Oyster Creek Ch. 04


"Oh, fuck..." she moaned, shutting her eyes and dropping her hands to the bedsheets, gripping handfuls of the hotel linen as her lower back slightly arched.

He devoured her hungrily, lapping at her pussy, enjoying the way her juices glistened on her lips. She moaned, her knuckles fading white as she tightly grasped the sheets, her head faintly twisting from side to side. She was so close.

"Oh God!" she cried out suddenly, her orgasm exploding in her core. Her limbs twitched, her thighs tightening on Daniel's head, and he continued to hungrily run his tongue over her folds as she came. Her eyes rolled back, a sobbing moan ripped from her lungs by the wonderful climax.

After a short while her muscles stopped quivering and she relaxed, a breathless grin spreading across her face. She lifted her head, and Daniel climbed slowly up the bed.

"I've been waiting for that," she sighed, wrapping one hand around the back of his neck and pulling him close. He complied, allowing her to crush their lips together, and they kissed passionately. Putting his weight on his right hand, he ran his left across her naked body, enjoying the feeling of her hot, soft skin beneath his fingertips.

Suddenly, her hands dropped, and she rubbed his groin through his jeans. "I think you should take these off." Her voice dropped to a sultry murmur. "I want you to fuck me, Dan."

He agreed with her sentiment, and wrenched off his jeans then his socks, carelessly tossing them beside the bed. His boxers soon followed, and as he slid them over his ankles Jenny's left hand was already pumping on his shaft. He groaned, staring at her lustfully, and she giggled innocently.


He growled at her, grasping her arm and pinning her back as he rolled on top of her. She laughed up at him, but before she could speak he had driven his tongue into her mouth, pressing his naked body feverishly against hers.

Eventually he pulled away, reaching down and grabbing his cock, shifting upwards so that its head brushed her folds. He looked down at the beautiful woman. "Ready?"

She didn't answer with words; she merely wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him towards her. He sank inwards at the pressure, her wonderful pussy taking every inch of him inside, hugging his length tightly.

Twin moans filled the air at the feeling, and Daniel grinned down at Jenny, her lustful expression no doubt a mirror of his. He did not rest inside her long; almost instantly his hips were moving, his cock sliding in and out of her hot snatch.

"Oh fuck, Jenny," he sighed, the feeling exquisite. She hugged him tighter at his words, a soft moan leaving her lips at the sensation of their sex.

Their naked bodies pressed tightly together as he picked up his pace, his member moving more vigorously in the brunette. He dropped himself onto his elbows, one resting by her chest for support while the fingers of the other ran through her straight, brown hair. It was not long, but it still splayed wonderfully over the pillow.

Her hazel eyes glimmered with pleasure as she moaned up at him, her own arms wrapping around his back to join her legs. She hugged him tightly to her, and he pushed inwards as far as he could go, allowing himself to stay there a moment before resuming his former pace.

"Fuck me, Dan," she groaned, and he obeyed, thrusting passionately into the stunning girl. The bed rocked with the force of their sex, and her large breasts pressed wonderfully against his bare chest. Their naked bodies intertwined, he leaned down to kiss her, their tongues once more duelling as the pleasure in their bodies grew.

At last Daniel pulled away to groan out, his balls beginning to tighten. He knew he could not last much longer, and he looked down at his lover with his mouth hanging open in pleasure. She wore a wicked grin, her own skin flushed, and he could tell from the tightening of her muscles that she, too, was close.

"I'm going to... come..." she panted, her limbs still firmly wrapped around him. "Are you?"

Daniel grunted in assent, and her grin broadened, her eyes fluttering shut.

"Then I want you to come in me, Dan."

He did not need to be told twice, and instantly his hips were a near-blur, his pelvis thumping against hers. The noisy slapping of their flesh competed with their suddenly much louder moans in the hotel room, and Daniel cried out as he felt his cock beginning to spasm.

"I'm going to come, Jenny!"

"Do it! Come in me!"

He grit his jaw as the moment arrived. "Ah!"

His member twitched as his orgasm hit, his cum spurting forth. He shuddered with each orgasmic pulse, his cream erupting into the gorgeous American, and Daniel struggled to hold himself upright as pleasure overcame him.

Jenny's eyes opened wide, her climax following mere seconds later. She seized him, pulling him as tight to her as she could manage, an orgasmic shriek torn from her lungs.

"FUUCCK!" she screamed, her body pulsating with the rhythmic undulations of her depths. They clenched and spasmed around Daniel's member, rippling along his twitching shaft, encouraging yet more of his jizz to spray into her core. Her mouth dropped open at the blissful release, her eyes first rolling back then closing completely, though their lids still fluttered.

It took a short while for the moment to pass, and at last Daniel slumped down on top of his lover. He grinned at her, delighting in the satisfied expression that settled on her lovely features, and the way her limbs still faintly twitched in the afterglow of her climax.

"Wow," he breathed, staring into Jenny's hazel eyes. They were creased with amusement, and shone with satisfaction.

"'Wow' is right," she giggled back, and Daniel disentangled himself from her limbs, his softening cock springing free.

He rolled onto his back with a chuckle, watching Jenny's lovely form in the faint evening glow as she stood to fetch their drinks.

Sex then beer. She has her priorities right. Daniel smiled at the thought.

She caught him staring, and smirked. "Enjoying the view?"

He grinned, and stretched his arms.

I most certainly am.

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