Oyasi: Tryst by the Creek


In response, Tamiko painted the game board over her pubic bone. Tamiko played a deliberate game to force Mackeda to circle her inner thighs. Mackeda circled the inner thigh with cautious avoidance to get too close to Tamiko's vaginal lips, which hung open in the air. However, the last move forced Mackeda to circle Tamiko's clitoris. To complete the circle, Mackeda's fingers had to cross Tamiko's vaginal lips. Mackeda's head was heated by the game. She took on the challenge. Tamiko smiled at her victory and second lost game.

With polite gestures, the foreign women asked Mackeda to roll on her stomach. They used the empty skin space on her back to play games. Mackeda silently listened to the short strokes on her back. She anticipated the touches. She read with fingers were Bethany's and which Tamiko's. Her eyes were clothed. She enjoyed the sensual stimulation of being probed, while listening to the reed. The reed ruffled with the soft breeze of the afternoon.

At first, she attentively observed the fingers moving lower on her butt. Mackeda marked the touch as part of squeezing the last free space out of her skin to play. She ruefully anticipated the games on her back soon ending. When Bethany's fingers touched her sex for the first time, she was startled, because she had not realized how close the game had gotten to her sex.

She tried to stay calm and be a good sport like Tamiko had modeled for her. However, she felt the fingers no longer playing the game and instead stroking her sex lengthwise. Equally amazed, she realized that her outer sex had dried in the air, yet the fingers that plunged between her vaginal lips had uncovered a deeply moist cave. Mackeda turned her head around to face them with an admonishing look.

Bethany and Tamiko froze with a you-caught-me-with-my-hands-in-the-cookie-jar look. Their faces were a bit paler, the lips were puckered down, and the eyes rolled around trying to escape. They got up silently and walked to the other side of the pool.

Mackeda tended to her drying laundry. She could not help to steal glances across the pool. Tamiko's eyes were bulging downwards to see Bethany's caresses of her belly. Mackeda focused back on the orange-red checkered shorts of her older son in front of her. Mackeda glanced over again. Tamiko had broken off a branch with tiny leaves that she caressed Bethany with. Mackeda's eyes went down on her blue t-shirt on the rock. Another glance revealed Tamiko giggling cheerfully at Bethany's tongue in her ear.

The clothes would take a few more hours to dry. Mackeda would go back to her hut to tend to other chores. However, before she went, she wanted to get one, only one, kiss from Bethany. Mackeda had felt silently jealous of the girl's affection and frolicking.

The walk around the pool was Mackeda's longest walk. Her eyes glanced down at the red-brown soil and the pebbles embedded. She did not want to seem too eager by starring at them. Her heart was fluttering with anticipation of Bethany's soft and delicious tongue. She felt like an outcast. The worry of getting rejected heightened her senses even more.

Mackeda's hand rolled in a circular motion and pointed to the village. She hoped that the foreign girls would understand that she was headed back. Mackeda took a deep inhale. Pin pricks tingled her belly, when she leaned forward kiss Bethany on the lips. The lips felt warm and soft. When Bethany's tongue responded, all her belly tingles and heart flutters melted into a warm golden feeling. From being bent over, her hips sunk down to the ground.

Bethany's mouth tasted so clear and delicious like the best beverage that Mackeda had ever tasted. She gulped the sensations of every tongue kiss, saliva taste, and lips pressing down into her being. Warm bodies touched each other to ease into the kiss. Boobs touched boobs.

"Only one kiss and only one more moment of that," told Mackeda herself. And, then she went for another moment, because the last moment had tasted so good. Tamiko began walking soft kisses across Mackeda's shoulders and back. Mackeda tried to pull away and came back for another meeting of tongues.

Hands caressed Mackeda's body. Tamiko's hands gently massaged her boobs. She was wedged between Bethany and Tamiko. She could no longer get up physically and emotionally.

Tamiko's hand reached beneath Makeda's sex. The short stubby fingers gently explored Mackeda's sex. They rubbed little circles on the mucous tissue between her clitoris and entrance. Tamiko's kisses on Makeda's neck turned wet, dripping, and sucking. Makeda admitted to herself that she had gone beyond the point of no return.

Bethany laid Mackeda on her back, so that Tamiko could eat Mackeda's pussy. Bethany had realized that Mackeda felt more comfortable with her mature personality. So, Bethany occupied Mackeda's mouth and attention, while Tamiko turned up the sexual thermometer with kisses, sucking, licking, pinching, finger rubbing, and finger penetrating.

The first orgasm rolled through Mackeda's body. Mackeda sucked harder on Bethany's tongue. Mackeda's body writhed with intense emotion. Macheda's free hand rested in Tamiko's hair to connect with Tamiko. Peaceful images of the reed and pool around her peaked into Makeda's consciousness.

Tamiko turned her body to scissor Mackeda, pussy-against-pussy. They rubbed each other's pussies against each other. The most emphasis was placed on pressing their pubic bones against each other. Their vaginal juices mixed to make one big mess.

Mackeda experienced Tamiko's orgasm oddly. Tamiko pressed her vaginal opening against Mackeda's pussy. The vaginal opening felt like a simple mouth -- opening and clothing. Little pussy farts squeaked. Tamiko's pussy seemed to gently suck Mackeda's pussy dry. It was odd.

"Hors d'œuvre," whispered Bethany sternly. "Hors d'œuvre," smiled Tamiko back with a giggle. Mackeda didn't understand their language. However, she assumed that "hors d'œuvre" must have been a cozy name that they had given her.

Tamiko's tongue returned to Mackeda's vagina. Oh, Mackeda had missed that small, precise tongue inside of her so badly. Tamiko's little piggy nostril pressed on Mackeda's clitoris for dual stimulation. Mackeda's pussy quickly got soaking wet again.

Tamiko pushed two fingers into Mackeda's pussy. The fingers searched for Mackeda's g-spot, the soft squishy quarter sized spot. The two fingers caressed the g-spot with alternating come-here-motions. Mackeda did not feel very stimulated that way. She begged for Tamiko to eat her again. Tamiko acquiesced and began licking the clitoris. However she kept her two fingers playing the same low-stimulation game.

Quite a while later, Mackeda noticed that her g-spot had hardened into little bubbles that Tamiko was quickly flicking her fingers again. The urge to pee became very strong. Bethany noticed. Bethany told Mackeda to relax and pressed down on Mackeda's belly.

Liquid spurted out of Mackeda. Mackeda erupted into one of her most intense orgasms. She was too overwhelmed to breathe. Her mouth gaped open uncontrollably. Panting squeals and grunting hums escaped her. Her vision lost her into colorful shapes shooting around.

The liquid spurt made a short arc. Tamiko's mouth went after it like a predator chasing its prey. Bethany looked on with gleeful excitement and jealousy.

Mackeda had her first ejaculation.

The ménage à trois continued. Mackeda's memory, thoughts, and self control blurred into the memory of an unforgettable feeling. Bethany and Tamiko left her lying under the white light of the rising moon at the edge of the idyllic pool in the reed oasis.

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