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Overnight Trip With My Wife


My wife and I have been married for quite some time now, and we are both in our 30's and have a wonderful family. We live in a small town and we both have conservative professional positions. Even with young children, our sex life was good, but just out of circumstance, like most couples, we were unable to really enjoy ourselves with adventure.

As luck would have it, my boss informed me I had to attend an all day conference in a city about 2 hours from us, on a Friday. Being that it was an all day affair, he told me that the company would pay for a hotel if I wanted to stay over for the night after the meetings.

I mentioned this to my wife, who said they were going to be on October break for a long weekend (she works in a school). She wanted to know if I could work it out so that she could attend the trip with me. I knew my boss wouldn't mind (it wouldn't cost them any extra), so I told her if she could get her mom to come stay with the kids for one night, it would work out.

Luck was in our favor, as her mom agreed to spend a day with the grandkids. I booked a hotel in the area, and looked around at the hotel website to see what we could plan for the evening. The hotel had a nice restaurant overlooking the water, so I knew dinner wasn't a problem. When I looked for a "nighttime entertainment" spot, I found that the hotel had a bar/nightclub that seemed to cater to the late 20's and 30's crowd that we would fit into. After looking at the calendar, I found that the Friday night we were going to be there was going to be a costume themed party. (This was the closest Friday to Halloween). I wasn't sure if my wife would go for that, but I got a phone call, and figured I would run it by her that evening.

That night I mentioned it to my wife. She surprised me by saying, "That sounds like fun"

"What kind of costume should we wear?" I asked, knowing that we would have to come up with something a little more original than we normally wear.

"I'll take care of that", she said, "You just worry about booking the hotel and your workday".

As always, time flew by, and the week of my day trip was coming up. My wife informed me that she had everything taken care of, including my costume. I asked her what she came up with.

"Oh, I made a trip to the goodwill store, and we're all set", she said, matter-of –factly.

"Can I have a hint?" I asked.

"No", she said. "After dinner, we'll come back to the room; you will put on your costume, and go down to the party and wait for me."

The meeting day came, and after saying goodbye to the kids, we left early in the morning for the drive. Debbie slept during the trip there. She kept the car to spend the day shopping, and she was going to check into the hotel in the early afternoon.

After lunch, I got a text message telling me what room we were in. The afternoon dragged on, and eventually it was over.

At dinner, Debbie was quite flirty with me (after a few glasses of wine), and we were both charged up for the evening ahead. When we got back to the room, Debbie got out a bag with clothes for me. I was going as a hobo/clown, and she put makeup on my face and got me dressed. She made no attempt at putting on her own costume, and told me that I was to go down to the party and wait for her.

"How will I know when you get there?" I asked.

"Oh, you will definitely know", was all she said.

With a kiss, she sent me out the door. I showed my room key at the bar to gain entrance, and made my way to the bar to get a beer. From my bar stool, I noticed quite a variety of costumes, ranging from silly to scary to sexy. There was a mixture of couples, single guys, and party girls out to have a good time.

I was on my third beer, and beginning to get worried that Debbie wasn't showing when I noticed that a woman in a "prostitute" costume near me had a familiar voice.

I looked over and saw my wife's costume. I hadn't recognized her earlier, because she was dressed completely out of her character. She had on a wig, which changed her hair color from brown to red. Her "prostitute" costume was complete with a leather mini skirt, which barely covered her ass, fishnet stockings, with garters showing just below the hem of her skirt, and a low cut satin top, that revealed almost all of her luscious 38D breasts.

She inched her way over to me while she was sipping on her drink, which I gathered was just purchased for her by the person she was talking to; a "bandit" dressed in tight jeans, cowboy boots, a black cowboy hat, a denim shirt, and a bandana that covered the bottom half of his face.

They moved up next to me at the bar. I had a close look at both of them as they were talking. As Debbie was talking to him, she played with her red hair, twirling it in a flirty way. The bandit whispered something to her, and as he did, he slipped a dollar bill into her garter, and walked away to a table. My wife turned to me, while waiting for a drink order, and asked me, "so.... Do you like the costume?"

My first instinct was jealousy, but then I realized that with her wig, and my costume, that it was going to be fun to play a little game. I also realized how turned on I was by this game.

"I like it, I give you an A for creativity", I replied.

"Just watch a little while longer if you want to enjoy a show. I am sure enjoying my new attention", my wife answered.

At this time the bartender brought a drink order to her. She borrowed a tray, and went over to the table where the bandit was now seated.

There were 3 other guys at the table: a pirate, a police officer, and a doctor. (All in costume of course) She gave them each their drinks, and they all tipped her by putting dollar bills in her garters. They asked Debbie to join them and she slid in the booth between the guys. A few minutes later, a waitress, dressed as a nurse, came by selling shots, which were contained in a test tube. I watched as guys purchased quite a few of them. I couldn't tell what was being said, but I heard my wife lean in a little to hear what was being said to her. I saw her laugh, and I noticed the doctor pulled out a $20 bill and place it in my wife's garter. Debbie then stood up, took one of the shots, and placed it between her bulging cleavage. She then got up on the doctor's lap, facing him, and slid her body up his, so that he could drink the shot directly from her cleavage. I noticed that some of the drink spilled on her, but Debbie made no attempt to wipe it off.

After this was repeated with the other guys, Debbie excused herself to go to the restroom- she stopped by me on the way back, laughing, and said, "you might want to come over and join us- but don't forget to give me a tip".

She grabbed me by the hand and took me over to the table, placing another shot between her boobs, and bent me backwards over the table, sliding the booze down my throat.

Over the next hour, Debbie took turns dancing with all of us on the dance floor. I noticed she got quite a few looks with her outfit. While there were many other seductive costumes, Debbie was the only one to successfully get dollar bills stuffed in hers.

I took my turn dancing with her, and Debbie rubbed against me while we slow danced. She told me she was quite turned on, and reassured me that she wouldn't do anything to ruin our marriage.

I told her that her act was turning me on- especially the alter-personality part of things. I knew I didn't need to worry about anyone recognizing either one of us, and quite frankly, with the costumes that the guys were wearing we wouldn't recognize them either. When our dance was over, Debbie excused herself to the restroom again, and on her way back to our group, a man in a tuxedo stopped her. I then watched them talk for a minute, and he sat down in a corner chair, as Debbie gave him a lap dance. I was amazed at her talents as she ground her ass into his crotch. I was worried things might get carried away, but I realized it was pretty late by now, and most of the crowd was pretty wild.

Debbie slid her way up to her "customer" and I watched him press his face into her chest. She held her spot for about a minute, and then slid back down, adjusting her top as she did. He slipped something in her garter, and she walked back over to us.

She was standing by me, and I could tell her face was flushed, even under the exorbitant amount of makeup she was wearing.

"I was rubbing my pussy against his crotch, and he started sucking on my nipple. I couldn't help it, I came", she reported to me.

I wasn't jealous at all, and also noticed the $100 bill in her garter.

"This is great. I am having a blast, and we're making money too."

The police officer noticed the $100 bill, and asked her how she got it.

Debbie told him that a "customer" had paid her for a lap dance.

"For a hundred bucks each, can we get lap dances too?" I asked, daring her to tease a little more.

This peaked the other guys' interest, except the pirate, who had drunk so much he had passed out at the table. One of his friends came by (apparently his ride home) and dragged him out. The doctor reached into his wallet.

"I'm in for a hundred, you know, for a private lap dance", he said. The cowboy bandit and the police officer were in agreement.

My wife looked at us for a minute, and said, "I don't know, I'll have to think about it."

Debbie looked at me for approval, and my cock was too hard to say no. I began mentally spending the extra money we would make.

"OK", she said, "Here are the ground rules. First of all, I don't know any of you guys, so none of you are getting lucky tonight. Second of all, if we go up to my room, when we are done, it is time for all of you to leave. If you can agree to those terms, I'll do a lap dance for $100 each"

I said to the doctor, "I'm married, and this may be a once in a lifetime chance for me. I'm not going to pass it up".

The doctor said, "I blow $100 all the time at strip clubs, and never have I been more turned on than tonight, so I am game"

The bandit and the police officer nodded in agreement, and heads turned as we all walked out together.

When we got to "her" room, I noticed that my luggage was nowhere to be seen, making me wonder how much of this Debbie had planned. All we had for music was a clock radio, so we all sat on the bed as Debbie turned on a dance station and began to dance around the room. She shook her boobs in everyone's faces as she made her way around the room.

I wanted to make sure everyone was going to comply, so when she danced in front of me, I placed five $20 bills in her garter. Debbie smiled, and said, "Hmmm, you pay first, you get the best for last".

She then removed her top, and hung her nipples down in front of my mouth. For a moment, I forgot that she wasn't my "wife" and instinctively licked her nipple with my tongue.

Debbie stopped me, and said "not too fast, hobo man"

Debbie then danced over to the bandit, and said in a sweet southern voice, "Why bandit man, you look like you are tired from robbing banks all day".

I watched as my wife slid up on his lap, grinding her panty covered pussy against his bulging pants.

"Yes, ma'am", he said, "I am tired and need some attention. Here's your share of the money I stole"

The bandit reached into his pants, and pulled out two $50 dollar bills, and slid them into her garter. He then took another $50 bill out and said, "And this is for a little EXTRA attention"

"Oh my", Debbie said, still in her southern accent. "You robbed a nice bank today".

Debbie then slid down between his legs, unbuttoned his jeans, revealing a fairly large cock.

"I better relieve your tension", Debbie said, taking his cock into her mouth.

She sucked on him for a minute as he reached around and fondled her hardening nipples. Debbie pulled his cock out of her mouth, slowly and seductively licking up and down his hard shaft, while letting him play with her nipples. After the teasing we had all received, I knew he wasn't going to last long.

We all released our hard cocks from our pants, and the doctor started stroking his.

Debbie took the bandit's wet hard cock, and rubbed it between her breasts, telling him to show her what a bad guy he was.

The bandit groaned, and let loose a large spurt of come between them, covering her nipples with his come. Debbie leaned back with a smile, as the bandit zipped up his jeans, tipped his hat, and said, "Thank you ma'am". With that he left, and you could feel the sexual tension in the air.

The policeman stood up, and in character said, "Ma'am, I just watched you help a fugitive from justice escape. I am going to have to arrest you."

With that the policeman put $150 on the dresser, and ordered her to stand up. "I'm going to have to search you to make sure you don't have any weapons."

He then bent her over the bed, pressing his exposed cock into her back. He then reached around her front, playing with her nipples and dry humping his cock up against her skirt. I noticed her pushing her ass back against him, as he searched her body. The cop didn't last long either, and he shot a load all over her shoulder and the side of her face.

I could tell Debbie was quite turned on by this point, as the cop zipped up his pants and said, "Well, I let you off with a warning. Have a nice day".

He slipped on his shoes and left.

Both the doctor and I were stoking our cocks at this point, watching the hot show my wife was putting on. The doctor looked at me, and I nodded at him to go next.

The doctor looked at my wife lying on her side, and said, "You look like you've had a rough night. I better take your temperature."

Debbie opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth. While she was sucking on him, he was "examining" her nipples with his hands. Debbie slid her finger under her skirt and started playing with her pussy.

The doctor pulled out of her mouth, finishing himself off all over her nipples and her stomach, filling her belly button, and adding a fair amount of cum to her already come-covered nipples. Debbie came right afterward, and from experience, I could tell it was a big one.

The doctor zipped up, gave me a wink and asked Debbie if she wanted him to stay to make sure I was a gentleman.

"No, that's ok", Debbie said, reaching for my cock.

With that the doctor left the room, and Debbie grabbed me and pulled me on top of her, hiking her skirt up so that I could gain access to her wet pussy. I only lasted a few strokes, and came a huge load in her pussy. Debbie wanted to come again, so she started talking dirty to me, reliving the evening. I was getting turned on again, but not completely hard.

Debbie pushed my head down to her nipples, and demanded that I suck on them. I wasn't about to turn down a girl in heat, so I started licking and sucking on her nipples, making them hard in the process. The taste was different; it was a combination of booze and cum.

She pushed my head down to her pussy, and said, "I really want you to eat me".

I lapped at her pussy as I could sense her orgasm was close. Between her wetness and my come, she was soaking at this point as I licked her clit, making her come once more. The strange taste of my come and her pussy juice had me rock hard again.

I took my hard cock, and pushed it against her tight asshole. Debbie responded to my thrusting, as I inched my tool in her ass. Of course it only took a few strokes before I came again.

Debbie leaned over and kissed me as we both passed out from the exciting night.

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