tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 05

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 05




Queen Praudha, sitting all naked glory spread out before my lecherous eyes restarted her story.

"My husband, His Majesty hardly spent any time in bed with me. If he did he would just kiss and fall asleep snoring in no time. He used to be exhausted with his Administrative and warring efforts.

But the he would always express that he wanted a son and would love to have one from me. I used to make him see sense that to have a son, the minimum requirement by the partners was to have sex"

She sighed as teasing hands cupped her full tits, weighed them and caressed her rigid nipples between my fingers. My hands travelled back to her exposed nether area.

"You could not have stated it more explicitly" I agreed, now sending one exploratory hand to her humid pubic bush.

"There must have been a way..." I coaxed, my fingers finding her puffed up pussy lips and tried to find a 'way in' there.

She stretched her legs, making a sound that was a cross between a groan and a moan.

My left hand then pushed her thighs apart and I could see her big vulva passage, pink, moist and waiting. Her hand closed over my raging manhood and gripped the pulsating stalk and she continued gaspingly,

"But the King paid no heed to my advice. Instead he went about winning wars with most neighbouring states and the defeated kings gave away their daughters in wedding as a token of compromise and better ties.

Nitambini, then Bhagamalini and others followed. They too became frustrated that the King never spent enough conjugal time with them. But the demand to have a son yet remained..."

My little finger prised open her soft pussy lips and buried inside the heated sheath of her cunt now and started a slow 'in and out' motion.

She moaned a crazy "ohhhhhhh..." throwing her head back with abandon. Her heaving breasts with erect teats jiggled deliciously before my eyes.

"Go on...what happened further..." I urged as I 'went on'. Fingering her over excited passage and my fingers buried further.

"Oh, my poor pussy can't take any further..." she pleaded but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

My thumb now found her budding clitoris and rubbed its hood slowly.

"Did the King propose any alternative arrangements...."I asked innocently.

I took my fingers out of her hot cunt and held them to my nose. She saw that and gurgled with unbridled lust.

Her own hand was gripping my throbbing organ tightly while her fingers idly spread the dribbling pre-semen all over the head.

"It was time to take the matter in my own hands and in fact we all seized the opportunity..."She had no doubt seized my matter in her hands now and I ached with passion.

"We all asked the Royal Priest, the Purohit to perform a Homam for begetting a son. It is called 'Putra kameshti'."

(Note: Homam is a religious rite to be performed for many days continuously with chanting and offering to fires etc in Hindu tradition to please the Gods.)

I leaned forward and took one big breast in my free hand and kissed its tip with my lips. It tasted oversweet because of some perfume-cum-aphrodisiac gel she had applied over it. These queens knew a lot of such tricks. Then I tongue-bathed the goose bumped areola, so she gasped loudly now and gripped me even more tightly at the base of my straining cock.

I asked, lifting my head up "Was it then that things started going bump in the night?" My tongue licked up the sweet gel from her breasts sticking to my lips.

I lowered my head and sampled her other nipple, sucked it slowly, tonguing its tip. I always had an irresistible sweet tooth.

"Oh-ahhhhhh" she grew restive and moved her legs around agitatedly, her smooth big thighs covering mine and making my hairs stand on end.

"Talking of bumping" she gasped and cradled my full sac of testicles in her palm lovingly, "The Palace astrologer, Mantrik went missing and we found a tiger- mauled body in the forest with his clothes a few days later."

My hand was back in the safe lubricated cosiness of her mature pussy and was looking around and generally making friends with her insides!

Her breath was coming in agitated gasps and her voice was laced with unbridled lust. I took my hand out and sucked the liquid-stained fingers lasciviously.

Copious pussy juices are called 'salila ras' in Indian erotica and is an indication of a high-breed woman in the throes of passion.

Her eyes were on fire as she asked, "Must I continue till the end now...or..."

I took her twin big and soft tits in my palms and kneaded them expertly, making some fingernail scratches over its sensitive locations. She mewled with pleasure.

That was the art perfected by Lord Krishna when he seduced milkmaids as per an erotic legend.

I asserted," Of course, you have to go till the end. Else, I won't go to the logical end of this exercise...see, a deal is a deal..."

She saw my point. But that did not deter her from pinching the top point of my hot cock in a show of mock protest.

It was my turn to gasp with lust and pain. My blood was boiling. Damn, when will this story get over, I cursed.

"That body of course was a red herring, as later we found he (Mantrik) was diabolically forced to direct his curses to us...But more importantly, our Commander-in-Chef Senani was killed a few months earlier to Mantrik's disappearance, when he was on a holiday in a neighbouring kingdom. We had never connected one incident to the other..."

I grunted. "Your Detective squad sure fell down on that one..."I said letting my head fall into the welcome naked lap of Praudha. It was soft and smooth and my head nestled close to her wet bush. I felt the air was full of sex now.

"Can't really call it an Intelligence failure here..." She argued weakly in defence.

I looked up and saw her boobs from down and they looked more delicious and fetching. My hands again latched on to those full tits and started amorous foreplay on her prominent nipples, which included alternate pulling and pushing, twisting clockwise and counter-clockwise and scratching its aperture softly.

"I can see your point now..." I was looking straight at her rosy bud of clitoris from the close quarters of her lap. "This was unprecedented and you were caught with your pants down..."I completed understandingly.

My pants were down from a long time now and I saw that my Guard Methika who held it was agog at the story and was getting considerably agitated at the advances I had made with the Queen...She was stomping her feet impatiently , her sabre at her side swinging and her big boobs jostled for space on her chest.

The Queen was at the end of her tether now.

"We never performed that Homam for pregnancy... as it was postponed indefinitely.....then...". She was fumbling for words. Poor dear, her own head must be spinning with the combination of lust and intoxication.

My nose was close to the humid bush and I could smell her excitement. It was heady, and my head reeled as already I had consumed much liqueur and so my teeth caught some stray pussy hairs and pulled on them playfully. She cooed like an Indian Koel in heat. (Koel, a cuckoo-like singing bird)

Her hand was no more clutching my piston now as I was lying away from her lap and so she had entwined my chest hair around her dainty fingers pulling them. My cock was surging with lust, bobbing up and down and she was staring at it licking her lips in thirst.

I spread her thighs fully, turning on my stomach. She now sat with thighs splayed with her back resting against the granite headboard, her pink and wet cunt now just playing hide and seek with her outer labia. It was a refreshing sight for famished eyes.

Her red gown was thrown carelessly to a side and she looked like the Venus herself. The sight of her well formed limbs, soft waist, rounded stomach, inch-deep navel and her long hairless legs made me lose whatever self-control I had exercised so far.

I held up a hand. "Oh Queen, that should be enough for the first round of enquiries...we will take it up further when we are more relaxed..."

She squealed with delight, clapped her hands and crept over me enthusiastically.

We assumed the position of 69, me at the bottom, her big thighs splayed in a 'V' astride my face, her rounded arse facing skywards, her pendulous boobs resting on my stomach as she bent her head to taste my erect prick. Her stone-hard nipples scraped my stomach ticklingly and I caught her waist around the soft tiers of her loins and drew it near till the parted lips of her steaming hot pussy opened its doors to my waiting lips.

I licked the fat labia; sucking the sweet nectar like 'salila'( woman's secretions in Sanskrit) trickling out from them and with my two fingers, pulled open the outer lips and tongued the wet inner walls. As I licked the juice-box of her womanhood, my hands softly encircled her big soft white arse globes over me.

I squeezed the pliant soft globes and smacked them playfully. This caused her to swallow my entire 8-inch cock deep in her throat in reflex and she made a sound as if she swallowed a bee.

I could see from the corner of my eyes, beyond the thighs of Praudha, Methika was in heat too and had now unabashedly buried her hand deep into the front of her army skirt. She was huffing and puffing as she fingered her own inflamed pussy.

Talking of pussy, the one spread in all its glory above my mouth was dribbling its secretions uninhibitedly to my waiting mouth and I could see Praudha's big body above was quivering all over and a slow flush was forming on her Queenly skin as she sucked my joy-stick with the enthusiasm of a teenage girl on her first night. One could see she had waited long enough for the satiation of her basic instincts and the Curse had only added fuel to her raging fires within.

I smacked her white arse which towered over my face repeatedly with my hands alternately; open palms striking the buttock softness and causing it to redden and quiver. I felt savage lust building up in me when I heard healthy 'smack' after 'smack' and the sounds caused Methika too to vigorously fist herself below the skirt.

I gave one sharp slap after another to the two well fed arrogant bum cheeks and her smarting buttocks reddened and her groins jerked in reflex making her excited pussy to pour small squirts of her intimate juices to my mouth below.

You may argue that this is no way to treat the reigning Queen of the Kingdom.

I mean sure, it lacked respect, spanking till her buttocks reddened and all that...

But she seemed to enjoy rough treatment and built as she was on the fatter side just made my hands itch and turned me on enough to be slightly sadistic. But the touch of sadism only went on to heighten our ever building passion to a crescendo.

I bit her labia and licked her moist pink pussy walls as I cradled her burning ass globes and pulled them down till she smothered me with pussy flesh all over the face.

I wriggled out my face just a bit from under so I could see her tempting well-spanked red arse. I licked the red skin so the heat of the blows could dissipate and blew some cool air on it. She reacted at the differential treatment on her hind globes by raising her hips and giving a guttural moan that startled Methika who was religiously fingering her agitated pussy, her hands unseen beneath the skirt.

My cock which by now grown to full length and girth had had enough of her oral attention and was rearing to taste the Queen's wet portals.

I pushed her up and wriggled out under her. I stood up behind her stooped form. When she turned at me in askance with lust maddened eyes, I told her to bend like a dog and let me do the honours.

I saw that at a distance, Methika's eyes were flushed with burning passion and I could only guess her hands were playing deep within herself as her huge tits heaved feverishly.

My cock was pointing at the rotund derriere of the reigning Queen Praudha which looked both ample and capable to resist my intended lusty attack.

I held my royal Ruler in one hand and guided it skilfully to the smiling gash of her vulva nestled so cosily in between the pumpkin-like arse globes.

In another hand I held on to the soft arse cheeks for supports and plunged ahead with my waist.


I had penetrated into one of the most welcomingly soft and accommodating receptacles God has designed on a female form.

My length knifed into the buttery juicy innards with a squish and a double moan from us followed as we joined together flesh to flesh.

As I held onto a butter-soft big arse globe in one hand squeezing its girth, my loins thumped simultaneously into the same buttocks as my lubricated cock socked into her womb fully. My balls drummed a rhythm against her ample rump.

Heavens, that's what it felt like inside this Empress's quivering yielding coochie.

I was lust-maddened and my body was aching with desire and my heart was thudding with passionate exertions.

I let one hand down her flanks to sample her swaying boobs as she bent before me, feeling the rich the melon-like ripeness capped with stone hard nipples lovingly. Her nipples continued to get erect as if to challenge or compete with the length of my erect cock that was mercilessly plundering her wealth in her quivering moist hot quim from behind.

She moaned shamelessly, lust knowing no bounds, years of denial and sex-starvation finding an avenue with this vigorous mating. Her lust-cursed Nymph body that craved for union was finally getting its due from my forceful humping.

I continued to hold on to her fattened big buttocks squeezing them firmly as I gritted my teeth and with a relish, ploughed her juicing pussy with redoubled vigour. Her hair flew all over the her wide fair back, her shoulder blades rippling to accommodate the rough shoving that she was receiving from my truncheon.

I extracted my erect cock once fully and it came with 'plop' out of her tight chute. Only when my cock felt the cool air, I knew how hot and wet her cunt had been.

Then I shoved back in again slowly burying it to the hilt as if embedding my flag on freshly conquered soil.

It was foreign soil too, and I had been given 'farming rights' by none other than the owner of the 'soil', her husband and the King himself. So I was doing sowing the seeds quite religiously there.

I drummed a steady beat rhythm on her exposed upturned white arse with open palms and clenched fists, causing the fair skin to redden all over again. The marks of previous spanking had only just faded and they reappeared again under my spanking. When I fucked her cunt and spanked her arse in step with each other, she moaned loudly with Ohs, AAAAhs , Ammaas, and ayyooos almost continuously.


That was music to my ears and I was emboldened to pound her even more speedily, my head held high and my trunk laying it smack into her.

I would gasp out sweet nothings that went as far as "Take it oh, you arrogant big queen, take this hard cock in your womb and see how it pleases you...Ah, there, you tramp, Oh, You glutton slut...Ohhh...Do you agree that your old hubby can never match this force, ha?" etc.

Sometimes I would take her flying hair in my hands using it like a rein on a horse pulling her head back, and rode her roughly. At other times, I would just grab her soft tiers of waist flesh with both hands and balance myself to impale her even more pointedly. All this caused our groans to grow louder and shriller and out came inane lusty mumblings that rent the air in the palatial bedroom.

Methika stood transfixed at the steamy scene, her hands now squeezing her milky white globes and her fingers teasing her nipples in unnoticed abandon.

The Queen was matching thrust to thrust with me and kept up a monologue which went:

"Oh, daaarling..Yeahhh..Like that...Haaa....Mmmmmmmmm... More and More..Yes, yes, yesssssss" etc

Suddenly I withdrew, exerting supreme control not to ejaculate, gave a short slap on her red well-spanked arse, and told her in a choked voice, to come on top of me. Man, I needed some break too...

Was I going to take it lying down, you may ask...Hell yes, in this case with this insatiable seductive temptress, that was certainly not belittling my stature even for a proud Prince!

The sweating and heaving Queen Praudha with eyes burning with desire like flaming coals came over me and put her royal opulent frame on top of my body as I reclined on her bed. She sat herself on the root of my desire balancing carefully on her strong powerful thighs and ankles.

She buried my still erect cock in her quivering hotbox, inch by inch, taking the stem in her fist, till her bush met my matted pubic hair.

She balanced herself carefully and started riding me up and down, my cock cleaving her depth vertically upwards now in a teasing rhythm that had me gritting my teeth and controlling my breath not to come then and there.

Her soft fat labia squished against my pubis and wet 'sloch, puch, pach, pooch' sounds emanated. Our nostrils flared at the scent of our rousing secretions and our hairs stood on end in excitement.

As she rode me she wantonly squeezed her generous breasts and yanked her nipples out. Her sweat rolled down her smooth tummy, mixed with mine and collected in a pool in my navel.

"How do you feel?", I managed to ask in between gasps, thrusting my pelvis upwards unrelentingly.

"Oh, I am in seventh heaven, Prince Keyu...You make love so well..."She gasped out, her fair skin flushed and sweaty as she bobbed up and down on my love pole with unflagging enthusiasm. My cock penetrated up, deep into her 'well irrigated' pussy-soil, her juices trickling over the sides of my cock to flow all over my balls now.

Her big ripe tits rose and fell in rhythm of her movements and my hands covered those yummy spheres, pinched and pulled on her sensitive erect nipples no end.

She was incensed and inflamed with lust and started to jump up and down on my cock even more vigorously if that were possible

This was one real full woman, mature as old wine, quite unlike the youthful and supple assistant of mine, Rathi Priya. In all fairness to Rathi and her enviable libido and playfulness, Queen Praudha was in a distinct class by herself and I was so fucking glad that I had come here

In moments, we felt the rush of our climax coming like a storm in waiting and it exploded finally taking us in its wake over and over to the top of the pleasurable heavens. I injected wads and wads of copious boiling seed right up into her waiting womb inundating it, which ran out in rivulets all over out enjoined pubic area.

She gave a joyful shriek of pleasure and I groaned too in unison and every nerve of our bodies came alive as if a lightning had passed through them.

She fell on my chest with a weak low moan, breasts, thighs and all our limbs entwined in a final act of union, unwilling to let go of each others' body as our surging passions drained out of us.

I could not see Methika now, my guard who had probably vanished into the bathroom at the side, quite possibly cooling herself down after the throes of her own climax that ensued from her voyeuristic viewing of our vigorous animal-like mating.

We let the feeling of ecstasy linger for a long time. I looked at Queen Praudha after what seemed like a hundred years, and lifted her head to face mine.

"Was that a good introduction to your affairs do you think, Your Majesty?"

She giggled and purred like a cat, the signs of a well-fucked woman.

"Well, not bad for starters...The main course is still waiting, Prince...I mean we should be going to the Royal Dining hall now..."

She sat up, her undone long hairs sticking onto her sweaty breasts, which she tried to straighten and knot into a passable braid at the back of her head .Her tits swayed joyously from side to side with those movements.

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