Special THANKS to Mandy Marie who took the time and patience to edit this work. It is SO helpful to have someone else read the work before having it published. Thanks again. To the readers, I would appreciate your comments and votes. Enjoy!

Ann Marie and I had been at a party and we decided to call it an early night to go home and be alone. It was a warm summer night and as we walked to the car I asked her if she wanted to "play". She smiled warmly at me and said "YES" knowing I had something devious in mind.

Growing up I had played padiddle where if you saw another car with a headlight out you would get a kiss. Well I had a slightly different version. If we saw a padiddle Ann Marie would take off one item of clothing. As I explained the 'game' to her, she shivered in anticipation. While we had tried similar things in the car before, our actions were for us only. We don't try and flash anyone and the driver follows all the 'rules of the road', we don't want to get caught! I had packed a terry cloth robe for her to cover herself with in case of an emergency. (I had made plans!) But there is a penalty for covering yourself without cause. You lose an extra item of clothing immediately and you get 10 swats when we get home. Ann Marie was excited and since shoes didn't count, she had only 4 items of clothing on; a blouse, shorts, a bra and panties. Given the few items she had on I too was 'excited'.

The drive back to her house was about 45 minutes. After about 10 minutes and no padiddles we were both a little disappointed. But as we rounded the next turn we spotted our first. Nervously Ann Marie slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She looked radiant in her bra and we kept on going with our eyes pealed. She was looking just as hard as I was. It took another 15 minutes before we spotted another. Actually, Ann Marie spotted it as it was just coming onto the highway behind us. So this time she took off her shorts. It was exciting to be riding along with her beside me dressed only in her panties and bra.

A few minutes later as we were passing an entrance ramp, a state trooper pulled onto the highway behind us with lights flashing and siren blaring. Ann Marie quickly grabbed her robe and was hurriedly pulling it on as I started to slow down. As she got the robe around her, the cop went flying by, chasing someone else. Our hearts were pounding and we both breathed a sigh of relief and started laughing. We had never seen the police before when we were 'playing a game'. To calm down, I pulled into a rest area that was just ahead. There was only one other car in the lot, and I went to the other end about 100 yards away.

After we finally caught our breath, I reminded her that pulling on the robe 'without cause' had consequences. She argued a little saying that I also thought we were being pulled over and that showed 'cause', but I didn't accept that argument. And she didn't push it, I think, because she liked the excitement of the game, and hadn't been "swatted' in a while. I got out of the car and went over to her side. I helped her get the robe off and then slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders and unhooked the back. (I'm so helpful) While I was there I took a moment and sucked each nipple into my mouth. Mmmmmm she tastes good. Finally, I got up, and as I got ready to close the door, another car pulled into the lot, which shined it lights directly in our back window. I guess Ann Marie was still a little shaken by the cop because she quickly grabbed the robe again and started to cover up. The new car parked up by the other car, never coming near us. I looked down at her and shook my head. She looked up sheepishly.

Was she really skittish or was she looking forward to the now 20 swats? I had a surprise prepared for the swats and she might be sorry she was getting so many. I then bent back down and slipped her panties off as she lifted her bum off the seat. I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled her delicious scent. Mmmmmmmm.

Well, there was at least 15 minutes left on the drive home. In an effort to keep the game interesting I suggested for every additional padiddle she would receive 10 swats on her pussy, since she was now NAKED and had no clothes to offer up. She negotiated it down to 3, since she already had 20 scheduled for her ass, she didn't think she could take 10 or more on her pussy; and 3 or six would still be a possibility – or even 9. I agreed and we drove off looking for missing headlights.

We eventually got off the highway without spotting any more padiddles. But as we turned right onto her street we both saw a car coming towards us without any headlights.

"A double" I yelled!

"Oh SHIT," Ann Marie said, "That doesn't count."

I said, "It sure does for 2 which means 6 pussy SWATS!"

I flashed the car and just before it got to us it turned on their lights and waved 'Thanks' as they drove by.

"No, 'Thank-you" I thought.

Before getting out of the car, I recapped the situation – she had earned 20 'SWATS' on the ASS and 6 'SWATS' on her PUSSY. She smiled a little, and said she thought she could take it. I then said I had a surprise for her and for her to wait at the back door while I went inside for a minute.

Ann Marie lived on a wooded lot. In the summer you couldn't see her neighbor's house through the trees but it wasn't that far away. So she didn't mind waiting NAKED by the back door. No one could see her.

I collected a few things and turned on the kitchen light which somewhat illuminated the back yard. As I got to the back door I could see through the glass that her nipples had hardened, due to the exposure to the warm night air or in anticipation for the upcoming session, I didn't know. As I opened the door she stepped in pressing her naked flesh to me. She obviously thought I had been preparing something in the house.

She looked up at me and said, "OK I'm ready for your surprise," and started to walk by me into the house.

I grabbed her wrist and turned her around and pulled her out the door, saying it's out here. She looked confused but followed me as I pulled her along to the back of the yard and a big tree. Her eyes widened as she saw a rope hanging from one of the branches. (I had planned and prepared)

"Oh GOD, not out here!" She squealed. "The neighbors will hear!"

"We've talked about this before and you'll have to work at being quiet." I replied.

We had talked about trying a spanking session outside before and Ann Marie was afraid she couldn't stay quiet enough.

"You know our safe words, if it gets to be too much say chocolate and I'll let you catch your breath and you can let me know if I need to lighten up or slow down. If you say cauliflower I'll know we need to stop – and we can go in the house and finish where you can make some noise or finish another day, your choice. Either way we'll have some tender time after."

Ann Marie looked at me doubtfully, but put her hands together in front of her so I could attach them to the rope without complaint. I pulled the restraints out of the bag I brought from the house, attached them to her wrists and attached them to the rope – fixing it so her arms were near her head not stretching her but just keeping her arms and hands from interfering. I then pulled out her nipple clamps.

Ann Marie rolled her eyes and said, "You're not going to make it easy – are you?"

I just smiled at her and began pulling on her nipples – they were still hard, but I just liked pulling on them. As I attached the first clamp, she groaned sharply and then bit her lip trying to wait for the initial shock to pass. After a minute I attached the second clamp and she muffled her groan. She was learning to control her sounds. Finally I pulled out our ruler.

I asked if she was ready, and she pressed her lips together and nodded her head. I reminded her to use her safe words if she thought she couldn't take it without making too much noise. She nodded again as I walked behind her so she couldn't see me. I waited a minute to let the anticipation build and them administered the first SWAT.

Ann Marie let out a soft 'mmmmfffftt' but was ok. The next four I spread out turning her whole bum a nice shade of pink SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, and she remained silent throughout.

I then walked to her side so I could watch her as I continued. The next five I administered to the same spot. SWAT . . . SWAT . . . SWAT . . . SWAT . . . SWAT. I spaced them out a little more and with each hit her breasts jiggled and I knew that the clamps on her nipples were giving her more that just her ass to worry about. During the first four she remained quiet - the slap of the ruler was louder than she was. But on the fifth she let out a groan 'uuunnnnnnnggghhhhh', not especially loud but I knew that the hits were getting to her. Ten down and ten to go and then her 6 pussy SWATS to deal with.

I went to face her and asked if she was still ok. While I wasn't being very harsh, Ann Marie is normally more vocal and I didn't want to push too far. She replied that she knew the rules and would let me know if there was a problem. I smiled, kissed her and twisted the clamps enough to cause her to groan into my mouth.

I went back to her side and quickly gave her another SWAT on top of the previous five. Then another, and another and another and when I gave her the fifteenth SWAT. She let out a small yell.

"OOOOHHHHHHFFfuuuuuccck"! Then she whispered, "chocolate."

I quickly went back to face her and she said quietly – "I don't think I can take another on my ass right now without yelling."

I asked if she wanted to go inside and finish and she looked me in the eyes and shook her head no, "I just need to give my ass a break for a minute – so why don't you try my pussy swats?"

Some break she was getting, but I was so proud of her wanting to continue the session, even though it was obvious she was getting to the breaking point – at least for being quiet. I knew she could take much more – just not quietly. So I told her to spread her legs. She looked at me, smiled weakly, and moved her feet apart. I moved my hand to her pussy and found she was drenched. I brought my fingers to my mouth and lapped up her juices. I then gave her the first pussy SWAT!

"AAAHHHhhhhhhhnnnnngggggghh," she groaned.

She didn't say anything else so I delivered SWAT number two. Again she groaned – a little louder. On the third pussy SWAT she yelled, "NNNOOOOOooooo!" Then as we saw a light go on through the trees she whispered, disappointedly, "I'm so sorry, cauliflower."

I immediately pulled her wrist restraints off the rope and picked her up and carried her to the house. If anyone from next door had heard anything they just ignored it because no one came out or yelled to us to see what was going on. As I carried her to the bedroom she apologized again. I told her there was no need she had done exceptionally well controlling her normally loud groans. As I laid her on the bed my hands went to the nipple clips to remove them, but she stopped me. She said she wanted to finish! I couldn't believe it. I gave her a warm hug, which probably aggravated her nipples even more but I was so proud of her.

I told her to get on all fours when she was ready and she immediately responded. Her ass looked tender in the light, all pink with a bright red line. Her breasts hung down – the clamps pulling them even further. I gently rubbed her warm butt and then gave her ass another SWAT.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH," she groaned seemingly happy to be able to make noise.

SWAT again.





"OHFUCKFUCKFUCKFCUK!" she yelled, loudly.

"Soon" I soothed and then delivered the last SWAT to her ass, the hardest of the night and she yelled, "NnnnnnnnoOOOOOOOOO."

Ann Marie then collapsed onto the bed. She was worn out but still had 3 pussy SWATS coming. I asked her if she needed to be tied. She thought her hands were no problem but she didn't think she could control her legs with the pussy SWATS coming. I removed the restraints from her wrists and attached them to her ankles and then to the corners of the bed leaving her deliciously exposed.

I looked at her and she just said, "Finish It! - NOW!"

I grinned and grabbed the ruler. I moved up between her legs and gave her the first of the three remaining SWATS. (Which was actually more of a SPLAT she was so wet.)


Then I quickly gave her the second before she could prepare.

"Ohgodddddddddddddd," and shivered.

I waited till she opened her eyes, and told her to remove the nipple clamps just after I gave her the last one.

"Oh please don't make me, it's gonna hurt!"

"Just for a minute," I said, "and I'll help you after."

"Oh fuck – please do it quick."

And I gave her one final good SWAT right smack on her pussy.

She screamed, then pulled off the nipple clamps and yelled "FUCKKKKKKKKMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!"

I lay down on top of her, gently putting my lips over one nipple and gently pressing on the other, trying to ease the sting of the returning blood. I just held her for a few minutes and since her last scream didn't bring over the neighbors, I quickly undressed and did 'FUCK HER' hard and fast, and then we were gentle until we fell pleasantly asleep in each others arms.

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