tagFetishPain in the Shower

Pain in the Shower


We did not come together and I would have thought it was totally spontaneous except for the predatory way you were looking at my through the evening. And the totally sophisticated way that you were asking me to refresh your drink all night. I suppose I should have gotten the hint in the way you captured my eyes and drank the whole glass of water in one long intense pass. Time and time again. From close and from across the room.

Sometime into the evening, when the party is in full swing you come up behind me and run your fingers into my hair. Clench a fist. Whisper in my ear. "Do you wish to submit my pet?" "Yes Mistress. Please Mistress."

In your hands are my waterproof cuffs and a spreader bar. Other items I cannot see. You take me into the bathroom. Leaving the door open. You take all the items from my pants pockets and throw them into the back of the drawer. Drag me into the shower.

Very soon I find myself in wrists cuffed to the chains, ankles cuffed to the spreader bar. My pants down around my knees. My t-shirt in shreds giving you access to my naked skin. The water is flowing, hot then cold then hot. You use it as a tool. My cock and balls bound up, stretched, hard, throbbing drooling. Clips on my nipples and other places on my skin.

You are spanking me. Hanging from the chains. My wet skin and your swinging hand making loud resounding sounds in the small enclosed space. It is nasty sexy and scary. Taking your time but definetely building, building. Taking what you need. Hurting me.

All the time it is obvious it is a party. Some people try to watch, but it is awkward and intimate. Besides, it is a bathroom and people need to use it.

You leave the shower door partially open. I cannot see out, but you can and you can see who it is and what they are doing reflected in the sink mirror. You are torturing my body with your hands and my mind with your words. Taunting, teasing.

Some people entering the bathroom are not as free as others. They close and lock the door despite the fact that you are obviously doing a very intense scene in the shower. You chat with some, show me off to some. My wet naked body. My inflamed spanked ass. The obvious lust in my eyes.

Then some one catches your eye and your fancy. A Domme, or a sub, someone sexy to both of us. I may not know her, or them if they came in together the way women do.

You stop them before they do their business and offer my use to them. They accept. I think I may pass out from lust and embarrassment, hanging on the chains.

They step into the shower and join the scene. Teasing my bound cock. Twisting my nipple clamps.

You lower the clips on my wrist cuffs and force me to my knees. My arms up and hanging from the chains. Wet, stripped naked. Wild hair. Totally willing. Your hand finds the nipple clamp. Your words find my ear.

Kneeling in the steamy stall surrounded by aroused hungry female essence. I am at worship. Prepared for anything. anything.

She is standing before me, leaning back against the tile. I am too ashamed to look into her eyes. Your fist in my hair forces me. Your words slide wetly into my ear sensous and all knowing, cutting through the last of my barriers. "look into her eyes." "you want it don't you?" "Yes Mistress." "Open your mouth."

Your fist tightens in threat. I can feel my welted flushed ass against the wet rough fabric of my jeans and I believe that your threat is genuine. Your fingers twist my nipple

I open my mouth. You slide a finger in exploring. Like you own me. "Stick out your tongue." I comply. I am shaking in your hands. Quivering with the intensity of where you are taking my mind and my body. Pain has been building in my body, the water is splashing all around me, your words are taking me deeper and deeper and what you are offering me it the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate gift. A place of fantasy desire and worship.

Her legs open and she straddles me, leaning back against the tile wall, tilting her pelvis up to open and expose herself to me. Like a temple. Like a primal watering hole. A place of profound mystery.

Your hands steady me. Her fingers open her lips. Exposing all. They are swollen with lust, wet with desire. There is an incredible extended moment. A life time of anticipation for me.

And the first trickle emerges. It runs across her fingers and breaks free, dropping hotly onto my thighs. My body jerks in response and you tighten your grip.

Another stronger stream and she guides it. Flooding my throbbing bound cock. Spurts. Hot and intense. Bathing my cock. Forcing me to see how obvious it is to all of you that I am incredibly turned on by the humiliating place I find myself. My face burns with embarrassment. I cannot hide my arousal.

Your hands force me closer. Into the stream. It splashes across my belly, across my chest. My breathing is labored. My neck. My shoulders.

Your fist in my hair guides my head twisting and turning you place me in the flow. Across my chin, my cheek. Teasing me. She stops and holds it.

"Stick out your tongue my pet." I do. It shakes like the rest of me. "Open your mouth." I do and we all can hear my ragged breath.

You force my head between her legs. My arms stretch with the effort. My tongue tip barely touches the spread lips of her sex. Instinctively I search out the source of her flow. and her clit above. Licking to please. She says to stop. She cannot go if she is being turned on.

I can feel your breath in my ear, your fist in my hair, your fingers on my cock and balls, your eyes watching the experience on my face.

"Hold perfectly still no matter what." I cannot reply, my mouth open wide tongue extended in such a nasty way. I hold still in your grip quivering .

We can all feel the intensity of her trying to relax against my tongue tip. My hot breath washing waves across her naked open sex.

As the anticipation grows, you begin to hurt me. Knowing I am at the peak of my arousal you begin to take what you ultimately need. Aroused as I am I can take alot. You are impressed and pleased. Watching my struggle to maintain composure.

Tears flowing down my cheeks. Trying to hold still and make you proud and you twist and torture my flesh. If I move I lose my gift. You know how desperately I want it. I will give you anything in this moment and you take it unflinchingly.


I can sense your flight, your pleasure, your pride in me before this woman.

and the gift is mine.

Her flow begins washing hotly across my tongue tip. In that small tiny place of contact worlds of sensation come to a climax.

It splashes, overwhelming me. Across my tongue, into my mouth, across my face, washing away my tears.

Your hand finds my cock with caresses then in that moment. It takes nothing to bring me to climax.

I come, bucking and writhing at the ends of the chains. Holding my face against her, licking again to share my pleasure and gratitude.

I pass out.

When I come to, she is gone and you are standing before me. Splashing me with the water massager. "Don't go too far my pet. It is my turn now and I want you to swallow."

My cock rises again desperately and my eyes shine with the desire to please. On my knees I lean forward again to give you whatever you wish.

Whatever you wish Mistress.


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