter. They left her alone until the end of the game. The rednecks' team won, so she was gang-banged again in celebration. But since some of the men were spent, out of the eleven men there, she only had service seven of them at the end of the game.

One of the new guys was really into her tits and made her lie back on her tied arms as he got on top of her and fucked her enormous tits. He used the white cum juice already pooling on her body as lubricant and roughly squeezed his cock between her pillowy tits.

The stranger groaned in ecstasy as Trinity struggled under his forceful hands.

Meanwhile, another redneck pulled on her leash until her head dangled upside down from the couch so he could fuck her mouth and throat. He wrapped the rope leash around his hand and used it to move her mouth around his cock as he pounded her face. The other guy fucked her tits, while still another man spread her legs and with one thrust, fucked his cock full length into her waiting, wet pussy.

Trinity squealed with delighted torment and trashed beneath them as the pounded their hard cocks on the willing slave.

When these three guys were done sawing their cocks in and on her bound body, they spewed their cum on her. As they disengaged, another hard cock replaced them immediately. To say she had a steady stream of cock that day was an understatement. She passionately wallowed in the cock and cum constantly brutalizing her bound wet body.

She was a true submissive, obediently taking the punishing thrusts by these men who were strangers. They bound her. They forced her. She made them hard. She was obligated to relieve them of their cum.

The rednecks had had their fill of her and she was full of their cum. She lay on her side with dribbles of cum all over her bound body. Because her arms were still bound behind her back, her shoulders spread and her big tits were thrust forward. Tattoo Man approached the spent girl with her pom poms. He leered at her and with a chuckle said, 'You were worth it, slut.'

She eyed him warily, 'Thank you, Master.'

'Yeah,' he said petting her bottom, 'you are somethin' else.' And then he thrust the handle of the pom-pom in her butt. The other men laughed. Then the other pom-pom handle went in her cunt. 'See you around, slut.'

They left her in the cabin, asleep, stilled tied up with a pom-pom handle thrust up her ass and the other pom-pom handle thrust up her cunt.

Frank picked her up from the cabin (it had all been planned). When he found her in the state she was in, he smiled. She was a true submissive. He needed to dress her up for his friends more often.

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