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Paint Your Master


Tina is kneeling, on the floor, blindfolded. She has two fingers buried in her ass and two fingers working her clit, slowly, and her mouth is wide open. That is all her world is, the pressure on her knees, the fingers in her ass, the pleasure her pussy is receiving, and the touch of a hot cock on her face. The warm head touches her cheek, drags across her lower lip, under her chin. She can smell it, can smell the pre, feels a little of it on her face. As bad as she wants the shaft in her mouth, as bad as she wants to be choked with it, she knows she can't gobble it up... because of the Voice.


She eagerly slides her pink tongue out of the open mouth, her fingers wiggling in her ass a little, the fingers on her pussy totally stopped, because she wants soooo badly to cum but she doesn't have permission. The tongue sticks out, her hands quivering, her tits shaking, and the cock is taken away from her face. She feels it as it is wiped across her pinkness, and she can taste the juice that oozes from it. Mouth still open the shaft slides along the tongue so the head actually enters her mouth; Tina's fingers move again on her pussy, hoping it is time for her to be allowed to relieve the building frustration and orgasm. The head is huge, bigger than she remembers it, and she hopes that means He is close to cumming.


The Voice shakes her, and she is afraid. The fingers on her pussy stop, but she can't help but wiggle the fingers in her ass. The cock is pulled from her mouth and her tongue returns inside; a whimper escapes her lips, a slave's way of begging without using words, of telling Master what she wants with ought being in trouble for talking.

"Remember last time?"

The Voice is deep, and something touches her nipples. She remembers, and the touch is enough to tighten the muscles of her stomach and make her entire body freeze. She failed to control her body, and let herself cuuuummmmm without permission, and it was so fucking good until Master made her pay, made her nipples hurt, HURT, and He made her thank Him for the pain. Now her body was poised on that threshold again, and she would be very careful to not let herself get carried away.

The cock touches her nose, is dragged around the blindfold, trails down one cheek and across the top lip, past her cheek to her ear. It disappears, and there are a few moments where Master says nothing and does not touch her. Her whole body is poised, waiting, wetness dripping down her thighs, mouth open...

"Fuck your ass."

The fingers move, without her even thinking of doing it, just from the sound of His voice. It came from behind her and she knows He is watching, she imagines him stroking the cock, and her fingers slide out and back in her ass, out and back in, the fingers on her pussy moving slightly but enough to send her dangerously close...

"Paint your Master."

The sound is in front of her and she feels the head touch both upper and lower lips. She resists the desire to bend her head and take it all in, but instead scoops up two fingers full of her own love juices and raises her hand to the shaft. The smell of her is strong as she drags the fingers up and down the shaft, the head resting just outside her waiting mouth, and she returns her fingers to her pussy to get more slickness to coat His muscle. Soon she is stroking the cock, her hand sliding easily back and forth, the head soooo close to where she needs it...

Her hair is pulled, roughly, and her face is taken from the cock she loves and bent back.

"Keep fucking your ass."

She had stopped, focused so much on the fat dick on her lips. Again her fingers start, but this time she is close, too close, and she feels herself headed toward the edge...

She whimpers. The hand pulls her head back into position, the dick resting on her lips again.

"Say it."

Her hand slides on his shaft, she feels it swell, knows he is close too. The fingers in her ass slow; she is too close..

"Please..." she says, stroking him faster.

"Say it, bitch," the Voice says.

He moves forward, just a little, so most of the head of his cock is in her mouth, making it hard to speak. She had her chance to ask him the easy way, and now it would be harder.

"Please, Master, may I cum, please, Master, may I cum..."

She loves to speak with a cock in her mouth, and suddenly her hand is slapped away from his dick. Two hands grab her hair and pull her mouth down onto his fuck stick, fucking her face with ferocity and speed. She holds her breath because when he face fucks her like this, she can't breathe. Her hand flies to her pussy and her fingers touch her aching clit. Her body quivers...

"Wait for it."

Her hands freeze; she's on the edge, tipping over, even if she didn't have two fingers in her ass she'd explode any second now...

The cock is pulled from her mouth and one hand releases her hair. She can hear him stroking it fast, trying to get off quickly so she can too, and then she hears the groan. Both hands move on her body in unison, the edge coming, her body falling over, blood rushing through her...

Then she feels it, the first splash of hot cum on her body. That is what Master has been making her wait for, and now she cries out. Her muscles contract and she is cumming, squeezing so hard that her juices squirt from her body, her two fingers spreading apart as they fuck her ass, feeling the hot cum hit her cheek, tasting a large drop as it hits her tongue, and she tries to speak but her voice is gone. The cock shoves it's way into her mouth and she tastes herself mixed with his salty juices, her world still black, imagining how fucking sexy this looks from Master's perspective as her first cum rolls into her second. He fucks her face and starts to talk to her, telling her how good she was to wait, how much better she is getting at control, and how the next time they do this, there will be a little bitch lying on the floor licking her pussy while she forces herself to wait for her orgasm. She adds a third finger in her ass, thinking about a girl to play with, to play with blindfolded, hoping she gets to make the new girl wait, hoping she can join Master in these games, and she feels him explode in her mouth a second time, something he almost never does. She feels her world slipping away, feels her body sliding to the floor, feels him cradling her to the ground and moving her legs so she is comfortable, feeling him reach for her blindfold...

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