tagRomancePalomino Ch. 11

Palomino Ch. 11


The crowd started to thin out as the night grew late. There were chores to do early in the morning and Carolyn had just left. It took some effort, but Lacey convinced the old woman she wanted to stay and help clean up, because by the looks of the men bugging out before they had to do dishes, Wesley was going to be left to do it alone. Lance was the last one to get ready to go as he finished up in the back, scraping the grill.

Wesley put the rest of the food away, organizing the fridge. He'd have to open up to Carolyn during the week to keep the stuff from going bad. The dinner was good, and healing. It was like old times. Everybody enjoyed themselves, especially with Lacey's return. She'd been given quite the joyous welcome.

Lacey stood at the kitchen sink, an apron tied around her waist as she washed and dried the last of the dishes, picking her way through the kitchen expertly as if she already knew where everything went. Lance walked through, brushing his hands on his jeans and walked up to her to hug her from behind and kiss her cheek. "Welcome home, Lace," he said before moving to Wesley and slapping him on the back as he stood up from where he had been bent over to put things in the fridge. "You kids have fun now," he said with a grin and nonchalantly shoved a couple of condoms into Wesley's back pocket while Lacey's back was turned.

Wesley eyed his friend as he left and chuckled as he felt the "gift" he'd left and shook his head. That man was always prepared everywhere he went. How he did it, Wes didn't really want to know. "Thank you fer helpin' clean up Lace... ya didn't have to."

Lacey took one last look around the kitchen to make sure she hadn't missed anything, and then turned with a soft smile to face Wesley, drying her hands on the apron before she reached behind her to untie it. "I wanted to, Wes. Tonight was great. The food was delicious, and it was a lot of fun." She folded the apron and set it carefully on the counter before her gaze fell on Wesley once again.

He cleared his throat rather nervously and scratched the back of his head. Now what? They were alone in his huge ranch house that had only him and his trusty dog for years. "I could show ya the house if you'd like. It's... pretty big."

Lacey smiled and nodded gently, pushing away from the counter to take a step closer to him. "That would be nice," she murmured softly. Clearly she didn't want to go quite yet.

"Well, this is the kitchen. And that over there is the den." He motioned toward the room that opened up past a bar counter. It was fully furnished with leather couches, and an ottoman, but looked unused. He took her hand and led her back to the main hall "There's two bedrooms and a bathroom down here on this floor. Anne wanted babies. Yer daddy had the house built fer us." He then took her up the stairs, seeing she was going slow to take a look at the paintings and pictures on the walls. Anne had fixed the place up real nice, and he hadn't changed a thing except for taking down any pictures with her in them.

Lacey held onto his hand, her fingers absently stroking his as he led her through the house. It was real nice and decorated with the style that she would imagine a cowboy would enjoy best, but with a touch of class. Even though it was nice, and furnished well, it obviously lacked "life". She smiled, listening to him tell about it and the plans that he had once made, ducking her head into the rooms as they slowly passed. "It's beautiful," she murmured, truly meaning it.

Wesley showed her the empty room at the end of the upstairs hall he'd never gotten around to furnishing, and just hadn't after Anne died. It could've been used as another bedroom, or a play room for kids, or even a real nice office that any Foreman would need. Wesley had just made a habit of using Old man King's office in the main house for his work.

He then took her hand and showed her the rest of the house on the top floor. There was an open common area at the other end of the hall where a big picture window opened to the scene of the Rocky Mountains and the south pasture of the ranch. There was a cushioned bench and a big open space that could be used for a study, or a woman's room. On either side were two more bedrooms and a half bath. They'd passed the master bedroom and bath at the center of it all. This wasn't just a house. It had been intended to be the center of operation. It'd just never blossomed into that.

Lacey beamed and oo'ed over the beauty of the house, loving the upstairs scenery and tightened her fingers on Wesley's. "Wes, it's beautiful ... truly breath-taking," she cooed, a soft smile lighting up in her eyes.

Wesley smiled rather proudly. Being in the big house all alone bugged him, but it was his home. He'd slept in one of the downstairs bedrooms for a long time after Anne died. He didn't have the heart to sleep in his own bed until just about the last year or so. He was a slow healer, but he was getting there step by step, whether people really noticed or not. "Anne designed it.. yer daddy hired the contractors. Then he had all the hands' houses re-done."

Lacey smiled tenderly, letting go of his hand temporarily as she walked over towards the big plate-glass window. New York's skyline paled in comparison to the millions of stars that twinkled above the mountains. She could make out the shadows of horses grazing in the pasture beyond, and the moon never looked more bright. She couldn't even remember if she was able to see the moon in New York. She looked out for a long time before she spoke, her voice quiet but strong enough to be heard, "I missed you, Wesley. I'm sorry I just up and left."

Wesley stepped up behind her and his arms wrapped around her waist, his head resting against hers as they shared a quiet, healing moment. After several minutes he kissed the top of her head. "It's nothin' that can't be fixed."

Lacey smiled gently, closing her eyes momentarily as she leaned back against him, her hands tenderly caressing the strong arms around her. Then she opened her eyes again to take in the beautiful scenery stretched out before her as she shared this time with the man that she had fallen in love with it. It relieved her to know that she hadn't lost him completely in her stupidity and confused moments. She turned slowly in his arms, her blue eyes looking up, searching his face as her arms slipped around him to draw him close.

He gazed into her eyes gently. "It might take awhile.... but it can be fixed if we try." He pulled her closer, running his fingers through her hair. "Jus' depends on if we wanna try."

She was lost in his gaze as she felt his fingers slide into her hair and her own fingers caressed the small of his back as her lips seemed to part slightly as she gazed up at him. "I want to do more than try, Wesley"

He leaned down and kissed her gently for the first time since she'd come back. He'd wanted to kiss her ever since she left him. The moment was long and passionate. He held her close like he'd never let go, almost like he was afraid she'd vanish again.

Lacey clung to him, a soft whimper escaping her lips as they kissed. She had dreamed of this moment ever since she had pulled off the road that had led to the ranch and now that it was here, she was almost afraid that she was dreaming.

He pulled back to gaze into her eyes. "There's one more thing I want to show you."

When he pulled back, Lacey's eyes were glistening with both passion and relief that she had found her way back into his arms. She smiled gently at his words and simply nodded her head, wanting to see whatever it was that he wanted to show her.

He took her hands and turned down the hallway to the center and the double doors they'd passed. He pushed them open and led her inside as he flipped on some of the lights. The master bedroom was probably the grandest room in the whole house, aside from the kitchen. There was a huge picture window to the west with a matching padded bench to the one in the hall. Across from that, there was a big king sized bed. Above the bed was a big western style swag lamp. On the side of the room that didn't seem used much, there was a big vanity and a walk-in closet that connected to a large master bath with a big bathtub and full shower. There was no doubt all this was designed by a woman, for a woman. It wasn't just a house. It was a showcase. It was made to make an impression to whatever big business would come to the house.

Lacey gasped softly, glancing to Wesley before gently releasing his hand and wandered further into the room. It was gorgeous! It looked like it stepped right out of a magazine! Lacey walked through the room, touching things almost reverently, walking into the bathroom with a soft smile. Anne had thought of everything, right down to the his and hers sinks. It was perfect. When she came back out, her gaze met Wesley's and she smiled beautifully. "It takes my breath away."

"It's been photographed... fer magazines. The whole house has been. Yer daddy wanted it to be the base of operations. It just never got there. I'm glad ya like it."

Tick came trotting in then and looked between the two people and snorted in his little Corgi way and waddled on over to the dog bed Wesley had set beside the master bed and he curled up in it, huffing as if in irritation that the two hadn't gotten any further than this.

Lacey glanced to the dog and smiled gently before turning again to take in the room. "It's gorgeous, Wesley. I absolutely love it." She walked to where Tick was curled upon his little bed and crouched down beside him to rub and scratch on his head. "What's wrong with you, Tick? Wanting me to get out of your bedroom so you can sleep?"

"That dog is so spoiled. Anne ruined him. His brother isn't near so pushy." Wesley sat on the end of the bed and started to kick his boots off.

Lacey grinned, rubbing on Tick a bit more and then glanced up to where Wesley was sitting on the edge of the bed. She realized that the hour was growing late, and he was probably exhausted and had an early morning coming up. She stood, rubbing her palms on the front of her pants and then smiled, somewhat sheepishly. "I'm keeping you both from getting some sleep. I should probably head back to the main house."

Wesley rose from the bed and closed the door rather pointedly before Lacey could leave again. "It's dark. And you might get lost."

Lacey watched him close the large double doors and felt her heart begin to thump wildly in her chest. She fought the small smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth and tried to think of something witty to say, but all she could think of was helping him take off more than his boots. "Oh, that's right ... there aren't any lights, are there?" she said gently, remembering the first night she had shown up on his doorstep with a plate full of food.

"Nope... there sure aren't." He flipped all the lights off except for the swag lamp over the bed and turned to fold down the covers before unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off. He did this like he'd done it a million times before with her around. He seemed comfortable and at ease. Things weren't fixed, but she'd agreed to try. The fences were on the mend.

Lacey watched him, her legs feeling somewhat like jell-o as she watched him begin to disrobe. She had imagined this moment countless times, and now that it was here, she seemed rooted to the spot. She had almost royally screwed things over with him, but here he was, preparing for bed like she and he had done this countless times together. She glanced to Tick who seemed to be looking at her like "what 'cha waiting for?" and she smiled, clearing her throat gently and gingerly took a step toward him as her confidence grew until she was standing before him, her fingers sliding down his chest to the first button on his jeans. "Need help with that, cowboy?" she asked gently, daring a glance up at his eyes.

Without answering aloud, he leaned in to kiss her, his arms wrapping around her a bit as he felt the buckle of his belt loosened, then the button on his jeans popped. His fingers slid beneath the blouse she wore, pulling it up slowly. Now that she was here, and they were alone, he couldn't keep his hands off her. He half thought he should put the brakes on a little, but the notion evaporated as he felt his jeans tugged down.

Lacey only stopped as she felt him pull her silk blouse upwards, his jeans loosely hanging low on his hips as she lifted her arms to aide him, revealing a lacy white bra that lifted her breasts up beautifully, giving him a enticing view of her cleavage. Once the blouse had been tossed aside, she pulled her lips from his with a sultry purr, glancing up at him once more as her fingers worked his jeans lower until they fell to pool around his ankles. She could feel her whole body respond to him, shivering in need as she pressed against him, her fingers sliding up his thighs, stroking the hard flesh.

He moaned softly against her lips once he managed to get her clothes off and bent her back over the bed. It'd been years since he'd had a woman in his bed. In fact, Lacey was the only other woman to touch this particular bed.

She was back, and she was back to stay.

Now all Wesley needed to do was figure out how to fall in love with her again, like he had before. He had a feeling this weekend would either give them a good nudge in the right direction, or it'd make the point clear that nothing was supposed to happen.

Lacey pulled him close as they fell gently onto the bed, their legs tangling as their bodies pressed intimately together as one. She kissed him passionately, her whole heart in each movement of her lips, each caress of her palm against his backside. She kept thinking back to how Lance had told her that Wesley would be ready to move on if he had her help. As her leg gently wrapped around his hip, drawing him closer, she vowed to do everything she could to ensure that she had a permanent place in his heart and his life.

Wesley pressed intimately against her, their bodies grinding, their hands driving one another crazy. After awhile he could hardly stand it anymore and he gazed into her eyes with a playful grin. "I've got condoms this time... respects to Lance."

Lacey's breath was coming in quick and her hands couldn't get enough of him, stroking and grinding against him as she wrestled with her own passions threatening to burn out of control. Laughing huskily, she arched up to lick at his lips before giving him a playful grin of her own, "Good ole' Lance ... we can always count on him."

"He's always been there. Even if he is irritatin' as all get out when he wants ta be." He chuckled and ripped the foil package with his teeth, taking a few minutes to apply the condom. Lacey watched him hungrily as he applied the condom, stretching it over the swollen head and then down his length, unrolling it as it smoothed around his girth tightly.

He settled against her again, catching her lips in a searing kiss as their bodies bonded as closely as humanly possible.

When he rejoined her, her legs wrapped around him, arching up to meet him half way as he pushed deep into her for the first time. He moaned as he pushed inside her, feeling her stretch around the girth and he grunted, pushing again deeper.

Lacey gasped, a bit overcome with the intense feelings she had for him, as she pulled him closer, pressing her face against his neck, her lips closed around his flesh, suckling gently as her walls clamped around him.

He shuddered hard atop her as he pushed deeper with every thrust. His head tilted back as she suckled his neck, sending tremors down his spine. He grunted as he settled inside her to the hilt. After a few breathless moments, he pulled almost all the way out of her only to work his way back in inch by inch, teasing her as they kissed and touched and loved on one another. Suddenly he drove his cock deep and hard inside of her, grinding a bit before pulling out to move back into her slow again.

Lacey's hands slid down his back to his hips, her nails digging in as she arched and writhed beneath him, crying out his name between moans of pleasure and whimpers of delight. Even imagining it every night, nothing compared to having him inside of her. She encouraged him with her words, her hips moving in time with him, loving every sweet torturous movement of his cock as he slowly made love to her, her body trembling beneath his as the walls of her sex tried to pull him in deeper.

He growled deeply against her chest as he took her again and again, harder. His instincts drove him to take her, his hands groping every inch of her with abandon. It'd been a long time since he'd made love to a woman, and he needed the release more than anything. "I won't last long..." he whispered, almost apologetically, as he grunted and rutted with her deep and hard.

Lacey beat him to the punch, her body unable to take his long, strong strokes without the release of months of wanting him, needing him. Arching up, her nails scored his hips and back as they dug into his flesh, her cries echoing through the large room as her legs locked around his waist, her spasming walls flooding his cock with cum as she orgasmed hard over him.

He shuddered hard as her orgasm rocked over his stiff cock and he cried out, twitched savagely. His back arched as he pulled up off her, his head leaning back in a moan of ectasy as his cock jerked deep inside her, releasing. His hips ground in to her, claiming her as his own.

Lacey's manicured nails clawed down his back to his hips as he rose up some, her own back arching as she felt him pulse inside of her, and she wished that he didn't have the condom on so she could feel his hot cum coat her insides. Gasping for breath, she sank slowly back down onto the bed, deeper against the soft mattress as her eyelashes fluttered and she gazed lovingly up at the man above her.

It took him a moment to catch his breath, and when he did he collapsed against her and curled into her, holding her in his arms. When he found his voice he spoke. "I haven't felt this good in ages."

Lacey held him close, murmuring softly in his ear, her fingers gently stroking his back as he lay on top of her, a soft smile kissing her lips as they lay like that for a long moment. When she heard his words, she closed her eyes, savoring the moment before speaking again, "I know what you mean." What she really wanted to say was 'I love you', but saved it, hopefully, for the day he was ready to say it back.

After several minutes, he finally pulled out of her and discarded the condom. Tick raised his head and gave him a look like "'bout goddamn time, boss". Wes glared a bit at the dog and muttered as he flipped off the light and crawled back into bed with Lacey. "Cheeky dog."

Lacey chuckled, catching the dog's look and Wes' comment, curling close to the man she had been in love with since the first time she had laid eyes on him. Laying her cheek against his shoulder, she slipped an arm around his waist and nestled close with a soft, contented sigh. She wanted to do this every night for the rest of her life. Only time would tell if dreams really did come true.

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