tagGay MalePainting Donovan Ch. 02

Painting Donovan Ch. 02


Enjoy. Feedback appreciated. ;) ~K


The first thought I had when I woke up the next morning was that I had to go take a shit right away. I threw off the covers and sprinted to the toilet, sighing in relief as the cum oozed out. He'd put one hell of a load in me. It was the first time I'd ever let someone fuck me bareback.

"Don?" I yelled from the bathroom.

No answer. He was gone. Just like that.

Well, maybe not quite "just like that". I'd woken up covered in my own blankets. Don must have brought them down from my bedroom. That was something at least. He couldn't have been totally freaked out if he'd actually taken the time to tuck me in like Dad used to do when we were kids...

That's when it hit me like a sledgehammer: Holy fuck, I'd been fucked by my brother.

When I'd cleaned myself up I looked myself in the mirror. Was I ok with this? The twenty-something guy with the blue-green eyes in the mirror smile hesitantly. I let it deepen into a grin.

Yeah I was ok. Hell, more than ok. I felt great. Well, other than that twang of discomfort from having been jackhammered by my brother's massive cock, and the real possibility I'd fucked up our relationship. A lot depended on how Don felt about it.

I realized I was pacing around the house so I made myself stop and do what I always did when I was anxious – I set about painting. Everything was still laid out from last night. I studied the portrait I'd made of Donovan and started getting hard again just from looking at it. I thought about touching it up, but somehow that didn't feel right. Some things were best left unfinished.

That's when I knew what I wanted to do. It was probably the wrong way to go about the issue, but damn, it was what I wanted to paint. I'd need a bigger canvas than what I had lying around for what I had in mind.

As I stuffed my wallet into my back pocket and headed out, it struck me that Donovan had cured me of my painter's block.

I'd have to thank him somehow.

* * *

As the days rolled by and I still didn't hear from Donovan, I buried myself in my work, my painting, and nightly jack-off sessions. There was only one star in my fantasies and he was always the same.

Yeah, I had it bad.

On Wednesday my best bud JC called me on my cell while I was out buying groceries.

"So why didn't you tell me you and Colin broke up?" JC was the kind of guy who liked to cut to the chase.

"Because it's nobody's fucking business," I told him. "Least of all my sister's." I squeezed a cucumber, checking for firmness.

"What's your sister got to do with it?"

"I'm guessing she told you."

"Nope, I found out from Don."

That got my attention. "Don?"

"Y'know, big buff guy with the stubbed nose? Likes hockey? Has a brother named Darren?"

"Quit it. You talked to Don?"

"Yeah man. We play in the same league. We had a game on Monday so we talked before. I gotta tell you though, he played a pretty shitty game. He was set up with a bunch of precision passes from his mates but it was like he was aiming everywhere except the net. Which is too bad for his team because we creamed them."

He paused. "So anyway, back to you. You guys really broken up this time?"

"Yeah. Its over."

"Good. About time," he said brusquely. Without missing a beat, he asked casually, "Ever thought about trying out Don?"

The tomato in my hand almost exploded as I broke into cold sweat.

"What?" He had to be pulling my leg. JC liked saying things to get a raise in me. I was pretty sure he was grinning on the other end.

"I mean you're single now and he is pretty hot. I've seen him in the showers, he's got a big one, you like those."

"But not as much as you," I retorted. "He's my brother, you asshole. Stop checking him out, he's... straight."

JC chuckled. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, I gotta jet. You should come out to Odyssey with us on Saturday."

"I'll think about it," I replied.

As he ended the call, I was left wondering why I'd almost said 'he's mine' instead of 'he's straight.'

By Friday I couldn't deny it anymore. I was antsy. I had to know where we stood. I texted Don a simple "hey" after work and waited.

Colin dropped in on my place around six to pick up the rest of his stuff. After he left I ordered Chinese because I wasn't in the mood to cook. The buzzer rang and I went to get the door, expecting the delivery man.

Except it wasn't.

It was Donovan in cut-off jeans and a sleeveless blue T. Nice, I thought. He was clean shaven beneath his baseball cap, his signature smile splitting his jaw, but somehow he looked less fresh than usual, as though he hadn't slept well the night before.

"Lookie what I got," grinned Don as he lifted a spring roll from the delivery bag dangling from his hand and proceeded to munch on it. "Mmmm, yum."

"Hey, that's my dinner!" I made a grab for the bag but Don held it out of reach. He was taller and stronger than I was so it wasn't a hard thing for him to do. Struggling against him I could feel his muscles moving and smell his aftershave, which was probably what he'd intended anyway... a thought that got me hard, right there in the doorway. I lunged onto his back.

"You mounting me now?" he grunted in his familiar gravelly voice. "Now that ain't right."

"Why's that? You mounted me," I shot back.

"Yeah, but that's 'cause I know how to do you right." As if to make his point Donovan swung his body around, stepped into the house and closed the door with the back of his foot. Then he carried me on his back to the kitchen where he set the food on the table and slapped me on the ass.

"Now get off," he said.

I dismounted and he whipped around, looking me over with heated eyes. I moved to touch him.

"Wait," he said, warding off my advance. He took a ragged breath. When he spoke again it came out in a rush. "Look, I gotta tell you this... what happened last week... we can't do that again."

I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach.

"You're my brother, and I love you. But what we did was wrong, ok? We crossed a line. We can't do that again. It would mess everything up. You understand?"

Anger and hurt welled up inside me as I turned so he couldn't see. Words, just words, that's all they were. I could use words too.

"Sure Don," I said in a voice I thought was pretty even, "I understand."

"You sure, Darren? I mean I'm really sorry about coming on to you like that, I guess I was horny and you were probably confused..."

Confused, he'd said. Like I was some teenager with a crush. I resisted the urge to punch him right then and there. I started walking towards the studio.

"Yup. I get it," I told him.

"Come on, Darren, look at me. I need to know we're cool." He grabbed my arm.

I turned to look at him. "We're cool."

He stared at me. I stared back defiantly.

"Ok." He said finally. A muscle on his jaw twitched.

I was now standing beside the draped canvas. It was my turn. "Want to see what I've been working on?"

Donovan sighed. "Sure. Why not."

I pulled the drape off.

It was one of the largest works I'd ever done. The canvas was twelve feet, so Don's cock was probably twice the size it actually was. I had him sitting on a chair in profile, with his shaft curving upwards till it disappeared into my ass. Yeah I was in the painting too. I was riding him. We were looking each other straight in the eye. Don had one hand on my ass, the other on the small of my back. Cum was spewing from my cock, some of it already landing on Don's chin and shoulders. Cum was leaking from my ass too, sticky white drips down Don's half-buried cock. I'd especially liked painting that part.

I was watching Don, not the one in the painting, but the real one, so I saw him swallow before he rasped, "What's it called?"

"'Brothers Fucking'"

"You little shit..." he hissed. In a split second he had me pinned to the wall, my shirt bunched up in his fist. Lips inches from mine he seethed, "What's gotten into you? What if someone sees?" He shook me. "Eh? What then?"

"You're hard," I murmured.

His expression changed. He closed his eyes. He breathed.

I knew I had him then.

"Fuck it," he swore, and pulled me into a kiss. His tongues delved into my mouth and mine into his and pretty soon we were duelling. I could feel his cock firming up even more as he dry humped me with his crotch and I had to remind myself to breathe. No one had ever turned me on like this.

Finally he broke the kiss and stepped back. "I want your clothes off. Right now." He took off his cap and pulled his shirt over his head. A body built to fuck, that was what he had. I watched him unbuttoned his jeans and lower his underwear enough to tease me with a glimpse of the head of his cock. It would be in me soon...

"I said now," he growled, a warning in his look. He folded his arms.

I did as I was told. I stripped till I was naked as the day I was born, my brother's eyes drinking me in all the while.

"Shit. My lil bro..." he murmured, "...all grown up."

He flicked my right nipple with his fingers and I shivered.

He kissed me again and then went down on his knees. Pressing me against the wall with one hand, he took my dick in his big square jaw and started sucking. I watched as his bulging shoulder swung back and forth on his narrow hips like a pendulum. His tongue was working all along my shaft and sending good feelings up my spine. Who'd have thought my hot jock of a brother was such a good cocksucker. I was damn lucky.

When he'd sucked me off long enough he stood up and held up a finger in a sign to wait. His pants and underwear came off and he kicked them to the side. From the kitchen he came back with a chair. Planting it smack in front of the painting, he sat down on it and flashed me a look that was pure sin.

"Come 'ere," he commanded.

I came.

I knelt.

I sucked.

My brother had a beautiful cock. There was no denying it. It was thick and veined and curved. It flared up at the end, a mushroom with a slit for the cum. I let his dick go deep into my throat even as I worked my tongue all over it. I wanted to show him I knew what I was doing.

Donovan was making sharp grunting noises. Suddenly his pushed me off. "Wait," he said tightly. "Stand up and turn around. Wanna get you ready."

As soon as I did he bent me over and starting working his tongue over my hole. He was using extra saliva, I could tell, getting it nice and wet. He pushed his tongue hard against my sphincter, trying to get his spit in. He sucked a finger and pushed it in roughly.

I moaned.

Ready or not I needed him inside. I faced him. Putting one hand on his shoulder and positioning his cock with the other, I lowered myself till his cock was right up against my backdoor. I teased it around, letting spit and precum work its magic.

"Come on Darren," moaned Don. "Let me in. We're family."

I let him in. A push was all it took for the head of his cock to break through my sphincter and entering my anal canal. The rest went in slower because of the friction and the burning all along my rectal walls. The only thing helping was the trail of precum he was leaving inside. I was letting him fuck me dry and bareback, just like last time. I'd always played safe, even when I'd been with Colin. But there was nothing safe about fucking my brother. With Don I went all the way.

"Just like that," sighed Don in his gravelly voice. "You're so tight." By then I'd taken the whole length of his rod and was letting myself get used to it. My brother was stroking my side, getting me to relax. My cock was rock hard. We kissed. I was getting to know those lips pretty good.

I rose slowly till just the head of his cock was inside and looked over at the painting of us. We were bringing it alive, making it happen just like we'd always wanted. We both moaned as I sat back down on his shaft. Somehow that made it easier for his cock to slide in and out, and pretty soon I was riding him faster, using the floor as leverage. From the scrape of my jaw against his neck to the slap of my ass-cheeks hitting his thighs and the cock ramming my insides, everywhere we touched it was sweaty skin on skin and nothing else.

"Been waiting for this for a long time," whispered Don between clenched teeth.

Eventually Don put both his arms around my waist and stood up from the chair, making sure he stayed inside me as he did. Taking two steps to the sofa he lowered me till I was on my back and he was on top. My legs he put on his shoulders so he could have his way with me. As he leaned in to kiss he said meaningfully, "Now it's my turn."

After that things went crazy. The change in position had him ramming my prostate, setting me on fire with sweet pleasure. By then his cock had loosened my sphincter enough that he could plough me hard. And he did, fucking me with long strokes and short strokes, using me good. My brother was a fucking mammal in heat, and it turned me on to think I'd made him that way.

"You're mine, you hear?" he snarled, lust and need written all over his snub-nosed face. "Mine and nobody else." His arms bulged like tree trunks, sweat pouring from his body as he bred me. "Gonna mark you this time," he grunted as he sucked my neck hard.

At first my hands were on his ass, feeling his pelvic muscles work and using it as leverage so I could get every last millimetre of my brother in me each time he plunged inside. But pretty soon all I could think of was Don's cock drilling my hole to oblivion. Sudden I realized I was going to cum without even touching my cock.

"I'm close," I warned Don. On hearing this, he bent over and somehow took the tip of my cock into his mouth. That was it. I started cumming. Semen and sperm pumped into Don's mouth even as he kept on fucking. The orgasm blew my mind.

I was still starry-eyed when he leaned in to kiss me, letting me taste my own salty produce. Then he arched his back and with a one more thrust he exploded inside me, sending hot wet seed into my rectum.

So in the end we'd each put a load in each other. It turned me on knowing that the DNA in our cum couldn't have been all that different from each other. Because we were brothers.

Brothers who'd fucked.

* * *

I woke to the feel of Donovan caressing my back.

"Wakie wakie," murmured Don in my ear, sounding especially gravelly right then, which was a huge turn on. He nuzzled my neck with his unshaven jaw, sending good feelings all the way to my cock. The fact he was still here at all was giving me a high.

I cracked an eye open. Don was lying propped up on his side, his torso exposed, the corners of his eyes crinkling from his smile. His eyes were blue-green, just like mine. Sunshine was streaming through the blinds, painting golden stripes on his rough-hewn body.

Fully awake now, I saw that we were in my bedroom, which meant that Don had carried me up at some point during the night. I was on my stomach, covered in my blanket. I wondered briefly if we'd left cum on the sheets but then remembered we'd cum in each other. There wouldn't be a mess.

"I'm going to shower," Don said as he got out of bed. Looking over his shoulder he grinned, "You can join me if you'd like."

Now that sounded promising, especially after I caught a glimpse of the half-rigid state of Don's cock. I shivered as I got out of bed and followed my brother into the washroom. But things started to warm up pretty fast when he put his hand on my ass and started rubbing our cocks together. He gave me a full kiss.

"Oh man," he chuckled.


"Look," he cocked his head at the mirror, grinning.

"You gave me a hickey!" It was a big one too.

"Told you I'd mark you," said Don in a satisfied tone.

My cock twitched.

"We're gonna have to talk about all this, Don," I said seriously.

He nodded. "Yeah, I know."

We let the water run as we took turns taking a leak. It didn't take long for us to start making out again after we hopped into the shower. Fuck he looked sexy wet. I liked how the water ran between our bodies and dripped off his stiff cock. I crouched down and started sucking.

After a couple minutes of this, I was suddenly hit with a feeling of almost painful urgency. I stood up quickly.

"What?" asked Don, concerned.

"I think your cum wants to come out," I told him through gritted teeth.

"Oh yeah?" He shut off the water and turned me around so that my back was to him. I could feel his cock nudging against my backdoor. "Let it out," his murmured, his breath hot against my neck.


"Yeah. Just do it. We can use it."

He bit my earlobe.

I moaned and relaxed my sphincter. I could feel some of the load my brother had put in me trickling out, still warm from being inside me since last night.

Don lapped it up with his cock.

"There we go. Cum as lube."

And just like that, he started pushing his cock into my ass. It was tight, but Don was right, my rectal walls were well-lubed with his cum and his cock slid in easily. It didn't hurt even when he was all the way in, though I had to brace myself with my arms on the shower wall.

"Fuck. I'm in you again. Third time," he whispered. He started thrusting, his hands gripping just above my waist, getting his cum well distributed. The feeling was amazing and I wanted more. Pretty soon I was pushing back with each plunge, helping him shove it in harder and deeper.

He ramped up the speed and all I could think about was how something so wrong could feel so right. I was moaning almost uncontrollably. I snuck a hand under my swinging balls to touch where his cock met my sphincter. A vulnerable spot. There was something about feeling my brother's shaft piston in and out of my anal canal and my sphincter adjusting each time the stroke changed direction that was fucking hot. This was where he ended and I started. I look over my shoulder at Don.

"You like feeling your brother's cock going in and out of you, eh?" he grunted.

"Uh huh." I groaned.

I could tell from his face he was as into this as I was. His body glistened, and I was pretty sure it wasn't all from the water. He leaned over and starting kissing me. When he reached over and started jacking me too I knew I wouldn't last.

Without warning Don started cumming. I could feel him filling me up till there wasn't any room and it starting to drip out. Looking down and seeing big white globs fall on the bath tub sent me over the top and I starting cumming too, spewing it onto the shower wall in spurts that made my whole body convulse. This was real sex. This was what I'd been missing all my life. It was finally starting to happen.

"You've fucked the cum out of me." I gasped when I could talk again.

"Told you I know how to do you right." Don responded, his cheek on my back, his chest still heaving. He kissed my back and let his cock slide out of my ass.

"You still want to take a shit?" he inquired.

"No, I'm good," I said.

"I'm hungry."

"I can make pancakes."


And that's how I ended up making blueberry pancakes for my brother on a Saturday morning. I'd put on my robe, but Don just wrapped a towel around his waist. The way he'd grin and lick his lips almost drove me nuts, but somehow I managed not to burn the pancakes too much.

"Just like Mum makes them," said Don, pouring maple syrup with gusto. It gave me a warm feeling inside to think I was as good as Mom. By then we were sitting across from each other at the table so I gave his shoulder a punch.

"Where'd you get that?" Don asked, eying the open box on the table. There was a tie and shirt from Banana Republic in it.

"It's a present from Colin." I told him. When Don frowned I explained, "He'd bought it before we broke up for our anniversary but he decided he wanted me to have it anyway. He said he didn't want the hassle of returning it."

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