tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 10

Page's Training Ch. 10


When I entered the apartment, it was so quiet I didn't know what to do. I was surrounded by sex. I walked around the apartment, admiring the artwork on my walls, reading the titles of the movies on the shelves, pondering each of the toys displayed. I closed my eyes and replayed the night in my head. I felt myself wet between my legs.

Nick trusted me. I showered and brushed my teeth and fell asleep naked in my bed. My dreams were filled with images from my new life. Kissing the girls, swallowing load after load of seed ... when the sun peeked through the shades, I awoke dripping wet and ready for more.

I got up and showered, being careful not to touch myself. I was so ready for more. When I came from the bathroom, Bobby was in the kitchen cooking my breakfast as usual.

"Bobby? How was your night?" I walked naked into the living room and lowered myself onto the dildo on my chair. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It felt so good to be filled.

"Let's just say I'm here because I have no idea what to tell my girlfriend." Bobby looked tired.

"You looked like you were having fun to me." I smiled and sipped the ice cold lemon water on the table in front of me.

"Page ..." Bobby ran his fingers through his hair as he plated my food. He set the plate in front of me and sat in the chair directly across from me, as he always did.

"No need to be careful with your words, Bobby. It's me." I started on my breakfast and waited.

"That was ..." He looked out the window with a look of guilt on his face, "That was a night that all of my friends would be envious of for years to come."

"Without doubt." I had finished my water and Bobby got up to refill my glass.

"I don't know what to tell her, Page."

"Don't tell her anything."

"That's not how I operate."

I laughed and looked him in the eye, "Do you think THIS" I gestured around the apartment, "is how I operated before, Bobby? This lifestyle of no limits and strange rules can suck you in."

"It's not only that." He took a deep breath and thumbed through a magazine, "I got a strange text from Nick this morning."

"What did it say?"

"I have permission to use you as I please." He looked at me for a reaction.

I blinked, my expression blank. After last night I had thought Nick would be grooming me to fuck NICK, not Bobby. "Oh."

"Yeah, I know, weird right?"

"No, not at all. It makes sense, we're together so often. I'm sure there's a reason behind it, I trust Nick."

"Well no offense to you, you're a beautiful, sexy, amazing woman Page. But ... I'm not comfortable with this. I'm worried I'll be single within hours."


"Because I ...." His pause seemed thoughtful, but I detected some embarrassment. "Because I'll do it." His conscious was sweet, it made him even more attractive.

I finished my breakfast and lifted off of the dildo. Bobby's eyes met mine and he started to pick up the plate. I grabbed his wrists and shook my head. Instead, I put his hands on my breasts and kissed him. Something inside of me went on auto-pilot and I knew instinctively what to do.

"What's your fantasy, Bobby?" He was rolling my nipples between his fingers.


"What have you always wanted to do with a woman but always felt too afraid to ask?" I met his questioning eyes, "Do it to me."

There was a moment of pause as he scanned his thoughts. I watched closely as something in his eyes snapped. He looked up at me and used a commanding voice I'd never heard from his lips, "Suck my cock."

I obediently knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants so that they fell to his ankles. His cock was half hard and when I wrapped my lips around it, it grew to full size and he began pushing it into my throat. Soon he had a handful of my hair and was fucking my face; gagging me and making my eyes water as he pushed into my throat with abandon. He slowed his pace and pulled out of my mouth. I looked up at him, waiting for my next command.

Bobby pushed me down on my hands and knees right there in the kitchen and pushed his cock deep inside of me. It felt so good to be fucked after the dreams I'd woke with. I moaned with pleasure and he shoved my head into the carpet. "Quiet, slut." I silenced myself and let him enjoy my body.

Bobby used long, deep strokes with one hand on my head, pushing down into the carpet. "You've teased me with your body long enough, Page. I'm going to have it every way I want today." His thrusts became faster and harder, "We have all day." The sound of his voice was so demanding and unlike Bobby. It made me wet to hear him assert himself.

Bobby pounded at my cunt until he roared as he came deep inside of me. He instructed me not to move and went to the toy cabinet. When he returned, he had one of the anal plugs with him, but he didn't put it in my ass as I was prepared for. Instead, he pushed it inside of my pussy and I clamped shut around it. "I want you filled with my cum today. I've watched you soak yourself with the cum of so many men ... today it's all mine."

I stood up, smiling and waited for instructions. "Clean up after your breakfast, whore." Bobby popped in a porno while I cleaned the dildo and washed the dishes. By the time I was finished, he was semi hard again. I had a feeling this repressed man was going to use me to the extreme for the day.

"Sit on my cock facing the TV. Make me cum." I walked into the room, bent over so he could remove the plug and lowered myself onto his dick. He hardened to full size within seconds. I watched the video with him as I pumped him in and out of me. The women on the screen were all naked and fondling each other. I thought of Stacy and Lanie. Imagining them kissing and sucking on my body made my thrusts faster and rougher.

When Bobby came again, I pulled of his cock and lowered myself to my hands and knees, presenting so that he could re-insert the plug. I could feel the cum beginning to fill my insides.

"Get a vibrator off the shelf and make yourself cum." Bobby sat back, half watching the movie, half watching me as I turned the vibrator on and rested it on my clit, moaning from the sensation. It only took seconds before I was screaming with an orgasm.


I put the vibrator back onto my clit and came within seconds of the last.


The next orgasm took longer to work up to, and I made sure to touch my body and play with my nipples to make it more interesting for Bobby. I moaned with frustration and whimpered when I came close but my body didn't deliver. Finally, the orgasm flooded my body through my toes and I moaned like I was in heat from the pleasure.

Bobby rolled me over onto my stomach, tore the plug out of my sopping wet pussy and buried himself inside of me. For an hour he fucked me in every way he could imagine without letting too much cum leak out of me. When he finally came, it felt powerful and his voice sounded out of control.

"My fucking GAWD! That was the best orgasm of my life, hands down." He stuffed me full of the plug and I rolled over to see his face. He was smiling. "I need a break. How about lunch? My treat." He went into my bedroom to find me some clothes.

I found him rifling through my drawers, "Nick is always telling me what to dress you in. Now it's my turn." Bobby chose a short, flowy skirt and a pink gauze button-up blouse. "No bra today." He sucked my nipples into a shaft and rolled down bands over them so they stood out. The pressure on them stung a little, but when the shirt slipped on over my breasts, the fabric hugged each nipple and made Bobby lick his lips. He reached under the skirt and fingered my clit until I moaned, "Perfect. Let's go."

We didn't have the car for the day, so we had to walk to the café on the corner. It wasn't too cold out but the slighted breeze blew the blouse around my curves and hugged my bouncing breasts. My nipples were at full attention and everyone was staring. Bobby knew it and he liked it. I still blushed when people on the street stared at me. I looked down at the pavement as we walked, unable to make eye contact with anyone's judging face.

We had a quiet lunch, reading the Sunday paper and pretending to be two of the normal people on the streets. Well, normal until Bobby led me into the men's room and bent me over a toilet in a stall to fuck me once before we left. Three men came in and pissed while he was fucking me. There must be a man code for this, no one said a word. When I was full of yet another load of Bobby's seed, he plugged me back up and we walked back to the apartment.

Bobby's face was priceless. Not only was he glowing from the orgasms, but he smiled proudly as he watched everyone staring at my obscene nipples bouncing through my shirt. I was with him and they all knew it.

For the rest of the afternoon, Bobby took small naps while I read the books on behaving properly and the unspoken code of the lifestyle. He would wake up, hoist my ass into the air to violate my cum-filled pussy and plug me back up again. I was beginning to think the man had no limits of stamina.

We skipped dinner because of a video that struck Bobby's perversion just right. He came in me twice during the movie. This felt nothing like being with Nick. Nick was always in command, always calculating and always had a reason for everything he did. Bobby was on a college-esque fuck fest, taking the perversions in his mind out on me. I didn't mind. I was beginning to feel full of cum, however. I was worried it would start leaking out and upset Bobby.

An hour before bed, Bobby had me lay down and he removed the plug. I was ready for him to use me again, but instead he cupped a glass around my hole and told me to stand up and squat over it. He held it in place so that when his seed began leaking out of me, he wouldn't spill a drop. When I squatted over the glass and relaxed my muscles, cum poured from inside of me. I'd never seen anything like it. I pushed a little and more poured out.

Bobby told me to stand up and handed me the glass. I surveyed the amount. It wasn't a full cup, but it may have been nearly close. "Drink it." I looked at Bobby as if he were joking. "I saw you last night, swallowing cum like it was chocolate milk. Now drink me down." I closed my eyes and pictured the night before.

As I began swallowing Bobby's cup of jiz, I imagined a line of men, offering me their cum. I imagined the almost sweet taste of Bobby was Nick. I wanted him. Before I finished my fantasies, the glass was empty and Bobby was in awe. I felt the nagging full feeling that bordered on making me sick. I took the glass into the kitchen and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. The taste of mint quickly soothed me and I was ready to sleep.

"You have work in the morning." Bobby called from the living room, "I'll be back in the morning to get your ready for work!" I heard the door shut and I went straight to bed, exhausted.

Before I fell asleep, the phone in the apartment rang. I saw on the caller ID it was Nick.

"Hello, Sir." Was he downstairs!? Was he going to come up and have his way with me finally!?

"How was your day, pet?" His voice was so soothing to me.

"It was good, Sir."

"Did Bobby keep you busy, my little slut?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And did you like it?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You were my gift to Bobby today. I'm thinking of grooming him for the lifestyle. He seems curious about it."

"Yes, Sir."

"I had to hear your voice, pet. Tomorrow at the office wouldn't have been soon enough." His words gave me hope. "We'll be together soon, Page. Just a bit more grooming and you'll be perfect."

"Yes, Sir."

"Sleep now. I'll see you at the office in the morning. You have quite a bit of writing to do tomorrow. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this weekend we've had."

"Yes, Sir." The line went dead and I turned the phone off.

I lay in bed going over the weekend in my mind, mentally describing the events and my feelings. Nick was right; there was so much to put into words. My new friends, my new confidence, Bobby. I pictured myself just weeks before. What would I have thought of someone who swallowed cum like it was a precious gift? I laughed. I would have been disgusted. I would have turned my nose up at me.

Something about accepting a man into my mouth spoke of trust. I was being given the gift of his most precious tool through which I could pleasure him and accept his seed into my body in the most intimate way, with all five senses. I felt myself get wet just thinking about it. I drifted off to sleep with these thoughts, empowering myself through the pleasure I knew I could give men from all walks of life. Nick had handed me back my feminine power.

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