tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 06

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 06


Ch. 6 - The Prince continues to probe with startling revelations


Escorted by an exhausted but composed Queen Praudha and a flushed Methika, I walked towards the Royal Dining Hall one storey below the boudoirs.

While I walked, I glanced at Methika and ribbed her,

"Oh, by the way, I don't think you guarded my body well this time around.

You saw the ruthless attack on my privates but could do nothing but stare and wring your hands in despair, now, didn't you?"

Before a harried looking Methika could open her mouth, the Queen who was next to me poked me in the ribs with an elbow and commented,

"She is supposed to guard you from enemies, not from her own Masters or Mistresses. Besides, it was not clear to her who actually attacked whom in there..."

We both laughed but Methika looked none too happy, the poor dear.

She kept silent and her eyes looked on dutifully ahead as if she would now make up for such lapses in duty that I'd alleged.

Before all this was over, I thought I would teach Methika to enjoy humour as well indulge in some basic dalliances of flesh. She was one step ahead of me and her big buttocks swayed tantalisingly with her gait. I smacked one open palm on her rump and smiled as Methika looked back shocked at my brazen behaviour in front of her Mistress but just cleared her throat and marched ahead.

The Royal Dining Hall looked resplendent in marble and granite glory.

Silver candle stands adorned the floor to floor walls, containing coloured lit candle sticks in them throwing just adequate light around. The arched doorways were decorated with dark silken curtains and the ceiling supported a huge chandelier that hung below slightly swaying in the breeze that came in from the large bay windows to the right overlooking the Royal Gardens.

There was a distinct fragrance of a rich perfume wafting in the air.

The centre of the Hall had the huge white marble dining table with an assortment of silver and gold cutlery containing steaming food.

Despite being a Prince myself, I marvelled at the rich spread on the Table.

It was at the least a 21- course meal with a wide choice of liqueurs, fresh fruit juices and desserts that was sitting there on the sparkling white marble table.

Yes, it looked fit for a King.

What made everything all the more appetising was the line-up of Queens who were waiting eagerly for me at both the flanks of the entrance.

I looked in growing marvel at the right flank where stood, the tall and big dark complexioned Queen Nitambini,( the high hipped one) the wheat-brown skinned attractive Queen Bhagamalini( the one who derived pleasure from her clitoris) and the thick thighed Queen Jaghini( Thighs-like-tree-trunks) and the lady with the sensitive neck, Queen Kantini.

Standing on the left flank were the big breasted Queen Kuchala (breasts resembling water pots), the tall and dark Queen Padhini who had very long legs and sensitive feet, the Queen with long dark hairs, Keshini and the one with smooth hairless sensitive skin, Queen Charmini.

I could also see two very attractive ladies in mid thirties who were dressed unlike the Queens but looked gorgeous all the same. The first of the two marched to me with a delicate gait and bowed with a smile that lit up a thousand candles of desire in my young heart.

"I am Geethika, the Royal Singer at your service, Prince Keyura..."

I stared at this apparition and cleared my throat.

"If I am not mistaken, I am your pupil for the next few months, so I have to bow to you, Charming Teacher..." Thus saying I took her fair hand and kissed it gracefully and smiled up at her.

She was wearing a certain perfume that was sweet and exotic. Her eyes were brown and the lashes were lined with dark eyeliner. When she smiled, her buttery cheeks dimpled and her pearl white teeth sparkled. She was an exotic piece of art for sure...

Before I could recover the second excellent specimen of the duo was upon me, jostling for space with Geethika.

She was tall and had broad shoulders .Her big-busted figure had a shapely waist flowing smoothly down to a healthy curve of hips.

She was bedecked with golden bands on arms and forehead and sported a waist chain made of glittering gold studded with coloured gems. Her silken saree rustled softly with her elegant movements.

"I am Nritika, The Court dancer. I am very happy to be of assistance to you, Prince..."

I nodded in wonder,

"I guessed as much. You are my second teacher who will impart me with the nuances of Classical dance...I am very please to meet you, my Guru..." I smiled and bowed, my heart dancing with joy of meeting such a beautiful Dance teacher.

I took her hands for a kiss but she snatched it away playfully and folded them over her girded breasts in a Traditional gesture of the Indian 'Namaste'. (A greeting when two strangers meet).

"We will wish each other thus daily", she instructed in mock seriousness.

I had learnt some basic dancing steps during my education of 64 traditional arts and so did a small dancer's bow to the audience in front of her...

She nodded excitedly "Yes, that is the correct one, not the folding of hands... You are one up on me already, Prince Keyura..."

Before she could complete, Queen Praudha laughed at the choice of her words and butted in, "He has indeed come here to be on top of us, you know..." and the laughter grew shriller.

Nritika the Dancer smiled shyly and receded into the background, allowing the eager Queens to take the centre-stage.

Well, I would certainly love to be on top of whatever these two female teachers had to offer, I thought and went ahead to the Dining table.


It was Queen Nitambini who took my arm and led me to the table. She had a Yellow and Blue Silk sari draped hugging her big robust frame and a matching yellow silk blouse that was so tight that her proud breasts almost tore through it as she walked. Her unique feature was surely her high and rounded hips that seemed to have a life of their own and swayed temptingly with her gait.

"Prince Keyura, please be my guest this evening. Hope you will like the delicious spread our chefs have prepared for you" She led me to a red cushioned high back hair that resembled a throne itself.

I asked obliquely,

"Hopefully the food has been sampled and tested for poisoning?"

Nitambini's cheeks reddened despite her dark complexion

"Prince Keyua, I am shocked at your allegation. Who could possibly have a motive to poison the food prepared in the Royal Kitchen?"

I held her hand, seated her next to me and said evenly,

"The same party who killed Senani and whisked away your astrologer Mantrik. I guess we don't have to waste time here any more asking inane questions and feigning shock, we all know what we are in for..."

Queen Praudha sat opposite me and held up her hand,

"I know what I am 'in for', as you say..." She said mischievously, "I just had a sample of Keyura's capabilities in probing our affairs quite deeply..."

Queen Charmini sat on my left and replied, "To answer your question, Prince Keyura, the food has been sampled and tested negative for poison. I am in charge of the Kitchen, you see..."

I patted her superbly smooth skin on her hands and nodded. She sure had one of the finest smooth skins on a female form that I had seen among the Blue-blooded ones.

Queen Praudha got up to serve a steaming soup of exotic vegetables in a silver bowl saying, "This will serve as an appetiser for future courses..."

At this moment where peace and calm reigned and just when I was to sample their delicacies of food, there entered three more Queens, Queen Nabhini , the one with a sensitive navel, Queen Sthanika, the one who had big nipples, and Queen Tullini, who possessed arguably the best vagina in her race.

Although I was much inclined to enjoy the sight of the beauties of these women, I was startled at the grim expressions on their faces that foretold me something sinister must have taken place.

Queen Nabhini entered the room hurriedly and made her way to the reigning Queen Praudha and whispered something grave in her ears. Queen Praudha's face turned pale and she dropped the silver serving spoon in my soup bowl and looked up.

The other two queens sank into their designated seats with equally shocked expressions/ Queen Praudha started speaking in a shaky voice,

"It is my misfortune to announce that Mantrik's wife who was coming over here to reveal some secretive information on her husband's whereabouts has been killed by a poisonous arrow shot from a distance. She died right in front of her home an hour ago"

We were shocked to silence. It was me who broke the uneasy stillness.

"Who knew that she was coming over here with the specific purpose...I mean who told you?"

Queen Praudha looked at the other two in askance.

Nabhini rearranged her saree to cover her enticing abdomen and spoke, but not before her cute deep navel had peeked and smiled at me. I gulped.

"She sent word through her maid Chellini to the Queen's chambers that she sought an urgent appointment to talk about her husband."

"Needless to say that the maid has not been found thereafter and is going to be missing now", I said guessing the devious plot somewhat.

Queen Praudha sighed. "Mantrik's wife Maya was a very good friend and an advisor of sorts to all of us. This is so terrible... Whatever did the poor..."

I cut in holding up the silver spoon inadvertently,

"Who else lived in the house...?"

Nabhini answered again. She seemed to know a lot. She was the one I was going to work on, I thought.

"They have only a daughter called Jayalini, who is a widow and she looked after the parents. She is taking care of mother's funeral, the poor dear..."

I looked around and saw only crestfallen Royal faces. There seemed to be no dearth of the 'poor dears', I thought.

"Sorry Prince, we have to leave and pay an a visit to the household" said queen Praudha hurriedly and called out to all other Queens.

I held up my hand.

"Look, I don't want to look discourteous, but I would start my own investigation only later with the daughter... Right now, I want to complete my meal while you girls are away...By the way, I want at least one of you to stay back with me as I hardly know my way around in here...Can she stay...?" I pointed to Queen Nabhini who blinked her eyes in surprise at my choice but smiled in acknowledgement.

"Yes, of course. Nabhini will certainly stay and make your stay comfortable while we are away..." She gave a knowing crooked smile at Nabhini and me and left with the other queens. The Royal dancer and Singer remained but I told them that I will come for lessons as soon as the things settled down a bit.

They nodded and left too.


Queen Nabhini and I remained in the Dining hall.

I gestured her to sit down next to me.

She took off her diamond-studded crown and embroidered silk heard scarf and threw it down on a settee and flopped down with a big sigh.

"Quite a draining moment for you, wasn't it?" I said pacifying her with a pat on her smooth arms. She looked at me. Her eyes looked sad but there was something of a mixture of expectation and tension in her that I could feel.

I got up and went behind her seat. She turned to me questioningly, but I shushed her with a finger on my lips.

I touched her silken hair on the head with both palms and slowly rubbed her scalp for a few minutes in silence. She arched her head back reflectively and sighed with relief and blurted,

"Prince, you do not know what this all means...She was close to us and I actually her saw her body before I came here.. She was shot through the neck clean. A horrible arrow it was too..." Her voice loud and tinged with excitement and she looked sorely upset at the mishap.

"Queen", I said with a firm but controlled voice, "I want you to describe the circumstances and surroundings as much in detail as possible. I want to know all that you observed at the scene of crime".

My hands patted her front and side locks down from behind her. She used a gentle herbal perfume on her hair and I thought she used sandal paste on her flawless shining skin.

I stood close to the back of the chair she was seated. The chair had large holes in the carved backrest and as I stood behind, she leant back and our bodies touched.

It was quite an intimate and amorous moment for me as much as it was comforting to be head massaged at the time for her.

My hands went to work on her smooth cheeks gently rubbing the soft cheeks in circles, trying to ease her tensions out. I slowly rubbed her closed eyelids warming them up.

She started talking in a low voice trying to recollect the details.

"Ok, her house is on a low area, kind of hidden by surround rising hillocks with a small and tidy herbal garden, where Mantrik grew medicinal hers for his work...

The door was facing the setting sun to the west and she had opened the wicket gate and not the main gate..."

"Uh huh" I said in encouragement. My hands now gently slid down over her ears, which looked like pretty seashells. She wore glowing golden earrings.

I cupped her neck with both palms from either side and turned her face up at me. I stroked her throat.

She purred a low 'MMMMM' and went on, "...She must have turned her back to the house to close the gate when the arrow struck her..."

I bent my head and blew gently on the fore locks of her upturned face. Her lips were red and wet and parted enticingly revealing pearl white teeth

"That's a good guess about her turning back...But what makes you think so..?"

I could smell her perfume and it was heady. My crotch was now in close contact with the silken apron covering her smooth back and I felt a surge of excitement as my hands slipped down her shoulders rubbing and squeezing the muscles slowly all the way.

My growing maleness throbbed against her accommodating back and she must have felt it instinctively even though she was preoccupied with the description of crime.

She sighed and leant back more firmly and wiggled her back and I had to hold back my own groan as she let out a slight giggle as if tickled.

She continued,

"The arrow, dear Prince, had pierced her back of the neck and was protruding grotesquely from the front and she had fallen face down in front of the gate...So how is that for a good guess?"

"Fantastic...You will make an able assistant to me..." I whispered and for the first time let my hands come up and brush her surging peaks of her breasts held tightly in the golden yellow silk blouse.

Slowly I brushed aside the veil of Saree that covered the mounds in a casual innocent way and saw her cleavage for the first time. There were some beautiful droplets of sweat on the soft sloping upper mounds and the buttons ran the front way down.

"Then how do you think the killer must have hidden there...?"

I stood up and let my burgeoning manhood directly prod her back. As if on cue, she restarted even as I started a slow massage on the slopes of her soft boobs,

"Ahhh..."She mewled, "I told you that the house is hidden by high slopes and there are places where anyone can hide..."

My own hands now were on her high slopes and my fingers were itching to get inside and hide in the succulent flesh.

She growled now as my hands did a tantalising weighing of her ripe tits as if they were mangoes in a fruit stall and she crossed and uncrossed her legs repeatedly , getting turned on unknown to her.

My hands cupped her soft tits and found erect nipples poking right through the fabric hot and excited. I kneaded them together and then again, one by one alternately.

Her voice was now tinged with excitement now too, but for most part the initial sorrow of losing her friend was now giving way to growing lust.

"The slopes on the right side of the house are quite high and have large bushes covering them..."

I kept prodding my erect cock at her back as she sat and was wondering what her own charming royal bush looked like.

For the first time she noticed that her top two buttons of her silk blouse had been undone and my hands were cupping the warm globes through them.

" Oh, You naughty Prince, you..." she started and her own hands covered mine in protection, but I tilted her face up at me , bent and kissed her moist lips upside down, garbling up the rest of the sentence into something like "Mmmuahhhchhh".

She sighed and opened her lips more and our tongues entwined and did a snake dance. Her nose tickled my sensitive chin and vice versa.

My hands as with as my courage growing in confidence at the response, found her erect teats and tested their hardness catching them sweetly between my forefingers and thumbs. As I rotated the nipple knobs once clockwise and then counter clockwise, my cock also grew full and hard inside my underwear painfully. I snatched my mouth away with difficulty from her passionate mouth and drew her up on her feet from her chair.

She turned to me in a rush and the last two buttons popped out and flew down to the floor, and her blouse parted away fully bringing into view her melon big tits. Her eyes were swimming with brazenness and as her saree fell away to her waist, I saw her beautiful navel set bang centre in the smooth white plateau of her stomach. She had tied her saree well below her navel almost exhibiting her jutting pelvis. I thought the top knot of her dress, belted in with a studded golden waist band, just about shielded her pubic bush!

I stared at the marvellous piece of sculpture on a human form that was her navel. She was not called Nabhini for nothing, the one with an excellent and enjoyable navel. The navel breathed in and out with her as she stood gasping. I saw that it was cut clean and artistically at her birth and was set superbly on a gently sloping stomach flesh around, which tapered to the navel recess.

"Oh, Nabhini, how sweet you look down there..." I whistled and poked an inquisitive forefinger to the inviting inch-deep navel. She squirmed, gurgled and fell into my embrace in a swoop.

I could have had her then and there. But then my eyes turned to the dinner spread on the table and a wicked plan germinated in my mind on how I was to go about it.


I held her at an arms distance and she looked at me, a woman completely surrendered to her desires.

"Nabhini, Look at me, yes, we are going to have a good time, but not before you finish your description and I finish with the dinner..."I said mysteriously.

Her eyes opened wide and she gulped.

"You mean you are going to have dinner but I should sit and continue the story..."

I held a forefinger against her red lips and nodded my head to clear the confusion.

"Rather, I am going to have my dinner all over you now and yes, you will however continue to talk unmindfully..."

Without further ado, took her by her waist and heaved her onto the table clearing the dishes with one hand.

It was at this time that Methika who had gone over to escort the Queens to the door came right back to me, and seeing that I was busy with my investigative work, took a few hesitant steps back out of our sight but still stood at a peeking distance enough to satiate her curiosity.

I removed the loose silk blouse covering Nabhini's torso. She was fair as a goddess and had broad but artistically sculpted shoulders and marble smooth arms. I removed her arm bracelets and carelessly dropped them into a tomato soup bowl and kneaded the place lovingly. I kissed and bit her shoulders and then pinched her turgid nipples that stared at me full of curiosity.

" Uh,,Huh ..Ouch.." She protested playfully." So you want the rest of the story, right?...Then you have to do a little stripping and show me if I am with a real man after a long time..."

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