tagSci-Fi & FantasyOyasi: Aiko of the Ainu People

Oyasi: Aiko of the Ainu People


The little plastic doll had a round head. The face was two black dots for eyes, two pink dots for cheeks, and a wide black arc in the middle for a smile. Her hair was black and covered have the head. A red bow and a branch with yellow flowers accessorized the hair. The doll wore a kimono colored by bright red, orange, and yellow bands. Her cue flip flops on the feet rounded out the doll. She was hanging by a string from a pen. The pen had "atashi no dorimu no sekai" written on it -- "my dreamland."

The pen was writing on a thank you card with traditional Japanese line drawing. A dragon looked back. He had skin, hair, or wings flying in long banners in the wind. A tree stood over him. The landscape's rocks near and hills distant balanced the motif. The pen wrote much gratitude to a grand mother for all her letters and gifts, while Aiko had gone to high school in Tokyo.

Her academic cap, the mortarboard, lay next to her on the little fold out table. The tassel neatly lay across the top with the last bit hanging down. The end of the tassel swung like a pendulum with each bump on the tracks of the railroad. The landscape blurred outside the window. The Shinkansen high speed train was going at over 200 mph. The business men and women in the compartment were on their way home. Aiko was on her way to celebrate her belated 18th birthday with her grand parents.

Her grand parents lived in Hokkaido, the large Northern island of Japan. They lived in a little remote village with the other remaining Ainu people. Most Ainu people had been killed by sword or starved by poverty. The current approach by the government was dilution of culture by consistent interbreeding. The village kept its ethnic origin secret from travel books and government census. The only hint of Ainu people in the village was a traditional reed hut in the center. It was still there as the taxi with Aiko drove a circle around it.

Grandma rushed to Aiko stepping out of the car. The large bosom, belly, and overfloating clothes of grandma wrapped around Aiko. The congregation of a slow stepping grand pa, little nephews, nieces, and dogs followed. "Look at you," said grand ma and stepped back. Aiko was wearing a knee high white summer dress with shoulder straps. Her breasts were covered by two white triangles attached to the shoulder straps. The edges of her tender young boobs peeked out among the edges of the triangles. Her hair was black and long. She still had cute and stubby knees. Her feet stood on white high heels.

Aiko took a deep breath to feel the fresh forest air from the forest surrounding the village. She listened to the familiar noises of her childhood: Dogs running around, kids making their play sounds, relatives clicking kitchen utensils and pots, and the wind whistling through the trees. The smell of forest dirt was fresh. The smell roasted wolf flesh reminded her nose about the traditional foods.

She handed her grand mother a neatly gift wrapped present with the dragon card. The wrapping paper had neat creases all around. The end of the paper was folded under to hide the uneven cut. Not a single clear tape was visible, because the double tape had been placed under the wrapping paper. Aiko bowed deeply. Her grand mother bowed deeply. Then, they laughed at the old tradition. The present was an artisan made calligraphy set with brush, ink stone, ink stick, calligraphy pad, and water bottle.

The house was simple, poor, and full of love. The contrast was the high tech toilet that a rich uncle had insisted on installing. He had threatened that he would never visit my grand parents, if he could not receive comfort in a civilized manner. That thing stood in front of her. The long journey had built up a solid need to relief herself. That thing looked like a mushroom. It had a round stem at the bottom. The top was a big bulge with the extensions spreading horizontally. It was even carefully painted to look like a mushroom. There was no gap anywhere to open the thing.

Aiko stepped closer. The thing opened by itself. Pleasant singing of whales came out of the toilet. The whales sounded like sonar pinging, like a dog whining, like a squeegee pulling over a windshield, like a teacher blowing his nose. So, she sat on top of those otherworldly noises with her naked butt. Her vagina smelled strange. It smelled funny like the salty ocean and her mother's perfume. The smell became so strong that it clearly was not her vagina. The toilet was deodorizing.

So, she sat there with her white panties around her ankles. They were white and tied with strings at the side. Her little toes were cute, moist, and knobby, as they were pressed forward in her white high heels with the cork soles. Her elbows rested on her knees. Her cheeks rested on her hands. The bottom of her dress was pressed between her hands and cheeks to raise it up. Her gaze looked around the room and toiletry bottles of her grand ma. Her naked hips rested over the whale song waiting for a movement.

The tugging feeling started in her rectum. She started breathing deeply to help the fecal matter move along. She felt it slowly moving. Then, the anal sphincter stretched. It stretched far for the big lump that had collected during the whole day's voyage. The stretch felt so good and pleasurable. The brick fell into the water. Water sprayed back up at her perineum. She hated the idea of fecal water touching her privates. Yet, the pulsing at her urethra announced the imminent pee. The pee gushed forward with a slide shudder of her body. Tingling enveloped her body from the toes to the hair roots on her head.

There was no toilet paper to be found around her. The control panel for the toilet had a spray button. She had read in the magazines that toilets like these had a water jet. The stream of water hitting her vulva startled her. She jumped half up, remembering to control herself to avoid watering the whole bathroom. She pushed her bottoms down against the stream. She felt the warm pleasure of the millions of nerve endings around her anus, as the warm stream cleaned her. She pressed the pulse button on the control panel. The pulse would send three flashes of water at her anus. The fourth flash was thrice as firm. It was so firm that the water entered her rectum. Then, it paused as the water flowed out of her. The cycle repeated. She felt the heat in her cheeks, each time the fourth pulse sent water inside of her.

She pressed the soap button. The toilet under her hissed and sprayed super hot soap suds in a wide spray for a second. Her behind burned like on coals. A cold spray with ice water followed to rinse of the soap. Her nipples firmed at the coldness and her sensitive underside started feeling numb in the ice water. She had enough and pressed on the fan drying button. The water stopped. A gentle warm air enveloped her whole behind. The air caressed up her back and up in between her thighs. She relaxed into the soothing wind. Her butt was drying. Her vagina was drying. Actually, her vagina started feeling sensitive and slightly painful from being heated too much. The feeling was kind of pleasurable and turned her on a bit. She let her pussy become hot, painful, and throbbingly erotic.

She finally pressed the moisturizer button. A fine spray of aerosol white moisturizer landed on her behind, anus, and vagina. The millions of tiny moisturizer bubbles were deliciously cool. She rubbed the white film into her skin. When her hand touched her clitoris, it felt so good that she kept moving more moisturizer into her slit. Her hand moved up and down inside of her labia. When she reached the point, where simple pleasure and the need to orgasm meet, she switched to putting her fingers flat on her clitoris. She circled swiftly. "Just like teenage times," ran through her head, when she quickly came. She considered leaving her panties off, as she felt free and happy.

Dinner was waiting on Aiko. The whole family was already sitting on the floor mats. Her little city nephew wanted to know from her: "Is that really wolf? Like a big bad wolf?" Her niece from the village wanted to know, if she had gotten her the tokidoki stickers form the city. Her grand mother told her that her father should return from Tokyo to live with her mother. They were divorced long ago, a fact that didn't seem to exist in grand mothers world.

When grand father started talking about the kamui, everyone became quiet. The kamui are the spirits inside of people, animals, plants, and rocks. They are what animates them. Grand father said that he had spoken with the wolf kamui, before he was killed. The wolf kamui had told him about a wolf romance. Last spring, the wolf had met the most beautiful wolverine right near the large canyon. They had instantly fallen in love. However, her last lover was jealous. So, a big fight ensued. It lasted for three days. On the third day, they were starved and thirsty. The wolf finally threw the other wolf down a steep slope. The kids in the audience were excited. They mindlessly squeezed their little toes. Sadly, the romance lasted only as long as spring. A car hit the wolverine. The wolf had since lived in sadness yearning to be re-united. That's when the wolf offered his body to grand father, so that his kamui could be free to search for his heavenly wolverine kamui. The mountain spirit guided the wolf kamui to find the wolverine on the peak of a Daisetszuan volcano. Grand pa would not tell them which volcano exactly, because he knew the kids to be mischievous. They giggled loud and proud about themselves.

The next day, two vans were packed with family and other village people. The little niece was proud to sit on the front bench of the van. She was squeezed in between grandma and grandpa. They were glad to have freed up a seat in the back that way. An uncle sat there with his hiking head, a glad smile on the face, and both hands on his hiking stick in front of him. The little nephew was sitting next to him. He was unzipping the uncles zippers in pure amazement how many pockets the uncle's hiking jacket contained. The aunt next to Aiko was holding a large bowl of salad covered with plastic wrap on her lap. A tonkori was in Aiko's lap. She plugged the strings of the tonkori. Upon hearing the sound, grandpa started singing about the bear deity. The rest of the van started humming along.

Once the two van caravan turned onto a dirt road into the heart of Daisetsuzan national park, the van started shaking. The belongings on their laps jumped up every once in a while. Grandma was startled by a tree branch smacking her side of the windshield. Grandpa loved in joy about his driving, as the tires were half spinning and gliding through the wet muddy soil. The aunt called out to the deity of the ocean.

The destination was close. The grassy clearing was wonderfully inviting in the warm summer sun. The entire extended family sat in a large circle. Grandpa sent the underage girls to bring wildflowers. The smallest girls were the proudest to be given such an important task. With gleaming faces, they ran off on their little legs. A watchful eye was sent by the mothers. The eyes were cautious that they may trip over a log, rock, or plainly the uneven ground. The niece returned to Aiku to place a daisy flower into her outreached palms. The daisy flower lay across both palms. The niece kept a red clover for herself.

Thus, the family was sitting in a circle with flowers raised like an offering to the circle. Aiku felt the playfulness and joy of the plant kamui in her hand. She started humming in high short pitches to give the daisy kamui sound. Her niece next to her was mumbling 'hm -- bum -- bum' to express the clover kamui. Grandma had the same melodic notes that she had for all plants. A gentle breeze ruffled the quietly sitting extended families clothes and hair. Grandpa announced that the spirits had thanked them.

He sent the underage boys to collect lady bugs. The exuberance of the boys quickly started a competition for the most lady bugs. Moments later, the nephew stood in front of Aiku with a gleaming face. He carefully put one finger in the way of a lady bug running on his forearm. Then, he placed the lady bug into Aiko's hand. He was eager to repeat the process with the many lady bugs that were running over his arms, legs, shirt, and everywhere. Aiko smilingly stopped him.

The little ladybug ran over her hand. It tingled a little bit, not enough to tickle, yet enough to feel enlivened. The ladybug ran up on her finger. He fluttered his red wings with the black dots to expose the black wings underneath. He closed them again. The second time, he flew off. Aiko jumped up. She started running after him. He flew high into the air. He turned around. Aiko jumped up to him. She skipped past her grandpa, who was following his own ladybug. The Ainu people were dancing with the ladybugs in the clearing. Aiko's ladybug landed in the grass. She lay down on her stomach to keep watching him. Her niece snuggled up to her from the side. She asked, if she could watch hers, because her own had disappeared. Thus, they lay side by side watching the ladybug climb one grass stalk after the next.

The men and the women separated. Grandma held both of Aiko's hands. She explained to her that the time had come for Aiko's rite of passage. She needed to walk into the forest, meet the spirits, and return. She was to walk barehanded without any tool, so that she would have to proof her communion with nature to live. Aiko nervously asked, if the men were clearly out of sight. After grandma assured her, she took off her shoes. As she unclipped them, the niece asked, if she could hold them for her. She pulled her dress over her head. She handed her bra and panties to her grandma.

Stark naked, her right forearm covered both her breast. Her left arm was swinging hard as her feet ran across the grass. The grass had been soft on her soles. At the edge of the clearing, the sticks, stones, and branches poked her soles. She walked. Her naked butt was waddling left-right, as she disappeared into the forest from her family. She dropped her right arm. The feeling of nudity felt free. She felt the soft air moving on her butt and vagina, two places that were always covered by firm panties. It made her happy and she started humming a song.

She came up to a tree that felt special to her. She leaned her chest against the tree. Some of the bark crumpled on her nipples. Her nipples felt the rough and grooved bark of the tree. Her belly was breathing against the log. Her arms wrapped around the tree. Her nose touched the bark. She could smell the deep vanilla-pineapple flavor of the tree. Her backside was naked with her black hair falling down on it. The tree kamui told her to seek a dip to her left.

She wiped the bark crumbs of her breast and belly, as she walked to the left. The tall tree logs were high. The canopy above her head was thick. Yet, beneath the canopy, the air felt free for her to run every which way she wanted. Soon enough, a dip and creek appeared. Next to the creek a patch of yomogi appeared. She collected the soft leaves of the plant. Close by was a kusamaki tree with red berries. She collected those as well. She put both on a flag creek rock. Using a round fist sized creek rock, she smashed and mashed the yomogi leaves and kusamaki berries together. The yomogi leaves quickly gave green sap to the rock and painted it green. The kusamaki berries let go of their read sap. Once mashed into a singular ball, she started chewing and sucking on it.

Her first hallucination was a volleyball dropping out of nowhere onto the ground in front of her. The volleyball dropped away into thin air. She turned around herself and looked carefully at the pink elephant. The pink elephant cautiously looked out from behind a tree with his tusk. He blew his tusk into the air. Yellow sparkles came out of it. Aiko looked around. There were yellow sparkles everywhere. The golden sparkles were so beautiful that they mesmerized Aiko. Aiko wanted to touch them. She walked towards them. Yet, they would always disappear before she could touch them. She went after the most beautiful golden sparkles that she could see. She followed one swarm of sparkles and then the next. It was so pleasurable to reach for the joy in the air. Her body started turning blue like a smurf.

Her senses jolted back to her two, three, or four hours later. She could not tell the passage of time. Yet, she could tell that she must have climbed far up the mountain. Snow surrounded her. Her naked feet were stepping over the ankle deep into snow. Her body was sweat covered and shaking violently from the cold. The trees up here had not yet sprouted their foliage, because they were apparently in a shaded cold pocket of the mountain. Aiko felt her life being in danger of dying within hours in the cold. Her hands were blue and painfully cold. Tears started running down her face. She walked on. Every step was putting her feet into another cutting cold blanket of snow. She wanted to fall down and give up, yet the idea of touching her body to the snow kept her standing up.

Not too far, she could see the steam of a natural onsen, hot spring. The onsen was already occupied by a band of nihonzaru, snow monkeys. Their brown-gray fur was covered with white snow and ice. Their paws were hanging over the edge of the rock pool. Their near human faces watched her coming closer. Their faces were deep red from the cold air.

Aiko reached the safety of the hot water. Her shaking lasted for a long time. Yet in due time, each jostle ran out in the pleasure of warm water relaxing her body. As toasty and cozy as her situation was in the hot water, she was in grave danger. Being naked and wet made her a prisoner of the hot spring surrounded by snow. The nihonzaru make keep a scared distance for now. Yet, monkeys were known to be thieves and daredevils. She lay there on her back. She had found the perfect smooth rock for her naked butt with a stone that let her recline to look up at the sky. The sky had been bright blue on her arrival. She could see white little thingies swirling in the air, probably an illusion or defect of her eye. The blue had turned saturated and dark until it was black. One star had appeared, then two, three, four, and many. She gave up counting once more than a hundred stars had appeared. She released the pee in her bladder into the hot water.

The onsen stirred. An old man appeared. His hair and beard were gray and long. He had a twisted and thick root as a stick. Aiko froze in surprise. A strange man with her naked was bad. Another human being in her dire situation was good. The strange man was wearing rags. Wherever his skin was visible, it was hard, scaled, and had many age dots.

"Aiko, I have waited for you. I am onsen oyasi." "No, oyasi are evil deities." "Oh, oyasi are misunderstood. Yes, we are powerful. Yet, you must not run little girl." "I need to find a way back to my family." "No, you must stay with me for your rite of passage. I am the oyasi that is prophesized to instruct you." "Dear, kind, friendly, and powerful onsen oyasi, please show me the way home." "Aiko, polite little girl, would you like to eat something? Maybe, with food in your stomach, you think more of my valuable lessons."

Onsen oyasi searched the beneath the snow outside the water. He found a large leave left from fall. He held it up in front of Aiko's face. The breath of onsen oyasi smelled like an old dying man. His finger nails dented the leaf. They left a mark on the leaf. The mark looked like a banana. He marked a bowl of rice on the next leave. He laughed to himself and marked a chocolate bar on the next. He wrapped each leave inside of its own snowball. Then, he threw the first snowball at the head of a monkey. The monkey was dazed for a second and then jumped in a circle. His tiny hands fingered the leaf out of the water. With an intelligent look in his face, he studied the leaf and ran away.

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