tagAnalPaint Ch. 02

Paint Ch. 02


"Where the hell are you? Remember you said you would be over to help out today? I'm sitting here like Cinderella's pumpkin!" His voice sounded slightly fraught.

"I'm on my way back to the flat just now, give me a chance to sort out my shopping and I'll be right round. Honestly Tom you're a panic merchant!"

"Shopping?" He enquired.

"I'll be only too happy to show you what I've got, listen I'm nearly home now, catch you in a bit." I switched the phone off before he could say anything else. I tipped the driver generously as he dropped me off at my door and I didn't have to look up to know that Tom's eyes were boring like lasers into me as I hunted for my keys.

A moment later I realised that I didn’t need to go home for anything, everything I needed was sitting at the bottom of the shiny black bag I held in my hand. Tilting my head back I gave him a big cheesy grin and motioned for him to let me in and less than a minute later I was assaulted by the smell of fresh paint and a very apprehensive looking Tom.

"What's in the bag Kezzy?" He asked quietly, his hand reaching out to take the bag from me but I clutched it even closer and wagged a finger at him.

"Something a little special just for you Tom." I reached up and planted a soft kiss on his cheek, letting one hand slide down and round to cup one cheek of his ass, squeezing it gently.

"No bloody way!" He held my face between his hands, looking deep into my eyes, "I'm not that kind of boy."

"A deal's a deal Tom honey, you can't back out now when it doesn't suit you."

I wriggled out of his grasp, moving past him and on through to his bedroom, losing my coat along the way. It was instantly clear that he had been more than a little busy; the bedroom was already painted, not a sign of a paintbrush or dustsheet. I was shocked to say the least; he must have been up for the best part of the night. A little cough from the doorway behind me alerted me to the fact that he had joined me.

"Well, what do you think of the room then?"

I took in every detail, from the brilliant blue on the walls down to the polished wooden floorboards. Even the skirting boards were spotless. I studiously avoided looking too long at his huge brass bedstead as I walked over to the old-fashioned double sash window that spanned nearly floor to ceiling. My fingers trailed over the deep sill as I leaned forward a little to look at the busy street below.

"It's lovely Tom, you must have been up very late."

"Yeah, my mind just wouldn't shut down for some reason, I thought I might as well get on with it... after-all this is your day."

"Ohh, glad you see it that way honey, I've got something for you to change into."

"I really don’t think I want to play dress-up today Kezzy.” His voice shook as he spoke.

"Don't worry; you'll easily be a lot more comfortable with what I've got than what you're wearing at the moment." I winked at him before rummaging in my bag.

"Ta da!" I pulled the maids outfit out of the bag with a flourish and watched the colour drain from his face.

"Don't look so worried Tom, I'm in a sharing kind of mood; you can have the apron and the cap and I'll wear the dress."

"Oh, then I guess that makes it all right does it? Christ Kezzy, I just want to make it known right now, that I wouldn't do this for anyone else but you. Give me the bloody thing."

He was a man resigned. I gave him a warm smile as he held out his hand for the scanty items.

"I'll go change in the bathroom, but remember this Kezzy, what happens here today goes no further than us, you understand?"

"Of course, I wouldn't dream of telling anyone, and you never know, you might just find that it’s not the worst thing in the world."

He raised his eyebrows and said nothing, pulling the door shut behind him as he went to change. Hell, this wasn't just a new situation for him. I quickly stripped down to my underwear and held the little dress against my body, forget the underwear; there was no way I would get away with wearing any under the sheer material. Maybe if he saw me nearly naked it would put him more at ease, it was worth doing if even only for that. I didn't want to humiliate him.

I reached both hands up my back and released the clasp of my bra, letting it fall where I stood; the feeling of freedom was heavenly. I hooked my fingers under the elastic of my panties, pulling them down my legs, stepping out of them, only realising at the last minute that I was standing very close to the window. Oh well, too late to worry about being seen now I thought as I let the silky material of the dress slide down over my head. My first thought as the dress fell into place was where they had put the rest of it; the bottom hem grazed against my pussy and I didn’t even want to think what the back view was going to be like if I had to bend over for anything.

My anxious fingers started to tug the hem down even an inch lower but it wasn't happening. I walked over to the free-standing cheval mirror he had in one corner of the room, needing to see the complete picture. He was going to love this; a pure vision of tackiness personified no less. The gaping neckline exposed the curve of each breast, just stopping short of my nipples before plunging down to my navel. If he was nervous, Lord I was nervous too.

"Kezzy you wench! What the hell are you nearly wearing?"

I whirled round at the sound of his voice and was stunned into silence for a second when I caught sight of him. The silence didn't last long and I released the howl of laughter that had built up inside. His answering scowl did nothing to quell me. The dainty apron looked incongruous against his powerful frame, the sheerness seeming to accentuate what lay beneath.

"Never mind, this um... dress, get that cap on mister, you've got a couple of chores to do." I said; my face a mask of what I hoped was seriousness.

"You can't be serious." His face registered shock at my words.

"Now right now!"

I moved closer to him, dragging a fingernail straight down the centre of his chest, stroking side to side as I felt the waistband. Laying my palm flat low on his belly I let it skim down very slowly, feeling his cock jerk slightly, watching the effect my small touch had on him was very satisfying. I gave a little sound of appreciation and watched as he put the cap on with obvious reluctance.

"I seem to have left some clothes scattered on your floor, it looks so untidy, pick them up." He stepped round me silently, picking up what I had discarded, folding everything neatly before placing them on the windowsill.

"Very good Tom, now while you're over there I want you to pull the blind down, that sunshine is a little too bright in here it’s giving me a headache." I rubbed my forehead with the back of a hand; raising my arm up meant that the dress rode up a bit higher, giving him an unobstructed view of my pussy; he let out a low whistle. I tried to hide a smile.

"Anything you say... you don't want me to call you mistress or anything, do you?"

"Certainly not." I laughed.

I walked the short distance to his bed slowly, letting my hand trail up and down the neckline of my dress shivering every time I got close to the sides of my tits. I could see him wetting his lips.

"You know, after last night I was left with aches in places I'd forgotten existed; seeing as you are the root of what ails me today, you should at least try to kiss it better." I turned to face his bed, my palms resting on his quilt, bending slowly over to reveal my naked ass.

"Let me make it all better for you." He whispered.

I spread my legs and bowed right down, letting my cheek rest on the bed; I shivered with anticipation, waiting for his first touch. I felt the first few testing licks across the tiny dimple at the very base of my spine, his big warm hands spreading themselves across my ass, massaging ever so gently. I sighed, locking my knee joints so I wouldn't collapse forward. His thumbs pressed in a little, parting my cheeks and he began to blow softly directly onto my little ass hole, over and over until I was close to begging him to lick me.

"You know what I want you to do Tom."

His answer was lost as he buried his face between my legs, his nose pushing into my puckered little star as he gave me a long dragging lick from my clit right back to my tight hole, moving down to swirl his tongue round the narrow strip of skin that separated both holes. My clit was crying out for attention but I ignored it with great difficulty as he lapped at me; the ache was vanishing under his touches but I let him continue to work me, it would just be for a little bit longer I promised myself. I couldn’t stop the flow of juices from my pussy, or the way my hips tilted and pushed up at his face, I wanted him again, but it was too soon.

"Enough now Tom, stand up, I want to look at you." I managed.

How I got to my feet without falling down was a major achievement and I perched on the edge of the bed, leaning back on my hands, noting every last detail of how he looked. His face was flushed, making his eyes look brighter and looking down it was more than a little apparent that he was aroused; his strong erection had made a tent of the apron and I liked what I saw very much.

"I want you to stroke your cock Tom."

"No, you don't know what that will do to me, have a heart Kezzy!" He pleaded quietly, but I was having none of it. Just the very thought of watching him wank was enough to make me shiver; we both watched each-other in silence. Moments passed and he released a deep breath, pulling the apron to one side, his hand grasping around the shaft of his engorged cock. I gave him a little grin and spread my legs wide, the hem of the dress now sitting at the top of my thighs. I was as open to his eyes as he was to mine; the front of the dress now gaped wide, exposing my tits.

"I want to see you cum Tom." I whispered; my eyes never leaving his as I let one hand slide down between my legs, my index finger pushing through the folds of my dripping pussy, again and again. He just groaned.

"Whatever you want Kezzy." Seconds later he was pumping his hand slowly, eyes half closed but still watching me. I stopped playing with myself long enough to retrieve the vibrator from the black bag, discarding the packaging quickly.

"What the hell is that?" His breathing was slightly ragged.

"It’s just a little toy for me Tom." I spread my legs once more, watching him closely as I let my mouth close around the head of the vibrator, swirling my tongue round it so that it was nice and wet.

"You’re nothing but a red-haired witch Kezzy!"

"Keep watching." I could see his torso beginning to shake as I trailed the tip down between my tits and over my stomach. His stroking seemed to come to a stop, he was waiting for me; I winked as I let the wide head brush over my pulsing clit, the coldness of it a slight shock on my heated flesh.

"Ohhh... I just need to feel this inside me, you don't mind watching me play, do you Tom?" I let my tongue slowly wet my bottom lip before biting down gently.

"Uhh, bloody hell Kezzy, what do you think?" He was sounding pained as I pushed the bulbous head against the slick entrance to my sex. I tilted my hips up a little and slid the whole thing all the way home; I couldn't stop my muscles from clutching wetly around it, the sensations were so intense, I could feel every thick vein and ridge.

"Come and stand in front of me Tom!" I managed to say between gasps as I slid the phallus back and forth. He was now nearly within licking range, my hand went to his thigh, my actions were small, soothing touches, I was watching for any sign that he might be uncomfortable. I took hold of his free hand, guiding it between my legs, letting his fingers brush against the base of the vibrator that was buried deep inside me.

"I'm thirsty Tom let me drink." I whispered, pulling him close.

"Christ woman!" His voice was starting to shake badly as I began sucking on the blood swollen head of his cock; one of his hands rested on my shoulder for support while my mouth, hungry for the taste of him, moved lower. The hand he had between my legs took hold of the vibrator, sliding it out slowly; I started to moan deep at the back of my throat, not wanting to lose what was filling me so nicely. I brought my hand back and delivered a swift stinging slap to his rear end.

"Owww, you little bitch!" My answering laugh sounded more like a gurgle.

Suddenly his fingers bit into my shoulder as the vibrator clicked on, the rotating tip starting to create sweet havoc inside my already dripping pussy. I opened my mouth wide in surprise as he pushed and twisted it deeper; his hips slammed forward quickly. My gag reflex was automatic and I forgot how to breathe for long seconds. His hips began to slam back and forth on my face, forcing his cock into my throat each time. I could have pulled back at any moment but I wanted everything he had to give. He held the vibrator inside my pussy, even when I knew I was close to my orgasm he never let it slip even an inch. I was relaxing more now as he fucked my mouth, saliva dripping from the shaft every time he pulled out; I reached up, grasping what I could of his slippery shaft, holding him as tight as I dared in my small fist.

"Are you really that thirsty honey?" My head bobbed in response.

"Open wide then." I let out a low moan, stroking as I moved up, my mouth creating a perfect seal round the head. My insides were melting around the vibrator, hips moving forward and back ever so slowly; my fingernails bit into the plump flesh of his ass as I looked down to see his balls contract. The shaft of his cock jerked in my grip and the first sweet streams of cum sprayed the back of my waiting mouth, I swallowed greedily. The second wave brought him to his knees and out of my mouth.

"Sweet, sweet Kezzy." He murmured as he took a firm hold of the vibrator, starting to pound my sopping pussy with it.

"YES...Fuck, yes... make me cum!!" Tendrils of saliva and cum were dripping from my chin down to the valley between my tits. He inched closer to me on his knees, leaning over, lapping up the slimy mess from my chest; I took his head in my hands, pulling him towards me. His arm snaked round me, holding me fast while he drove the vibrator deep into me again and again.

"Ahhh... that's the way, fuck my little pussy!!"

His mouth came down on mine, sharing his salty cum; our tongues dancing over one another, a sloppy wet kiss that lasted for ages. His mouth still covered mine as I started to scream. My hands grasped and clutched at every part of him that they could reach, the force of my orgasm making my feet arc till they were on tiptoes, still he held me there. Tears sprang from my eyes, rolling down my cheeks, wetting his face. I was sobbing with the sheer beauty and force of my orgasm. He released me slowly, letting the vibrator slide out; kissing my tears away, I drew in a very ragged breath.

"I um... I don't think I'm thirsty anymore." I hiccupped, making him smile.

"Well thank God for that honey, I need to lie down for a few minutes." He sounded worn out.

"Even a maid deserves time off for good behaviour." I told him as I pulled the apron and cap free.

He flopped down onto the bed, lying flat on his stomach. I watched the rise and fall of his shoulders; his breathing was growing steadier. My mouth was watering just looking at the rear view of him; his broad muscular shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist but his ass was just beautiful. Firm, curved, cute dimples at each side, all in all an absolutely squeezable ass.

I stood up, realising that my legs were more than a little unsteady as I gathered the hem of the dress in both hands, hauling it up and off; maybe a short break wasn’t such a bad idea, but as my eyes lit on the black bag, I changed my mind and realised that I could sleep when I was dead. Tom's breathing was deep and regular now; sleep had truly taken over. I tipped the contents out onto the bottom of the bed. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be very convincing if I tried acting like a ruthless bitch, it just wasn't in me to be like that with someone I loved so deeply. I thanked God that he was sleeping though; it was going to take me a while to figure out how to put the harness on.

Half an hour later I was sweating profusely, trying to roll Tom over onto his back, failing miserably at holding back my mirth every time I looked down to see the dildo waving like a flag in front of me. At last his body complied, flopping over, one of his arms covering his eyes. I parted his thighs and scooted across to kneel between them, seeing his spent cock lying limply against the nest of curly hairs. I bowed down, licking my way up the inside of his thighs, to the very top where his balls had stuck with sweat to his thigh. I looked up every now and again to see if he was showing any signs of waking up, even as I took one of his balls into my mouth, laving it gently with my wet tongue, but he never stirred. I felt around with my hands for the tube of jelly, and after finding it, squeezed out a huge dollop onto my fingertips, using it to liberally grease the dildo, making sure that every bit of it was covered.

"Tom honey, are you awake?" I asked quietly, leaning over at the same time.

"Mmm, what?" He was just mumbling; body still nicely relaxed. I smiled, watching his muscles tense a little as I slid one finger behind his balls to where his tight little ass hole was. I just circled it over and over; never trying to push forward, but I desperately wanted to feel him clenching around my finger.

"Tom baby, wake up."

"Mmm… yeah sure." He must have been so tired; his body just didn't want to wake, but I had been fair and asked him twice.

I pressed my finger against his ass once more with more pressure, the muscles tightened instinctively against the intrusion but seeing as the area was slippery wet I managed to slip the tip in without any trouble.

I looked up as his eyes shot open.

"What the hell is that thing?" He asked pointing between my legs; the look on his face was incredulous.

"Do I really have to explain?" I said, giving a little wiggle.

I started to stroke his limp cock as I slid my finger deeper; he was tightening painfully around the digit, trying in vain to push it out, this only made access easier for me.

"No! Damn Kezzy, you can't want to do this!"

I crooked my finger a little and felt for the ridge of his prostate; watching him closely as I stroked against it for the first time. His face was a mask of shock, the whitening round the edges of his mouth the only clue I had that this was a little painful. I continued to stroke very slowly, willing him to relax.

"Okay, okay... you've made your point; I promise I won’t go near your ass again!!" He managed to say between gritted teeth. I thought about the way he had taken my ass and it only served to make my pussy throb. I clenched my ass, still feeling that ache.

"I’m not so sure Tom; thinking on it... last night was a pretty powerful experience; all I want to do is share it with you."

"How can you say that with such a sexy smile and a finger half way up my ass at the same time; you’re evil personified!"

His hands reached up, gripping the bottom rail of the bed-head, pulling his bottom half up. I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing straight away that he was going to try and roll to the side and away. I let go of his now erect cock, barely noticing the pre-cum oozing from it. My hands skimmed up the back of one thigh quickly, hooking underneath one knee; pushing his leg towards his chest, looking down to see him opening up to me. Very carefully I eased my finger from his ass, grabbing the tube of lube, squirting a liberal dose onto his puckered opening. The sudden coldness was a real shock for him and he stopped grimacing long enough to make a small 'o' shape with his mouth.

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