tagBDSMOwning Bella Ch. 03

Owning Bella Ch. 03


Mel reached down and picked Bella up drawing her into his lap and tightening his arms about her, "You are mine, I adore you and everything about you. To me, you are perfect. I will never let you go or replace you, not here nor at home. Speaking of home," he looked at her with dark burning eyes, "Perhaps we should return home and have a day off work reminding you whom you serve." His hands tightened on her ass, and she squeaked blushing deeply. "Better yet, why wait," he picked her up and began to carry her toward the office's ensuite.

Rob grunted, "Keep it in your pants I haven't finished with two yet. Go get your phone for me Bella, please."

"Oh," she cried in dismay, "It's in my bag and that is still under Dianne's desk!"

"I'll go down and get it, I am guessing that girl is trying to wheedle her way out of trouble anyway and won't mind the interruption," Rob laughed.

Bella giggled and watched him leave. She reached up and stroked her Master's face brushing her lips over his, "I understand your rules and your need to see my submission, but this is nice sometimes too, right?"

Mel cuddled her close and kissed her, "Yes MY Ellie."

He realised in that moment what Dorothea and Rob had been trying to tell him. He expected total obedience and submission from her, but he also needed to adjust his ways to better suit this new relationship that was about so much more than just the power and control he held over the girls at the club when on occasion he used them. Bella was his responsibility now. He realised now how much of challenge that would be to him rather than to her. It was not just about the control over her he craved, it was also about finding her limits and boundaries within their relationship rather than pushing her constantly to live up to his high expectations. He needed to keep her strong and challenged and most of all happy to serve him as he wished.

"But," he said, "it's a work day, and there is much to do," he smiled down at her, "We will talk about this more tonight." The best thing, he reasoned, was to make the day as normal as possible, no more surprises. He led her over to her desk and carefully explained the expectations of her new role in the company as separate from her role in his personal life. "Now," he said smiling, "This is your date book, Dorothea updated it yesterday in your absence adding appointments I have made for you." He flicked through to the appropriate date.

Rob sauntered back in swinging her handbag, "This does nothing at all for my outfit, darling'", he drawled as he leaned over her desk depositing the bag and her phone in front of Bella. "My phone number is in there now, anytime your Master needs a dose of reality you just call me, and I will come riding in on my mighty steed," he winked at her.

Giggling Bella looked up at Mel who was rolling his eyes dramatically, but he had a half smile. The phone rang, and Mel looked up at the doorway to Dorothea's desk, knowing she only put urgent calls through when he was busy. "Stay a few minutes Rob I just have to get this," Mel crossed to his desk to retrieve the call.

Bella and Rob both saw the look of anguish on Mel's face before he turned his back on them. Hanging up the phone he turned back to them, "Can you run down to the club for me Rob, seems there is a situation there too this morning. I don't want to go out for a while, and I don't want my treasure to get any more strange ideas about going home before we have had a chance to talk properly."

Rob shrugged, "I guess, but Dorothea is just outside, and she is a formidable old bird, I don't think Bella could get past her."

Mel laughed, "I am sure your right but Bella needs to go to the bank and pick up her new corporate card now she is a business manager with the company and I want to take her myself now. We'll meet you there for lunch Stephen wants to see me about Friday anyway."

There was a pause as Rob considered Mel's comment, then his face lit up with a smile, "You old fart, I forgot it was your birthday this week," Rob laughed shaking his head, "I am going to be stuck in town all week at this rate."

"You Know Stephen, any excuse to fill the club," Rob pulled on his coat while Mel spoke, "I will see you there about noon."

Rob kissed Bella on the forehead, "Be a good girl, I will see you in a few hours," he grinned at her.

"Thank you Master Rob," Bella looked up at him her eyes filled with sincerity, "For everything."

Rob stroked her cheek, "She truly is precious, Mel. Anymore days like today and I might just steal her away." He laughed and left the room leaving Mel growling after him.

Bella sat at her desk and looked through the date book. She noted that the hours between one and three pm had been blanked out. Frowning she continued to make notes and looking at the three files on her desk noted down the names and quickly flicked through the contents of the flies.

Bella peeked up at Mel who was sitting at his desk making calls before she went out to Dorothea. "I um..."Bella began. She felt awkward standing over the woman as she sat at her desk and went and took one of the waiting chairs dragging it over the desk sitting bedside Dorothea. "That's better," she smiled and placed her day book in front of Dorothea. "When I sat in your chair I set up a folder on the company server. May I?" Bella asked her hand hovering over the mouse.

Dorothea scooted her chair back slightly, "Of course Bella."

Bella showed Dorothea how to find the folder and set up a digital daybook within the company's online Sharepoint program. She created not only a calendar but a section for urgent messages and separate sections for each company Bella now managed. She explained that she would be able to access this from anywhere and subtly asked about the greyed out hours of her diary.

Mel said that was training time, Bella," Dorothea said. "I think he has learned his lesson about explaining things perhaps you should ask him when he has a moment." Bella looked at the woman and saw the barely disguised grin and laughed.

"I am truly sorry I was so horrible this morning, honestly I am so happy you are here," Bella squeezed the hand of the older woman and smiled widely.

The woman squeezed her hand back, "Don't be silly I understand how much you have been through this week, I was young and new to the life style once." More quietly she said, "Mel needs some training too when it comes to looking after his own girl, but I will help where I can."

Bella laughed, "I don't think anyone can tell him what to do."

Dorothea smiled, "No but a subtle nudge in the right direction now and then won't hurt."

Impulsively Bella hugged Dorothy and thanked her for her kindness rising and putting the chair back to its original position. Bella walked back to her desk picking up her phone and made sure she could access the page she had just recreated. Gathering up her things as she checked the time she turned to smile at Mel who nodded in her direction and finished his call.


Bella had been woken so early and so much had happened that morning that when she looked at her watch as they exited the bank it was till only ten thirty. Mel ushered her back to the car and helping her inside, he slid in beside her directing John to take them home. He pulled Bella into his arms, kissing her softly and murmuring, "I adore you, my Ellie."

Bella smiled up at him happy to sit in his arms and put aside her concerns over going home rather than back to the company. Instead, she turned in his arms and asked softly, "Why is each day in my day book blocked out between one and three?"

Mel's brow furrowed but just as quickly relaxed as he looked down on her. "I guess I planned too many surprises," he smiled, and it was the first time she had heard even a tinge of uncertainty in his voice. "Those two hours each day are to spend some time with the girls you met last week, Tali, Nyx, Sera, Dusty and Dianne. I thought it would be good for you to build those friendships with girls that I admire and ask questions about their different styles of submissiveness. Have lunch, go shopping or train depending on the girl you are meeting."

Bella was surprised, she thought all her training would be with Mel, it was him that she needed to please and know better, but after last night she also understood that she lacked some skills that he had said she could learn from the other girls. The trust Sera has in her 'Daddy', the shamelessness of Tali, the grace and sensuality of Nyx, Dusty's discipline and strength, Dianne's knowledge and understanding.

Mel watched her expressive face as she thought over what he had told her silently. As always her mind rolled around the words, he smiled, above everything else, she was absolutely obedient, and that is what set her apart. He realised she needed time to think about the demands that he made of her, but in the end she would do as he wished. Unused to having to explain his decisions or motivations he realised the next few weeks would be steep learning curves for both of them. He could not treat her as he did the girls of the club or girls who had been in the lifestyle for a while. He had brought her to his world, now he needed to ensure she remained safe within its darkness.

The car pulled up in front of the building and they got out, Mel's hand wrapping possessively around the nape of her neck. Bella smiled feeling the familiar touch and weight of his hand as they walked to the lift. It was still early, and they rode the lift up to the third floor. As the lift doors opened Mel steered Bella toward the training room. Stopping before the door Bella immediately began to disrobe laying her clothes in a small neat pile before kneeling and waiting expectantly, a thrill running up her spine.

Mel watched her in silence, he had not needed to command or correct her. Bella had done exactly what was expected of her, and he petted her head when she was done, "Good girl." Mel opened the door and followed her slowly as she crawled to her basket. Opening the small chest beside the basket he pulled out her formal collar and enclosed it about her neck above the everyday collar. He leaned down and kissed her passionately murmuring, "Mine."

Leaving the chest open he stepped away gazing at her with a smile playing on his lips, "Finish dressing while I talk with you my sexy little slave."

"Yes Master," Bella replied softly pulling out each item and placing it beside her as he sat in the large comfortable chair beside her basket. Bella breathed in the scent of the soft leather deeply and held the leash between her lips as she began to fumble awkwardly with her wrist cuffs.

Mel adored the girl before him, his cock hardened as he watched her. She was unbelievably sexy but what fed his lust was the power she so willingly gave him over her mind and body, the absolute control of owning another human being. He began to explain his deep need for that total power exchange to her.

"Before you became mine this week," he began, "I would use the girls at the club the way I dominate you. I had favourites who were masochistic and could take the type of treatment I desired, but I never truly wanted to own any of them which is why I never gave my collar to them. Instead they wear a club collar and belong to the members in general. They of course could seek out a Master of their own and give back the club collar at any time."

He let his words sink in as she looked between him, and the cuff was fumbling with. "Several girls begged for the collar you now wear, but I had no interest beyond the sexual domination they offered me. With you, my sweet Ellie, it is different. I want to dominate every aspect of your life, your family, your friends, your work and leisure time, as well as your most intimate moments." He paused as she stopped fumbling with the wrists cuffs for a few moments to listen carefully. "Not only that," he continued, "I want you to be part of my family, my circle of friends, my life and all aspects of it."

"We are two halves of a whole now. You are the yin to my Yang, the light to my Dark, do you understand?" He smiled as she nodded, the leash held between her lips flapping noisily. "I will bring people like Dorothea into an aspect of our world to enhance our lives, never for one moment believe that you are valued any less than my most precious and treasured possession." He leaned out of the chair and stroked her cheek as he spoke. "If I ask you to bring pleasure to another Master or Mistress it is not because I do not want you or don't find you desirable anymore it is because the obedience you show in doing these things brings me great pleasure, as great as when I use you myself because you do it by my command to please me."

Bella had finished placing the cuffs on her ankles and wrists, and had attached the leash to her collar when Mel's hand went up, "There is no need for the hair tie today." He smiled at her and pointed to a spot before his chair. Watching her crawl toward him and bend to kiss his boots, her tongue snaking out over them delicately before kneeling up and sitting back on her heels, he was again amazed by her natural submission. Once a required task was shown or explained she easily followed his wishes the next time she was in the same situation.

Leaning forward he took her chin between his fingers and lifted her face, "I need you to understand fully how much I adore you, want you and need you so that nothing like this morning occurs again." Both Rob and Jack have said they wish to have you for training, to learn their ways of being a Master, should I choose to give you to them for a time, it will not mean that you are not my slave or unwanted," he looked deep into her eyes sensing her confusion as she chewed her lip and thought about his words.

"I want you to explore different kinks and fetishes. I want you to know what is out there and realise that, in your heart, you belong to me and that I can give you all that you need, fulfil your desires and bring you the pain and pleasure you crave. You are not meant for the world of soft sensitive men, and fluffy romance, you were meant for this life, harsh, cruel and demanding though it is. I want you to be able to feel my adoration and pride in owning you, and that I chose you, my precious pet, above all others."

Bella could feel the truth in his words, she had asked herself why he had chosen her so many times in the last few days and she admitted that she was proud that he had pursued her as he had. He made her feel desired and valuable. She knew she did not want to go back to the Jim's of this world with over blown ego's and little else or to the lukewarm sex of his ilk. She wanted the thrill and excitement and rush that came with being used the way her Master used her. She wanted it all, and the 'more' his words promised her. She also knew after this morning that she needed his constant reassurance that she was loved and adored by her Master. She was a baby in his world, naive and needy, and she worried that her constant need for him to show his approval of her may not be to his liking.

Bella straightened her back and finally spoke. "Being here like this at your feet, I know this is what I want," she gestured around the room, "All of it. Everything you will train me for and all that your friends can teach me." Bella lowered her head and spoke softly then, "I am very sorry about this morning, my brain just... just snapped or something." She peeked up at him worriedly before continuing, "I can't guarantee it won't happen again if I become overwhelmed or misunderstand your intentions. You became my world in the last week, and I knew the morning after the party when you were not there how much I needed you to be."

Feeling on safer ground she looked up at him showing the sincerity in her eyes, "I need you and trust you my Master, you have made me your own and I will try very hard to remember what you have said and serve you as an adoring slave should do." Bella took a deep breath and Mel smiled widely down onto her before leaning forward to kiss her again.

"Yes, my precious pet you are mine. It is you that I want, no other," he murmured low in her ear. Straightening he spoke again, "As I said before I took you as my own I had favourites within the club and your collaring has caused some of those women who perhaps thought themselves above others at the club to react badly to the news," he paused as she took in the information. "When we go downstairs to meet Rob I will take you to meet all of the staff and let them see for themselves the amazing girl you are," he stroked her cheek as he saw the self doubt cloud her eyes once more.

"I know I demand a lot of you, but my little slave, but you are perfect to me just as you are, I want to show you proudly to my friends, family, employee's, the world!" Mel considered if what he was asking was too much after this morning, but he had demanded her absolute obedience all week, and she rose to each challenge. He did not want to coddle her. She had shown she could stretch beyond his expectations time after time. If he set his expectations high, she would rise to meet them, he was sure of it.

Bella considered his words and again the nagging feeling that she was not good enough, and that everybody would be able to see she was not her Master's perfect slave. His words of praise made her straighten her back and look up at him, and she asked softly, "What would you have me do, Master? When I meet them, I mean? I am still not fully sure of the protocols except that all Master's are Sir unless they tell me other wise."

Mel laughed easily, "You are a wonder my treasure. All slaves will have collars you can call them by name, some may try to call your sister or sis, do not use this address yourself," he grimaced, "not all girls are sister's in slavery and I wish only one as my own and that is you." He stroked a finger over her lips looking deeply into her eyes, "I will introduce the dominants to you by name. You already know Jake and Stephen."

Picking up her leash he led her to the far corner of the room and stood her up, she looked at the shelves lined with clothing in various materials. Mel picked up a leather strap and wrapped it around her breasts adjusting it, so the narrow width covered her nipples and pressed into the flesh pulling the small rounded tits together before securing it at the back. He stepped back considering her before turning to the shelves again.

Bella watched as Mel selected what looked like a long leather vest and pulled it into place guiding her arms through to sleeveless shoulder straps and adjusting it as it hung. He grinned; she was so tiny the long leather vest would work as an extremely short dress. Pulling at the two bottom edges he joined the zip and started to pull it up slowly seeing it hug her hips and pull in at her waist. He left it only done up half way so that it flared out framing her leather bound tits. His desire to decorate the soft white skin with red welts rose up strongly in him, but he had other plans and looked at his watch.

Unable to help himself, he unzipped the dress and took up a crop. "You are irresistible my Ellie," he pushed the vest from her shoulders with the crop allowing her to shrug it down her arms, "I am afraid you will make us late for our meeting with Rob. Pick up the vest," he indicated the floor behind her.

Bella bent to pick up the garment, squealing as the crop landed on her upturned ass. Folding it neatly she put it on the bench. No sooner had she placed it down than she was jerked back by her leash stumbling and falling to her knees. Stepping in close he took her head and pressed her face to his groin, "You make me so hard." The crop landed again on her ass as he reached over her. Making her gasp and squeal against his fabric covered cock. Her nose brushed against his belt, and she quivered in longing.

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