Dear Master --

I am so horny tonight that I cannot think of anything but you. I can't help but fantasize about last Wednesday. My hand keeps teasing my nipples, taunting them like you did.

I keep thinking about how your hand was buried so deep in my pussy. The image of you lying flat on my bed, one hand casually behind your head as you looked up at me with affection and lust as your hand plunged in and out of my cunt. And me, on my knees, pale soft thighs spread, uncontrollably fucking your hand, rocking back and forth, feeling drunk with pleasure.

You like me like that. Willing. Wanton. Letting go of everything and cumming over and over and over.

I like it like that. I like when I am behaving slutty and whorish, and you just smile and tell me how pretty I am.

After you fisted me, I craved your cock. I asked you for it, hopeful and expectant. Some women don't like giving blow jobs, but I do. I especially love pleasuring you because it makes me feel like I am worshiping you with my mouth. It is heaven to wrap my lips around your cock and slide your thick meat down into my throat. I realized during my early training (I know I am still in training, but right at the start) that what you like most is not suction and licks, but to fuck my throat. I have learned how to get you as deep as I can, swallowing your cock down, knowing I have it right when a moan escapes your lips. I time my breathing carefully, knowing the longer I can keep you down my throat the better you like it. My body is yours to use. My wet drooling pussy tells me so.

I never know if you really realize how far I am willing to go with you at the helm, that I happily, easily give my body over to the pleasures and games you lead me through. When I'm deep in it, I will do anything for you. I'm both afraid and turned on by the idea that you may test that notion.

I know that you long to see me with other lovers. I confess I have been thinking about it.

I have, for example, thought about how it would please you if I fucked your wife, let the two of you share me, how I might please you by pleasing both of you. How it would feel to glide my tongue down her slit, what she might taste like. I wonder if you would fuck me from behind as I ate her, your cock sliding deep into my pussy, pushing into my womb, rocking there until I start to tongue fuck her.

...Or perhaps I could be a fucktoy for your friends. Two weeks ago, when you whispered the idea in my ear while your favorite toy was buried deep in my cunt, as the waves of pleasure overcame me and my nipples stood out large and taunt and hard , I started imagining your friends in your bonus room, sitting and drinking casually, chatting while I was strapped face down to your sex wedge, my wrists bound in my favorite leather restraints (you know, the ones I never want to take off) -- and my round ass pushed up artfully in the air, freshly pink from a spanking, followed shortly thereafter with a paddling. I know you would feel very proud when you showed my juicy, dripping cunt to the other men, proof of my sexual submission. Soon one man would fill my mouth, while another my cunt. My ass would be left alone, but for some minor fingering, because, as we both know, my ass belongs to you and only you.

But last Wednesday, I was all yours. You fucked me so many times I lost count of my orgasms. I would happily have fucked you all night, despite the fact I knew I had to be at work in the morning and that I would be a wreck all day if I did not sleep. But I didn't care. Your mouth, your cock, your hands, your delightfully perverse mind are far more interesting and compelling than a single night's sleep.

One day, I wish we could spend an entire weekend together. I hope to be bound through most of it. I hope you would let me wear my collar and that you would pull on the chain when your cock was deep in me, reminding me one more way that I am Owned. That I am Yours. You would fuck me wherever, whenever you wish. Perhaps you would fuck me at home, followed by sex in the park (perhaps in front of strangers) or a fucking on one of the black leather couches at your favorite sex club downtown.

I know that when you weren't fucking me, your hands would casually assault my nipples, as they did on Wednesday when I would ask for a brief rest before more. Your fingers always twist and turn, varying my world between pain and pleasure, all the while making my pussy hungry for more fucking.

I'm doing it again -- pinching my nipples as I write this. I'm grateful it is allowed. My cunt is wet and the juice is soaking into my panties. I need to submit. Please write back soon.



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