tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPacked Train Ch. 02

Packed Train Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - The Diner

This is my sequel to "Packed Train." If you haven't read it then here is a quick summary. I met Jon and Mary on a subway in New York City. They both took advantage of me as I let them and we all enjoyed it so much that we swapped contact information to see if we could continue our fun.


I got an email the morning after the train ride from Mary. I opened the attachments first which were photos. The first was picture of Mary posing nude on a bed. She looked gorgeous lying on her back with her large breasts sticking up at the ceiling with one leg on the bed and the other bent pointing up showing a hint of her pussy but no hair. She shaved it all just like me. The next one must have been either from a home video or set up on a tripod because it was far away from the bed and in it were both Jon and Mary having sex doggy style. Mary's breasts were hanging down as she was bent over making them look quite large and Jon's cock was pretty far out of her showing how large it was. I had imagined it being quite large from the train and this confirmed it.

The email said how much Mary couldn't thank me enough for such a wonderful time and how turned on she was after our escapade. She also said that Jon had a wonderful time as well and that they haven't had sex so good in a while compared to when they got home that night. She said that she wasn't sure how much I would remember of them so she sent the pics and wanted to tell me about them. They were both 28 years old. She was 5'5" with 36d breasts and he was 5'9" with an 8.5 inch dick. He had a nice muscular build but not all roided out and she had an average build that was maybe on the thick side but not really. The email also said how much they both really wanted to get to know me and meet again.

We emailed back and forth and called and texted getting to know one another for about 2 weeks talking about what I liked to do and have done to me, and what I was willing to do. I told them that I loved being humiliated and embarrassed in front of strangers and as long as it wasn't gross or painful there wasn't much I wouldn't do.

We decided to meet for lunch on a weekend since they were off from work and I didn't start till the evening as I'm a bartender. Jon told me to wear a short skirt and a very low cut tank top that I would need to wear a bra under. I wasn't sure what he had planned but I had the perfect outfit. I wore a jean mini skirt that's ripped around the bottom with no panties, and black lace bra with a maroon spaghetti strap tank top that was so low that it showed about an inch of the bra above it. It was made to be worn over another shirt but I thought it was perfect for this. It almost looked like the bra was part of the tank top.

When I arrived, they were standing at the entrance to the diner. We said hi, kissed each other on the cheek, and went inside. We were seated in a little circle booth with Mary and I on the outside and Jon on the inside. I was a little nervous but also very excited. The last time I saw them they made me cum 3 times in public and I know they had plans for me today as we well.

We chatted about our train ride while we looked over the menu. After a few minutes a very cute petite girl that I would guess to be just over 18 came over with a big smile and introduced herself as Amy. She asked us if we were ready to order and we all ordered a salad and sandwich. As she was picking up our menus, Jon put his hand on my thigh where Amy could see. She smiled at me and walked away.

Jon asked if I thought she would like to see more of me and I said "she did seam to like the sight of your hand on my leg."

Then he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear "why don't you go to the rest room and put your bra in your purse." I looked at Mary and she was smiling widely.

I said "but this top barely covers anything. Plus its cold in here and my nipples with be obviously noticeable."

He leaned into my ear again and whispered "that's the point" and then stuck his tongue into my ear.

Now I know everyone has their spots that are like an instant turn on for them but a tongue in my ear, I'm pretty sure can make me cum. He made me moan loud enough for Mary to hear and maybe more people and I was instantly wet.

Mary stood up putting her hand out and said "come on. I'll join you."

I took Mary's hand and let her lead the way to the bathroom. It was empty when we walked in and she led me into the handicap stall and closed the door. Then she reached around me and unclasped my bra and put it in my purse. I looked down and could see that my breasts were practically bare. The edge just barely covered my nipples which were still hard from Jon's tongue in my ear. I was about to tell Mary I didn't think I could go through with it when she pressed me against the wall and put her lips to mine. I felt her tongue part my lips and then her hands on my breasts. She was a great kisser and I started to moan softly into her mouth as she pinched my nipples. She broke the kiss and backed away looking at me while I was lust struck.

She said "I've wanted to do that since I saw you. Now let's go have some fun."

She opened the door and I adjusted my top as we went back to the table. I felt almost naked and my nipples were rock hard pointing through my top.

Jon told me I looked stunning and put his hand on my thigh giving it a squeeze. I said thank you and looked up to see our waitress coming. She was looking at me with a giddy looking smile on her face and was a little red cheeked as if she was embarrassed for liking what she saw. She set down our salads and asked if she could get us anything else. Jon spoke up saying that he would like another drink. As she bent over the table to reach for his glass, he slid his hand up my thigh to where I could feel his pinky touch my pussy. Amy's smile grew to a grin as she saw this but continued to leave to refill Jon's glass.

When she returned, Jon started flicking his pinky back and forth against my pussy, causing me to squirm. Once again gaining the attention of Amy, causing her to smile at me and walk away. This time as she was walking away she turned her head back to look at me while still smiling. Mary saw this too and commented that it looked like I had an admirer. I blushed a little and we started to eat our salads. I was still feeling as if I were naked with my skirt pushed up and my top not covering much of my chest, even though my nipples had finally softened. I must admit that I was feeling kind of proud that our waitress, Amy, had taken a liking to me.

Jon had removed his hand from my leg to eat his salad so I was able to smooth my skirt back down a little. The next time Amy came out, it was to bring us our sandwiches. She cleared our salad plates and while setting down our sandwiches Jon discretely grabbed the bottom of my tank top and started pulling it down slowly. I felt the pressure on my left shoulder and looked down to see my nipple completely showing plus some of my breast below it. Not to mention my other nipple had popped out the other side as well. I looked up and saw Amy staring at me. I didn't know what to do. I was like a deer in headlights. My nipples had once again hardened while my cheeks turned red.

Mary was taking in the whole scene of my chest and Amy staring and opened her mouth asking Amy, "doesn't she have great breasts?"

Amy blushed and looked toward Mary stifling a "yes".

Then Mary told her that I thought she was gorgeous and that I would like to get together with her. I never said that but I was thinking it in the back of my head. This made Amy blush more and look back at me as Jon let go of my shirt and I tried to readjust it to cover up. I was also blushing and I think it was quite uncomfortable for both of us. Jon and Mary both loved this though. I could tell. Amy just smiled at me as an acknowledgement of liking me too and disappeared back to work leaving us to eat.

Jon put his hand back on my thigh and slid it up to my pussy. Surprisingly I was soaking wet. He rubbed a finger up and down my slit a few times and then removed his hand. He wiped his hand on his napkin and started to eat. I was in a little bit of shock at how hot I had gotten just from having my boobs shown to the waitress. I picked up my sandwich and took my first bite and put it back down. Mary leaned over to Jon and whispered something and Jon shook his head in agreement. As I chewed my food, Jon leaned towards me and pulled on the bottom of my shirt again just enough to get part of my left nipple to poke out over the top. He then said that I was not to fix it this time but to continue eating as if everything was normal. I complied and didn't cover up.

I was almost done with my sandwich when I noticed Amy across the diner looking towards me. This made me a little wetter as I smiled at her. She smiled back and a few minutes later, showed up with 3 slices of cheesecake that we hadn't ordered, and our tab. She set them down for us the whole time not taking her eyes off of me as I stared back. She said they were on her and put her hand on my shoulder and trailed it off as she walked away. This made my nipples so hard they almost ached and I'm sure I was soaking wet now. I stared at her ass as she walked away.

We ate our desert and Jon put some cash on the table saying "I think she deserves a generous tip. Don't you?" Looking at Mary and I.

We both agreed. Then Mary took out a pen and handed it to me saying "why don't you leave her your number or at least a nice note."

I took the pen and wrote on the tab "Thank you for the desert. It was wonderful. You are very pretty and I would love to get to know you better. I felt that we had a spark and if you agree I would love to hear from you." I then left my name and number and truly hoped that she would call.

I finally fixed my top and we all got up to leave. Amy watched as we left and gave us a wave goodbye as we waved as well. When we were outside I told them that I was really horny and still had a little bit of time before I had to go home to get ready for work.

They said that they lived within walking distance if I would like to come over. I agreed and we headed towards their apartment. We got there quite quickly and when inside they asked what I had time for. I said that I really needed to cum and didn't care how but that I also wanted to suck Jon off as a thank you for helping so much with showing me off. They both agreed and my shirt and skirt were off in a matter of seconds.

We went to their bedroom and Mary said that she wanted to taste me. I layed down on my back and spread my legs as she put her head between and started licking my hot pussy. I had my eyes closed and felt Jon get on the bed. I opened them just in time to see him straddle my head and lower his long cock towards my mouth. I opened wide and took it down my throat till I could feel his balls pushing against my chin. Then he backed off and started humping my face as I moaned on his dick from being eaten out.

I didn't last long before I had an insane orgasm in Mary's mouth. I told Jon I wanted to taste his cum once I got my breath back. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my face vigorously until he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and he rolled over to the side spent. We all layed there for a moment till we got our energy back.

I got up saying that I should get going. We all got up and I got dressed and I composed myself as best I could. They said that they wanted me to keep my bra off on my way home but I could put it back on before I got home if I wanted to. I agreed and they walked me to the door still naked. They both kissed me goodbye in the open doorway showing themselves to anyone who might walk by. I felt a little like I was doing the walk of shame out of their apartment with my hair a mess and no bra showing so much skin.

I decided to take the train home but not do what I did last time as I did have to get to work. The train wasn't too packed but I still had to stand. I could feel eyes on my chest as we swayed back and forth on the tracks. I looked down and noticed how much my boobs were actually giggling. Before my stop I decided to give a little show to my viewers. I pulled the front of my shirt down with my hand that wasn't holding on, exposing both nipples. I never looked down to see but just continued to look around like normal. I saw a few people nudge their friends beside them which turned me on. I was only exposed for about 30 seconds when I arrived at my stop. I got off the train and fixed my shirt. Then I stopped in the closest bathroom to my bra back on and headed home.

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