tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 08

Page's Training Ch. 08


I awoke to the sound of Bobby's key in the door. He greeted me with a wide grin.

"My girlfriend should send you thank-you notes, girl." He removed my restraints and gave me a few minutes to curl into a ball and relax.

"Does she know about your new ... job?"

"Hell no! She would leave me! But she benefits, even if she doesn't know why!" He laughed, "I think Nick might be rubbing off on me."

"In what way? I made eye contact with him and studied his face as he spoke.

"Um, I don't know? I guess I like the idea of having what he has. Being that powerful, pushing a woman's limits." He thought for a second, looking into my eyes, "I want her to want me like you want Nick."

"I understand I think." I stretched my muscles and felt the soreness in my thighs.

Bobby went to the closet and laid out my clothes, checking his phone as he chose the items.

"Does Nick send you a list of what I'm suppose to wear?"

"Yup. No detail is missed, I guarantee it."

Bobby led me into the bathroom and sat on the counter while I showered. It was nice to have someone to talk to, even if he was a glorified house boy. When I was clean and dry, I waited for Bobby's instructions.

Bobby told me to put my arms out to the side, "This is new. I wasn't given any explanation, so I apologize ahead of time." He pulled at one of my nipples until it was hard, then grabbed it and pulled out as he wrapped a small rubber bad around the nipple twice before letting go. I grimaced in pain. He did the other nipple and looked at my face, "Only while you're having breakfast."

I nodded and he led me to the dining room. I lowered myself onto the dildo on my chair and at breakfast while Bobby read me more jokes and stories out of the porn magazines from the coffee table. One of the cartoons made us laugh so hard we couldn't breathe. I'd never shared this kind of thing with a man before. Porn magazines always seemed like a man's world.

I finished eating and went into the bathroom to have the anal plug inserted and my vinyl panties put on. Bobby removed the rubber bands from my nipples and I grimaced. The blood flowed back to my now purple nubs and they began to ache.

Back in the bedroom, Bobby dressed me in the clothes he had laid out. Thigh-high stockings today with a seam up the back and lace around the tops. No garter, just the rubber strip that clung to my thigh. The bra was black, with the nipples peeking through as always and the shirt was a bright royal blue silk that grazed my nipples ever-so-slightly but send pain into my breasts from the rubber bands.

Bobby tucked the shirt into the professional black skirt that had been altered to be about 6" above the knee. Any slight bending or kneeling to pick something up and the top of the stockings would show. My heart began to race thinking of eyes on me. My nipples were never more obvious.

Bobby handed me the black heels and admired his work, "That outfit is so sexy. I wish I could tell my girlfriend what to wear, I'd get her this." His eyes were fixated on my nipples. "Hair and make-up lady, then we're on our way." He left the room and turned on ESPN while he waited.

I finished getting ready and was constantly distracted by the fabric.

In the car, Bobby and I didn't talk. When we got to the office, I stepped out and he drove off to wherever he spent his days.

I ignored the stares and jaws dropping through the lobby and on the elevator. When I was in my office, I checked my email and found a video as usual. I watched the woman fucking two men and my pussy dripped as I fantasized about having two men at once. Double penetration fascinated me. My ride on the saddle the night before gave me a good indication as to how it would feel and I wanted more.

Nick called me into his office and I obeyed.

"Good Morning Page."

"Good Morning, Sir."

"You look absolutely amazing this morning."

"Thank You, Sir."

"I have a few clients who need letters drafted. I told them I would send you right over. They're all in the same building."

"Yes, Sir."

Nick handed me a list of his colleagues and gestured toward my coat on his coat rack. "Don't forget your coat." He smiled an evil smile and I returned it as I put the coat on. Once again, the lapels only reached halfway around my breasts so that it was impossible to button. I would again have warm shoulders and freezing nipples on my walk between buildings.

"Oh and Page!"

I turned half way out the door, "Yes Sir?"

"Obedience, Page. As always."

"Of course, Sir." I smiled and closed the door.

On the elevator, two of Nick's business friends identified me and ran their hands over my nipples, amazed that I let them do this with no retaliation.

"Nick is a lucky man."

"How can I teach my assistant to be so obedient?"

I just smiled and shrugged as the elevator dinged and their hands flew back into their pockets as I walked out.

The thin silk was especially cruel in the cold wind of outdoors. I tried to hurry to the building I had in my sights, but hurrying only made my breasts bounce more and brought more attention to my jutting nipples through the fabric. My heart started to race and I felt a fresh, warm wetness between my legs. I was starting to enjoy the humiliation!

In the building, I quickly found the first client and told his assistant who I was and she called to announce my arrival before I barged into the private office.

The man was tall and muscular, actually very handsome but older. I smiled and he gestured toward a laptop sitting on a small table only about three feet off the ground. "I talk, you type."

I walked to the laptop and looked for a chair.

"No chair, slut. Just bend over and type as I talk."

Now it was becoming clear. I bent over and placed my hands on the keys and he immediately began giving me the information for the letter. As I typed and he talked, he rolled his chair behind me and I could feel his eyes on me. I knew that the short skirt was well above my stockings from behind and the view was enticing him.

I kept typing as I felt his hands push my skirt up over my hips so that my anal plug was staring him in the face just above my sopping wet cunt. He started turning the plug in my ass, tugging on it ever-so-slightly. He slid a finger inside of me and felt his way around, I even heard him lick his finger as he paused from dictation.

I tried my best to concentrate on the words I was typing and remain professional, but the innocent way he was playing with me was intoxicating. I was seconds from begging him to fuck me when he finished up the letter, slapped my right ass cheek so that it stung and moved back behind his desk. "Print it and you can go."

"Yes, Sir." I pressed 'print' and pulled my skirt back down over my stockings and turned to leave.

The second client seemed to be a bit spineless. The view from behind must have been enticing, but he never laid a hand on me. He just watched. He was very polite and respectful and I found it odd that this now made me look at him like he was less of a man. Something was re-wiring in my brain.

The last client I visited was a chubbier man but the youngest of the three. He seemed eager and nervous. I didn't stop typing as he lifted my skirt and felt my wetness before he suddenly stabbed at me with his cock, taking a few tries to find the sloppy hole waiting for him.

I smiled as I typed, thinking he must not have much experience. He was only inside of me for three or four thrusts before he lost all control and nearly squealed as he filled my pussy with his cum. I had to finish typing the letter bent over like that with his cum dripping out of me and running down my leg into my stockings.

When the letter was done, he addressed me with a shaky voice, "Clean up your mess, whore." He was looking at the floor between my legs. There was a small puddle of cum.

I couldn't think where to begin and started looking for a towel or a tissue when he said, "Lick it up, slut."

A new lesson in humility. I knelt down with my ass in the air toward him and licked the carpet clean of his spunk.

"Now clean yourself as well."

I reached down and with one finger, gathered the cum up and down one thigh and kept eye contact with him as I licked it off of my finger. I repeated this as he nearly drooled watching me until my inner thighs were no longer wet.

"You may go." He turned back to his desk and began writing and looking busy.

The walk back was freezing, but my thoughts were occupied with my errands. I could still feel the strange man's cum inside of me and I knew more would eventually leak out. I felt a little used, yes, but it made me feel powerful. The wind up my skirt didn't help control my thoughts either.

Nick was beaming with pride when I returned to the office and checked in with him. "I get nothing but glowing reviews about you, Page. I couldn't be more pleased with your progress."

"Thank You, Sir."

"This afternoon you'll spend in your office. And tonight you'll be accompanying me to an engagement."

"Yes, Sir."

I found an MP3 player on my desk with headphones.


Put the ear buds in and let it play. There is two hours of play time. When it's quiet, you may take them out. While the ear buds are in, I want you to open your blinds on the outside windows, take your clothes off and touch yourself. You are allowed to climax as much as you like my pet. You deserve it.


I opened my blinds and let the light of day shine into the office. My window faced the building next door and a bank of office windows. Executive offices I guessed. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor and unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall as well. I sat in my chair facing the window and pressed 'play.'

Music filled my ears that I was sure I had heard in all of the videos and movies I'd been watching. Intoxicating music that made me want to gyrate my hips. I started teasing my clit with my heels propped up against the window sill, legs spread. Then I heard Nick's voice.

Interlaced with the music, Nick's voice spoke to me, "Cum for me, slut." More music. "Finger your cunt for me, Page." Music. I slid two fingers inside of me and fucked myself, letting my juices coat my skin. "Let them all watch you like the whore you are." Music. I pictured a man behind every window in my view, his cock in his hand watching me.

"You love being my dirty whore, don't you?" Music. I did feel like a whore, and I fingered my clit furiously until I came so hard my back arched and I moaned. My muscles contracted around the anal plug and the feeling intensified.

"I own you." Music. I wanted more. I went at my clit with a hunger I'd never felt. "Every time you climax, I want you to say my name." Music. "Fuck yourself, slut." I fingered myself, thrusting up to take the full length of my fingers that never felt like enough. "Let the world watch you." Music. "Your body is now public property, page." Music. "Cum for them, pet." I came again and shouted Nick's name. The contracting made me convulse and still I craved another.

I went at myself again, "Lick your fingers, cumslut." Music. I licked my fingers and tasted my own musk. I could taste the strange man's cum as well, and I sucked like a hungry whore devouring a cock until my fingers were clean before I continued fucking myself with three fingers now. "Show me what a hungry whore you are, FUCK YOURSELF! Cum HARDER!" Music.

The anger and urgency in his voice made me climax instantly and again I moaned his name. I went back to my clit, rubbing small circles and I jerked with pleasure. "I know you want more, Page. A whore's appetite is never satisfied." Music. My imagination was running wild, going insane. I imagined men stroking their beautiful cocks in their offices, watching me violate myself. The mere thought brought on another orgasm.

When the music finally stopped, I came out of a daze and stared at my clothes on the floor. I licked my fingers clean and stood to close the blinds and then dressed myself. I was out of breath and utterly exhausted. Nick's voice still echoed in my mind and I wanted him more than ever.

My next email was a video of a man dominating a woman, making her beg for sex, slapping her when she disobeyed, and then violently fucking her until he was spent. The girl only looked hungry for more, hungry for him. I thought of Nick. Oh how I wanted him inside of me!


Bobby will be bringing the car to pick you up in 30 minutes and prepare you for me tonight. Blog about today, gather yourself and get downstairs. I imagine you're craving the real thing about now. Desire is a powerful thing, my pet.


On my way downstairs I thought about Nick's words. Was he trying to prepare me? What was the message in those words?

Bobby was his usual upbeat self, asking me about my day and making idle chit-chat.

"Bobby, I just fucked myself for two hours straight while a building full of businessmen watched me from their office windows." I said it matter-of-factly and watched his face for a reaction.


"You heard me."

Bobby's expression was one of shock. His eyes lowered to my stockings peeking from under my skirt and I looked at his lap to see his cock rising in curiosity. "I've been told not to touch you like that."

"Pity." I looked out the window and crossed my legs. What was I doing? Who was this person speaking through my lips?

Bobby cleared his throat and rubbed his forehead, trying to redirect his thoughts I supposed.

When we were back in the apartment, Bobby sat on the counter and asked me more about my day while I showered. I told him everything, even a little about how it all made me feel. When I was clean, he dried me and took me into the bedroom to dress me.

The black shirt was a peasant top, loose fitting and draping beautifully around me but so sheer that you could see my breasts clearly through it. Bobby rubbed some stimulating cream on my nipples to keep them aroused for the night. The skirt was black and ankle length but had a slit up the back so far that if I stood with my legs apart, my anal plug was the first thing you got a glimpse of.

Thigh high stockings again with black heels. My heart raced. There was no way I would be able to show my face in public like this.

I did my hair and make-up and as soon as I was finished, Nick was in the living room ready to go. He eyed me up and down, asked me to turn around for him and smiled with approval. He handed me a full length trench coat that actually buttoned and tied and we headed to the car.

"You look divine, my pet." Nick nuzzled in my neck and kissed my ear.

"Thank you, Sir." I felt myself blush. I lived for compliments from Nick.

The drive was fairly short and Nick seemed uninterested until the car stopped in front of a door. There was a bodyguard out front who seemed to know Nick and let us in. At coat check, I timidly removed my trench and handed it to Nick.

"No worries, my little slut. This is a private club and you'll fit in perfectly." He smiled and held his arm out for me to take.

The club had a dance floor swirling with colored lights and private booths lining the balcony and lower floors. Everything looked like a V.I.P. dance club with the exception of how the women were dressed. All of the men were in slacks and button-ups, but I saw that I was actually dressed rather conservatively. Most of the skirts were much, much shorter if they could even be called skirts at all. All of their shirts were sheer like mine, if they were wearing anything other than pasties.

Nick walked us to a booth with three other men talking amongst themselves. There was one long half circle lounge and I saw their cocktails sitting on a ledge behind the couch. The men made room for us and I sat between Nick and another man. The men began talking about golf, business, contracts, deals; my eyes were wandering the crowd.

The girls were having fun dancing, grinding on each other, I even saw one woman bent over letting another girl pull her anal plug in and push it back in, both giggling. I was so engrossed with the scene that I barely noticed the stranger next to me fondling my breasts.

I turned to look at him but he wasn't interested in my face. "Who's your girl, Nick?"

"This is Page." Nick beamed with pride. "Get up, slut. Do a twirl for them."

"Yes, Sir." I stood and walked forward into full view of everyone on the lounge and turned slowly. When I was facing them again they were all nodding with approval and curiosity. One of the men handed me a drink and patted the sofa beside him and another man. I glanced at Nick, who nodded and I sat obediently.

The drink was a margarita on the rocks, and I tasted the expensive liquor. It went down smooth and fast. Before I could ask what to do with my glass, it was taken from me and a new one put in my hand. The men were chatting and only mildly interested in fondling me and keeping me supplied with a fresh drink.

After five drinks, I felt good. I felt GOOD. My pussy was throbbing, my inhibitions were evaporating and I wanted to dance. Two girls giggled their way to our booth and sat on their men's laps. They were quickly shooed away and told to take me with them. We walked arm-in-arm to the bathroom where I was quickly grilled.

"Nick is so handsome, how did he find you?" "How long have you been with him?" "Does he let you cum?" I was dizzied with the questions and answered them as well as I could.

The blonde girl was Stacy, the brunette was Elaine, but she liked to be called Lanie. They were both gorgeous and obviously well taken care of by their men. Masters? I asked what they called them.

Stacy checked her eye make-up in the mirror, "He's my Master, and I call him 'Sir' -- the usual." Lanie agreed. As Stacy was bent over the counter, her skirt showed her entire ass and I saw her anal plug. It didn't have a base like mine; it was just a crystal, like jewelry.

"It's new, do you like it!? I'm so spoiled. Don't let the pucker jewel fool you, this thing is filling me up like you wouldn't believe. God it makes me hot. I'll give you the name of Master's guy, he's the best."

We headed to the dance floor and for the first time in a long time, I had a girls' night. We danced, we laughed, we swapped stories, we made fun of other girls, gossiped ... and I learned more in those few hours about my new lifestyle than I could have imagined.

Lanie's Master liked rope, she had a lot of burns on her skin but the way she described the pain didn't make me feel sorry for her, it just made me wet. Stacy's Master never used rope, but he was into piercings. Stacy's nipples were pierced and so was her clit. The clit piercing looked obscene, but she assured us we should try it. She said she could have an orgasm riding a bus.

Nick gestured to me from the balcony and I excused myself from the girls. I drank two more cocktails sitting with them when it seemed like all of a sudden the men descended on me. I saw Nick stand up and lean against the balcony railing, watching. Someone had their fingers in my pussy, another was rubbing my leg, one was kissing my neck, and someone was pinching my nipples ....

I closed my eyes and opened up to them. I felt the hands, the pinching, the slapping, and the prodding. I looked into Nick's eyes as my skirt was lifted and I was lowered onto someone's cock. I rode it like my saddle and let the other men explore my body.

Stacey bounded to the lounge and surveyed the scene. I watched as Nick sat on the edge of the couch and pulled her down onto his cock. Adrenaline surged through me as Stacey rode the cock that I craved so badly. I turned around and faced the man who was inside me and he bit my nipples as he came inside my cunt.

I was pushed onto the couch on my hands and knees and a cock was stuffed into my mouth just as another entered me from behind. Whoever was in my pussy was big and fucked me so deep that I devoured the cock in my mouth with a primal hunger, letting it push down my throat until my lips were at its base.

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