tagBDSMPain Distracts Pain

Pain Distracts Pain


Master often talked of having my nipples pierced, the thought always aroused me. But enduring constant pain if not properly pierced, stop any positive response from me. This time, His words were made clear that the time was near. That this was what He wanted and wanted it to happen in a very erotic setting. Master has a way of Him to keep me on the edge...and with this, my pussy drips with wetness as it does when He talks of taking my ass.

my ass is tight, never has it been taken by anyone. Master's cock is so long and thick i didn't think He would try. So i brushed it off as i have with the nipple piercing. But that day came and came again. Even using a butt plug trying to open my ass did not seem to work. Using our safe word many times, before His cock's head was totally in.

W/we met at our usual spot. Sliding into His car, Master looks at me..." marjorie..today you are to focus on *only* how pain distracts from pain, understand?" "Yes, Master Chris," my thoughts went into a bliss, the thoughts that went through my mind..i trust my Master's every word and knew whatever was planed for this day would be something He truly needed.

"Today is the day my pet." W/we pulled up to a house i did not know. A woman in a red robe met U/us at the door. "Welcome to Lord Andrew's ... home, sister angela here as your escort. Master Chris turned to me," go with her, do as your told and I will be with you soon" He leaned over giving me a kiss, "focus marjorie, focus,"

As i walked down a long hallway, i was lead to room that looked like a large closet with two doors, "hmm, how strange i said to myself," sister angela closed the door behind us, told me to remove my clothing and to place this robe on. she then opened this large wooden door, it creaked as she opened it. we walked down steps, it was then i realized i was being lead to a dungeon...my heart racing, catching sights of dungeon equipment, the items in the room, were certainly meant for creating torturous moments. The wicked flamed that burned through my imagination was very intense, but hearing my Master's last words,"focus marjorie, focus," cleared everything from my mind.

Master Chris was standing next to (whom i was sure was) Lord Andrew. Both wearing black robes...and both standing next to a device that was clearing made for breast torture. i then knew my nipples were to be pierced today. i was placed in front of a table that was on an angle, my robe taken from me by sister angela. Master Chris steps close, as sister angela takes His robe "marjorie, Lord Andrew has agreed do this for Me," "you will be the good pet you are...won't you marjorie?" Yes, Master Chris.

sister angela steps me close to the table....trying to focus on what was soon to happen...my heart beating outside my chest...my juices running from my pussy as my tits were placed in cut out holes in the table...my arms were stretched out from my sides...my wrists pulled firmly and flattened against the wooden table, the ready made bracelets locked them into place. Lord Andrew was standing in front of me, His fingers started pulling at my nipples, as my thighs were being locked into a spread bar. sister angela walks behind Her Master, slips His robe off, then hers. she stays behind Him with her hands resting on His shoulders, enough to say they are piercing my nipples as One. Master Chris is behind me, i feel His hands on my ass, His fingers reaching around playing with my clit....Lord Andrew pulling my nipples harder then Master Chris ever has. my body soon to feel pain i'm not used to. Master Chris is fingering my ass very deep, my wetness is more then i've ever experienced...i see Lord Andrew nod to Master Chris, He leans into me, "focus marjorie...... pain distracts pain." With that, my right nipple was pinched with a device that held my nipple out straight...my God it hurt so bad, with that i felt Master Chris hold onto my hips and bring His cock to my ass, without any hesitation, His cock entered my ass, i screamed out as Lord Andrew pierced my nipple and placed a golden ring in it...Master Chris's body was thrusting against my ass, His cock was deep inside my ass...my mind didn't know what pain was worse at that point....i could see Lord Andrew taking my left nipple as i felt every inch of my Masters cock fucking my ass, it burned, it hurt, the tears streaming down my face, my left nipples ring was placed as Master Chris came in my ass.

my knees weak, my nipples sore, my ass burning.....and all i could think of was how wonderful i felt, that my Master needed this from me. sister angela releases me from the table...turns me to my Master. "Thank You Master Chris." He takes my face in His hands, kisses my lips, bending down to kiss each of my newly pierced nipples..."my sweet marjorie...good girl my pet." Now thank Lord Andrew. i dropped to my knees and sucked on Lord Andrew's cock until He came.

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