tagFirst TimePaige: My First Love

Paige: My First Love


Names (other than mine) have been changed

The main parties in this story are at least age 18

This occurred in 1984.

I was eligible to apply to be a counselor at a summer camp. After the interview process, I was accepted based largely upon being a former camper.

I arrived for the trainee orientation session early. I saw her name on the list of staff members for the year and grimaced. I remembered Paige from a few years earlier. How could I ever forget her? From the chin up, she was pretty enough -- light brown hair and hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles. But the rest of her? Skinny as a rail. But her biggest problem was that she was opinionated and demanding. Rude some even said. I'd overheard a couple of other counselors say she may have had self-esteem problems. She was a bit older than I was, but some of the female campers had already out-developed her. A few of them bragged that they had already lost their virginity and another openly professed to liking girls over boys. Paige was self-conscious about her physique, and the mean-spiritedness of a few of the campers under her charge probably had more than a little to do with her behavior. My parents taught me to treat others, especially women and girls, with respect, so I bit my tongue often and tried to treat Paige nicely even though I wanted to lash out at her and tell her that her attitude flat-out sucked. I hoped and prayed she was not assigned to me as a trainer because the absolute last thing I needed was her bitching and moaning complicating what looked to be an already hectic week. But then I considered that maybe Paige had changed. I hoped so. But if she tries her bullshit again, I'm gonna tell her off, I promised myself. And it won't be pretty!

I was down near the river watching workers put the finishing touches on a new dock. About damn time, I thought. Walking on the rickety old wooden dock had never failed to unnerve me. Suddenly a female voice from behind made me jump.


I turned around and stared directly into the face of a goddess. It took me a few seconds to recognize her. It was her eyes and her freckles which did it.

"Paige?" I did a double-take.

"Yeah, it's me, George," she laughed. We hugged.

Boy, had she ever changed! The gawky girl had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. I began lavishing praise on her as I walked around her taking in all her beauty.

"Oh my God, Paige! Wow! You look... terrific! Better than terrific. Holy cow, look at you! God you're hot!" The hiking boots, Levis, and the ugly beige and green camp staff tee-shirt she was wearing looked like a million dollars on her.

"Aw, thank you, George," she laughed while blushing a little and holding her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. "I know it's got to be a shock. I finally got boobs and curves."

She need not have reminded me.

"Well, George, I see you're on the list of trainees," she said.

"Yeah," I replied. "I've basically done it all here as a camper, but I love the place and I wasn't drafted by a major league team, so..."

"Well, good luck," she said. "I think you'll make a good counselor." She glanced at her watch. "Whoa! Sorry, I gotta get moving for the trainee orientation. See you in a few, George."

I couldn't help but stare in admiration at her as she ran to the camp hall. When Paige volunteered to be my training counselor (or "TC" in parlance,) my heart soared. Every one of the five other male trainees in the room (all of whom had been checking her out on the sly,) gave me the dirtiest looks imaginable. I relished in it.

The change in Paige was more than physical though. She was all business during the training sessions. She was demanding, but in a good way -- a professional way. Paige demanded, and rightly so, that I take my duties as seriously as she took hers. We'd be in charge of younger campers after all. I knew how much of a handful I'd been at that age and I realized there was probably going to be two or three like that in each group.

The last night of the training session was on a Saturday. The first group of campers were due to arrive the following afternoon. The last round of tests were about CPR and first aid, which were held at and around the pool. And even though I was probably not going to be assigned lifeguard duty, every trainee had participate in a mock drowning rescue. As soon as I saw Paige in her black one-piece swimsuit, my male hormones kicked in. When it came time for the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation phase, I went to full erection. I tried to hide it and attempt to perform the test simultaneously, but I couldn't and panicked. I put my hand in my swim trunks' pocket and surreptitiously as possible tried to hold my dick down in embarrassment because the place was crowded. I made an excuse to the head counselor, Roy, and ran to the restroom. Masturbating to orgasm was the only solution. By the time I was finished and I had finally gone soft, everyone was leaving the pool area and I thought I was finished as a trainee. I went back to my cabin and without hardly a word to anyone, I quickly packed my stuff and wondered how I was going to explain this to my parents. But I thought I owed Paige an explanation and an apology before I left. I knew she'd be disappointed in me, and who could've blamed her? I was angry at myself.

I gently knocked on the door to her private quarters in the deserted female staff cabin and announced myself. "Come in," said Paige. Thankfully she was dressed in sweatpants and a loose-fitting tee-shirt. She immediately confronted me.

"Why'd you run off, George? You were doing so well!" The exasperation and disappointment in her voice was very apparent, but I didn't sense anger at all.

"I had a bad burger for lunch, I guess," I lied. "I told Roy." Roy was the lead counselor.

"Oh, BS, George! Be honest. I saw that big boner you had," she said firmly.

I blushed. I was caught! "I'm sorry, Paige. You just looked so cute in that swimsuit. I really couldn't help it," I said.

"Did you...?" she asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"In the restroom. Did you whack off?" she said more forcefully.

I nodded sheepishly and stared at the floor. "Couldn't help it," I said meekly.

"And you thought about me?" she asked.

"Not in a bad way, Paige. God you're beautiful. I just... I just..." I fumbled with the words and thought my heart was going to burst through my chest. " I just couldn't con..." I still couldn't look at her.

I thought for sure she was going to call my parents or the police.

"It's alright, George," Paige said softly. "Forget that I'm your TC right now. You ever been with a girl before?"

I shook my head nervously.

She nodded and gestured for me to sit down on the edge of her bed and she sat down next to me and put her hand on my shoulder. And damned if that didn't effect me, too.

You have to understand that I was raised in a Catholic home where sex was never discussed and I'd had little in the way of proper sex education -- a few pornos and some magazines were about the only thing that even came close to it. To say I was confused is an understatement.

"I know I was a skinny annoying little bitch that summer and hardly anyone liked me. You treated me well though. We got along."

I nodded, feeling pangs of guilt for all the bad thoughts I had had about her. I began to think this was some kind of divine payback.

"But I've changed," she said. "Inside I mean. Roy and I talked and he made me see what I did wrong, and I promised to change. He gave me a second chance."

I nodded and kept looking at the floor.

"And I think you deserve one, too," she said.

"Huh?" I said. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I looked up.

"Come on, George," said Paige. "You're smart; you have a good head on your shoulders. You aced all the other tests. I don't think one slip up should be held against you. And actually, I don't think I can even call it a slip up because your body just reacted to a situation you'd never been in. And don't worry about the fib you told Roy. As far as I'm concerned, you ate something that didn't agree with you and that's that. Roy doesn't know about what really happened and he doesn't need to."

I was so relieved. "Thank you," I croaked. I was barely able to get the words out because my mouth was dry as a desert.

"So," said Paige, standing up. "Roy's given me permission to test you tonight. And if you do get a hard-on, don't be embarrassed. No one else will be around."

"Okay," I said with more than a touch of uncertainty.

"George, I've seen an erection before," said Paige. "I promise I won't be offended. You're human and you're a guy and guys get erections from time to time. Just concentrate on what you need to do to pass. So, let's get started." She went into the bathroom and came out a minute later in her swimsuit and a pair of white camp shorts over them. She grabbed a clipboard with a form containing my scores, and we walked to the pool. The test took an hour or so. As soon as the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation part started, I hoped my best friend realized that it was not sexual in nature. However, he didn't. I tried to think that this was not making out; it was to learn necessary skills just in case they were needed. It still didn't work. In seconds I was at near full erection. Paige ignored it. But I didn't try to hide it and focused on the tests. Paige acted like it never existed.

After it was over, Paige smiled said, "Congratulations, George. You passed with flying colors," and she hugged me, avoiding my erect penis. "I knew you could do it! And I know you'll make a great counselor."

I exhaled hard in relief. "Thank you for everything, Paige."

"You're welcome, George," she said as she filled out and signed the stack of papers on her clipboard. "I'll get this to Roy a little later because..." she said looking down. The front of my trunks was still tented. I'd completely forgotten!

"Oh, boy..." I said, blushing. All I could do was shrug meekly.

"Don't leave and go whack off somewhere and waste it," she said quietly. "I have a better idea. But we've got to keep it hush-hush."

"Okay." I said.

She quickly pulled on her shorts and grabbed my hand and hurriedly led me back to her quarters. Because of the late hour, it was deserted. When we got there, Paige locked the door.

"If this makes you uncomfortable, I'll stop. But I think you'll like it." she said.

"Like what?" I asked nervously, hoping that what I was thinking was going to happen did happen.

"This..." she said in a breathy voice, smiling. And Paige planted the deepest, wettest kiss I'd ever had on me. My knees damned near gave out. Suddenly, she slowly began tracing her tongue down my neck, down my chest, and down my stomach to the waistband of my trunks. I didn't think it was possible, but I was bigger and harder than I'd ever been. She eased my trunks down and suddenly six-and-a-half inches of erect cock was pointing at her pretty face.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried. I covered my mouth. "Sorry, Paige, it just slipped out!"

She let it slide.

"Ooh... nice!" she said as she began masturbating me. I thought someone had to have heard me when I involuntarily groaned loudly a couple of minutes later and came -- hard! Really hard! The load barely missed her head. She looked genuinely stunned. My legs were shaking so bad I had to sit down. I tried to compose myself.

"Oh, my God! S-sorry, Paige!" I said, chuckling and shrugging.

"It's okay," she said smiling, standing and walking to the bathroom and returning with a big stack of paper towels to clean up the mess I'd made. "The first orgasm for a guy who's with a girl for the first time is always a doozy. But that one was a doozy and a half! You'll be ready again in no time. Meanwhile..."

She grabbed my hands and pulled me up and guided me around her soft beautiful body. I took the hint and began undressing her. Without knowing it was an erogenous zone, or even what one was for that matter, I moved her damp hair and kissed the nape of her neck. She smelled like chlorine, but to me it was intoxicating. She sighed softly and arched her back.

"God, where'd you learn that?" she asked softly.

I shrugged.

Within a few minutes, gorgeous Paige was standing before me totally nude. She was built. Her breasts were not big, but nor were they small. They were firm and perky and fit her frame perfectly. I also noticed she was cleanly shaved, which was something else I'd never seen. She did a graceful 360 and gave me a full view of her incredible body.

"Oh, Paige... Oh wow... Beautiful... Oh my God!" was all I could say. But I didn't have a clue what to do next. I had a lot of ideas, but didn't know where the hell to start. I basically began to shut down.

"Nervous is normal," Paige said in a calming tone. "Just do what I say, George."

I nodded.

She lay on the bed and told me to kneel on it and guided my head and my hand to her sopping wet pussy and showed me how to work her clit with my tongue and pleasure her with first one finger and then two. She leaned back. After a few minutes of gasping and moaning and bucking her hips, she contracted so hard that I thought I broke a finger.

"Oh... Oh, yeah. George, that feels good," Paige said. She suddenly gasped and arched her back. She groaned through her teeth loudly and shuddered. A minute or so later, she breathlessly laughed. "Now take your finger out and lick it."


"Oh, that was great!" she said, sitting up and kissing me. "You just gave a girl an orgasm for the first time! I hope it isn't the last one you give me. Oh, and I see you're ready again."

She reached out and gave me a playful tug. And my formerly spent, semi-rigid penis was fully erect once again. She stood up and pushed me back a little.

"Now just lie back, relax and enjoy," Paige said, and took me in her mouth. Thankfully, I didn't come again right then and there. Where the hell did she learn this? I wondered. It's like one of those dirty movies, I thought. She brought me to the edge a few times.

"Okay, George," she said after a few minutes. "Lie down on your back. I'm going to fuck you. Just warn me when you're about to come. Never come in a girl unless you want a baby." She straddled me and slowly guided me into her wet pussy. She was tight. Really tight. She gasped and moaned as she slowly lowered herself down all the way.

"Oh my God!" I groaned. I was nearly in tears of happiness. Paige's tight, hot wetness around my dick was the most heavenly thing I'd ever felt. "Oh my God! That feels... ohhh, damn!"

"Like it?" she asked, as I fondled her beautiful breasts.

"Oh, my God yes!" I nodded. "So tight... I really don't know how long..."

"Shhh..." she said and leaned down and kissed me again. "Just let me know when you're about to come."

I nodded. Paige slowly lifted herself up and down on me for a few minutes and I was rambling incoherently in between moans and groans. I suddenly remembered one of the first hardcore porn movies I'd seen and decided to get bold. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down and kissed her like she kissed me and rolled her over.

"Uh-oh, I think I created a monster!" she squeaked and laughed.

I pumped in and out of her. I had to take a few breaks; I didn't want it to end. But finally it came to a point where I just could not hold back and nodded.

"I... Can't... Ohh..." I said.

She quickly pushed me away, got on her knees on the floor and gave me another blowjob. The second load was as big as the first one. I was dizzy.

"My God! Whew!" she finally said after it was over. "That was wonderful!"

We cuddled and kissed as we cooled down. I was exhausted and sore and I felt like the king of the world because I'd just made it with the hottest girl in camp! But I understood that we needed to keep it a secret. If anyone found out, there would be no third chances. I hoped I wouldn't give it away. It was difficult.

Paige and I made love many times over the course of the eight-week camp schedule. I got more confident each time and we got a little more adventurous. We nearly got caught a couple of times. It only made it more exciting. Ultimately, however, it was just a summer romance. The fact that our hometowns were hundreds of miles apart presented a problem. Paige was actually born in this area, but raised in Iowa. She'd been staying with her grandparents here during the last few summers. We talked over the phone frequently. The following summer, we were counselors again. We had one last time together, but the relationship was otherwise platonic.

Regrets? None. Paige and I had an incredible, wild, fulfilling time together, but the fact is that we were just too similar; a long-term relationship likely would not have worked and both of us realized it. We'd both matured over the summer.

Today, Paige is happily married to her second husband and has three kids. We try to see each other every five or six years or so. She still looks great.

Paige's first husband was a complete jackass. A few years into their marriage, she discovered that he had a mistress who was in her late teens. The girl bought his story that he was going to divorce Paige and marry her. But he also had a second mistress, who later dumped him when she saw him driving around with the first one. A few days later, she confronted her and together, they followed him home to Paige and the shit hit the fan. The guy lost three women at once. Paige called me the next day and I tried to calm her long distance. After a brief separation, Paige gave the loser a second chance, which I thought was ludicrous and told her so. She said it was for her unborn child. I told her to dump the bastard and find a good man who would raise her son or daughter as his own. Since I was in a relationship, I had to rule myself out. Well, unlike the second chances Paige and I had received years earlier, he blew it. He went back to his first mistress. She raised her daughter single-handedly for four years until she found a good, faithful man. He's a successful business owner and did, indeed, accept Paige's daughter as his own. They eventually had two kids of their own and are still married. Her first daughter looks strikingly like her.

Paige looks incredible and she's happy.

She deserves to be.

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