tagBDSMOwning Serenity

Owning Serenity


This is the first in what will be series of stories about the times my Master and i spend together.

After speaking online by webcam and over the phone for about 3 years, everything finally fell into place where W/we could meet, not long after a rather long string of serious tragedies in my life. That should explain a couple of things...read on...

her hands shook as she flipped on her blinker and took the last turn into the Stone Creek Park; her lips mouthed the words as she read it silently.

A park, a public place, this is public enough, she thought to herself, calming the butterflies in her stomach. Taking the last two turns she saw His red truck waiting for her, just where He'd promised He'd be.

She parked a few spaces away and He rounded His truck as she pulled the keys out, locking the doors. Without a word He wrapped her into His arms and held her. Tears burned behind her eyes and she began to pull away but He only allowed that long enough to walk T/them both to a nearby picnic table where He pulled her onto His lap, and close to His chest.

Tears streamed her cheeks and her body shuddered as He held her close, cooing softly to her.

After letting her weep for awhile He took her for a walk, just talking about random things, then returned T/them to His truck.

As T/they talked He pulled a rope from behind her seat and answered her questioning look,

"I use this rope on my canoe..."

That was as far as she heard because as He spoke He began wrapping it around one wrist and knotting it, then the other, knotting it just the same, then pulling her wrists firmly together, he swiftly secured both of her wrists in an effortless series of knots.

The second she was securely bound her mind began to drift. her body was set at peace and He noticed this, and He began to question her,

"Where are you?"

"With You." she answered, barely above a whisper.

"Who do you belong to? Whose girl are you?"

To both she answered,"im Yours."

Folding up the armrest dividing T/them, He pulled her onto His lap, running His hands over her body, frustrated over the layers of clothing barricading His hands from her flesh.

Running His hand through her hair, He gripped, pulling her head back, finally possessing her mouth. She sighed deeply as His tongue probed and tasted all of her warmth.

Licking the roof of her mouth, He caused her to react by softly sucking on His tongue. she smiled inwardly when that simple reaction elicited a gasp from Him.

All too soon, He pulled away, leaving her gasping for more of Him. Her whimper was rewarded when He unbuttoned her shirt and His hand found its way under the fabric, and the bra beneath it, to the feverish flesh practically trembled for His touch.

She squirmed as she felt His hand take hold of her nipple. Grinding her hips against His she moaned softly and He took possession of her mouth again, making it so much more intense as he pinched and twisted her aching nipple.

Finally He allowed her to move back to her seat, across from Him. She sat panting, taken aback by the intense feelings wracking her brain.

Then He gripped her knee, pulling it towards Him, spreading her legs wide. Immediately He began stroking her pussy through her pants, making her drop her hips, throw her head back and moan softly. It wasn't long before she was panting with desire, feeling the urge to orgasm build deep in her belly.

"Give it me, serenity. It's Mine, they are all Mine. No matter when or where. Yes, give it to Me." Her panting reformed to moans as He coaxed her closer to climax.

Finally, she exploded and rewarded Him with what He'd called so many times," the song of her orgasm." Looking over as she her body convulsed beneath His hand, the look in His eyes sent her over the edge again!

But He didn't stop, pressing more firmly He continued His ministrations, feeling the heat and moisture of her sweet pussy seeping through her pants as her body relented in orgasm.

Reaching over he pulled her top down exposing her creamy white breast and immediately covered it with His mouth, biting down against her tender nipple and sucking.

Harder and harder He sucked until she cried out in yet another orgasm, arching her back in response to his assault on her senses.

Pulling her body closer, He attended to the other nipple, achieving the same result, leaving her to sink back into the seat, shaking and babbling softly to herself.

Wearily she turned to Him and smiled, babbling words she couldn't seem to convert to English.

He smiled,

" Use your words, hon."

She smiled even broader,


Leaning back in the seat, her eyes began to drift closed and although she fought it, sleep threatened to pull her conscious under.

Stroking her face, He spoke," Drift awhile serenity, its alright." Forcing her exhausted body to sit up she shook herself awake,

"If I do, I'm sure to fall asleep." Kissing her tenderly, He asked,

"And that would be a bad thing, how?" She just smiled,

" I guess it wouldn't but I have to go soon." Untying the rope from around her wrist, He walked around the truck to her side opening the door and helping her stand.

" Turn around."

Without question she obeyed. He pushed against her back,

"Lean over."

She did and rather quickly He pulled her pants down to expose a creamy pale butt cheek and bit down, hard. She cried out and he chuckled,

"You have a bite on your butt."

Giggling she stretched,"so I do."

As she pulled her arms above her head, her shirt rose, exposed a flat stomach and the beginnings of a faint happy trail, as her pants were a couple sizes too big and rode rather low on her hips. Hungrily, He spoke,

"Do that again."

She did and just a quickly as He'd moved before he swooped in, slipping His large hand down the front of her pants, immediately seeking out her moist pussy.

As He began to stroke her clit, much faster now, she almost fell and clung to His arm for support, moaning as again, for the countless time that afternoon, her little pussy exploded.

After pulling His hand away, He held her for awhile, feeling her breathe. "Mmmmmm" she heard Him sigh and looking up, she noticed Him pulling His fingers from His mouth. she blushed when she realized that His moan was in reaction to tasting her juices on His fingers.

Pulling away, He smiled again," You look like a girl who has just had sex."

Smiling, she kissed him sweetly,"so i do."

And with that He walked her to her car, seeing her safely inside He grinned inwardly at the look in her eyes as smiling, she drove away.

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