tagBDSMOwner's Manual Ch. 04

Owner's Manual Ch. 04


As the sun rose on my tortured body, I could feel the juices of my never ending orgasms. The clamps on my nipples had kept me awake throughout the night, as the phalluses work their dirty deeds on my ass and cunt.

The proof of their labors was dripping down my thighs and onto the deck. My cruel but loving Master knew that his ministrations would set me straight and make me see the error of my feelings of protection for my daughter. I now would allow Master full control of Lei Lei.

As my body ached I heard stirring on deck. I turned painfully to see some crew members leading my daughter Lei Lei toward the forward deck where I was left to hang through the night. She was naked except for a simple collar. Her golden nipple rings, that adorned her newly enlarged 38FF breasts, sparkled in the morning sun.

She was led right in front of me and knelt at my feet. Her tongue trailed up from my feet, licking my juices from my calves and thighs. When she reached my cunt my phalluses were removed, as was the harness that kept them in place.

My daughter's wet tongue drove into my red swollen cunt. Her soft licks soothed the tender flesh. Soft tingles ran up my spine. Her wet and willing tongue was driving me to orgasm. My hips rocked, I was driving my over used cunt into the face of my daughter as the clamps on my tender nipples pulled with each sway of my breasts.

My back arched as I pushed my hips against the wet tongue of my daughter. My orgasm splashed onto her face. Her eyes looking up at me as my cunt quivered while it rode her smiling face.

When she had cleaned my cunt of my wetness, she was led to the pole in front of me. My daughter was placed in a sex swing and hung from the pole. Her arms were tied over her head and her legs were spread wide leaving her body fully exposed and open for anyone.

I was untied and led to the edge of the deck. A hose was used to rinse my body as two male slaves used a hard Bristol brush to scrub any remaining evidence of my orgasmic night of torture.

I was made to crawl back to where my daughter was suspended. One of the male slaves grasped a handful of my hair and forced me to lick my Lei Lei's cunt. The other slave placed his semi-erect cock into her mouth. She eagerly took the cock and rocked her head back and forth; taking the full length with each stroke. Her tongue would swirl around the massive head and then it was driven deep down her throat.

I marveled at her technique as my own tongue drove into her wet and dripping cunt. The second slave began lashing my exposed back as I continued to lick my daughter's cunt. She groaned into the base of the cock that was throat fucking her. Her body began to writhe in earnest as she neared her orgasm. The slave pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and fisted his ropes of thick cum onto her massive tits. Lei Lei moaned from the depths of her freshly fuck throat as her own orgasm erupted into my mouth.

My lashing continued as I greedily lapped at her gapping cunt. The slave stopped my lashing and appeared beside my face, presenting his cock for me to suck. It slipped into my wet mouth and I sucked his hardened cock. I was soon pushed aside as I watched his swollen member push its way into the depths of my daughter's wet pussy. The slave grabbed me by the hair and moved my face to her warm belly. He removed his wet cock and pushed it into my open mouth. Then it was removed and plunged back into Lei Lei's cunt. The slave alternately fucks my daughter's cunt and my mouth until he shot his cum into her pussy before pulling out and shooting the remainder onto my face.

I was then led back to my pole and retied with a full view of my daughter's naked splendor.

As the sun continued to rise many of the crew would move by as the worked on the deck. Some of them would stop and take their pleasure on my suspended daughter. Cocks had no problem slipping into her sloppy pussy, as cum oozed from her red and swollen cunt. With each use she moaned and grunted like the slut that she was becoming before me eyes.

As a Mother I should be horrified but I found myself aroused and wishing that it was me fucking her and using those ripe tits. As with the first time I saw her pierced nipples, I couldn't take my eyes off them. The rings glistened in the sun. Even as the enormous amounts of cum coated her engorged breasts, I watched her heaving tit flesh. Every sway rocked the very core of my cunt. I was near orgasm many times while watching her being ravished again and again.

I was so enthralled with two particularly well hung slaves slut fuck my daughter that I didn't notice my Master move beside me. I had been groped many times during the morning and my eyes closed and my head arched back as a pair of strong hands moved down my ass and between my spread thighs. One of the hands moved between my wet and dripping cunt lips. Two fingers entered me easily. A third was added and began to earnestly fucking my cunt. I bit my lip as I was near orgasm. Master leaned in and whispered in my ear that I would severely regret cumming without permission. The breath went out of my body. I fought off my urge to cum but Master pulled one the nipple clamps and released it, letting the blood rush back into the engorged bud. I could not resist the release of my orgasm and writhed under his expert ministrations. The second clamp was torn from my remaining nipple as the second unauthorized orgasm took over my body.

As I regained my composure Master was having me untied from my pole. I knew that I was to be punished for my orgasms.


To be continued.....I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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