tagLesbian SexOverwhelmed Ch. 01

Overwhelmed Ch. 01


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

Driving in the country always helped me clear my head of things. Having just found out that my boyfriend was screwing some bimbo at work made me decide there has to be more to life than men. Being a freelance photographer helped me get away. I needed some new shots of something different for my website, and the country seemed the most logical place to visit.

I had never been this way before, hours from home. As I looked around at the rolling hills and the farms and ranches that I passed by, the air seemed to clear my mind of my troubles. Off in the distance I could see a mountain range and lots of trees and fields. I just passed a small town with my bottle of water and a sandwich next to me. I thought it would be a great location to spend a day getting pictures of nature.

I soon noticed a dirt road off to the left as I pulled onto the shoulder. It was really quiet and serene around here as the last house I passed was miles back. I noticed a horse-back riding trail not too far from the dirt road. I looked around and didn't see any 'no trespassing' signs and I figured this would be a good place to start. As I pulled onto the side road, my car kicked up stones and dust. I must have driven about two miles before the road branched off to a fence and a gate. A sign above the entrance read 'PL Ranch'. It was locked, so I pulled over to a grassy area off to the right. I noticed a small trail next to it and decided this would be a good place to begin photographing. I grabbed my backpack out of the backseat and added my sandwich and drink. It held my camera and accessories as well as suntan lotion and a first aid kit. I changed into my hiking boots and with my shorts and t-shirt, I could also work on my tan.

I soon came upon two squirrels chasing each other, and quickly pulling my camera out, I began snapping some shots of the frisky critters. Soon they snuck up a nearby tree and followed the trail into a small woods. I thought about my life as I snapped photos of trees, mountains, and small animals. I was twenty-two and lived in a studio apartment in the city. I worked as a photographer taking mostly baby and family photos for a man named Jackson. Away from work, I would take photos for my website. People would purchase the photos for screensavers for their computers, backgrounds for photos, and some bought them for their businesses. I loved photography and made it my career.

As I took a nice shot of a deer standing next to a tree off in the distance, I knew my love life sucked. I dated a few guys but never seemed to find the right one. Hell, I never even experienced an orgasm with a man. My fingers and dildo were my best sexual partners. I was just average in the breast department with 34c's, but I was told my ass was my best feature. So, as I trudged along the trail pushing through branches and brush at times, I realized I led a mundane life.

I soon found a rock and pulled off my backpack, sitting down to take a rest. I must have walked a mile and the fence along the ranch could be still seen off to my left. A small lake could be seen through a bunch of trees as I began to nibble on my sandwich. Except for a cawing crow among the trees, it was a very quiet area. It definitely was very remote from civilization as I scanned the area around me.

As I took a swig from my water bottle, I heard a neigh from a horse. I looked toward the lake and saw a rider approaching me before turning off toward the water without seeing me. I could tell it was a woman, but what caught me by surprise was that she seemed to be naked. I waited for her to reach the lake's shore and she soon climbed off of the horse while spreading out a blanket and before long laid down on her back. I quickly grabbed my camera and being as quiet as possible, moved among the trees to get a closer look.

She began putting on suntan lotion as I soon stood out of her view amongst several trees. I could tell she was older, maybe in her forties. She had removed her cowboy hat and laid it next to her while her horse drank from the lake. She had lovely breasts which she made sure to coat in generous amounts of the oil and they were much bigger than mine. Her legs were crossed so I couldn't see much of her below her waist. I casually began snapping pictures of her. I never thought of myself as enjoying women, but for some reason she intrigued me. I tried to be still, but a bird was rattled and shook some leaves as it flew away. I quickly moved behind the tree, nervous at be caught. After a few minutes, I peaked over and she seemed to have not noticed me.

I caught my breath as I watched her begin to stroke her vagina. She lazily fingered herself as her legs had now spread giving me a perfect view of her afternoon fun. I stood maybe 200 yards away as I began to once again capture her intimacy on film. I had never taken naked photos of anyone before, but for some reason I desired doing it now. My own vulva felt good to me as I soon joined her in stroking my clit inside of my shorts. I hated wearing panties, so it was easy access as I watched her begin to plunge her fingers deep inside of her. I gave up on taking pictures as my hands were too busy joining her in this erotic foray. After a while her horse strolled over to her. I did take a deep breath and picked up my camera and took a perfect shot of her licking her fingers while the horse nudged at her hat next to her.

I now worked myself into a wonderful orgasm as I watched the brunette bring herself off as well. I can't ever remember being so turned on in my life as I was now. She laid there as we both seemed to come back to earth together. She calmly relaxed there with her knees now bent and her vagina now open to my inspection. She obviously was meticulous in her preparation of her body as she had a small landing strip just above her moistened lips. The way she was lying there gave me an intimate view of her anus. I never studied a nude female form this way before, and it somehow excited me to be a voyeur to this erotic vision before me now. I did my best to try to remain concealed but she suddenly turned and looked in my direction. I scooted behind a tree in the hopes she hadn't seen me, but a twig snapped making me jump. I held my breath but no footsteps were coming.

When I finally got the courage to look back, she was laying back with her arm over her face to block out the sun. It afforded me a chance to take more photos of her nakedness. I zoomed in on her most intimate areas taking rapid snapshots. Soon she stirred and began to get up forcing me to hide once again now behind some brush. She stood next to her horse and patted his flanks before bending down to pick up her blanket. She turned her back towards me showing off her great butt. It was bigger than mine, but it quivered as she shook the sand out of her blanket. Then she laid it over her saddle and put her foot in the stirrup, once again giving me a 'Kodak' moment'. Her damp pussy looked even hotter from behind. I figured I already took too many chances and started to walk away. I could hear the hoofs of her horse as they soon moved off and faded in the distance.

I walked rather quickly back to my backpack and headed off to my car. I was so excited that as soon as I settled into my car seat that I began to play with my damp pussy once again. I relived the erotic vision of the cowgirl's sexy foray by the lake. As I came very hard, I had laid my head back and turned it towards the fence. There was that beautiful woman, still very naked and now staring directly at me. I quickly zipped up my shorts and started my car, throwing it into gear wildly. As stones and dust kicked up all around me, I pulled away and noticed the evil grin she had on her face. I knew I had been caught and it scared the shit out of me!

I put my things in my suitcase after a rough night of trying to sleep. I had decided on staying at this country inn after yesterday's episode in the wild. I phoned my boss telling him I was taking a few days off to visit some friends. He knew I was a good worker and I did have some vacation time coming to me. Something told me I had to go back to that scenic place I was at yesterday.

I was actually shaking as I soon sat behind the wheel of my car. She had known I had seen her and I was quite scared. But her sexy body and my sudden lust guided me as I started my car and headed back to that dirt road. I had to learn more about her and hoped that I didn't get seen this time. My small form had no chance against her as she looked like she was very strong and I wouldn't have a chance.

I soon sat outside of that gate and quickly pulled on my backpack and headed off on that trail again. I did manage to take some more pictures of the flora and fauna as I neared that lake. I stood there a while, but she did not come. After resting a bit, I continued to walk along the trail.

After a hefty hike I came upon a ranch off to my left. A large paddock loomed before me as I spied several horses grazing off at a distant fence. My walk soon brought me near a stable and I noticed an open gate nearby. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby but it was just the horses, some goats in a pen, and myself. I took some photos of the ranch which stood so far away from civilization it seemed. I walked a little more and curiosity seemed to lead me to that gate. I snuck over to the stable and looked inside of a small window that faced away from the ranch. As I peeked in, I was surprised to see things that had nothing to do with horses. There was a room with ropes and I even saw handcuffs lying on a shelf. I gasped as I saw some wooden contraption that looked like a stock. I had seen one once while visiting a museum which was used in ancient times to punish criminals and slaves. There also was a weird looking table which had large round hooks spread around all four corners with a thin mattress being the only comfort from the lacquered surface. I wondered what I was looking at before I heard a noise in another part of the stable. I crept to another window and saw the vision of the woman that I saw yesterday. She was wearing some daisy duke shorts that only covered half of her butt. Her breasts had a blouse tied just below them, pushing them out proudly. She was lifting some crates and carrying them to a corner of the building. I realized how energetic and strong she was when she hefted them up to a loft. As I watched she turned in my direction and I quickly knelt down, afraid that I had been caught. I quickly ran out the gate and amongst some trees nearby, finally finding a hiding place and panting heavily from the exertion.

I dared not move from this spot for a while as I pulled off my backpack. After a few minutes she came out through the stable door from the room that I had seen earlier with all the strange items in it. Now she was topless and I watched as her breasts swayed in her casual gait. If she knew I was there, she never gave me any indication that she knew. As I watched she reached up to her nipples and squeezed them firmly in her fingers. Her cowboy hat just added to the erotic display she was giving me.

Then as I watched, another woman came out of the ranch house. As she neared the beauty who kept playing with her firm nipples, I noticed she too was topless. She wore jeans and a cowboy hat as well and looked about my age. I just stood there when they suddenly both looked towards me. I hid behind a tree fast enough before they could see me. Then I heard them talking which broke the stillness.

"Hi mom, something wrong?" said the younger one.

"I thought I heard something. I heard some leaves and twigs crackle when I was in the stable. I think someone is spying on us. It may be the young woman I saw yesterday."

After a few moments the young one added, "I know you mom. If there is someone out there, you'll find them. After what you told me yesterday, we haven't had much fun around here for a while. I am damn horny."

"Yeah, we wore the last one out. Time for some fresh blood."

I was trembling from what I had heard. Then I peeked and caught the mom kissing her daughter on the lips. Their breasts touched which seemed to make my vulva wet once again. Then they parted, the daughter heading back to the house while the mom walked to her horses. It gave me a chance to sneak away. I headed to the lake and pulled out my camera to take some scenic shots. Two swans floated nearby as my mind kept thinking back to the two women and their nakedness. I had never thought women would excite me. My mind wondered about their conversation on having fun and wearing someone else out previously.

I put my camera into my pack and as I got up to walk away, a rope swished around me. As I struggled it was pulled tight and my arms were pinned to my sides. I tried to run but I only managed a few steps before I was yanked to the ground. Another circle of rope lassoed my feet suddenly and I was quickly subdued. Squirming, I looked up at the cowgirl that I had been watching who just sat there amused by my struggling.

As I laid like that unable to free myself, she finally said, "You are a beautiful thing, aren't you? I will have many uses for you. Quit struggling, I was once a champion bull rustler and you aren't about to free yourself unless I allow it. And right now, I have other plans for you."

"Please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. Let me go. I promise not to tell anyone. I'll scream if you don't let me go!"

"Scream all you want, dear. You are out in the middle of nowhere. I have a way of shutting up noisy women like you. Now let's get you back to my place, the fun is about to begin," she told me as she climbed off of her horse.

I was sobbing as she easily picked me up and laid me over her horse's saddle with my ass up in the air. She had the nerve to swat my butt before she took the reins on her horse. I kept begging and pleading for her to let me go, but she just gave me that same evil grin that I saw yesterday when I skidding out on the dirt road.

As we neared her ranch, she stopped the horse and walked in front of my hanging form. Her breasts were still naked and she pushed them together with her hands and then slapped them and pushed them all over my face. I panicked from her smothering of my head that I suddenly passed out.

I groggily awoke to see my tormentor standing next to me looking at something in her hand. I tried to move but realized I was tied to that same table I had seen through the window earlier. After looking around I also noticed my nakedness. Somehow I must have been out for a while and she was able to secure me to this table. I fretted as I wondered what plans she had for me. My damn curiosity got me here!

"I see your name is Linda. Well, shortly you will be called 'Licking Linda'. By the way, if you saw the sign over my gate, LP Ranch stands for licking pussy. And my newfound friend, you will soon learn this. Have you ever pleasured a woman before Linda?"

I shook my head no. What was she getting at?

"Have you ever had your pussy licked by someone? Have you ever been with a woman?"

I didn't say anything. I just stared as her larger than life form as it stood menacingly above me.

She chuckled as she continued, "Answer me! It's not like you have a choice."

Then she reached to one of my nipples, pinching it hard. I groaned at the sudden pain that rushed through my body. I wiggled but the restraints kept me securely in place. I was panicky as I knew there was nothing I could do to stop the lunatic.

"Oh good, a rookie. I love teaching new ones. Here is your situation. Trespassing is a serious offense but I have my own ways of punishment. Simply, you are here for my pleasure. And my daughter, she enjoys the same. If you please me, I'll let you go. If not, well...you don't want to find out," she told me with a grin.

"I can't do that. I am not a lesbian!"

"I don't care if you are a lesbian or not. I love having my pussy eaten. That you will do for me whether you like it or not. If you do a good job then when I'm ready, you are free to go. But really seeing how you don't have much choice, I guess it's about time we begin."

I blurted out, "I will yell! Let me go, please. I never did anything to you. I won't tell a soul, I promise."

She just laughed as she turned around and began to lower her daisy dukes. Her naked ass soon was unveiled to me. She looked over at me as she seemed to make a production of unveiling herself. Her vagina soon peeked between her thighs as I was spellbound. I hated that I was in this position but this woman was turning me on.

Soon she was naked except for her cowboy hat and her boots. I watched as she drew closer to me, shaking her breasts in my face suddenly. Then she pulled away and laughed. Her finger stroked down from my chin, between my breasts, and soon found my wet vulva.

"My my, you sure are wet. I think you may be enjoying this."

"Please, I never licked a vagina before. Don't make me," I begged.

"Ha. Around here, it's referred to as a pussy or a cunt. I also have tits, not breasts. When you beg to eat my cunt I want to never hear the word vagina! You will refer to me as Mistress when in my presence. But first, I want you to ask to suck my tits and nipples."

I just shook my head in fear as her breasts loomed closer. Her hand slapped my face when she didn't hear me beg. I cried as she just laid them on my face.

For fear she'd smother me again, I mumbled out, "Mistress, can I suck your tits?"

She laughed as she fed me her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, tasting a woman for the first time. I licked and suckled them while my lips felt every ridge and bump. Her hands cradled my head while she forced more of her breast into my mouth. I became aware that some pent up frustration took over and I attacked her nub with vigor. She moaned as she quickly released my head and slipped the other nipple in it's place. I never thought I'd ever be with a woman but my only thought was I wished I could touch mine now. I knew it was soaking wet but I had no way of relieving my pent up frustrations.

I laid there having no control over her guidance of my lips and tongue. She seemed to enjoy being in charge as she made me endure a long period of time of pleasuring her breasts. I don't think she allowed me to miss an inch of either of her large mounds.

I guess she felt it was time to show me who was boss. I watched as first one boot slipped over my body before the other soon joined me on the table. She kind of sat on my breasts as she allowed me to see her pussy up close. Pussy, now that was a word I never thought I would use to refer to it.

"Look at it good, sweetie. Soon you will be showing it how much you love it."

She ran her finger between her lower lips as I watched the wetness of her fluids cover them. Then she moved her hand to my face and ran her finger over my lips. She teased until my mouth opened and my tongue licked at her wetness. Her taste was different than anything I had ever tasted before, but it wasn't unpleasant.

She soon tired of playing games and inched closer to my face. Her legs pinioned my arms as she loomed inches from her prey, which was my tongue. As much as I feared her, her womanly scent down there turned me on. I realized that I was about to become a pussy eater.

"Well Licking Linda, what do you say?"

I knew what she wanted to hear as I begged, "Please Mistress. Let me lick you pussy."

"Oh, that is the plan dear. I have plans for you to lick something else too. I will make you a first-class oral specialist before this day is done."

She shimmied forward until she was directly hovering over my lips. I could see as those wet pussylips which hung a little bit was lowered onto my chin. I tentatively slid my tongue as I tasted one of her wet flaps. I savored the flavor before tasting the other one. I saw her clitoris and slipped my tongue over it.

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