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Painful Sex Is Not...


Painful Sex Is Not What I Want

Dear readers I shall be telling you about an incident of anal sex with one of my class fellows. The name of class fellow is Martin. It was 1993 and I was just having some very good time as gay in the college and there suddenly I developed a desire to fuck or get fucked by my this class fellow. I actually found him very attractive and it was sheer lust that made me go for anal sex with him, he was otherwise very cute and charming.

Well I developed friendly relations with him and soon we were having frequent discussions on sexual matters. He told me that he was basically a bisexual and loved having sexual relations with males and females both. But he also informed me that he was basically a top oriented person in gay relations who liked to fuck and not to get fucked.

One fine day at college I asked his opinion about having sex with me which he accepted with out any problems but told me that he would only blow me in return for fucking my ass as he never wanted me to fuck his ass. I agreed and then we departed to meet in the evening at his home.

For this sex I shaved my pubic hair including from my anus as well and got ready for a good sex. I reached his home at about 8 in the night and he greeted me with smiles and we straightaway went in to the bedroom. We both got undresses and I was surprised to find his dick quite big. It was almost 9 inches in length and about 3 inches thick and was not only hard as a rock it was bent or arched towards left. He had also shaved his pubic hairs and was looking very cute, but his dick made me bit uncomfortable, as I do not like fat thick dicks.

He came near me and after playing with my semi hard seven-inch dick he sat down in front of me and took my dick in his mouth. He started licking my dick and soon he was sucking it as if it was candy or a lollypop. After about 5 or 6 minutes I was about to ejaculate as I found pressure started to build up in my balls. Once I told him that I was about to ejaculate, he took my dick out of his mouth and started giving a hand job and I unloaded my sperms in his hand and on his chest. He got up and cleaned his hands and chest with tissue paper and also gave me some to clean my dick. After cleaning the dick he told me to come on the bed for anal sex and we both went to the bed.

He told me lay on the bed on my tummy and once I did as told, he positioned his face right near my hips and opened them. I wondered why he was doing so, and soon got the answer as he started licking my hairless anus with his hot tongue. Soon his tongue was well inside my anus and he was licking and loosening it for a better fuck.

Now he positioned him self over my hips and applied a lot of cold cream over his dick and on my anus as well. He then tried to shove his dick in, but was not able to do so and his dick slipped. It was because of the massive size of the head of his cock, which will not go in my ass hole with ease. So he got up from my hips and told me to be on my back and then picked my legs up and folded them towards my chest. Now my ass was high in the air and right inline with his monster dick.

He grabbed a pillow and placed it under my hips so that I do not feel discomfort while my ass was up lifted in the air. Now he again placed his dick right on my anus and tried to push in with a little force and this time he was able to push the head in my anal ring. My anus was stretched to the limits therefore to ease the situation for me he left his dick in that place motionless so that my anus can relax.

But after a minute or so he pushed his dick further in my anal canal and I was amazed to know how much my anal canal had gone deep and stretching of my anal ring was too much.

But as soon as he started the in and out motion of his dick I started to enjoy the sensation, but this sensation lasted for few strokes and after wards it became highly uncomfortable as his dick was too big for my over stretched asshole. His in and out motion of dick was painful as he would take almost complete dick out of my anus leaving the head in only and then push it till the end hitting the end of my anal canal. This hitting of anal canal was too much painful and I even asked to do it slowly but he paid no attention and kept fucking my ass with my legs folded up. Here I forgot to mention that he had folded my legs to the maximum limits and my knees were touching my chest and belly. He had placed his whole weight on my body, leaving me motionless

Now I was just waiting for him to finish my ass fucking which now had become a highly uncomfortable fuck. He kept fucking for good about five or six minutes and then asked me that he wanted to ejaculate inside my anus. At that point I was in so much pain that I even did not reply and he came inside my ass after few strokes.

After ejaculation he pulled his dick out and a miserable fuck was over. I got up and got dressed and went to my home. But the worst thing that happened next day was that he told every classmate about the anal adventure he did with me. Now every ass fucker was ready to take me home for a good fuck.

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