Paid in Full


The first and only time I participated in a gangbang was 33 years ago when my girlfriend at that time had sex with me and two men we met while we were hitch-hiking. This is a true story and took place in Australia in 1976. I was 25 and she was 23, we are both English.

My girlfriend, Nicky, had left university 9 months before and we decided to spend a year travelling and seeing a bit of the world. This was to be our big adventure and we agreed that we would be open to any sexual adventures that came our way as well, the only rule would be that if either of us had sex with someone else we both had to agree to it.

We flew to Australia and set off to hitch-hike all over the country before going on to Indonesia, Thailand , India etc. One evening we found ourselves on a road miles from anywhere and waited several hours without getting a lift, indeed only 2 or 3 cars passed in that time. We had sleeping bags so decided to sleep under some trees at the side of the road. Nothing happened that night other than that Nicky was terrified by the various animal and insect noises we heard, knowing as she did that many snakes and spiders in Australia are poisonous.

Next day we continued hitching but in all the day we only got one lift, from a farmer, 30 or so miles up the road. Again we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with night approaching. Nicky was really upset at the prospect of another night in the open. Just as we'd given up hope of leaving that place that night we heard a car approaching . It stopped and two men in their 50's got out. We ran up to them and asked them for a lift. They said it was a company car and they were not allowed to give lifts. Nicky got pretty upset and told them we had been there 4 hours and how scared she was of staying there the night. The two guys had a whispered discussion and then said that they would give us a lift if Nicky agreed to have sex with them! My first reaction was outrage, indignation and so on, but Nicky was silent. The guys got 2 cans of beer from the car and said they were going to sit under a tree and drink their beer and when they had finished one of two things would happen – either they would get in the car and continue their journey and leave us to spend the night by the side of the road or else Nicky would let them have 'a bit of fun' with her and 2 hours later we would be in the next town and checking into a safe, comfortable motel.

As soon as they had moved away Nicky said to me that she would do anything not to have to spend the night there, even having sex with these two older men . She reminded me what we had agreed about 'sexual adventures' and this could be our first. I was amazed but also a bit aroused by the thought of it and after a few minutes discussion we decided to tell the men she would do it.

We walked towards them hand in hand. I could tell they knew what we had decided as they both just stared hungrily at Nicky as she approached. Nicky was too nervous and embarrassed to speak so I told them she would do it. They both got up with goofy grins on their faces, hardly believing their luck, and moved towards her.

At this point I should describe Nicky as she was then – 5' 3" with brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes and 34c breasts which looked larger on her slim body. Her mother is Italian and she inherited her Mediterranean good looks. Her skin always tanned to a golden brown at the slightest hint of sun. I thought she was beautiful. She wore only a t-shirt, no bra, short shorts and sandals.

The two men were called Dave and Jim, both in their early 50's. Dave was stout with a fairly large belly bulging over the top of his shorts. Jim was taller and slimmer but had lost most of his hair. They were sales reps on their way to some sales conference I think. As they moved towards Nicky they kept making rather stupid and obvious jokes like "You're COMING with us then darling?", or "Time to pay up – a ride for a ride!" etc etc.

Straight away they pulled her t-shirt off and she stood there in the open air breasts firm and jutting, nipples stiff and for a few minutes their hands were all over her squeezing her breasts, her bottom, rubbing their groins against her , taking turns to kiss her and so on. She seemed in a bit of a daze and stood there passively letting them do what they wanted . After a few minutes they pulled back and said they were going further off the road under the gum trees to ' get started '. They told me there was a blanket in the car and to bring it over. I followed them watching as they walked her through the trees, one on each side of her , their arms round her , still groping her as they walked.

When we reached a suitable spot they told me to lay the blanket down and told Nicky to take her shorts off and 'get ready to be fucked'. The guys had been arguing as to who should go first and now Dave fished a coin out of his pocket and tossed it. Jim made the call and lost. Dave whooped and struggled out of his clothes and when he was naked went to Nicky who was standing there nervously, completely naked now. He put his arms around her and kissed and groped again for a while before telling her to lie down on the blanket. She lay down with her legs spread wide. He lumbered over and lowered himself onto her. He couldn't get it in by himself ( his cock wasn't very long and his belly was large) and Nicky had to guide his prick into her. She just lay there at first, eyes closed, arms resting lightly on his shoulders, legs spread but with her feet on the blanket, seemingly just enduring it.

It was a pretty obscene sight to see this overweight man with hair all over his back crouched over my beautiful girlfriend humping away at her, but along with the disgust, shame and jealousy I was intensely turned on, my prick rock hard. He didn't last long but before he came I saw the changes in Nicky- her arms were tighter around his shoulders, her legs were pulled back further and her feet rested on his back, her breathing was shorter and faster. I realised that she was getting turned on by this. Dave came after just a few minutes with much puffing and grunting and lay on her recovering his breath. When she told him he should get off her as he was too heavy, he rolled off and lay by her side, telling how how great it had been (I should add here that no condoms were used as Nicky was on the pill and in those pre-aids days that seemed good enough ) .

Jim was naked now and had been fondling his cock as he watched and so he was ready to have his turn right away. His cock was much longer than Daves and he was slimmer and seemed to know better what he was doing. He knelt between her legs and putting his arms under her thighs he pushed her legs right back and his cock found it's target first time sliding into her with ease. He didn't last more than about 5 minutes either, but for the whole time Nicky fucked with enthusiasm, arms tight around him, humping herself against him desperately seeking her orgasm. He came before she reached it however.

She lay there, hair all over the place, covered in sweat, pubic hair damp and flattened, pussy lips moist and glistening. She looked across at me and told me to come to her, to finish her off . Although I was more horny than I have perhaps ever been I wasn't sure that I wanted to put my cock in her when she was still full of these guys cum. But she pleaded again " Fuck me Rob, make me come – please, I really need it!" and love and lust overcame disgust . I lay down beside her and started to kiss and fondle her but she just pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me sliding down onto my cock and proceeded to ride me . This is always guaranteed to make her come, which she did in a short time . Her cunt, normally so familiar, felt different. It was just so sloppy, so slick with cum and her own juices that there was no friction and I couldn't really feel a lot. However the fact that I had been so turned on for the last half hour meant that in the end I came soon after her.

While we were going at it I think we forgot about the two men and when we came down to earth again we saw they were standing there , rubbing themselves and watching the 'floor show'. Dave had his clothes back on but Jim was still naked and we could see his cock was semi-hard . He then asked Nicky if he could 'have another go'. Nicky said in a sort of bored, resigned kind of way that he might as well ( but I think that secretly she was not finished and wanted another orgasm ). I stood up and Nicky lay back legs parted again. He walked to the edge of the blanket and asked her to give him ' a bit of a suck first to get him going'. Nicky knelt in front of him and sucked his cock for a few minutes, after which he said he was ready and wanted to do it doggy . She knelt down on all fours, bottom in the air, pussy presented to him for his use, waiting for him to take her. He knelt up to her and was into her in a flash. This time they fucked for about 20 minutes or so, both seeming as enthusiastic as the other. Nicky came at least twice, as far as I could tell, before he came inside her for the second time that evening. At one point I thought that Jim was going to want 'a second go' as well as he knelt beside them and squeezed and fondled Nickys boobs as they hung down beneath her. However I don't think he was able to get a second hard on and after a while he went back to the car for another beer.

When they were done we dressed and tidied up a bit and went back to the car and set off to the nearest town. To begin with the guys tried to be a bit jokey like before, but Nicky was tired and put her head on my shoulder and slept. I had nothing to say and pretended to doze as well. When we reached the town they dropped us off at a motel but suggested that they come to our room with us so Nicky could 'thank them properly for the lift', but we said no, she had paid in full.

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