Delete, delete, delete. If I kept this up, I'd knock the damn key off the keyboard. I watched the letters disappear before my eyes. So what if he thought the wording was a little funny, I had worked for hours on that manual and was sure it made sense to most people. Most people who can speak and read English. Just because he didn't like it, I had to change the whole thing. Irritated, I looked at the freshly blank screen and sighed. Working for family was no fun, no fun at all. The office door opened and Bryan walked up to my desk. "Hiya."

He rapped a short rhythm on the counter with his fists and smiled. Grateful for the break, I smiled back. Bryan worked in the back. He always had a few word and a smile for me. I enjoyed talking with him, and he was nice to look at. Bonus.

"Whattaya need?" I asked him, meeting his eyes. They were an unusual color, somewhere between light green, and blue, and framed by long, dark lashes. He had pretty eyes, that was the first thing I'd noticed about Bryan.

He reached into the candy dish for some treats.

"We need some screws, do you have the keys to the Chevy?" I watched him pop a chocolate kiss into his mouth, thinking about full, soft lips and what he could do with said lips, on my breasts, between my legs... Mentally shaking myself, I nodded at his inquiry and opened a drawer for the keys.

"Sure." I dropped the keys into his outstretched hand. "How's Lisa?" Lisa was his girlfriend. I thought he could do better. He was a nice guy and deserved a nice girl, which, in my opinion, Lisa wasn't. Yes, I was jealous. His face fell a little and I instantly felt guilty, there must be a problem and now I had made him feel bad.

"We broke up."

"Geez. Sorry." I was a dumbass.

"It's okay." He smiled again, it didn't quite reach his eyes. "I'm missing her right now, but I'll get over it."

"Sure, it goes away. With time, I guess." Dumb. But I didn't really know what to say. I'm not good when people are feeling bad. He shrugged and jingled the keys.

"Thanks for the keys! Talk to you later." He turned and walked back out the door. I leaned slightly in my chair to get the whole view as he left. Sighing again, I turned back to my computer screen, now totally preoccupied with other thoughts. Bryan. He was around 5'10", olive skinned, with long, lean muscles. His dark hair was cropped close to his head, giving me the urge to run my hands over it every time he walked by. He had a the type of smile that made me think it was only for me. I'd never had the pleasure of seeing him without his shirt on, but I imagined it would be smooth and toned. He definitely had a body I'd never tire of looking at, or touching.

Have to get back to work, I reminded myserlf. If I kept up these thoughts, I'd never get anything constructive done, and I'd have to hunt Bryan down and drag him into the bathroom, rip his clothes off and see for myself just what his body looked like. Maybe take his pants off and taste him, or just let him throw me against the wall and do me when no one was lookin. Hmmm...

At four, I turned off my computer, punched out, and walked out to the parking lot, digging in my purse for my keys.

"Have a good night!" Looking up, I saw Bryan getting onto his bike. He waved.

"Nice bike!" I finally found my keys and unlocked my car with the remote. He paused.

"Want a ride?" I thought about what I had to do. Drive home, find and make dinner, drink a glass of wine, watch TV, read, go to bed. Hell yeah, I'd like a ride.

"Sure." Oh yeah, I was a smooth operator. He'd never know my heart was beating a damn techno song in my chest. Or that my stomach was now home to a butterfly colony. I threw my purse in my car and locked it. Then walked over to him. I don't know a lot about motorcycles, but it was big, shiny, and loud. And he straddled it in a way that made my thoughts turn dirty. I climbed on behind him and wrapped my arms around his trim waist. Yep, tight stomach. Yum.

"Hold on." As if he had to tell me. The fronts of my thighs pressed against the backs of his and when he braked, we were touching in more intimate places, making me think of what we could do after this ride was over. He was taking back roads, giving me a scenic ride of the countryside. I grew bolder by the second. Damnit! If a guy offers you a ride on his bike, isn't he a little interested? I leaned forward to press my breasts against his back, and my hands drifted a little lower on his stomach. I could feel the waistband of his jeans and hesitated.

The bike sped up, causing me to press harder into his back. Was that encouragement? Screw it, encouragement or not, what guy is going to turn down a little action? I considered myself cute, not half bad to look at, and he was single... wasn't he? Here was my chance to actually live out some of the fantasies I'd created starring Bryan.

I ventured lower and found him hard already, creating quite an impressive bulge in his jeans. He shifted in his seat, but made no move to stop me. I rubbed my hand up and down, feeling him grow even harder. I felt his body relax into mine, pressing them together from top to bottom. He sped up and headed back into town. I leaned my face on his back, keeping it out of the wind. Breathing deeply, I could smell fabric softener mixed with cologne and the scent that made him male. It made me anticipate what was to come even more. I felt myself growing warm all over. I felt the bike slow down and saw we were pulling into his driveway. He turned off the bike and got off, offering a hand to help me. Cold air rushed into the place his body had been, chilling me. I shivered as I stepped off the bike, right into him. His hands cupped my elbows and he looked down at me, his light eyes on fire. I smiled shyly, not sure what he wanted. He returned my smile and turned to lead me into the house, holding onto my hand.

We walked into his kitchen. It was small, but cute and neat. The dining room was just off the kitchen and opened into a small living room.

"Do you want a beer?" He let go of my hand to walk to the fridge.

"Sure, thanks." Beer sounded great. He grabbed two cans and handed me one. Opening it, I took a long drink. I felt his warmth before I saw him. He'd put his can on the counter and his hands were back on my elbows, guiding me towards him. I met his gaze, so intense and full of fire. I was wet just thinking about what that gaze promised. His hands slowly ran up my arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Stopping at my neck he brought my face to his. His lips were soft and warm and gentle at first, testing. His hands moved to the back of my neck and his kisses grew more intense. We tasted each other, needing and wanting, tongues exploring each other's mouths. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tighter, pressing our bodies together. His hands flew into action, running over my arms, under my shirt, up to my breasts. He reached around to unclasp my bra, pulling the straps off my shoulders as he made his way back to the front. Impatient, I pulled my shirt over my head and my breasts were freed for him. He bent his head and took one nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue, massaging the other. I gasped, my breath caught in my throat. My body was on fire, starting at my very core and making its way out through my skin. His touch was like a brand on m skin, searing.

He moved his mouth to the other breast and paid similar attention to that nipple. Waves of pleasure rolled down my body, meeting in the middle. His kisses moved downward, lips and teeth leaving a trail of pleasure as they made their way along my stomach, to my hips. He slid my jeans down and pulled them all the way off. I rocked my hips forward, trying to get him to take those teeth and lips to the core of my pleasure, but he wasn't ready. He grinned up at me and bent lower to my ankles. Biting the inside of one gently, he made his way slowly up my leg, nibbling all the way. I let out a moan and put my hands out to hold myself up, as my legs seemed almost useless. He made his way up to the sensitive skin of my inner thigh and I stumbled backwards into the wall. He reached up to catch me, smiling.

"Sorry about that." He remained on his knees, looking up at me and chuckling. I leaned against the wall, panting. I suddenly felt very vulnerable, standing just about naked before him. He must have sensed me closing up, because he stood and cupped my chin, gently forcing me to meet his eyes.

"You are beautiful." I felt my eyes widen. It had been so long since a man had told me I was beautiful. I could see the sincerity in his eyes, and even if it was only for tonight, I believed him. I smiled.

"Thank you." I whispered. "Now, weren't you in the middle of something?" I asked slyly. He grinned.

"Yes I was." Holding my gaze, he kneeled back down, trailing his hands down my body and taking my panties with him as he went. He paused. I wasn't completely bare, but I was quite trimmed. He grinned again and went down to my other ankle. He nibbled and kissed his way back up that leg. When he arrived at my inner thigh again, this time I had the wall at my back, so no falling. And he didn't stop. He moved in between my thighs, spreading them gently apart to reach everything. I held my breath and watched his dark head move between my legs. I had to put my hands on his shoulders to stay upright as his tongue teased my clit. My head went back, eyes closed, I let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a shout. He licked in long firm strokes, not missing an inch of me, then rolling my clit around in his mouth, sucking gently. When he grazed me with his teeth, I thought I was dying. I hooked a knee over one shoulder, giving him more access and helping me to stay standing. His hands cupped my butt, aiding my plight. He squeezed and massaged as his tongue worked magic. His tongue darted inside me, tasting, then thrusting in and out. Oh my God! My hips worked in rhythm, trying to find fulfillment. If his tongue felt this good, what did other things feel like?

He moved back to my clit and as he was sucking, he slid a finger inside me. I really was having a difficult time standing, my knees were jello. There was a pressure building in my center, growing with each lick, each thrust. I was getting closer and closer, and without warning, I exploded. The orgasm hit me like a train, taking away my breath and making me scream. I came off the wall and dug my fingers into his shoulders, leaving marks. He held me tightly, not letting me go and finished. Just when I thought I could take no more, he was gone.

When I could breathe normally again, I opened my eyes. I was sitting on the floor, knees drawn up and akimbo. Bryan was sitting few feet away, watching me. He smiled, eyes twinkling at me. I melted all over again.

"That was amazing." I told him, grinning. He got to his knees and crawled towards me, eyes hot.

"That was just the beginning." I was intrigued.

"Really?" He kneeled between my legs and took my face in his hands. He kissed me softly, gazing at me.

"Oh yeah. I've been waiting so long to do that. Now that I've got you here, it's going to be a long night." I had no argument.

"Alright. Then it's my turn." I smiled slyly and reached out for his jeans. He pulled back with a smirk.

"Let's go someplace more comfortable."

"Oh, hell no." I grabbed his waistband. "I came in the kitchen, you are too."

I go to my knees and pulled him towards me by his jeans. I kissed him hungrily, tasting the remnants of me on his tongue. He massaged my breasts, playing with the nipples. I pushed him down and moved on top to work his buttonfly. He sat up, but I pushed him flat. It was really my turn, and I wanted to be in control. I pulled his jeans off and went back up for more kisses. I trailed my mouth down his neck, licking. When I got to the soft skin where neck meets shoulder, I nibbled. He arched his back, giving me more. I bit harder, making him moan. I worked my way to his chest, licking, kissing, nibbling. Down to his stomach, firm and flat, I kissed every inch of him. I found that line at a man's hips and licked my way down it until I found him, hard and ready, lying against his stomach. I licked him from the base of his shaft to the tip of the head, playing with his ridge. He arched his hips, telling me he wanted more. I slid him into my mouth, hearing him gasp. All the way down to the base, I licked and sucked. His hips rose to meet me, as I fondled his balls. I wanted to taste him now. I didn't go slow or gentle, taking him into my mouth as far as he would go, then sliding him almost all the way back out. His hips rose and fell in rhythm with me, setting the pace he wanted. I sucked and fondled him with my tongue as he fucked my mouth. I wrapped a hand around his base and used it to help, squeezing, as it followed my mouth, up and down. His hips started to move faster and his breath came harder and louder, he was going to come. When he did, I held the rhythm and swallowed every last drop of him, watching his face as the orgasm rode him. When he settled, panting, I licked him slowly, enjoying the shudders that racked his body.

I kissed my way back up to face level. He smiled languidly at me. I returned it.

"Thanks for that." He said. I grinned.

"It was okay?"

"Oh yeah. Can you do it again?' My eyebrows shot up.

"Can you?" He struggled on his elbows to sit up.

"Maybe not for a little while." He said, sheepishly.

"Oh, we aren't done." I stood up and pulled him to his feet.

"I think we need a shower." He pulled me close, pressing his body to mine. The heat started again, spreading up my body. I could feel him begin to grow hard against me. He kissed me, soft and gentle, then led me to the bathroom.

The water was hot, we got clean, and explored every inch of each other's bodies, learning every tickle spot, every spot that made each other moan. When we dried off, we moved to the bedroom. He was ready.

We'd done the foreplay, I was ready to feel him inside me, and found myself wanting it more and more with each passing second. I pulled him to me fiercely, grinding my hips onto his erection. His eyes widened in surprise as I claimed his mouth with mine. His hands were everywhere, rubbing, massaging. I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top. He smiled up at me with that look in his eyes. That look men get when they know they are about to have you. I grasped him in my hand, he was so hard. Rising up on my knees, I rubbed the tip of him against my wetness. He gasped, I almost fell over with the wanting. I lowered myself onto him and he slid home. I couldn't move for a few seconds, he felt so good, filling me up. His eyes closed and his back arched, trying to drive himself deeper. But I had every inch of him buried inside me. I started to move my hips, rising up and pulling off of him until he was almost out, then driving him back into me. He touched parts of me that had never been touched before, and I gasped with each movement.

Our breaths grew into moans as we found a rhythm and moved together. I could feel the pleasure growing, starting at the place our bodies met and moving throughout my body. I ran my nails down his chest and he cried out with pleasure. Leaning forward, I nipped at his neck, and he bent his head to tease my nipples with his tongue and teeth. I continued to move my hips driving him deeper and deeper in to me.

"Oh, you feel so good!"

I looked him in the eye, his gaze hot, his lip caught between his teeth. The orgasm came without warning, making my hips buck and tearing a scream from my throat. Bryan held onto my hips to keep me in place while my body rocked on top of him. When it was through , I collapsed on his chest, my mouth nibbling his neck. I knew he hadn't come yet, but I honestly could no longer move my body, I needed a minute.

He sat up, gently pushing me with him. He came out from underneath me and leaned me up against the headboard. I grasped the top of the wood, bracing myself. He entered me from behind, one hand on my hip, the other in my hair, pulling my hair back.

"Yes, oh yes." I cried. He felt amazing, filling me from that angle.

"You like that?" I nodded because the only sound I could make were moans.

"Yes... yes!" I managed to gasp out. He thrusted in and out, driving himself into me over and over.

"I want to feel you cum inside me. Please." The thrusting continued, our skin meeting with little slapping sounds. He started to speed up, going in harder and deeper every time. The feeling was amazing. I never wanted it to stop.

"yes, yes!" I was screaming, but didn't care, I wanted to feel him explode inside me, and I wanted it now.

I felt him grow harder right before he gave one last hard, deep drive, and he moaned. Pushing himself deeper into me. Little moans and grunts were the only sounds we could make. We collapsed to the bed, him still inside me, until our we could catch our breath.

He rolled off me and we lay next to each other, reveling in the moment.

"That was amazing." He rolled on his side to look at me. I nodded.

"Uh huh." Bryan smiled at me, that amazing smile, and I cuddled up to him, wrapping myself around him. I could feel him growing hard against my leg. I pulled back and looked at him in surprise.

"Already?" He shrugged and grinned.

"Aren't you?"

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