tagBDSMOwned: A Fetish Tale Ch. 01

Owned: A Fetish Tale Ch. 01


After a month away from her bed, Amy woke in a fright to the movements her husband made as he slid in alongside her. "Shh, Wife. Your Master has come to claim you." Amy could smell the leather he wore whenever he chose to claim her; she could feel the molded black skin covering his face and he curled up against her, his face close to hers. His thumbs brushed over her nipples, and the sensation, missed for so long, nearly sent Amy into an orgasm. She moaned in pleasure and arched her back to lift her tightening breast more fully into his palm. "I said 'shh'."

He leaned close and put his mouth on her breast, teasing her nipple with his lips and tongue, and again, though she did not mean to, she ignored his command and she moaned and whimpered, wanting so much more and yet not wanting the delicious foreplay to stop. It had been so long since he had claimed her that her whole body was singing, even the smallest touch bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Amy closed her eyes and reached up and behind her head to grab the headboard, forcing her breasts up, her nipples dark and standing at attention. He nibbled and chewed, baring his teeth, twisting her nipples with them. She writhed beneath him, her toes clenched and her thighs squeezed tightly together, as if the pressure would slow the building explosion within her.

Recognizing the signs, he slid one hand down her side, stroking her ribs, following the curve of her stomach, tracing the shape of her hip before pushing her thighs apart to expose her. He slipped his first two fingers between her pussy lips, grazing over her clit, and then dipping into her twat. He set a steady rhythm there, his fingers pumping into her with his thumb pressed against her clit, firmly applying heavy pressure.

Amy succumbed to wave after wave of orgasms as he suckled her breast and fingered her, her inner muscles pulsing around his fingers, grabbing and releasing them over and over again.

He kept her coming for what felt like forever, until her nipples were nearly purple with engorgement, and she could do nothing but whimper, "please...please..." as her hips rose and fell to meet the ministrations of his hand. "Please, what?" Her husband teased her mercilessly and she looked into his eyes, surrounded by the black leather of his domino mask, to find his eyes full of barely restrained rage. His fingers became weapons as she realized her mistake, and he cruelly pinched her clit with his fingernails. He pinched after she said the right words, pinched until she was nearly screaming it:

"Please, Master! Please, Master! Oh, god, please Master...Master, Master, you are my Master! I have no purpose that you do not give me; I exist solely to please you. You are Master, and I am Wife, I am your servant, oh, my Master."

When she was nearly in tears, he lifted his head from her breasts and released her clit, then silently moved her onto her stomach. He grasped her hips and lifted her onto her knees, and then in one forceful thrust, he sheathed himself within her. Amy gasped as he filled her, his cock so thick and hard that it touched and excited each sensitive inch of her cunt. He gave her just a moment to catch her breath and then began to hammer into her mercilessly, his cock as hard as stone pounding her in just the right spot to start another cascade of orgasms moving through her, causing her to grasp at the headboard again, to hold on as if her life depended on it, and moan and grunt loudly.

Though she was amazed that it was possible, soon Amy felt his cock harden even further, and he thrust even harder. Her dominating husband came violently, and deep within her, shouting as his orgasm took him. He continued to fuck her until his cock stopped twitching, then pulled out and lay on the bed beside her, panting and sweaty.

Amy curled herself into him, resting her head on his shoulder and her hand over his heart as they both recovered. He turned his face to hers and claimed her lips with his own, first a gentle, loving kiss, but then a hungry one. Her hand stroked his chest, traced the line of his pectorals glistening with sweat, then slid even lower to grasp his cock in her fist. As they kissed she pumped his slick member which quickly stiffened in her hand. Unable to resist, Amy ended the kiss and moved to kneel at his side, bending to place her mouth on his bulbous head. She swirled her tongue over the tip, tasting herself and his come together. The velvet skin of his stick felt good on her tongue, but she wanted to take all of it, so after licking it thoroughly, she took the length of him into her mouth.

Breathing through her nose, she swallowed around him, pulling him into her throat until her nose was pressed against his flesh and she could take no more. His hips lifted, and he slowly began to fuck her face, placing his hands on her head and sinking his fingers into her hair. He held her there and fucked her mouth, his cock in her throat, until he came again, shooting his cum so deep and fast so that she had no choice but to swallow it. He held her there until he was finished.

"Thank you, Sir!" she gasped when he released her head and pulled his dick out of her mouth. Amy couldn't stand swallowing, but she did whatever pleased him. She kept her face close to his cock and flicked her tongue around the tip of it, causing him to twitch once more, releasing another dribble of come. She quickly sucked it off, pulling his soft dick into her mouth again, rolling it, wet, hot...she suckled it until it began to harden yet again, and she again opened her throat as it grew too long for only her mouth. She let him fill her there and then she took more, pressing herself over her husband/Master's cock until it felt as if it was going to reach her stomach, then drew back slowly, working her throat around it, massaging it as she pulled away. Once more she teased and caressed his head with her tongue and lips, then down again she went, allowing his rod to slide back, swallowing around it to pull it deeper. His hips began to lift to meet her downward motions, and soon his cock was seated firmly in her throat. He half sat up and reached for her head, sliding one hand around her neck. With the other he took a grip in her hair and pulled her by the roots against his crotch hard, mashing her face into his pelvis. When he was certain she could take him no further into her throat he squeezed her neck, stroked it like it was his cock, pressing his fingers until he could feel them on the tip of his dick. After a short moment he released her, pulling her up by her hair off his cock, a stream of spittle connecting them before breaking off and hanging from her lip. Her eyes were glazed from being choked from the inside and out, and he let her breathe a moment before doing it again, roughly pressing her back down onto his dick, quickly giving her neck a squeeze, and then lifting her away again.

He did it until he was close to knocking her out, and then he just held her head down next to his dick with one hand, and stoked his cock with the other until he sent ropes of cum all over her face, which she groggily stuck her tongue out to receive.

Releasing her, he tossed her back to the bed like a rag doll. Not liking how she lay there, he arranged her, posed her in preparation of his next show of power. He put her face against the mattress, and lifted her bottom into the air, propping her up on her knees, splaying her legs so that her asshole and twat were not only exposed but open.

He cupped her pussy in his left hand, caressing its swollen lips with his fingers, dipping them between her wet folds. When his hand was thoroughly wet with her juices, he began to stroke her in an upwards motion, following her crease to her asshole, lubricating it as he went. After a moment he began to diddle her brown bud, teasing it open with his middle finger, rubbing the tight ring to loosen it up before sliding his digit in as far it would go, then pulling it back again slowly, eliciting long, deep moans from Amy. When he felt her asshole was ready, he removed his finger. After a few quick thrusts into her pussy, he pressed his cock against the entrance to her ass, his hands on her hips, firmly holding her in place as she tried to push back and get him in faster.

She fretted, "Please, Sir, get it in there, I want you to fuck my ass, please, fill my ass with cum, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my a-!"

Her begging ended in an exclamation as he entered her suddenly, seating himself within her in one thrust, filling her ass with his hot meat.

"Ahhhh, yesss!" She cried and squeezed his dick with her ass. With that, he pulled out nearly all the way and then used one hand to steady her hips against his and the other to soundly smack her ass, leaving a red hand print glowing there.

"Ah!" Amy cried, relishing the combined sensations of the pain of taking his fat cock up her ass while being spanked.

She had little chance to dwell on it, as he continued her punishment, sharply spanking her right cheek for every time his balls came swinging forward to smack her cunt lips with the force of his thrusts. Within moments she was coming again, her pussy dribbling down her thighs, her moans becoming louder and louder as he pounded her ass two ways. When her ass was raw from the spanking, he slowed down and began to twist his hips, grinding his cock into her, and soon she felt him turn to stone inside her, and he was yelling as he pumped another load deep inside her ass.

When he was done, he remained behind her, his dick soft and still in her ass. He grabbed Amy by the hair and pulled her up onto her knees and the grasped her breasts roughly from behind, pinching and rolling her still sore nipples between his first and second fingers, then pulling them away from her body, rolling them with hard pressure from his thumbs against his fingers. Amy moaned again at the pain-pleasure, arching her back further to follow her nipples as he pulled them.

Just when she thought she could take no more, he released her breasts, slid out of her ass, and left her.

As he walked away, he rang a little bell, and within a moment, a young, dark haired girl appeared. She was nude, aside from an oxblood leather mask around her eyes, and her pert breasts were at attention.

Amy's husband told the girl, "I have had my wife, Sylvie. Get Nathan and Xander and bring them here."

Sylvie nodded, whispered a quick "Yes, sir," then was gone as quickly as she'd arrived. Short moments later she returned with two beautiful young men, both in white masks, and they stood in a row, all three of them ignoring Amy completely, their eyes only for her husband.

To Be Continued...

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