tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPain Replaced By Pleasure

Pain Replaced By Pleasure


This is another letter from Catherine to her husband Michael. Catherine is a beautiful 46 year old woman who is in excellent shape. Her husband loves when she writes stories to him about any exciting adventures she has or remembers. She uses the descriptions he likes her to use when describing herself.


Hi Honey,

I sure had an exciting day today. I can't wait to tell you about it and for you to read this when we are together tonight.

I was at my friend Jeanie's house. We were talking and she noticed I was limping a little bit. She asked what was wrong. I mentioned how I had pulled my groin muscle running and how much it hurt and that it caused my sciatic nerve to hurt again now too.

As we were chatting, her husband John came in the house and greeted us. Jeanie introduced me saying, "Catherine this is my husband John." And then to him she said, "John, this is my friend Catherine. We exchanged pleasantries.

Jeanie says, "Catherine, John is a chiropractor you know." Then to John she says, "John, Catherine pulled a muscle. Could you take a look at it for her?"

He replied, "Oh sure!" I tried hard to refuse, but they simply would not hear of it.

She said, "Trust me Honey, my guy knows how to make a woman feel better!!!"

John led me to his home office which was small but very nice. We both went in and he shut the door. I hopped up on a table in the middle of the room. He said, "So, Catherine, Jeanie said you pulled a muscle, why don't you show me where it hurts?"

I said, "I pulled my groin muscle while running and now it is causing my sciatic nerve to hurt too. I had an issue with that almost twenty years ago from a difficult delivery."

He said, "Let's have a look, shall we?"

I was wearing a sundress and said, "What should I do about this?" I was looking for him to give me a gown.

John said, "It's best if you just take it off so it doesn't get wrinkled or ruined. I can hang it up for you."

I didn't really know what to do because he wasn't offering me a gown. Maybe he didn't realize that I was only wearing tiny sheer panties and no bra. I turned my back to him since he obviously wasn't leaving and pulled my sundress over my head.

I was embarrassed knowing he could see my nearly bare bottom in my tiny panties, but what could I do? I figured he'd surly have something for me to cover with when he saw my situation.

I covered my breasts with one arm and turned back around, facing him, and handed him the dress.

John just calmly took it and hung it on a hook on the back of the door. I guessed he was expecting me to remain topless and since his wife Jeanie was right outside the door, I figured it was normal.

My friend's husband was looking me over with a pleasant smile, obviously noticing my near nakedness and he seemed to be gazing at my panties. He somehow managed to not seem like a pervert, but just like he was admiring me. He said, "Go ahead and lay down on your back Catherine."

I stretched out my legs and as I lay down I was keeping one arm across my boobs. He noticed this and said, "Oh I'm so sorry Catherine, are you modest? Do you want something to cover your breasts with?"

I replied, "Well isn't that normal?"

John said, "Actually now most women don't bother, but it's up to you, I'm good either way, I can go find you something."

Well Honey, please don't be mad, but since he was helping me I didn't want to be any extra bother so I said, "I guess this is fine then." And I remained topless.

As I laid there and looked down I was a bit shocked. I was happy with how tummy looked so firm and tight, but my mound seemed to be poking way up and I noticed how well we could see right through my panties. And I mean see everything through them too.

I said, "Oh John, I am so embarrassed. I didn't expect anyone to see me and my panties are see through!"

John responded reassuringly, "Oh Catherine, please don't feel the least bit embarrassed. Actually lots of women don't even wear panties anymore. I am very used to it. You look just fine, believe me."

Well my new friend John began to touch and move my leg around asking me, "So Catherine, help me figure out exactly where it hurts. This will determine if I can get rid of the pain for you right away."

He continued, "Now do I have your permission to touch you as necessary to help you feel better? I don't want to push any boundaries."

I said, "Oh sure, go ahead. If you can make this pain go away and I can feel great again, you can do whatever it takes."

Thinking back now, I realize that may have sounded weird, but I really just meant it in a clinical way. I hoped John understood that. Plus his wife Jeanie was just in the other room so what could happen?

He began and he was not shy. As he firmly placed his hand in the crease of my thigh, he was touching the side of my pussy, actually pressing on it a lot. I was a bit surprised, but it didn't hurt me at all. I guess if I am to be totally honest, I was surprised at how exciting it felt.

Jeanie's husband held my bare leg and pulled it way out to one side, then to the other side, then way up and then way back out to the side. I could feel my pussy spreading open and getting a little wet too.

The seam of my panties slid and slipped into my slit. YIKES!!!!! I was half exposed!

I reached down and had to 'fish' the seam out of my slit and move it to the side to cover me. He kept with the moving of my leg and the seam kept sliding in. My panties were just too tiny and there wasn't enough fabric to accommodate all that movement.

After about four times of me interrupting him and pulling the seam out of my pussy slit, John said, "Would you be o.k. if I just remove these so you we don't have to keep stopping the treatment?"

I couldn't believe I said it, but I said, "Sure I guess that makes sense." He took hold of them and gently slid them down and off of my legs. As he held them, I found myself lifting up my butt so he could slide them down and then instinctively bending my knees with pulling my legs up, just like when you take them off me, so he could slide them all the way off. I was shocked thinking of the view he was getting. In seconds I realized that I was now lying there completely nude!!!

What kind of a man was this? One minute he and I have just met and we're all standing in my friend's kitchen chatting and ten minutes later I am laying stretched out on a table completely bare naked while her husband touches me and moves my legs any way he wants to.

John stood at the end of the table and a little to the side with my right leg in his hands and he was holding it straight up. He pulled my leg up nearly to my chest. I could feel my labia separate as they were stretched and spread open by the movement.

I noticed John appreciating my body as he began to massage and feel and rub the crease of my leg and more on the edge of my pussy. He looked very concerned like he was a safe cracker listening for the tumblers to drop.

He pushed deliberately on one spot right where my labia meets my thigh crease and said, "Your pulled muscle is right in here, isn't it?

I flinched as he pressed exactly on the source of the pain. I said, "Oh ouch! Yes that is right on the spot!"

John continued, "Now Catherine I will need to slip my fingers inside of you to rub the pain out. Are you O.K. with that?"

He was handsome and seemed so business like and matter of fact that I said, "O.K."

I felt John carefully ease what felt like two fingers of his right hand into my vagina. It didn't hurt a bit and I realized I must have had enough natural lubrication from all the moving and excitement to allow them to glide right in.

He pressed way over to the side with them. He began to sort of pinch and rub the inside of my vagina against my leg. I have never had anyone ever do that and it was the most amazing feeling!

And the pain actually began to go away! The fact that it was working made me relax about this being so highly unusual.

John goes on, "Now Catherine, if you are willing to bear with me, I think I can get you pain free. This is a new technique and I know it must seem strange. It only takes between five and ten minutes, but it cuts the time you feel pain from the pulled muscle from two weeks down to hours. Are you O.K. so far and should I continue?"

This man had a way of getting me to tell him to continue to remove my clothes, to continue to touch my skin, to continue to spread my legs apart and to continue to put his fingers in my pussy. It was all so incremental, that I guess I was going along one little step at a time.

I said, "O.K. go ahead then if it's necessary." I was already getting used to being naked.

John continues with his work. He was obviously enjoying what he was doing and as he manipulated my leg he was also enjoying the sight before him.

He looked my body over and said "Catherine, you have a beautiful body and you are so fit. You must train a lot."

I was embarrassed as I realized he was looking every inch of me over. I said, "Thank you. Yes I work out and run when I can."

As I am lying there, I could really feel his experienced fingers moving back and forth inside my pussy and slightly in and out as well.

The entire time he is keeping a lot of pressure against my thigh from the inside. Well the sensations spread all through my entire pussy. Not just my lips, but up to Miss Clitty too.

I could feel my clitoris getting huge. And as much as I tried to resist it, all of the intimate touching was causing me to pant and buck a little bit making it hard for him to hold me.

I embarrassingly panted, "John ... I'm sorry about this. I can't help it."

He said, "Catherine, don't worry a bit. It's one hundred percent normal for any woman and it happens every time. If you are O.K., I can get that reaction to conclude its natural progression and be out of our way. Is that alright?"

I wasn't 100% sure what he meant, but I said in a broken panting whisper, "Oh sure, I guess so."

John said, "Just go ahead and close your eyes."

I did as instructed. He temporarily changed the direction of his finders from the side of my pussy and pressing against my thigh to a direct upward position.

He curled his fingers and began to rub my gee spot. At the same time his well trained thumb joined in with the two fingers. His thumb began to makes circles around Miss Clitty. The second he touched her I bucked my hips. I began to buck more and move and breathe so hard and fast till I was panting.

I put the side of my hand in my mouth and bit it so I wouldn't cry out and suddenly I came like crazy in an amazing rush of an orgasm and then lay limp trying to catch my breath. It was fabulous!!!

He said, "That was great Catherine. Now I can fix this muscle for you. I am going to use a muscle massager, O.K.?"

I panted out in a whisper, "O. K."

He removed his fingers and reached in a drawer and took out what looked like a large vibrator. After spreading some lubricant on it he slid it into my vagina. It felt quite big inside me and that gave me weird sensations too. He tilted it way over to the side again, right next to my pulled muscle.

He turned it on low and it felt wonderful. I was keeping my eyes closed tightly. He slowly sped it up till I was again bucking up and down. My perfect little butt must have looked like a sexy jack hammer on that table banging up and down. Good thing that table was padded! I realized I had been tugging on my nipples, but I just didn't care anymore. It all just felt so fabulous!!!

John's other hand began to gently touch Miss Clitty. Soon he had oil on her too and I could feel his left hand massaging her. I could not control myself at this point and came again for about 90 seconds.

It was so great that it was actually exhausting!! But I must admit I could feel the pain melting away. It was wonderful!!!

John gave me a minute to recover as he used two hands to rub and massage my thigh crease and he actually placed his hand flat over my entire vulva and gently and slowly just rubbed my whole pussy from the outside. It was wonderfully relaxing after that powerful orgasm!!!

Once my breathing was back to normal, John had me roll over for my sciatic nerve. He put a pillow-like cushion under my hips as I lay on my tummy. This really made my fine little bubble butt poke up in the air. I know you and I know you would have just loved to have seen all this going on. That's why I am telling you every detail of it.

Well, he just calmly slid my legs apart and began working from my mid thighs up to my butt cheeks. He massaged both silky soft cheeks for a few minutes. Again, wonderful!!!! I didn't even care that I was naked.

It seemed a fair trade for all the pain relief I was getting. Not to mention all the pleasure I was experiencing. Women are willing to trade letting men see them naked if the man can deliver enough pleasure. We both know you sure can and I must admit, John can too.

Within a few minutes he tracked down the area that needed help. He pressed exactly on the spot again and said, "Right here, right?"

I flinched again and said, "Ouch!! Yes, right there."

He said, "Catherine I need to do a similar thing. Are you O.K. with that?"

I said, "Sure, do whatever you need to do."

He gently opened my butt cheeks and I felt some warm oil drip down my butt crack. Then he slowly slides in what apparently was a smaller and thinner vibrator. Again he presses it on the side right near where I had the pulled muscle.

Fortunately he didn't put it inside me, just right next to the pain.

Within minutes the sciatic nerve pain is going away. But can you believe it, the vibrating was so stimulating that another orgasm was building!

In three minutes I am about to cum again. I was right THERE, but I couldn't quite get all the way if you know what I mean.

John must have sensed my frustration because I heard him soft of half say and half whisper, "Catherine, would you like some help?"

I just nodded.

I could feel his hand open my legs apart even more. He slipped one hand under my pussy and I involuntarily began to slam my sweet pussy onto his hand again and again!!!!

Between slams I would grind a bit with my clitty and then slam again. Both felt so good!!! I finally ground my clit down on his hand and began to just rub her back and forth. My entire pussy was pressed against his hand and hard as I could push her.

Soon an orgasm swept over my body and my entire body shivered and even my toes curled!! I had just had my third orgasm in ten minutes!!!!!

At some point he must have slipped that little vibrator into my butt because I just barely felt him slide it out and set it aside as I lay there recovering.

The he masterfully massaged my perfect little butt cheeks with his left hand while my pussy remained slowly grinding on his right hand.

It felt so nice with his one hand squeezing and massaging my butt and the other gently caressing my sweet, hot, wet pussy. The coolest part is all the pain was going away. It was all being replaced by sheer pleasure.

I finally rolled over, not even embarrassed. I felt a little out of balance so I just pointed at my boobs and he stood next to me and happily massaged them for five minutes.

He made cones out of them pointing my nipples straight up. It felt funny but nice. I just loved having my breast massaged.

While he is working away I wanted to reward him for all this wonderful pleasure he was bringing me. So I reached up and gently put my hand behind his head and as I slowly guided his head down toward my pussy. I whispered, "Kiss it."

He did kiss it, for about five minutes. He did not go down on me and I'm glad he didn't. That is just for you. But just having his face and lips move around while he kissed my smooth little pussy and clitoris all over felt wonderful.

As he finished, John patted my pussy and tummy and thighs and he said, "There you go Catherine! I think you will find the pain is either all gone or greatly diminished."

He left first as I lay there still totally naked and unashamed. I got my wind and wits about me, put on my dress and sort of staggered out into the kitchen to see Jeanie again.

She saw my flushed face and dazed look and she just laughed and laughed and came and gave me a nice big hug and she whispered into my ear, "See, I told you he knew how to make a woman feel better!!!!"

I said, "He sure did alright!" Then I asked her, "Did you know that would happen?"

She said, "Oh sure I did. That's why I wanted to let you enjoy it. John is just way too much fun for one woman to keep all to herself. Don't you agree? Plus he LOVES doing it and helping women."

I said, "Wow, you really know how to share!!! Thanks!!!!" and I gave her a huge hug.

We sat around a while and I eventually left for home, one happy woman!!!!

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