tagBDSMPaddles at Dawn, A Spanking Western

Paddles at Dawn, A Spanking Western


Authors note: "Paddles at Dawn a Spanking Western" was written for a close and dear friend who wished to star in a spanking story. Written as an email and blog serial, Luscious Lori loved her story as did the rest of my spanko friends. Thank you for all the email comments on my previous stories.

He rode into town looking for trouble: trouble that was a woman. No ordinary woman this was, no she was a hellcat. She called herself Luscious Lori, and her reputation was as the fastest paddle in the West. It was said that she had taught a thing or two about spanking to more than a few desperadoes who then slunk out of town rubbing their enflamed posteriors. Not this time, he thought, not this time. I'm the one goin' to be doin' the teaching. He pulled up outside the saloon, and yelled, "Luscious Lori, I'm here to learn ya' about spanking. Come out with your rump in the air."

Lori yelled back, "And just who the devil do you think you are, riding into my town, threatening me! I'm a gonna thrash your ass and send you packing mister."

"There's only one ass that's gonna be thrashed, and that's yours. So come out, unless your yella."

Luscious Lori burst through the swinging doors and stood on the porch, blond tresses blowing in the breeze and looked out at the stranger. She tapped her paddle in her hand and scowled at the tall man in the street below. "I'm looking forward to teaching you some manners, you pup. What's your name, so I can carve it in the handle of my paddle when I'm through with you."

"The name's Black Bunny."

"Black Bunny?" Luscious Lori threw back her head and howled with laughter, her perfect white teeth glinting in the sun. "What the fuck kinda name is Black Bunny?"

He just eased off his bay horse and after tying him to the hitching post, reached into the worn leather saddlebag and pulled out a paddle. No ordinary paddle was this; it was black as a night on the high plains under a moonless stormy sky. Black as the devil's heart and branded into one side was the shape of a bunny. "This here's gonna stamp my name into your backside woman, so you'll remember the name Black Bunny every time you look over the shoulder at your lily white bottom." He slowly made his way to the center of the street, the citizens of the town scurried for cover. One youngin didn't heed his momma and was a little slow getting out of the way. Quick as a shot of whisky, the paddle flicked a burn on the seat of his pants.

"Ouch," he cried jumping in the air.

"Next time mind your mother," said Black Bunny. "Thank you sir," the child's mother called out, "anytime you want to come by the homestead, I've lots more at home."

"Is that all your good for," sneered Luscious Lori, "beating children? No wonder you wander the plains, no town will have 'ya."

"You coming down off your perch? Or you just flapping your gums?"

Luscious Lori thumped down the steps, her spurs jangling on the wood. She walked with rolling hips to the street and faced down her adversary. "What's it gonna be mister? How many whacks to start with?"

Black Bunny said, "This won't take long, I figure that 10 strokes on your hide will send you packing."

"You're on." Luscious Lori pulled a gold double eagle from between her breasts and said, "Heads or tails?"

"Since I'm a gonna be thrashing your tail, I call tails," said Black Bunny.

Luscious Lori flipped the double eagle high into the air, where the rapid spinning gold coin flashed in the morning light peaking over the false front of Madam Frau's whorehouse. With a thud, it hit the dirt of the street causing a plume of dust mixed with dried horse dung to rise into the still morning air. They both looked down at the coin that lay heads up on the street. "I guess that means I'll be going first," Luscious Lori said.

"Just so ya' know that I'll be going last, I don't mind." Black Bunny turned his back to her and bent over holding onto his paddle that was standing upright on the ground. "Give it your best shot girl, not that I expect much from ya'."

Luscious Lori took her time, despite his high falutin' attitude, Black Bunny had a mighty fine lookin' posterior and it was a shame she had to run him outta town. The townsfolk lining the street were silent in anticipation of the duel, could this be the one that would tame their Luscious Lori? She spat on her hands and then took a firm grip on the handle of her cherry wood paddle and brought it back behind her waist. Tension gripped the air until she swung her paddle forward and connected with the target. A loud WHAP broke the deathly silence and a cloud of trail dust rose from the seat of Black Bunny's britches.

He looked back at Luscious Lori and said, "You call that a paddling? My palsied grandmama hit me harder than that!"

She said, "That was a warm up, just to get the range." Luscious Lori stepped back and worked her calloused hands around the handle of her paddle, the paddle she called "Heartbreaker". Once more she swung with all her might. WHAP echoed off the storefronts, then again and again. By the seventh swat, the crowd was chanting along with her, urging her to spank his ass hard, ride him out of town. Eight, nine they called out in a frenzy and then the last swing, ten collided and rocked Black Bunny forward on his toes. Luscious Lori eased away and let the paddle hang loosely in her hands. What would Black Bunny do now, she thought to herself.

Just then, the man himself, Black Bunny slowly turned around and looked at her. His brown eyes pierced the dawn and cut her to the quick and he gazed at her flushed cheeks and just smiled. "My turn," was all he said as he raised his paddle and moved toward her.

She took an involuntary step back and then stilled herself and thrusting her chin out said, "Do your worst."

"Turn around and show me that fine peach of yours," Black Bunny said.

"Don't you be gettin' vulgar now," Luscious Lori retorted, "this here peach, as you call it, can take anything you dish out without a whimper."

Luscious Lori spun around and placed her paddle across her firm thighs and then bent over with her hands on her knees. The sun, now fully over the horizon shone through her calico dress; the faint outline of her long legs could be seen. Black Bunny let his hungry eyes wander up from her dainty feet encased in leather, all the way up to the junction where her perfectly rounded bottom jutted out just beggin' to be thrashed. He composed himself and removed his riding gloves and gripped his paddle. His firm hands caressed the oak, while his long and limber fingers settled into the worn groves. He raised the wood over his shoulder and then with a long sweeping motion, brought up and under.


Like a rifle report, the sound of the first stroke bounced off the windows of the nearby general store. Luscious Lori laughed, "My spinster schoolteacher beat us lots harder than that!" She waggled her hips causing her full bottom to jiggle. "Come on Black Bunny, I want this to be a fair fight. Lay into me, so that when I carve your name into my paddle, I'll remember it!"

Black Bunny struck her again and again, but unlike when she was paddling him, the crowd was silent. He paused after six and repositioned himself next to her.

She tilted her head to see him standing next to her and winked. "Givin' up already?"

In response, Black Bunny swung as hard as he could in rapid-fire succession, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Luscious sucked in her breath sharply, those stung she thought to herself. But to the crowd, she just blew a kiss as she straightened up and turned to face her adversary. "Well now Black Bunny", she drawled condescendingly, "that was interesting. I think you'll be needing a few more whacks; that is if your man enough to admit that I'm better at spanking."

"Never!" snarled Black Bunny. "I'll make you wail for mercy when I'm done with you. No trollop will ever get the best of me."

"Watch your mouth pretty boy," said Luscious Lori getting mighty close to that handsome, strong chin and those shiny white teeth. "I don't take no sass from outlaws like you."

Black Bunny looked down at the upturned face with those ruby red full lips and those long fluttering eyelashes and said, "How bout we up the ante little lady?"

"Sounds good to me sweetie," Luscious Lori said with a come hither smile. "What did you have in mind?"

Black Bunny put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

CRACK! The sound of Luscious Lori's hand meeting the stubble check of Black Bunny resounded in the street. "How dare you make such an indecent proposal to me! If I had a gun, you'd be plugged full of holes right now."

Black Bunny rubbed his cheek and then threw his head back to laugh. He gazed over at the townspeople lining the wooden sidewalks and scoffed at them. "Looks like your heroine is afraid after all. I guess that means I win."

"Never!" shrieked Luscious Lori. "You're a brute and a pervert!"

"What did he say?" came cries from the throng. "Tell us!"

Black Bunny casually slapped his paddle in the palm of his hand. "Yes, tell us girly. Tell them all about how I'm such a pervert."

Luscious Lori glared with narrowed eyes at Black Bunny and then walked away to give herself time to respond. The crowd was shifting restlessly in anticipation of the dual recommencing. She cleared her throat to speak and then looked back over her shoulder to see Black Bunny still laughing at her. "Fine!" she shouted back at him, "I agree to your proposal. It'll just make it easier to run you out of town."

Black Bunny raised a hand to quiet the spectators and then spoke with authority. "Luscious Lori has agreed to my wager. We will alternate with a series of five spanks given by each of us. After each round of 10 given, we will remove an article of clothing. The loser will be the person who declines to remove the next item."

There was a loud gasp the import of the challenge sunk in. Many a family man removed his hat and fanned himself thinking of Luscious Lori without her dress on. Most of the woman were equally swooning at the thought of Black Bunny stripping in the public street. Children were sent home with the admonishment that they would get equal treatment if they snuck back around. The excited crowd surged en mass into the packed dirt street and gathered around the two combatants who were, truth be told, rather bemused by the turn of events. Being both stubborn individuals however, neither would dream of backing down, and instead were salivating inside at the possibilities to come. Luscious Lori once more removed the gold double eagle from her heaving bosom and spat on the coin to remove the dirt and polish the surface.

"I'll take tails again," called out Black Bunny.

She spun the coin high in the air and watched it land tails up in the dirt.

Black Bunny rubbed his hands together and arrogantly twirled his fingers at Luscious Lori; indicated to her to turn around and bend over. She sniffed and majestically pivoted on her lovely ankles and assumed the position. Black Bunny smirked to see the men casting furtive glances at the proffered posterior; he instead gazed with unabashed admiration at the magnificent rump in front of him. He raised his paddle once more and the crowd instantly hushed. SMACK!! SMACK!! Came the sound of the first two blows that this were muffled by the close proximity of the onlookers. SMACK on the left cheek and then SMACK on the right. Black Bunny paused to inquire of her, "How you doing there darling?"

"I'm not your darling!" came the reply. "Now finish this off!"

"At your command my lady." SMACK!!!

The last swat lifted Luscious Lori off her toes and she stood upright quickly to keep from falling face first in the dirt. Her left hand went back to rub her bottom and a sigh ran through the crowd. She just smiled sweetly at every one and said, "I do believe it's my turn, sugar britches."

Black Bunny glowered at her as sniggers could be heard in the crowd, but spun around and thrust his backside defiantly in her direction. Luscious Lori stepped forward and wasted no time in plastering the bottom so nicely presented. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The crowd oohed as the explosive whacks sent dust motes swirling in the air. Luscious Lori also paused as she asked the hunched over form in front of her, "you ready to give now?"

"I'll let you know when you start hitting me. Right now this is rather boring," Black Bunny replied with a large theatrical yawn.

Luscious Lori growled to herself, of all the insufferable, three toed, moldy morons that had ever slunk into her town, this piece of work was by far the worst. She took a step back and a deep breath and swung just as hard as she could. WHAP!!! She waited and then swung her last blow WHAP!!!

Black Bunny stood up and eased his shoulders back while reaching down and touching his rear end. He raised an eyebrow at Luscious Lori, and then started unbuttoning his shirt... slowly; revealing a worn, bleached undershirt. He pulled the tails out of his britches and handed his shirt to the nearest person. "I do believe that it's your turn?" he said with a grin. Luscious Lori bent over and started to unlace one boot.

"No boots allowed I'm afraid," Black Bunny rejoined.

"What? That's crazy! I didn't agree to that!" she complained.

"We did say clothing," Black Bunny reminded her, "boots aren't clothing."

"He's right." "Makes sense." came from the throng. "Take it off honey, or you lose."

Luscious Lori shook her head in disgust at the people she called friends and said, "Fine. You want a show, I'll give you a show." She whipped her dress up over her head and flung it into the crowd. There was dead silence as everyone, men and woman gazed in awe at the curvaceous form standing there in the sunlight. The sunlight that shone on her ripe form now encased only in a cotton shift barely reaching her free moving breasts and layered over a pair of frilly drawers.

The showdown had now taken a serious turn and Black Bunny and Luscious Lori just stared at each other, each willing the other to back down. The stakes were getting higher at each smack of the paddles; they both realized that this was more, much more than they had reckoned on. Black Bunny looked around at the crowd then down at the ground. He leaned over and picked up the gold double eagle, then nodded to Luscious Lori. A quick flick of his thumb and the yellow coin was once more a spinning blur as Luscious Lori called out tails. A gentle thump in the street the eagle shown brightly in the dirt.

"How about we change things up this time around", said Black Bunny. "I propose that we use the hitching rail over yonder; for support. Seeing as how you're about to cry uncle."

"Never," snarled Luscious Lori. "You're the one goin' be crying when I am through with you." She pushed her way through the crowd, each step causing her magnificent bosom to sway hypnotically in her cotton shift.

Black Bunny followed her to the rail, gazing at her hindquarters; just a hint of pink shine could be seen faintly through her drawers. He glanced back at the townsfolk gathering around and spoke to a young lady standing next to her parents. "Miss?" he said. "I'm a gonna' need two hands for grabbing the rail. I need you to hold onto Midnight for me. Ya' think you can do that?" She blushed beet red, but nodded and Black Bunny gently placed his paddle in her outstretched hands. "Take good care of him, I'd hate to have to use on you," he said as he winked at her.

Luscious Lori snorted in disgust and shook her head while she waited for Black Bunny to assume the position. Once more the crowd hushed as they were treated to the sight of Black Bunny's tight haunches thrust upwards. Luscious Lori took a deep breath and set herself by twisting her boots into the surface of the dirt. *SMACK* rung out in the still air. *SMACK* *SMACK*

Black Bunny shifted uneasily and gripped the rough wooden rail tightly. His knuckles slowly bleached as the sting had turned to pain. Lord, could this girl spank! He gasped as Luscious Lori swung again and connected low on his seat. *SMACK*

"Last one coming up", she smirked, "hope you're not planning on riding outta town after you lose." *SMACK* The last in this series was hard enough to cause Black Bunny to wince and take a quick breath as his hands went to his sore cheeks and rubbed in circles.

There was no smile this time from Black Bunny as he gingerly retrieved Midnight from the young lady. Just a grimace, before he schooled his weathered features into a look of determination. He'd never lost a spanking duel before, and be damned if he was gonna let this little thing ruin his reputation. "Bend over," he snapped at Luscious Lori. There was a long silence as she thought about what was coming next. "Please," Black Bunny spoke softly and motioned with his free hand.

She turned gracefully; but instead of gripping the rail, she bent at the waist and leaned all the way over until her feet barely touched the ground and turned her dainty feet inward until the toes of her calfskin boots kissed. A long sigh of released tension went through the throng and Black Bunny swallowed hard as the sight of Luscious Lori's nether regions framed snugly in her undergarments rendered him speechless.

*CRACK* The first stroke on her bottom rekindled the smoldering embers as she balanced between pain and pleasure. *CRACK* The second stroke sent shock waves racing through her nervous system. *CRACK* The third stroke caused her moist lips to part as a low moan issued from her open mouth. *CRACK* The forth stroke was the hardest yet and her toes danced in the dirt as her legs nearly buckled. Luscious Lori hung there clenching and relaxing her sore cheeks as her thighs yearned for something more. Black Bunny waited until he could see her firm flesh yielding once more and then swung to impact at the junction of bottom and thigh. *CRACK* AHHHHH!!!! cried Luscious Lori as this fifth stroke burned her warm flesh like a long shot of bourbon.

A strong muscular arm wrapped around her petite waist and lifted her off the rail to her feet. She swayed into the firm chest before looking up into the warm eyes of Black Bunny that danced with emotion. "Give in?" he asked.

She shook her head and murmured, "No, I'm not givin' in to the likes of you."

"Have it your way darling" he said releasing her body and stepping back. Black Bunny grasped his worn undershirt and with a smooth flourish whipped it off over his head. The many admiring women in the crowd gasped seeing him standing there; naked chest bronzed by years of the sun beating down. His arms were thickly muscled yet lean with no trace of fat, the legacy of countless victories. Man and beast had left their marks on his torso but standing there in only snug fitting britches, Black Bunny looked good enough to eat.

For her part, Luscious Lori would have agreed with that assessment, but she was wrestling with the thought of stripping further. She balled her fists up in frustration and glanced over to look at Black Bunny. To her surprise, he looked solemn, rather than gleeful at her predicament and merely offered a slight shrug of the shoulders. Her mind made up, she slid her hands up under her shift and loosened the bows to her drawers. Closing her eyes, she let go, and felt the silk slither down her legs and pool at her feet.

"May I?" asked Black Bunny, as his voice drifted into her ears. Luscious Lori opened her eyes and stepped back leaving her feminine garment to him. He picked it up, shook out the dust with a decisive snap, and carefully folded them until the scarlet roses and satin ribbons were face up. Black Bunny strolled over to the boardwalk and set her drawers down next to her dress and his shirts. There was no sound from the crowd, so he turned back to see Luscious Lori silhouetted in the sunlight. An angel with a devil's body that shown clearly through her translucent shift.

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