tagLoving WivesPaige's Insatiable Thirst

Paige's Insatiable Thirst


It had been a rough day at work, but I was finally home. I tossed my car keys onto the kitchen counter and removed off my shoes. As I loosened my tie, I called to my wife Paige. She didn't answer, so I ambled down the hallway to find her. Paige was sprawling languidly on our bed. Her porcelain skin was flushed. I noticed that her pink nipples were erect. One hand was caressing her wet slit. She gazed up at me, her gorgeous brown eyes bore a decadent gleam I'd never seen before. That's when I spotted the condom laying near her thigh. It looked used.

I looked again into her eyes. My wife gazed back at me, without a trace of shame. In fact, she seemed excited to find out how I would react.

I looked closer. The condom did indeed have cum in it.

"You naughty girl!" I shouted. "Can't you wait?"

"You should have come home sooner," Paige replied pouting.

"Over my knee. Now!" I commanded. My heart was beating rapidly. Paige obeyed and crawled over my lap, kneeling on all fours in repentance.

"Bad girl!" I said sternly, swatting her closest ass cheek. Paige dropped her head and whimpered.

"Naughty... Dirty... Sexy... cum slut!" I cried, spanking her smartly after each word. "You must think you can get away with anything!"

I tossed her onto the bed grabbed the condom. "This," I yelled, holding it up for her to see, "Is not acceptable!"

I slapped the condom across her breasts like a tiny riding crop twice before the cum inside began to splatter over her supple d-cups.

Paige reached up and smeared the cum with her fingertips, leaving silvery trails across her breasts and protruding nipples. My mouth watered.

"That does it!" I growled, "You need to be punished."

Yanking my pants down, I grabbed the used condom and pulled it on my own throbbing shaft. Paige's eyes widened in surprise as I grabbed her legs under her knees and lifted them into the air. I bent her legs back, spreading her wet pink slit open for me to admire. I positioned the head of my cock between the outer folds of her snatch and slammed my engorged member into her in one quick thrust. Paige hissed between gritted teeth, and began writhing beneath me as I pounded into her like a jackhammer.

My wife jerked her hips toward me with each stroke, matching my rhythm. She was not settling for a passive fuck. After several minutes of these frenzied collisions, Paige abruptly sank her nails into my

back just above my shoulder blades and raked her hands downward. The stinging sensation of her nails had the effect of spurs on a galloping stallion, and I lurched forward in a spasm of pain and pleasure. Paige cried out then and lost herself in waves of ecstasy. I eased up a bit, and slowed down my rhythm to better savor the moment.

Before long my wife gazed up into my eyes adoringly, her ankles hooked around the small of my back. Her hair stuck to her forehead in sweaty clusters. I thought she looked gorgeous.

"That was fucking delicious," she purred, craning her head forward to flick her warm tongue over one of my nipples. It felt like a light current of electricity flowing through my body, and I increased my rhythm again.

"Filthy little girl is sleeping around on me in our own damn bed," I muttered, then demanded, "Who was he?"

Paige reached under her pillow, her hand emerging in a fist. She looked me right in the eyes and impudently replied, "Don't you mean, 'Who were they?'"

She opened her hand to show me a second condom, also filled with jizz. As I watched incredulously, my wife raised it above her face. Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, she turned the condom upside down. The semen dripped out of the condom and landed on my wife's tongue in slippery droplets. My eyes widened and I lost it then, spurting my own creamy load into the already cum-filled rubber. I throbbed and twitched inside my wife's tight box and watched as she pressed her fingers together down the length of the condom she held, forcing every last drop into her eager mouth.

I pulled out and yanked the rubber off my meat, and Paige cooed delightedly when she saw how much hot seed I had added to my predecessor.

Paige reached down and grabbed my slick pole and began stroking it with one hand. As I watched, she tilted her head back and emptied the slippery contents of the second rubber into her insatiable mouth. She smacked and slurped the cum down like it was the sweetest nectar she'd ever encountered.

I locked eyes with her again, and she gazed at me unashamed.

"I guess I should have told you what a cum slut I was before we got married," she volunteered finally.

"Yes, you should have," I responded, "If I'd known, I would have married you sooner." We fell into another passionate embrace and fucked the night away.

I haven't found out who the guys were that tag teamed my wife yet. But when I do, I'm going to invite them back. Only next time, Paige drinks straight from our cocks.

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