tagBDSMPaid Vacation Pt. 01

Paid Vacation Pt. 01


The February wind howled and a wet snow, almost sleet, beat against the window of the small apartment. Kate, a twenty-three year old grad student, sat at her desk, deeply involved with a text book while Alison, her roommate, leaned on the window sill, staring into the forbidding night. Alison was also a grad student, the same age as Kate. Both girls were fairly tall at five foot nine. Both girls had a similar slim and athletic build, and could, and did, wear each other's clothes. Both had emerald green eyes and they could almost be taken as sisters. However, Alison's dark auburn hair, worn slightly longer than shoulder length, contrasted with Kate's golden blonde neck length cut.

Alison continued her break from her own books and remained looking into the night. A sudden gust of wind, stronger than the others, rattled some now freezing snow against the glass. Alison shivered and said, half to herself, "What I wouldn't give for a nice warm beach and some time in the sun without having to worry about cell structure, DNA or any of that stuff."

Kate looked up from her desk and responded, "Well, that's what we get for going to school in Michigan. At least it's only three weeks to break and I plan on heading to a nice warm section of the ocean somewhere south of Florida. Where are you planning on going, Alli?"

This mildly curious question raised a look of real anguish on her friend's face as she bitterly replied, "Looks like right here."

Kate put down her pencil and turned around towards her roommate. "I thought you had a trip planned somewhere with Brad. Something go wrong?"

"You might say that. Or maybe something went right, but it messed up break. Brad and I have broken it off. Now before you feel sorry about that, we both decided we really didn't have much in common any more and neither of us is upset about that. It's just that I'd really been counting on the trip south to keep me from going crazy."

"Well, why don't you go ahead by yourself? I'm sure the way you look you won't have any trouble finding some nice hunk to hang around with."

Alison looked even more troubled than before. "Kate, I can't afford it. I've had some unexpected expenses and with what they pay us for the assistantships, I'm not even sure I'll be able to come up with my tuition for next quarter. I guess I'm going to spend spring break working around here somewhere to try and make up some of it. If I could, I'd do almost anything for a trip south. I'm slowly going stir crazy now and you know the best weather we can expect here during break is that there will be freezing rain instead of snow. That is, if it warms up."

Kate stared thoughtfully at her miserable friend. After a minute she said, "How much did you mean it when you said you'd do almost anything for a trip?"

Allison broke away from staring at the window and looked around at Kate. "Well, almost anything. You know I have limits. Nothing illegal. Absolutely no drugs or anything like that. Have you got something in mind?"

"Well," Kate began slowly, "I do know of one possibility. There's this group of executives who are going sailing in the Carribean and who are willing to pay for, shall we say, female companionship."

"Look," Allison responded, "I like sex as much as you do. You know that. But I'm not ready to be a hooker for just any old geezers who are tired of their wives."

"Just a second," Kate said. "I know that. I know you're not going to work the street or anything. But I also know you don't have to be in love with a guy to sleep with him if you think he's a good type and sexy. Right?"

Alison nodded. "I won't say I'm a total prude by any means, but I do have some discriminating standards."

"OK," Kate went on, "These guys I'm talking about are all single, all in good physical shape, and somewhere between late twenties and early thirties. Not all that much older than we are. All are pretty good looking and some of them are really nicely built. They rent a big sailboat and spend two weeks cruising and stopping on some small, private islands. And they'll make it worth your while."

Alison looked a little more interested. "How do you know about this? Say is this the trip you've been planning?"

Kate looked slightly embarrassed. "Yeah. And I went with them last year, too."

"Just what are we talking about when you say they'll make it worth my while?" Alison asked.

"Somewhere in the neighborhood of four thousand for two weeks," Kate replied.

"Four thousand!" Alison practically shouted. "Are you serious? What do I have to do for that, be a sex slave?"

Kate looked at her for a minute without saying anything.

Slowly Alison asked as she looked at her roommate. "Does that mean I'm right? I was just being ridiculous, but are you saying they really want sex slaves?"

Now Kate slowly answered. "Sort of. Not really sex slaves, but they like to play bondage and discipline games. No one really gets hurt and the sex is fantastic. These guys aren't into any real dominance-submission. No humiliation or mind games. But, yes, you would be a sex toy, subject to bondage and punishment the whole time. Look, I know that you and Brad, and I think one of your earlier boyfriends, played those games. You told me, remember?"

"We did go in for a little bondage and some spanking," Alison admitted. "And maybe a few clothes pins and such, but we never went further than a whipping with his belt or a frat paddle. I have no desire to end up with rings in my tits or a brand on my ass."

Kate gave a little laugh. "No, neither do I. These guys will play rougher than you and Brad did, but nothing dangerous and nothing that will really damage or leave any marks for more than a day or so. Actually I have never been more turned on or had hotter sex than during that trip last year."

"You really did this last year?" Alison asked. Kate nodded. "And you're going back again in three weeks?" Again a nod. "How could we get two weeks instead of one anyway?"

"This is your research quarter, too, isn't it?" Kate asked. Now Alison nodded. "Than I'm sure you could get Prof. Burnside to let you come back a week late. Just tell him you have a once in a lifetime chance for a special trip. Besides, if you wiggle your ass at him he'll give in to almost anything."

Alison smiled. "I could probably get him to let me come back a week late, but 'wiggling my ass' won't get me any break on getting results with my research. I've already tried. Tell me more about this. Who are these guys, how many, what would I be expected to do, and do you think I could get in on it? That is, if I should decide I want to."

Kate could see Allison was practically hooked on the idea. "One at a time. OK? Like I said they are a group of young executives, obviously well off. They are, as you might imagine, people who work hard at what they do and like to play hard too. Most have their own companies. Last year there were five of them and I expect it to be about the same this year."

"As to what you would be expected to do, well, quite a bit. You would be available for almost any kind of sex games at any time. And that really means almost all the time. There are some limits, though. No water games except maybe some enemas, no animals or anything like that. And I already said nothing dangerous or really harmful. They would expect sex - oral, vaginal, and anal - and maybe sex with another woman. You would be available to any and all of them. There would be a lot of bondage. Quite a bit of spanking and whipping, but none severe enough to really do any damage. It will hurt, though. There are also things like nipple clamps and some other stuff like that. But I will say that I really did enjoy everything they did to me last year. Even if some of it hurt a lot at the time, it still turned me on like crazy. If there's something you really had a problem with, I feel pretty sure they would go along with you on it. They also really seem interested in being sure the women enjoy the games, too. They are definitely not just a bunch of sadists."

"And finally, could you get in on it? I'd have to say very, very likely. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I wanted to come again this year. They also asked if I had anyone I could suggest because they were still a couple of girls short. They want one woman for each man and they only look at someone on personal recommendation. Are you interested?"

Alison had been staring as though in a trance while Kate described the expected activities. Her hand had moved towards her crotch and begun to gently rub. Now she brought her attention back to Kate. "I'm not sure. You make it sound so hot."

"It is so hot," Kate interrupted.

"Well, maybe, but I'm not sure about everything you described." Alison's face actually reddened a little. "I've never had sex with another girl. Or anal sex; I've been afraid it would hurt too much."

Kate smiled. "So was I until I tried it. These guys won't really hurt you. They're slow and careful. After all, they know that their sex is the hottest when the girl loves it, too. Look. I know a lot of people - maybe most people - would look at this as just prostitution, but I see it a little differently. I'm doing something I like with some nice guys I also like. They just happen to be able to make it worth my while financially. They really are a nice bunch and just want to have a good time. I know what you're thinking: If they're so good, why do they have to pay for it? I doubt any of them would have to pay for it. They're not interested in any long term relationship, just good sex. They like the variety they get this way and figure they can find some girls they wouldn't meet any other way. But like I said, it's only on personal recommendation." She laughed and added, "Keeps the riff-raff out that way."

Alison laughed with her and then seemed to make up her mind. "OK, I'm interested. What do I have to do?"

"Like I said, almost everything. No, seriously, I'd need to send them a picture. And you'd have to get a blood test and a physical, but you can do that at the clinic here on campus. Just say you need a physical for an organization that requires you to be fit for 'rigorous physical activity'. The guys will pick up any costs on the tests, too. After all, they want to make sure there aren't any STDs. Believe me, they also get blood tests themselves. You might need a passport, but you have one already. Also you have to be on the pill, but you are, aren't you?

Allison nodded and Kate went on, "If you want I've got that digital camera and we can get a picture tonight and I can send it Fed Ex to them tomorrow."

"What kind of a picture?" Alison asked suspiciously.

"At least - or I should say at most - a bikini. Topless would be better. No one else would ever see it outside their group. I'd trust them completely."

Alison thought about it for a minute. "OK, get your camera," she said as she headed for the bedroom. Three minutes later she returned wearing only a very small, green bikini bottom. They tried several shots until both decided one of Alison reclining on the couch would do. Alison printed the picture while Kate placed a call to her contact in the mysterious group and arranged to send the picture the next day.

By this time any more study that night was a lost cause and both girls retreated to the bedroom continuing their talk about the Kate's trip the previous year. As Kate described some more of the activities, both girls began to get turned on.

"The entire trip was non-stop sex play," she began. "Oh, I don't mean someone was doing something to me every second, but a lot more of the time than you'd believe possible. And even when nothing was actually going on, I still couldn't think about anything but sex. There was a lot of bondage and whipping, too, but I was fucked probably ten times every day. I know that sounds like a lot, especially if they were doing the same thing to the other girls, too, but, Ali, you won't believe how these guys could 'keep it up' so to speak. I'm sure they each managed at least ten times a day, not even counting tongues or dildos or such. And I can only guess how often I came. Probably twenty or thirty times a day for the whole trip. I told you this was the hottest sex I've ever had."

"They had these padded bar things on the deck and one afternoon one of the other girls and I were each tied over one. These things were a little less than waist high and we were bent over them with our legs spread about a foot and a half apart. My hands were tied spread, too, so this made me wide open with my ass the highest point. To make it more interesting, they blindfolded us."

"First, they spent twenty or thirty minutes teasing us. Running their hands all over us, fingering us, licking, and so on. And it wasn't just the five guys. They let the other three girls join in the fun, too. Well, like I said, this went on for about a half hour and then all of a sudden I felt a leather whip slam into my ass. They have a lot of different kinds of whips, but what they use most are cats of nine tails, and that's what this one was. A cat can feel like a soft leather massage or sting like hell. This wasn't a massage. I cried out, but when I opened my mouth, one of the guys stuck his cock in it. I certainly didn't mind that and started working on him when the cat hit again. It was all I could do to keep from biting the poor guy. They kept on whipping me until this guy spurted down my throat and when he pulled out another one took his place. And a second one shoved into me from behind. At least they weren't whipping my ass now. Anyway while these two were going at it I suddenly felt two other people start sucking on my tits. These turned out to be two of the other girls."

"Altogether they kept us tied on the bars for about three hours. And there wasn't any of that three hours I spent by myself. There was always someone touching, whipping, or fucking me. I'm sure I was had at least six times. Plus some more with vibrators."

"There was another time when James and Bob shared me and another girl for the night. They'd all play with all of us during the day but usually each of us belonged to one guy for the night, but this night two of them decided to share. Anyway, at one point the other girl - Carol, her name was - and I were strung up by our wrists, face to face, while the two guys beat our rears with paddles, leather straps, and cats. Then while we were still hanging there against each other, one of them took each of us in the ass. That was a really wild sensation, feeling her push against me each time the guy in her bottom thrust into her and me pushing back against her for the same reason."

Kate and Allison had met the previous year and become friends almost immediately. They had been sharing the apartment since August and had grown even closer. Neither was embarrassed at being undressed with the other and often slept in just panties or at most a short night shirt. The apartment only had one bedroom and while there were twin beds, the proximity left little privacy.

Both of the girls enjoyed an active sex life and didn't mind talking about it with each other. Allison had even said that she thought the reason she had majored in biology was that she liked sex so much. In the past it wasn't unusual when they were sharing the details of a particularly hot date for both of them to begin playing with themselves. The first time this happened neither realized what she was doing until well along and then suddenly both became embarrassed. Then Kate said, "Look, we both know we love sex. We both know we like talking about it. We share all kinds of intimate secrets. And we both know we like masturbating. So what the hell is the big deal? I don't mind if you don't."

Allison had finally agreed and from then on neither hesitated when they were having a hot conversion or watching a sexy video tape just because the other was there. Now both girls had their fingers busy as Kate described some of the things that had happened on her last trip. To Allison, some of these sounded like a story she might find on the net or in some porn magazine. Hot, but did this stuff happen in real life? Evidently it sometimes did. As Kate described being tied face to face - or maybe front to front would be a better description - with another girl while both were lashed with a cat of nine tails, Allison went over the top into orgasm. Soon after Kate stopped talking and soon was noisily entering her own climax. Finally as the sleet still rattled against the glass, both girls gave in to sleep. Allison's, at least, was filled with dreams of warm sun and hot sex.

Two days later as the two were finishing dinner the phone rang. Kate answered and then suddenly waved for Alison's attention as she listened to the person on the other end. For a minute she spoke with the caller and Alison could tell she seemed to know the person. Then after listening a minute she said, "Yes, I think she would be just what you're looking for. OK, she's right here." She turned and held the phone out to Allison.

Allison looked surprised and mouthed, "For me?" Kate nodded and smiled. Alison took the phone and said hello.

She was answered by a pleasant, deep male voice. "Allison, I understand that you might be interested in a little sailing trip. Is that right?"

Allison's heart skipped a beat. She was almost unable to find her voice but finally managed to cautiously say, "That's right. If it's the one Kate told me about."

The voice laughed. He had a very pleasant, sexy laugh and Allison visualized a tall, handsome man with dark hair and an enchanting smile. "That it is. I'm sure she has told you a lot about it. If you are still interested, we would like to have you come along."

Allison answered a little slowly. "From what I know I would like that. I think I'd like to know a little more before I commit myself completely."

"That's certainly understandable," the man said. "I'm sure Kate has told you about the physical exam, so why don't you go ahead with that. Then you and Kate can come down here when your break starts and everyone can meet and make a final decision. We'll send you two tickets and even if things don't work out, we'll pick up the tab for you to stay here a day or so. How does that sound?"

Alison gave into her feelings. "Like I must be dreaming."

The man laughed, a deep and sexy laugh. Alison found she was getting a little turned on just by the sound of his voice. "I think we're all going to really enjoy this," the man said. "Kate can tell you what to bring and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the twenty-fifth."

As Alison hung up the phone and turned back to her roommate, she saw that Kate's face was alive with a tremendous smile. "That was James," she said. "You'll love him. Literally, I expect. He is definitely one of the sexiest studs I've ever met."

"I'll admit," Alison said, "that his voice alone is enough to get me wet. Is he really as good as he sounds?"

"No," Kate responded. "Better. Six foot, brown hair, blue eyes that can undress you or look right inside your head. Shoulders about a meter wide and a stomach you could probably bounce a quarter off of. Not to mention the really good parts. Actually, he's one of the nicest men I've ever met. Even when he's swinging a whip at my ass."

Alison squeezed her legs together. "He does sound almost unreal. Are these guys really that good?"

"Well, I'll admit that I do think James is the best, but all the others who were there last year were really terrific. There won't necessarily be the exact same bunch this year, but probably most of them will be the same. I'm sure all will be really hot hunks as well as really nice."

Alison still looked a little disbelieving. "I still find it a little hard to believe that if these guys are that great, they have to pay for sex. And they're really not overboard into the kinky stuff? I mean to where they can't get off without it or something?"

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