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Paid In Full


"Your total comes to $4082.34," Gavin said as he tallied up the work order.

"Oh my," Jeana whispered. "I didn't think it was going to be that expensive."

That phrase always sent a shiver up his spine. It never boded well when the customer was surprised by the amount of the repairs. He could play this a couple of different ways. He could be a hard ass and insist on payment in full immediately. He could send them an invoice later in the week, or he could barter for something other than money.

"Well," he said as his voice took on a husky sexy tone. "We could come to an arrangement."

"Oh I'm sure we could," she breathed.

He smiled as he realized Jeana got his meaning loud and clear. This one was sharp. Usually it took a cock up their pussies for some women to figure it out. Gavin would trade work for sex. He studied her for a few moments and then pressed the page button on his phone. His assistant answered after a few seconds. When he heard the signal phrase, he hurried his ass up and got back to the house.

"You're an anxious one," Gavin purred as the woman brushed her body up against his. "But you don't have the right equipment for me. However, Misha has just the kind you need. He's long and thick and he knows if he fucks your sweet pussy until you scream for it then when we get back to the shop, I'll fuck his ass until he can barely walk."

"Then how?" she panted as Misha kneaded her breasts, pushing her back against the counter in her kitchen. Soft whimpers slipped from her lush mouth as he pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers.

"Simple," Gavin purred. "What I want is upstairs right now."

"Dylan?" Jeana moaned. "He's... ah... god yes."

"Yes Dylan," he said as he watched Misha bend her over the counter.

The young assistant pulled down her shorts to her thighs. No farther than that. Misha shoved two fingers into her tight sheath, drawing a cry from her. He started out slow, moving his fingers in and out, making her juicy wet.

"Dylan," Gavin chuckled. "I'm going to go upstairs and slide my cock up his ass. I'm going to make him scream and writhe. Then I'm going to fill his ass with my come. Misha's going to keep you too busy to worry about anything other than how hard he's fucking you. He likes his ass reamed too much to do anything else. So don't worry your pretty little head about Dylan. He's going to be taken care of, thoroughly fucked." As Gavin trotted up the stairs, he heard Jeana cry out and knew she'd just gotten the full measure of Misha's wonderful cock. Then the steady banging began, each one punctuated by whimpers. Soon she would be screaming because Misha could go a long, long time.

His prize was found in the third bedroom from the landing. Gavin smiled as he noted Dylan sprawled out on his stomach. The running shorts he wore hugged his firm rounded cheeks. Other than that, the younger man was naked and he couldn't prevent himself from licking his lips. He was going to enjoy this.

Quietly he approached the bed. Leaning his head down, he let his breath trail over Dylan's tanned flesh. When he reached the crease where thigh met buttock, Gavin let his tongue flick out and trace the sensitive skin. The young man moaned in his sleep, shifting slightly but then settled back down.

"Ah," Gavin chuckled." You're a deep sleeper Dylan. I'm not worried though. You'll wake up quite nicely when my cock slides into that tight hole of yours."

Grasping the waistband of the shorts, he pulled them down the long muscular legs and tossed them aside. There he was in all his glory. Gavin felt his cock jerk in his tight jeans. Tension raced through him and he couldn't wait to get in that ass. Immediately he removed his clothing. Before he tossed his pants aside, he fished the small tube of lube out of the pocket. He'd planned on fucking Misha in the truck. Hell, he could still do that but right now he wanted to feel Dylan wrapped around his cock. From the screams coming from downstairs, he could tell Jeana was enjoying herself. That woman had a dirty mouth on her.

Turning his attention back to the scrumptious feast laid out on the bed, he gently grasped Dylan's ankles and spread his legs apart. There was that lovely little puckered anus. He reached out and stroked it slowly. Dylan's narrow hips rose, lifting into his touch. Gavin smiled wickedly. This was his lucky day.

"Oh Dylan," he purred as he covered the young man's body. "What naughty dreams are you having?"

Gavin sat back on his heels, his thighs straddling Dylan's. He popped the cap on the lube and held it a little bit above the crease of his ass. Slowly he let the liquid drip out onto the taut flesh. Again his cock jerked as he watched it slide down over Dylan's hole. Absently he coated his finger and circled the tiny opening. It clenched and twitched beneath his touch.

Patiently he teased it, pressing against it every now and then to relax the muscle. He began to push his finger inside, making Dylan whimper in his sleep. Steadily Gavin worked the tight passage, adding more lube before he added another finger. He scissored them back and forth, stretching Dylan as he thrust gently in and out.

Finally the hips beneath him began to move, lifting to each thrust of his fingers. Soft whimpers escaped from the younger man's lips as his body began to burn with pleasure. Gavin growled trying to prevent himself from simply thrusting his cock up Dylan's ass. Precum dripped over the head of his shaft. He didn't think he could get any harder unless it was Misha he was about to fuck. There was something about that man that did it for him. Right now though, he wanted Dylan.

When he had three fingers inside him, Gavin knew he was ready. Keeping a steady pace, he reached for the lube and slathered it along the entire length of his cock. He was going to be balls deep inside that tight hole.

Withdrawing his hand, he shifted his weight and lined his cock up with Dylan's passage. Gavin positioned his thighs on either side of his lover's and hooked his ankles over his calves. Slowly he pushed forward; the head slipping easily passed the guardian ring.

"Oh my god," Dylan moaned, his head lifting from the pillows and his hands clenching in the comforter. "What the fuck?"

"Yeah, fuck is right," Gavin chuckled. "You can thank Jeana for this little interlude. God your ass is tight and hot."

"Jeana? What?" Dylan moaned as his body stretched around the thick hard shaft pushing into it.

"We came to arrangement," Gavin moaned as he settled inside him completely. "I get to fuck you and my assistant is fucking the shit out of her. Then you're paid in full. Sweet tight little fuck."

"Damn," Dylan moaned, dropping his forehead back to the mattress. "Fucking move."

"Ah," Gavin laughed tightly as he slowly pulled back. "You like having your ass plowed."

"Just... please... fuck me hard," he panted.

"You know what I told Jeana?" Gavin whispered in his ear, pushing deep once more, and the angle made him rub directly over Dylan's prostate.

"What?" Dylan couldn't think. It had been awhile since he had a cock up his ass.

"I told her I would have you screaming on the end of my cock," Gavin rumbled as he fucked him in long steady strokes. "I told her I was going to fill your ass with my cum."

Dylan's body jerked at his words. His cock strained and throbbed against the sheets as Gavin's thrusts pushed him. He couldn't move with the hands on his lower back and the legs across his. Then again, he really didn't want to. Whoever this guy was, he knew how to fuck an ass. Each thrust inside him hit his sweet spot. He couldn't keep quiet. Low moans and whimpers became screams and growls of pleasure. Gavin's cock kept splitting him. The grunts from above him told a story all their own.

"Such a tight ass Dylan," Gavin purred as he picked up the pace slightly. "You're one hot fuck. And Jeana is having a good time. Can you hear her?"

"Yes," Dylan panted. His stepmother's voice could be heard clearly as she urged Misha to fuck her harder.

"Misha likes to fuck women," Gavin said softly. "He's already made her come at least three times. When he finishes though, he'll shove his cock up her ass and spray her insides. If she's lucky."

"Oh man," Dylan moaned. The words were making clear images in his mind. "What about you?"

"I like to finish what I started," Gavin laughed huskily. "I started in your ass and that's where I'll shoot my load."

Dylan didn't respond. He couldn't. His body was going into overload. He couldn't form a complete sentence as sensations assaulted him. His cock was being rubbed against the bed. His ass was being plowed into the mattress, each stroke inward hitting his sweet spot with unerring accuracy. He wanted to come right then.

Tight, hot, and slick, Dylan's passage wrapped around Gavin's cock. He panted and grunted as he fucked him, moving faster, thrusting harder in his urge to come. Leaning forward, he placed his hands on the younger man's back. The position shifted the angle of his strokes, making his cock drag completely over Dylan's prostate. The man below him screamed and his entire body jerked as he came harder than he ever had before.

"That's it," Gavin growled. "Come for me."

Dylan panted for breath, each continued stroke sending more shockwaves through him. He'd never had an orgasm that lasted this long. This guy was fucking unbelievable.

"Such a sweet fuck," Gavin panted.

His thrusts became erratic as his orgasm rushed towards him. Those tight cheeks clenched around him. The channel he plowed steadily rippled and convulsed along his cock. Individually he could have resisted. Combined they yanked him over the edge.

Hot seed flooded his passage and Dylan screamed with another aftershock. He collapsed against the bed. When he felt the guy lean back, he lifted his head and looked over his shoulder. Then he was moving away from the bed and rifling through his discarded clothing. When he came back with a small digital camera, Dylan felt another surge of lust rush through him.

"Stay just like that," Gavin whispered as he took some video footage. Then he snapped some pictures, making sure to get an extreme close-up of his come sliding out and coating Dylan's skin. He and Misha would watch these little clips over and over again.

"I don't think I could move if I wanted to," Dylan panted.

"Good..." Gavin chuckled. "Your ass is wide open, begging me to fill it again."

A loud scream tore through the air. Dylan jerked but didn't move.

"Misha's done," Gavin chuckled as he dressed. He leaned over and slid his hand under the younger man's body. He swirled his fingers through Dylan's come. The other man lifted as he withdrew. Licking one finger, he smiled and then left the room.

Gavin made it downstairs just in time to see Misha's face contort in exquisite pleasure laced heavily with frustration. Hurrying over to the counter, he thrust his come-slicked fingers into his assistant's mouth where they were eagerly sucked and licked clean.

"Come for me Misha," he whispered.

"I can't," he responded. "I've been trying since I shoved my cock up her ass. It's not working Gavin."

"I know just what you need Soenechko," the older man said. Moving behind Misha he pulled his jeans down a little further. Pushing slick fingers between Misha's ass cheeks, Gavin breeched him hard and fast. Hooking them, he stroked his prostate rapidly.

Jeana screamed again as Misha thrust hard up her ass. Whatever he had shoved up her pussy shifted, hitting her g-spot. It was too much for her to take and she passed out on the counter as her ass was filled with thick white cream.

After a few moments of panting and shaking, Misha slowly pulled his cock out of Jeana's ass. He took the camera from Gavin and snapped his own photos. Turning to look at his lover he lowered the camera.

"She is going to be very sore when she wakes," he commented.

"So is Dylan," Gavin chuckled as he pulled the invoice off his pad. He fished a stamp out of his toolbox and stamped it.


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