tagBDSMOverseer of the Harem Ch. 09

Overseer of the Harem Ch. 09



Bagoas the eunuch, Overseer of the Harem, ran across the courtyard of the Taourirt Kasbah. His body servant and protege Hamid followed him. They had been summoned with great urgency by one of the eunuchs that stood guard at the doors of the harem. As Bagoas climbed the stairs to the ornately carved door he heard screams coming from behind it. Brushing past the other armed guard, he burst into the harem.

The common room of the harem was large, decorated with beautiful tapestries, and had fine silk pillows strewn on the floor. Standing in the middle of the room, screaming, was Durrah, the Pearl, wife of Governor Glaoui. She was a tall and gloriously beautiful Arab woman. Her fine gown of expensive fabrics was besmirched with a large spreading stain of purple grape juice. This was why she was screaming at the slavegirl who stood quaking with fear before her.

"My lady, my lady," said Bagoas, "what has distressed you?"

"Can you not see, blind fool of a eunuch? This clumsy slut has ruined my gown!"

The cowering slavegirl was Saiesha, senior among the harem slaves. She was a black Abyssinian beauty, with tightly braided hair, black eyes and stunning dark lips, and heavy boobs which strained at the fabric of her gown. Bagoas could see that the other two slavegirls had backed up to the benches at the side of the room, as far as they could from their screaming mistress. Maria, the slim Spanish slave with pointed nipples showing through her light gown, hid her black eyes behind an arm. On the other bench was a small white girl with red hair, clad in a green gown. She was in tears and hiding her face. This was Brigette, newest slave in the Governor's harem.

"My lady," he said, "I am sure it was an accident. The gown can be sent to the fuller's for cleaning..."

"Do not try to exonerate her, Bagoas! Her clumsiness is unforgivable! She must be taught a lesson!" screamed the lady.

Bagoas was appalled at this fury. Normally the Governor's wife was even tempered and tolerant of the slaves. He reflected that in recent days, she had returned from dining with her husband in a grimly silent mood, while on night after night her husband had called for a harem slave to be sent to his bed. Ruefully he decided that some quarrel with the master must be the cause of her anger at the girls. She was taking it out on the first one who made a mistake.

"Saiesha, go to your chamber. Maria, clean off your mistress' dress. Brigette, fetch a new one from the chests," said Bagoas calmly. He hoped his tone would soothe the angry lady.

But as Saiesha turned to go, Durrah screamed, "Where are you going, slave? You are mine to command! Stand before me!" Quaking, Saiesha returned to stand in front of her mistress. Bagoas was amazed to see the lady reach out and slap the black slave hard across the face. He started to step forward. "Do not interfere, Bagoas," his mistress exclaimed. "You are only overseer here. But in the harem I am the ruler!" She had never talked to him this way before. "This girl is mine to punish, and I will see that she learns a lesson she will not forget!"

Fearful, Bagoas stepped back toward the door. Hamid hid behind him, not even wanting to be seen.

"You have ruined my dress, clumsy slave! Now drop yours to the floor!" ordered the lady. Saiesha looked at her in wonderment, but seeing determination in the lady's face, she put her hands to the shoulders of her white gown and dropped the top down. Her heavy round boobs were revealed, with their large dark areolas from which her nipples stood up firmly. Durrah fixed her with a fierce stare and she continued to let the gown drop. Her belly was rounded as the Moors preferred in their dancing girls. Below it her pubic mound was clean shaven, and the dark lips of her pussy could be seen under it. As she bent forward to bring the gown to the floor her boobs swung out like ripe melons. She straightened up and stood before Durrah completely naked.

"Fat pig!" screamed Durrah. "Go stand against the wall!" Saiesha turned and walked to the wall, which was ornately painted with quotations from the Holy Quran. Standing against the wall, her shapely ass was presented to the Pearl's view. "Put your hands on the wall!" she was ordered. She reached forward, placing her hands at shoulder height on the wall. "Higher!" screamed the mistress. Saiesha stretched her hands up, leaning closely against the wall for balance.

Bagoas watched in amazement as the Governor's wife undid the strip of camel hide dyed gold which criss-crossed over her breasts. She doubled it over and then swung it rapidly through the air with a whistling sound. Saiesha shuddered but dared not look around. Once again the camel thongs whistled through the air, but did not touch Saiesha's skin. "I will not sully myself by punishing this slave. You, girl, come here!" Durrah cried, pointing to Maria.

"You will whip this clumsy Abyssinian slave. You will whip her heavily without mercy, or you will find yourself against the wall also! Lay it on!" Maria took the thongs which her mistress held out to her. Slowly, she moved toward where Saiesha cowered against the wall, her hands high up above her head and her bare back, ass and legs waiting the whip. Maria drew back the whip, and swung it against Saiesha's back. It made a sharp snap as it hit her, and the Abyssinian girl cringed but was silent. "Harder!" screamed Durrah.

Maria swung the whip against Saiesha's back again. Again it snapped and Saiesha cringed but made no noise. "Whip her on those black mounds!" yelled the maddened lady. "Make her feel it!" Maria began to apply the whip to Saiesha's ass, laying on several heavy strokes. With each smack of the whip Saiesha clenched her butt and pressed against the wall. As she heard the whip whistle she would try to lift a foot and turn a bit to avoid the direct lash. Maria could see welts forming across Saiesha's ass. Still the slave girl did not cry out. "I want to hear her cry!" screamed Durrah. Maria swung the whip again and again, against Saiesha's back, ass, and upper thighs. The black girl cringed, hugged the wall, and twisted, but would make no noise.

"Worthless weakling!" cried Durrah. "You are not putting your strength into it, or she would scream! I warned you that you would take her place! Remove your robe!" Maria looked at the Governor's wife in shock. Seeing vicious intent in her eyes, she haltingly let her red gown drop to the floor. She stood there tall and proud, a slim dark beauty. She had long black hair, long black eyelashes, and large black eyes which flashed even in her fear. Her tits were of medium size but finely shaped, and tipped with pointed dark nipples. Her belly was flat and her pubic mound rounded below it, shaved clean. The dark lips of her pussy filled the space between her brown thighs. She was a fine slave of much value, but now the maddened lady saw only someone to punish.

While her attention was on the new victim, Bagoas hastily turned to Hamid cowering by the door. "Run and tell the Governor's secretary what is happening!" he whispered. Silent as the moon over the oasis, Hamid slipped out the door and began to run.

"Against the wall, worthless one!" ordered Durrah. Maria moved to the wall next to Saiesha. She pressed her boobs and pussy against the wall so her brown ass was pulled in as close as she could, though she knew this would do no good. "Raise your hands, slave! Let the other one go." Saiesha looked tremblingly at Maria, pressed against the wall. Then she moved across the room where she stood gazing at the other slave with pity. Her hands gently rubbed her welted ass.

Now Durrah looked to Brigette, cowering on the bench and crying. "What makes you cry, little one?" she taunted. "You will learn what happens to slaves who deserve punishment. Come here! It is your turn to swing the whip. Are you a big enough girl to bring pain to this slave?" She held the camel hide thong out to Brigette. Slowly and reluctantly, the white slave girl stood up and moved toward her mistress.

Bagoas stood against the wall with his arms folded, maintaining a dispassionate appearance. Everything in his mind, however, was revolted by the Pearl's disciplinary orders. First he knew the price paid for each of the slaves, and understood well that they were among the Governor's most valuable possessions. He did not want to see them damaged and reduced in value. But also, he was one of the harem masters who believed that treating the girls with the respect they deserved as valuable objects only increased their value and their ability to perform their duties. He believed that a harem slave who only allowed her body to be used from fear was not going to pleasure the man she served.

He knew his slavegirls were thought by the Governor's guests to be among the best they had ever had, and he believed that his method of treating them was the cause. He really cared little for the girls as human beings, but he knew if they performed well as sex objects, it reflected to his credit as Overseer of the harem. Each time the Governor was sated by a slave, each time one of the Governor's guests complimented a slave's sexual performance, Bagoas gained prestige. In the Taourirt Kasbah, prestige with the Governor meant power. It was the only way a eunuch could become powerful, and Bagoas meant to see it continue.

However, the harem overseer was powerless to interfere with the wife of the Governor. He could only serve her, never command her. Therefore he stood helplessly by while she screamed at the hapless slaves.

Trembling, Brigette took the thongs in her hand. She looked at Maria, stretched against the wall with her hands high against it. Maria's naked brown back, her firm ass, and her thighs were all exposed, waiting for the lash. Brigette swung the thong, but at the last instant pulled it aside from hitting Maria's back. "Fool!" yelled Durrah. "Do you want to take her place? Strike hard, or you will feel the bite next!" Frightened, the Irish slave sent up a silent prayer to the Virgin, and then swung again. The thong bit into Maria's back, and she jerked and twisted. "Again!" ordered the Pearl.

Brigette swung three more times, each time leaving red welts against the brown skin of Maria's bare back. After the last blow Maria began to moan. This excited Durrah, and she ordered, "Let her round mounds feel the lash! We will show her they are for more than twitching at rutting goats!" Brigette struck lower, across the round cheeks of Maria's butt. Maria twinged each time she felt the thong, and tried lifting one leg at a time and twisting her ass to turn the blows slightly away from the same cheek each time. Long red welts appeared as stripes on her ass. After several strokes, the pain was so great that she took her hands down from the wall and put them across her behind, trying to shield it from the next blow.

Brigette struck the palms of her hands, but Durrah was infuriated. "You think you can protect yourself, slave? Come here!" Maria turned away from the wall. She was covered in sweat and tears, which dripped down over her tits and trickled off the nipples. Durrah pointed to the table in the center of the common room. "Bend over that, slave of no worth!" she said. Haltingly, Maria bent over the end of the table. "Stretch out her hands, pale one!" was directed to Brigette. Brigette took Maria's hands and stretched her arms until she could grasp the other end of the table. The Spanish girl was extended as far as she could go, her tits pressed into the cool marble of the table top and her butt extended. Durrah examined her from behind, and then ordered further, "Spread your legs! I want a toe to touch each table leg." In great fear Maria spread her legs the full width of the table. This left her pussy exposed and forced backward by her awkward position.

"Now strike hard!" the Governor's wife ordered Brigette. "Let her feel pain instead of pleasure between those legs!" Brigette shuddered at the thought of striking Maria in such a hurtful way. Seeing the vicious look on Durrah's face, however, she swung the thong. It wrapped around the Spanish girl's butt and slashed against her pussy hard. Maria screamed and lurched upward. Then she held hard onto the table edge and awaited the whistle of the thong again. It struck her two more times. Each time she lurched up, but then sobbing bent back over the table.

"Enough!" cried Durrah. "Her wailing disturbs my ears." Shaking, Maria stood up and seeing Durrah had no more orders, moved over to sit by Saiesha on the pillows. But the Pearl was not finished. "So you two think that now you can sit on soft pillows and rub your asses? What of this small white girl? Does she think she will escape? The two of you can prepare her to receive her share."

She motioned the two naked and welted slaves to Brigette. Slowly they dropped the light green gown that Brigette wore as she trembled under their hands. She stood straight in front of the mistress. Her skin was of the palest white, like the alabaster vases which decorated the palace. Her small tits were round and firm, and her nipples jutted out of them like little rose buds. Her belly was flat, her waist was small, and her navel was beautifully shaped. Below that her pubic mound was not shaved like the other girls, but had its natural covering of light hair, flame red in color. It drew attention to the white curve of her thighs framing the pink lips of her pussy.

The Pearl laughed. "Pale, skinny, and hairy!" she exclaimed. "Hardly worth the food it takes to keep you alive! Now you shall learn as the other slaves have. You, Abyssinian, hold her arms." Brigette was so small that Saiesha overwhelmed her as she took her wrists. Saiesha placed Brigette's hands around her own ample waist, hoping that the touch would bring comfort to the little slave. Thus bent over Brigette's white ass cheeks projected out where the thong could reach them easily.

The mistress tossed the thong to Maria. Maria reluctantly approached Brigette and prepared to whip her. As she did, Bagoas heard a tiny sound behind him. He turned to see the harem door moving silently open. Maria swung the thong and it struck Brigette's naked white butt, leaving an angry red welt. Brigette stifled a scream. Durrah laughed and said, "More, more! Let her feel it as you have. Put your pain into hurting her, slave!"

A soft voice from just behind Bagoas responded to her. "My lady wife, who ordered the slaves to be whipped? That is not what I have approved." Indeed, Governor Glaoui, alerted to events in the harem by Hamid's breathless report, had come quietly into the room and observed the orders his wife gave and their effect. The Governor strode forward and examined Brigette's welted ass, then Saiesha's pattern of welts. He motioned gently to Maria and she turned to show the red stripes on her brown back, ass and thighs.

Shaking his head, the Governor said in a mild voice, "Damage has been done to my valuable property. Bagoas, my harem master, I trust you have not failed in your duty to protect my precious things?"

Bagoas, shaking inwardly and struggling to preserve his appearance of calm, bowed to the Governor and began, "My Lord, in the name of Allah the Watchful, the Judge of all, I did not..."

The Governor interrupted his harem overseer. "Indeed, Bagoas, I know your care for my property all too well. I do not think you would have permitted this to happen unless orders came from someone else." At this, he turned and fixed his gaze on his wife.

She remained imperious and haughty, and said, "My husband, you need not concern yourself with minor affairs in the harem. One of these worthless slaves spilled grape juice, ruining an expensive gown. It was necessary that they learn the consequences of mistreating me and my belongings."

"Your belongings, my dear?" asked the Governor, his voice mocking. "But all here in the harem are MY belongings alone. That includes your poor dress, these valuable slaves, and also my lady wife. Allah has given them all into MY care and under MY authority are they dealt with."

The lady's look of disdain was fast turning into one of disbelief. She knew that no person in the palace could challenge her authority except the Governor himself. She had never thought that she needed to fear that.

Implacable, he continued. "Look at them. Crying, tearful, so hurt that they may come to me with fear instead of opening to me happily. Not only that, but also marked on their beautiful round moons. It will be some time before I can offer them to my friends. Think what your anger has done to my pleasure, lady wife."

From disbelief, Durrah's face was rapidly becoming one of fear. She had never been spoken to in this way before, and she was unsure what her husband intended to do.

The Governor surveyed the three slaves, cowering on the pillows and hiding their faces. "I think, my lady, that you alone have chosen the method by which they were taught. Now, perhaps, it is time you learn a lesson also."

Durrah gasped, and brought a hand to her face. She was appalled to think what her husband and master might say next.

"Bagoas, pick up the thong. Now, my lady, please remove that stained gown. It does not become you," ordered the master.

Durrah shrank back in fear. But her husband's gaze was fixed on her, and she feared disobeying him more than anything else. Shaking, she slowly unfastened the straps of her gown and let it drop down to her waist. The charms that had made her the Governor's selected bride were thus displayed. Her shoulders were flawless and the brown skin of her chest flowed down to ripe full breasts, showing dark areolas and nipples. Under her husband's cold stare, she let the gown fall on down to the floor. Her belly was rounded to the Moorish taste, and below it was her pubic mound, plucked clean of every trace of hair. The tops of her dark pussy lips were visible between her legs. Her firm thighs and long legs completed the picture of a perfect Moorish beauty. This was why her father had demanded such a large dowry that the Governor referred to her as his Pearl of Great Price.

But now his Pearl was trembling, her hands shaking at her sides as she did not dare raise them to cover her exposed breasts. "We could not mar such beauty in the way you have damaged my slaves, could we? Bagoas, bring that thong to bind her hands." Bagoas was trembling inwardly as much as the lady was, but he exercised strong self control to keep it from showing. He carried the camel hide thong, now covered with blood, to the Governor. "You do not dare bind her, Bagoas? I must do that task myself," said the Governor, chuckling a bit as he did. He approached his wife and gently took her hands and tied her wrists together in front of her.

He took hold of the thong and led her to the table in the center of the room. "You thought it well to display a slave girl on this table, my lady. How much more will you decorate the room by showing us your glorious moons as you bend over it." Tears welled in his wife's eyes, but in fear she did as she was ordered. Her fine brown ass was displayed prominently as she bent.

"Come here, slaves," ordered the Governor, waving to the three girls cowering against the wall. Fearfully they carefully approached him, and he placed them where they were arranged in a line behind Durrah's naked butt. "Bagoas, you are a fine judge of women. It is your duty. You have carefully selected my three slaves, but I chose this Pearl of Great Price myself. Now come and look at the work we each have done. Your three choices are the most beautiful slave girls anywhere on this side of the Atlas Mountains. My guests always compliment me when they share the slave's favors. Even trembling and marred by the stripes of the whip they are beauty to the eyes."

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