tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 11

Page's Training Ch. 11


As Bobby dressed me in the morning for work in my anal plug, latex panties with the dildo, thigh high stockings and my obviously altered-to-be-too-short pencil skirt, it felt predictable. Normal.

The bra that let my nipples stand out, the tight-fitting button-up dress shirt ... the suit jacket that was never to be buttoned (the buttons on these jackets had in fact, been removed). My heels were high, my hair was always pulled back ... at any given moment I was tantalizing the masses with some sort of peek at my intimate parts.

But after the weekend, after my previous lessons at the office ... something had changed. I wasn't embarrassed anymore. They would all stare. Given. I would constantly be wet, plugged, and smelling of sex. Given. But how many of them truly noticed? No one ever said anything to me to make me feel uncomfortable. That was something I had done to myself over and over.

Bobby handed me a travel coffee mug, "It's green tea, but at least you'll feel a bit more normal carrying one, right?" He winked and grabbed his coat on the way out the door.

Just as every other morning, we walked down the hall and down the stairs. Nick had forbidden me to use the elevator. The constant thought that anyone just three or four steps below me would see straight up my skirt was always exciting and a bit scary. I was beginning to think that some of my neighbors had started taking the stairs just to catch a glimpse if I walked past.

The car wasn't in front of the building and I turned to Bobby with a questioning look.

"One block down." He pointed to the right and I spotted the car.

"In my own neighborhood. Of course." I started worrying a bit about making eye contact. Who knew me? Would any of my friends from my past life come looking for me and find me like this?

One city block can seem endless when you're carefully dressed to titillate with a plug up your ass and a dildo sliding in and out of you with every step you take in your seriously high heels. Exposed, that's how I felt. I felt like I was on display for the entire city.

It made me wet.

Once we were in the car, Bobby reached over and started playing with one of my nipples. "I still have liberties, right?"

"I'd say you probably do." I smiled and looked out the window while he fondled me. The driver was watching in his rear-view mirror, I had a feeling if he'd spent years driving Nick around, he had seen far worse. It felt sexy to be watched. I started wondering what the stocky man would be like in bed, what his cock would look like, how his cum would taste ....

"We're here!" The car stopped and jerked me from my thoughts. Thanks to Bobby my nipples were at full attention and I blamed the driver for the thoughts that had made me even wetter inside those slippery panties.

I got out of the car, flashing Bobby my latex ass and stockings. I was disoriented at first, but I realized that the car was parked a block from the building's entrance as well. A second walk of shame for the morning.

This time, I was getting so wet that my on juices were beginning to cause slipping and sliding in my panties. The dildo fucked me as I walked; my tits were at attention and bouncing for the crowd. Business men walked past, ogling my body and some literally licking their lips. How many of these men had I masturbated for just days before? Who knew?

In the elevator, three men who had fondled me before when they recognized me pounced on me at first sight. The door shut and I had one hand up my skirt, rubbing my clit through the latex while he kissed my neck and breathed on me, the other two men were sucking my nipples through my shirt. When the door dinged, the men jerked upright and stood at attention as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

A man I'd never seen got on the elevator and looked at me, lowered his eyes to my nipples and pressed the floor just above mine.

When I got off the elevator, I went directly into Nick's office. I needed to see his face. I knocked quietly and politely, waiting for an answer as the woman who hated me eyed me from head-to-toe disapprovingly.

"Come in, Page."

I shut the door behind me, "Thank you, Sir."

"Good morning, my pet!" Nick seemed in a good mood. He stared at my breasts and smiled, "Interesting elevator ride, was it?"

I looked down and saw perfectly round wet spots where the elevator men had been sucking. "Oh ... yes, Sir. Colleagues of yours I assume."

"They are. I get frequent calls about you, Page." He surveyed the rest of me and sighed before sending me to my office to bog about the weekend. "You have emails to check as well."

"Yes, Sir." I walked quickly to my office and opened my email.

Good Morning, Page,

I hope you enjoyed your journey to work this morning. I feel you're becoming too secretive about your lifestyle. Some secrecy is important, even necessary, but to hide yourself away is just that ... hiding. You must learn to walk tall amongst the crowd just as you are and leave the questions to them.

Please blog about this last weekend, I want your intimate thoughts and be truthful my pet.


I blogged for over an hour about my innermost feelings about all I'd done and seen over the weekend. Just recalling it made me so wet I thought I would dehydrate. When I posted the blog, I wanted to cum. I was so worked up from my own personal account of the story.

The next email was a video and I pressed 'play' to see Bobby at the club, surrounded by a swarm of single submissives who were kissing and biting him, sitting on his face and fucking him. I had no idea it had been that crazy.

I watched for 45 minutes, watched him cum, the girls letting it shoot into the air and land on his body where they would lick it off and kiss each other. Bobby's eyes were big as saucers when he watched them. I watched the girls continue fucking him, rock hard despite having just given them what they wanted.

The footage then became Bobby fucking me in the apartment. I began to blush watching him use my body. Did Nick have cameras everywhere? The lag time between each session had been cut and once Bobby came inside of me and plugged me, the video would cut to the next violation, and the next, and the next.

I watched myself get fucked for two solid hours before the final shot of me swallowing down a glass of Bobby's collected cum. I was rocking back and forth in my chair, pushing the anal plug in, then pushing down on the dildo in my panties. I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to contain myself.

The video ended and I checked the next email.


I do hope you enjoyed watching yourself. You're a very sexy woman, my pet. I'm still a bit worried about your shyness, though it is so very appealing at the same time. My slave will not be shy, Page. No mousy, downcast eyes allowed. We will work on this for the week.

Now, as of today your privacy is no longer. I have arranged for you to always have a companion with you, day and night. You will not know these people and they will trade shifts as I have instructed. You needn't worry about any of it.

Eat your lunch as you read the next email. Your companion will arrive shortly.


I opened the refrigerator to get my lunch out and began watching the video in the next email. It was two women having sex; there were strap-ons, vibrators and every kink you could imagine.

My office door opened and a woman walked in, shutting the door behind her. My heart raced. She glanced at me and sat down, facing me, on the couch to read her Vogue magazine. She didn't say a word, just read her magazine and gave wide-eyed glances at the computer screen.

My heart was racing. I couldn't touch myself in front of this woman! I couldn't even rock back and forth on my dildo without feeling utterly mortified. Was this what Nick was talking about? After all I'd been through I was still shy?

I felt the woman judging me from the couch as I ate my lunch and watched two lesbians screaming for God and shoving things inside of each other. My pussy was still dripping wet and getting wetter, but I felt stiff and unsure under the watchful eye of Betty Eclogue in my office.

When I was finished with lunch, I had to use the bathroom. Sure enough, Betty followed me. She shut the door behind her and stood against it with her magazine. I didn't say anything for fear of her reporting back to Nick that I hadn't been cooperative. I pulled down the vinyl panties, slid the dildo out of me and let them fall to my knees.

I glanced at the woman before removing my anal plug and setting it on the counter while I relieved myself. These are the ugly moments of submission that no one really talks about. The human body does not cease to function because of your kinked lifestyle. The sounds associated with this were entirely humiliating.

I refused to look at Betty by the door, but I could just imagine her horrified thoughts. Then she surprised me.

Betty (who knows what her real name was) No one was ever going to tell me anyway) walked to the sink, washed the plug with the special cleaner, slathered it with a light layer of lubrication and set it back down on the counter before she went back to being the magazine-reading statue on the wall.

How much did Nick pay these people? I wondered.

Once I was clean, re-stuffed, dressed and washed, we both returned to the office and I continued watching videos for the afternoon while Betty sniffed perfume samples and took a quiz in her precious fashion Bible.

At 4:45 Betty gathered her things and walked out of my office. I spent fifteen minutes blogging about the day as requested in an email, posted the blog and gathered my own things to leave. At the elevator a man was standing, waiting for me. Babysitter number two.

The man just followed me and lurked a little behind me as I made my way through the lobby to the car. I didn't know whether to direct my attention toward the eyes staring at my breasts or to worry about where my babysitting stalker was behind me.

He got into the car with me a block from the main entrance and when we got to my apartment (or a block from it) he followed me inside and sat on the couch to enjoy some of my incredibly intellectual coffee table reading.

Bobby was cooking dinner and in high spirits. "Page! How was your day?"

"Weird. Yours?"

"Fabulous. I think."

"You think?"

"Nick asked me if I wanted to be groomed to be in the lifestyle! He said he watched the videos of you and I yesterday and he thinks I have potential. What do you think?"

"I trust Nick, if he says you do, then I believe you do." I sneaked a quick glance at the man in the living room and gave Bobby a questioning look.

"The rules are the rules!" He shrugged and kept cooking, "So I have a dilemma. I don't know whether to try to bring my girlfriend into this or to find a single submissive and train her?"

"I guess that depends on what kind of relationship you want with your submissive?"

"What do you mean?"

I grabbed a book of the shelf that I had been reading about submissive behavior and expectations, "This book talks a lot about what is expected of us in relationships and it discusses different types of domination and master styles as well." I handed him the book.

"I guess I never thought about it."

"That's another thing, Bobby; this Dom job is all about thinking. Thinking and plotting and digging into your sub's mind and personal desires. I'm not sure you can train your own sub without exploring a lot about yourself first." I went into the bathroom to remove the panties before dinner. When I returned to the kitchen, Bobby was still stuck in his own thoughts.

"You're exactly right. I won't make any major changes just yet." He served up dinner and sat across from me, eating quietly. I lowered onto the thick dildo and moaned with pleasure. I caught my living room stalker watching with interest.

"I think it's a really big decision, Bobby."

"I know. I need to be financially stable before I can really support a sub. I mean, all of this isn't cheap!" He gestured around the apartment.

"I'd never thought about it. You're right." I had a feeling I hadn't thought of a lot of things involving this lifestyle yet. For example, where did Nick live?

My thoughts were interrupted by Bobby again, "If you're done eating, you better get cleaned up. You'll have visitors soon. Naked would be ideal I'm sure."

I went into the bedroom and removed my clothes. As I walked through the living room on my way to the kitchen, I felt the stranger's eyes on me. I began to blush at my own nudity. Was this person in the lifestyle? Was he a random man off the street? I would never really know.

There was a knock at the door before I ever reached the kitchen and Bobby opened it for two men. I smiled. Only two? Then my heart began to race when I thought of the stranger watching whatever would be done to me. I felt my face flush red.

"Page, let's get the men some drinks." Bobby took their coats and asked what their poison was. Vodka on the rocks men. I went into the kitchen and made their drinks. The stranger moved to the kitchen table as the men occupied the couch.

Bobby had set up the saddle facing the TV screen as usual. I climbed onto the saddle, lowering myself onto the dildo. It was thick but it was never too long, just enough to fill me and give me a good fucking. Bobby tied my ankles back and cuffed my hands behind my back before he shoved the dildo gag into my mouth and fastened it behind my head.

Bobby also put nipple clamps on me that had weights attached to them. He tightened them until he saw me cringe and the pinching pain surged through each breast. The weights pulled down slightly and made the pain more intense.

Instead of flipping the switch I usually saw him use, he reached down lower and flipped a different switch that set a piston into motion below me. Instead of rocking back and forth and slowly fucking the dildo, I began bouncing on the thick cock.

With each bounce, gravity forced the dildo further into me and my screams were muffled by the gag stuffed down my throat. My muscles tensed to keep me balanced and when I opened my eyes, there were three men on the screen tying a woman down who was kicking and screaming and fighting.

She lost the fight, of course, and to quiet her screams they stuffed her panties into her mouth. Each man took his turn using her body as a cum receptacle, thrusting into her so hard you could hear them hit bottom.

I focused on my own pain as the tip of the dildo rammed into my cervix over and over. The men on the couch just watched, they never touched me.

Every bounce caused the weights on my nipples to pull harder as well. My tits were bouncing obscenely and the weights were going wild in all directions. I peeked over at the man in the kitchen, wide eyed and watching as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The heat and embarrassment rushed to my face and in that moment I was humiliated. His hard on was obscene trying to escape his pants.

The woman on the screen eventually stopped trying to fight it and after about 30 minutes I got the feeling she was reluctantly starting to enjoy her attackers. The muffled cries sounded more like moaning now, as did my own.

The dildo was roughly violating me and though I hated to admit it, I loved it. I shut out the men on the couch, I ignored the stranger in the kitchen and I focused on what was happening to my body in those moments.

I was feeling pain and pleasure with nearly every sense I had and before long, with the plug in my ass pressing against the dildo, I finally came violently. It felt like my body was trying to fight the pain with intense pleasure and the guttural cry from my throat was unmistakable, even as muffled as it was.

As soon as the pleasure began to subside and reality seeped into my mind, I realized I was still being watched. I always assumed whoever was on the couch or fucking me while I was on the saddle was in the lifestyle and completely accustomed to these antics. But the stranger ....

His look was half horror and half hunger. Who would he tell about this? Nick was right, what I was would no longer be a secret. Average, ordinary people walking the streets would know full well what I was and what I did.

People I had never seen on the street would know. I was officially a man's whore. His play thing. His obedient slave who willingly allowed her body to be tortured and ... loved every minute of it.

The thought of these facts being known by strangers who may spot me on the street and point me out to friends was oddly arousing in that moment. I tried to channel my inner exhibitionist and pretend that I wanted them to watch, that I secretly wanted them all to know.

The humiliation brought me to my next orgasm, which tickled and tingled long before I actually came. The build-up was so intense that I felt a cry like a cat in heat rise from my throat.

Bobby switched the saddle setting back to the rocking motion and I found myself slightly disappointed that the pounding was over.

The two men came close by the saddle, stroking their cocks as Bobby removed the gag and I breathlessly licked my lips and swallowed. Each of them brought their cock to my face as they got close to cumming and aimed the tip into my mouth.

I swallowed each of them hungrily and licked the tip clean.

The men finished their drinks in one gulp, grabbed their coats and left. The man in the kitchen was given a signal and he too left quickly, his dick pressing at his pants with no release.

Bobby said nothing as he pulled his pants down and walked to the saddle, stroking himself. He stood beside me, watching my body, glancing at the movie and watching the violated woman soaked in cum.

I kept eye contact with Bobby as he watched me. In no time at all, it all hit him at once and he shoved my head down on his cock and came into my throat.

For the next few days, things changed. Someone I'd never seen would always be watching nearby as I was watching videos in the office, which became less embarrassing though I still refused to let my guard down and rock in my chair to gain a bit more pleasure.

But Nick had forbid me to cum. There were no visitors coming by the apartment at night aside from the ever-present strangers and I wasn't allowed on the saddle. Bobby would tie my arms and legs and lay me on the couch to watch movie after movie after movie until it was time to go to bed.

I was constantly wet and wishing I could just cum once. I didn't dare complain or beg to cum like I wanted to. I endured, becoming increasingly horny and irritable. I wasn't even allowed my latex panties with the dildo. I was spending my days with no panties at all, just my anal plug and the fluids dripping from my pussy and smearing my inner thighs to a nearly embarrassing degree.

When Friday night arrived, I was anxiously anticipating trips to the club where I knew Stacie and Lanie would lick my clit and I could cum. But there were to be no trips to the club.

Instead, Nick held intimate parties of his colleagues in the apartment. I was gagged with a dildo tickling my throat and tied to the bed on my knees with my face on the rubber sheet beneath me. My ass was in the air on display and the only light on in the room was a red light bulb in the lamp by the window. The blinds on the window were removed and the windows of the apartment building next door had full view of the room.

I could hear women laughing and talking in the apartment and I could hear moans and squeals as people were fucking in the other rooms. Nick's colleagues would make quick trips into the room to stroke themselves for a quick few seconds before sliding their shafts into my dripping wet pussy to cum inside of me.

There was never more than just a few strokes before they would blast their seed into me and leave the room. I guessed that the fucking in the other room was just to get them close so they could tease me with the tail end of their romp.

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