Owning Sarah


Sarah looked over at her phone as it rang. She didn't really want to stop watching the movie, but she recognized the number, so she paused the movie and answered it.


"Hey, Sarah. It's Max, from the shop. I was wondering what your schedule looked like this week."

Sarah groaned softly and leaned over on the couch. "It's pretty open, Max. What do you need?"

Max sighed into the phone and Sarah could hear the sound of paper rustling in the background. "Looks like a film company fired their hairdresser and the need a replacement as soon as possible. They called me, so I'm calling you. You interested?"

Sarah thought it over for a minute. "Yeah, I'm interested Max. When and where?"

Sarah wrote down the information. She'd have to get up a little early to get there on time, but it was money. She restarted the movie and went back to watching Ali Larter.


Sarah made it to the studio a few minutes early and went to the booth, getting her badge, her black bag of hair care tools over her shoulder. She smiled at the gate guard, said thanks, and walked in, looking for the trailer number that she had written down. She asked a guy carrying a light fixture, and he pointed over to the overly large trailer. She thanked him and walked over and up the steps, knocking on the door.

"Come in," a woman's voice called from inside.

Sarah opened the door and walked in. The trailer looked bigger on the inside, and was decorated brightly. There was the sound of someone moving around inside the bathroom, so Sarah closed the door and waited by the door, looking at the director's chair in front of the large mirror that was surrounded by bright light bulbs. She pulled down the hood on her gray sweatshirt and shook out her red-streaked black hair. She reached down to pull her sweatshirt off and was halfway through when the woman she would be working on came out of the bathroom. When Sarah got her sweatshirt off, she went weak in the knees. Sarah was face-to-face with none other than Lindsay Lohan.

"Hi," Lindsay said with a big smile. "I'm Lindsay. You must be Sarah," the redhead said, sticking out her hand. After a moment, Sarah wiped her sweaty hand on her pants and shook Lindsay's hand.

"Yeah, I'm Sarah," she said, her voice quiet. Her eyes roamed around Lindsay's face and neck, taking in all of the delicious looking skin and the freckles. She bit her bottom lip and then realized Lindsay was looking at her.

"Sarah? Is everything okay? You have a weird look on your face." Lindsay titled her head, obviously concerned.

"Um, yeah. Fine. Sorry," Sarah said, her cheeks turning red. "I wasn't expecting to work on Lindsay Lohan's hair, is all. I'm a big fan," she said, smiling and feeling like a dork.

"Great! Thanks," Lindsay said, taking her hand back. "Should we get started, then?" Sarah nodded and set down her bag, kneeling down to open it as Lindsay sat down in the chair facing the mirror.

"So, what am I doing to you," Sarah asked.

"Anything you want, baby," Lindsay said with a grin. Sarah blushed again and laughed. "Well," Lindsay said. "The script calls for me to be blonde." She looked in the mirror and ran her hands through her thick red hair. She quirked her mouth and then looked at Sarah. "I don't think I want to be blonde again. It didn't look that good on my, since my skin is pale. What do you think?"

Sarah reached up and ran her hands through the red hair, looking it over and thinking about it. "What if we went with a lighter red instead of blonde? It would be close to what the script says, but still would still look cute," she said with a smile.

"Oh, so I'm cute now, am I," Lindsay said with a laugh. Sarah leaned her head down, her face feeling like it was on fire. "Oh, come on," Lindsay said. "I'm kidding. Let's get to work on lightening my hair. I hope the director likes the lighter red."

Sarah nodded, but didn't say anything. She dug into her back and pulled out everything she needed for the process. She took off her watch and set it on the counter in front of Lindsay. Lindsay stopped Sarah from pulling her arm back, and turned it over looking at it.

"Aw, that's such a cute tattoo," Lindsay said, running her finger over the inking of paw prints that had sat underneath Sarah's watch.

"Thanks," Sarah said, the contact between their skins almost electric. "It's a copy of my dog's paw prints from when he was a puppy."

"That's adorable," Lindsay said.

Sarah smiled and then pulled Lindsay's hair back. Slipping on her gloves, Sarah pulled Lindsay's hair back and then got out all of her ingredients. Once she was done, she wrapped Lindsay's hair in a towel to keep it out of the way and to keep the moisturizers on it. Once it was wrapped, Lindsay got up and walked over to one of the three couches in her trailer.

"Sarah, please. Sit down. You've been working on me for a while now," Lindsay said, patting the seat next to her. Sarah smiled and sat down next to Lindsay. "You know, I saw that you had another tattoo on your other wrist. What's that one?"

Sarah blushed a little. "It says 'Hollywood.' It's one of those things to keep you motivated, you know? Keep reaching for your dreams."

"Cool. Do you have any others?"

Sarah nodded and pulled up the right leg of her pants, showing Lindsay the tattoo of 'Fame' in the inside of her ankle. "It's the same thing as the 'Hollywood' one," she said. "It keeps me going, I guess. How about you?"

"I have three," Lindsay said, showing Sarah the 'Breathe' image on the inside of one wrist and a small star on the inside of the other.

"Well, that's two," Sarah said. "Where's the third?"

Lindsay laughed. "I could show you, but I'd have to stick my butt in your face.

"Go ahead," Sarah said with a laugh of her own. "It's not like I haven't seen a butt before."

Lindsay turned a little red and stood up, turning her back to Sarah. She pulled down on the back of her sweat pants slightly, showing Sarah the 'La Bella Vita' tattoo on the back of her right hip, just above her behind. Sarah looked at it, licking her lips. Lindsay turned back around and looked down at Sarah.

The red head smiled shyly. "Sarah, can I ask for a favor?"

"What's that?"

"Well, one of my scenes features an actor who hasn't made it to the shoot yet, but I wanted to get a start on the script. Do you think you could help me read through a little bit?"

"Oh, I don't know," Sarah said, blushing again and wringing her hands together. "I'm not an actor."

"Come on, Sarah. Please? It would really help me out," Lindsay said. Sarah looked into Lindsay's eyes and she felt a little twinge. Not much of one, but it was there. After a few seconds, Sarah nodded. "Great," Lindsay said with a grin, pulling out two copies of the script and handing one to Sarah. "Okay, so I'll be Kate and you can be Bobby. Okay?"

Sarah said yes and they got started. The reading went fairly well, given that Sarah wasn't an actress, she was reading something unfamiliar, and well, she was watching Lindsay's face while she read. It was kind of distracting. After her half hour was up, Sarah took the towel off of Lindsay's still-damp hair and ran her hands through it to make sure the color was even and looked good. Which it did. Because Sarah was that good. Lindsay thought it looked good, giving Sarah a hug before they returned to the script.

"Okay, Sarah. This is my favorite scene so far. This is the scene where Bobby and Kate have a fight. Ready?" Sarah said she was and they stood up and faced each other. "You listen to me, Bobby! I don't want to see you ever again! You hear me? Now get the Hell out of y house," Lindsay said, reading from the script.

"No, Kate. You listen to me," Sarah countered. "I love you and there's nothing you can do about that. You can try to kick me out, but I'm not leaving until you accept that!"

"Hang on," Lindsay said. She exhaled through her nose and quirked up her mouth. "Sorry to say this, Sarah, but you're great at hair, but you're a little too timid for the role of Bobby. Do you mind if we switch parts?"

"No, I guess not," Sarah said. "I just don't know what I'm doing."

Lindsay laughed. "That's okay. You're doing great. Just read Kate's lines and I'll read Bobby's lines. Okay?"

Sarah nodded. "You listen to me, Bobby! I don't want to see you ever again! You hear me? Now get the Hell out of my house!"

"No, Kate. You listen to me," Lindsay countered. "I love you and there's nothing you can do about that. You can try to kick me out, but I'm not leaving until you accept that!"

"Bobby, I'm warning you," Sarah read, kind of getting into the part. "If you don't leave now..."

"Then what? You'll do what," Lindsay said, taking a step toward Sarah. "What will you do, Kate? Huh?" She pushed on Sarah's shoulder. "Are you going to throw me out? Is that what you're going to do?"

"Bobby, get out! Now! I mean it," Sarah said, her voice pleading.

Lindsay tossed down her script and grabbed Sarah by both shoulders. "No," she said softly. "You can't make me."

Before Sarah could look at her next line, Lindsay pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. Sarah's eyes went wide and she froze, Lindsay's arms going around her shoulders. Sarah slowly melted into the kiss, her hands finding their way around Lindsay's waist to the small of her back. The pulled each other closer, their bodies touching and Sarah's knees going week, almost collapsing into Lindsay's arms.

"I love you, Kate," Lindsay said, breaking the kiss.

Sarah froze again, not sure what was happening anymore. She blinked rapidly, warmth spreading throughout her body.

"Line," Lindsay whispered. Sarah shook her head.

"Yeah. Um," she said, reading the script with blinking eyes. "I love you too, Bobby. Don't go. I want you to stay. I want you, Bobby." She looked up at Lindsay and could feel her cheeks on fire from the blush. She watched as Lindsay's mouth turned into a smile.

"And you're no actress," Lindsay said as she released Sarah. "That was great. It's almost like you like girls." There was something in her voice that seemed to say that she was waiting for something.

"Well," Sarah said quietly. "I do, kind of. Sort of."

"So, you're a lesbian, then?" Lindsay was obviously interested.

"I guess," Sarah said, not exactly comfortable with the conversation. "It's hard to explain."

"Don't worry," Lindsay said with a laugh. "It took me a while to figure out which team I was playing for, too." They laughed nervously, neither of them sure how exactly they got to this point in the conversation. Lindsay looked down at the floor, and Sarah could tell that she was trying to get up the nerve to say something. "So, you like girls and you're a hairdresser, right?"

"That sounds about right," Sarah said.

"Well, I think I need some of my hair cut." Lindsay had a small smile on her face.

"But I already colored you hair, Lindsay. The script didn't say anything about it needing to be shorter," Sarah said, a look of confusion on her face.

"Oh, I didn't mean that hair," Lindsay said, pulling Sarah into another kiss. Sarah returned the kiss, whimpering at how soft the lips were against hers and the warmth radiating from Lindsay. She took Sarah's hand and slipped into the waist of her sweat pants, letting Sarah figure her way from there. As Sarah's hand slid further down, her fingers ran across a small patch of pubic hair. "Mmm," Lindsay moaned softly. "That's the hair I meant."

Sarah smiled and used both hands to pull down Lindsay's sweatpants, Lindsay stepping out of them and pulling Sarah back to the couch and spreading her legs. Sarah knelt between Lindsay's shapely thighs and kissed her way up one and down the other.

"I'll be right back," Sarah said. She crawled over to her bag and dragged it back over to where Lindsay sat, her fingers playing against her pussy lips. Sarah watched Lindsay's fingers, fumbling in her bag for what she needed. She pulled out cordless hair trimmers and crawled back in between Lindsay's legs, running one hand up the inside of the creamy thigh.

Lindsay wasn't fully hairy, she had obviously been trying to keep herself trimmed, but hadn't shaved it in a while. Sarah nuzzled against the soft hair with her cheek, Lindsay running her hand through Sarah's streaked hair. Sarah smiled and started her hair trimmers, placing the whirring blades against Lindsay's pale skin, right at the top of her patch of pubic hair. Sarah ran the clippers down through the red hair, Lindsay closing her eyes and moaning every time they passed near her clitoral hood. Lindsay reached out and held Sarah's wrist when the trimmers were against her clit, squirming her ass on the couch, her breathing quickening, her voice rising in whimpers. Sarah rotated the clippers, using the base of the blades to moves Lindsay's clit around. After several minutes of this, with Lindsay twisting her own nipples with both hands, her voice getting higher and higher, Lindsay arched her back and screamed, her grip on Sarah's wrist painful in its strength. Finally, her entire body relaxed and her eyes unfocused, settling on Sarah with a grin. Sarah blushed and lowered her head, not believing that she just gave Lindsay Logan an orgasm.

"Damn," Lindsay said, her chest still heaving. "I haven't had one of those in a while. At least, not one by another girl." Sarah smiled. "Oh," the red head said. "I bet I made a mess. You should clean that up before you finish with my hair."

Sarah grinned and puts her head between Lindsay's thighs, lapping at the juices that glistened on Lindsay's pussy lips, trailing her tongue downward, poking the tip between the folds, all the way down to her anus, each stroke of Sarah's tongue eliciting another gasp from Lindsay. Sarah pushed Lindsay's legs apart and trimmed down the hair on either side of her wet pussy, Sarah fighting not to just dive face first into the warmth that lay in front of her.

"Lindsay," Sarah said quietly. "I need a razor to do the rest."

"Bathroom. Shower," Lindsay said, her fingers still moving around her nipples.

Sarah went to the far end of the trailer, finding a small shower in the bathroom. Inside the shower, she found an unused razor and saving lotion for sensitive skin. She grabbed both and wet down a washcloth with warm water and filled a cup with water, bringing them all back and kneeling between Lindsay's thighs, watching as Lindsay's fingers teased her own slit. Lindsay opened her eyes and smiled, pulling her fingers away from her pussy.

"Sorry," she said, her skin flushed. "I couldn't wait for you to get back."

Sarah mumbled something and wiped Lindsay's skin with the washcloth, Lindsay moaning softly. Sarah squirted some of the lotion onto her fingertips and gently spread it out over the sensitive skin. She pressed the razor to Lindsay's flesh and looked into Lindsay's eyes, whimpering softly as Lindsay bit her bottom lip. Sarah pulled the razor through the short thatch of pubic hair, shaking the razor out in the glass of water and repeating the process until Lindsay's mound and lips were bare, Sarah using the washcloth to wipe Lindsay down. Sarah leaned forward and nuzzles the bare mound, making Lindsay gasp and then smile.

"You look good down there," Lindsay said "Maybe I'll keep you," she said as she ran her hand through Sarah's hair.

Sarah said nothing, but turned her blushing face downward and slowly dragging her tongue along Lindsay's clit, eliciting a gasp, Lindsay's hips coming up off of the couch. Sarah slid a finger into the wet lips, pulling it out and licking it clean, moaning softly. Lindsay groaned and pulled on Sarah's hair, forcing Sarah's mouth back to her clit, Sarah gasping and sucking on the sensitive bud, sliding her fingers back in, finger fucking Lindsay as she sucked and licked. It took almost no time at all for Sarah to be coated in Lindsay's juices, Lindsay biting her lip to keep from crying out. She bucked against Sarah's mouth, letting out a high pitched moan, her body finally relaxing against the couch, her chest rising and falling quickly, licking her dry lips. Sarah smiled and licked her lips and fingers, leaning back from the gorgeous body in front of her. Lindsay reached out and touched Sarah's face, feeling the flush in her cheek. Sarah turned her face into the hand, closing her eyes and sighing softly. Lindsay chuckled and Sarah lowered her head.

"You are so beautiful," Lindsay said, the heat increasing in Sarah's face. "Show me your body, Sarah. I want to see you." Lindsay stood up. Sarah didn't move, unsure of stripping in front of such a beautiful woman. When she didn't comply, Lindsay grabbed Sarah's chin and raised her face. "I told you to stand up and take your clothes off. When I tell you to do something, you do it, do you understand?" Sarah nodded, her eyes still closed. "Good. Now, I'm telling you to stand up and take your clothes off so that I can see your body."

Sarah nodded again and stood up, slowly removing her t-shirt and pushing her pants down over her hips. She had run a little late getting out the door, so she hadn't taken time to put on under things. She stood in front of Lindsay, her head down and her hands clasped in front of her wetness. Lindsay smirked and walked around Sarah, looking her over as if she were a piece of meat. Lindsay traced a finger along Sarah's collarbone, around her shoulder, and down her back to Sarah's ass, digging a single fingernail into the soft flesh there. Lindsay pulled her hand away from Sarah's behind, making Sarah whimper at the loss of touch, only to swing her hand back, smacking it against Sarah's ass, making Sarah yelp but she didn't move. Lindsay dragged her fingertip up Sarah's back to her shoulder and around to her collarbone, trailing her finger to the hollow of Sarah's throat, moving the tip of her finger in slow circles there. Sarah swallowed hard against the finger and Lindsay smirked.

"Touch yourself, Sarah. I want to watch you play," Lindsay said, leading her to the couch, turning her around and sitting her down. Sarah sat there, unsure of exposing herself anymore. Lindsay growled and pushed Sarah back by the shoulder, forcing herself between Sarah's thighs. "If you won't do it, then I will," Lindsay said, all by ramming two fingers into Sarah's pussy. Sarah cried out and arched her back, trying to take the fingers deeper.

"Oh, you're a wet, dirty girl, aren't you? I bet you've wanted this as soon as you walked in here, haven't you," Lindsay asked, Sarah unable to respond. Lindsay shifted, straddling Sarah's thighs, her fingers never losing contact with Sarah's pussy. She worked her two fingers inside, rubbing them against Sarah's spot. She lowered her head and kissed Sarah hard on the mouth, Sarah's tongue twisting around Lindsay's, Sarah's moans loud in Lindsay's mouth. Sarah's hands gripped the couch cushions, her body moving against Lindsay's hand, Lindsay's free hand going to Sarah's hair and bunching it up in her fist.

Sarah's body jerked and shuddered, her mind trying to take in what was happening: one of the most beautiful women in the word was sitting on her lap, two fingers buried in Sarah's dripping pussy, Lindsay's fingers rubbing her clit as she finger fucked Sarah.

"Give me your body, Sarah. Cum for me. Now," Lindsay commanded, her breasts and Sarah's rubbing, two sets of hard nipples rubbing against each other. Sarah held her breath, her body following Lindsay's order and shaking against the couch, Lindsay whispering into Sarah's ear as Sarah rode out her orgasm on Lindsay's fingers. Lindsay placed her mouth back on Sarah's their tongues touching each other's. Lindsay smiled into the kiss and then pulled away, climbing off of Sarah's thighs. Sarah smiled and pulled herself onto the couch and curled up sleepily. "Oh, no," Lindsay said, a big smile on her face. "We're not done yet." Sarah blinked. "Turn over," she said. Sarah laid out o the couch, turning onto her stomach, her arms curling under her chest. "Oh! You have two more tattoos! An angel's wing and a devil's wing. You must be heavenly and naughty at the same time," Lindsay said, Sarah smiling and blushing. She leaned over Sarah and touched the tip of her tongue to the outline of the angel's wing on Sarah's back, tracing the pattern with her tongue, making Sarah shiver. Lindsay moved her tongue to the devil's wing and did the same, but more slowly, Sarah whimpering softly underneath her.

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