Pam & John


After seeing her husband John off for a business trip Pam made herself a gin and tonic. She squeezed a lime slice into her drink and relaxed on the sofa. As he scanned the TV the 45 year old wife/schoolteacher wondered how she could have so many channels and still couldn't find anything worth watching. The slender wife knew her husband would be gone for a couple of weeks and she dreaded the loneliness and lack of sex. Pam was always prim and proper until she drank. She was well aware of the fact that she turned into a horny sex craving vamp when she drank but reasoned that she could always use her toys to satisfy the burning lust that was sure to come. Pam and John were in love and she never cheated on him but in recent months John would bring home interracial porn and said his fantasy was for his wife to have sex with a hung black stud or two. He also voiced his desire for her to make it with a big breasted black woman. John noted that the contrast of Pam's small breasts and skin color would make for a steamy hot sex scene. While watching the porn he urged her to try it and their sex was always more passionate when they watched the dirty movies and talked about her indulging in some scorching interracial sex.

Pam made herself a pitcher of gin and tonic and decided to enjoy the pool. As she slipped into a skimpy red bikini she caressed and admired her slender frame. The 5'7" wife approved of her sexy looks even if her breasts were small. As she gazed at her pretty face the light brown haired woman laughed out loud when she thought that she was built for speed.

As she sipped her drink and lounged by the pool Pam's thoughts returned to sex. Although she didn't admit it to John she found herself yearning to try a big black cock and was curious about sex with another woman. Her hand dropped down to her now aroused womanhood and she felt the moisture flowing. She realized that her and John did indeed share the same fantasy. She noticed movement and saw the young black man that was moving in next door. She found him so big, strong, and handsome. The spacious house was still under construction although nearly complete. Pam felt overheated as the young man removed his shirt and began mowing the lawn. She was in awe of his bulging muscles and couldn't help but wonder what the one between his legs was like.

The white woman's heart skipped a beat when the young buck approached her. He smiled and asked, "I was wondering if I could use your shower. They are still working on mine and I've worked up quite a sweat."

Pam shocked herself with her boldness when she replied, "Come on in and have a drink to cool yourself off then you can use anything you want."

The young man smiled and entered the pool area and introduced himself as John Jackson and told the smitten white wife that he played professional football."

Pam exclaimed, "Wow! My husband is also named John but he will be out of town for a couple of weeks. My name is Pam and I am so pleased to meet you sir." She handed him a drink and suggested that he could enjoy the swimming pool before he showered.

A wide grin crossed his face, his white teeth looked so spectacular against his exceptionally dark skin, and he looked at her with lust in his eyes as he explained, "Sounds great Pam but I didn't bring a bathing suit with me."

The combination of feeling the drinks and an overwhelming desire to seduce her new neighbor drove her to brazenly say, "You don't need a bathing suit honey. You can swim in my pool naked if you like!"

John didn't need to be told twice. He dropped his jeans and dove into the pool wearing nothing but a jock-strap. Pam's eyes opened wide at the sight of the bulge on display. She joined him in the pool and couldn't resist reaching down and grabbing his half erect huge cock. She exclaimed, "Oh my God, I can't even fit my hand around it. Your cock is so thick and long and it's not even hard yet. I can't believe it."

The handsome 24 year old rubbed her inflamed pussy and licked her ear while whispering, "You're a fucking white Cougar looking for some big black cock aren't you lady? Well this is your lucky day. I'm gonna give you what you want and need. Let's go inside your house and I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before." Pam walked the young man to her door and inside pulling him by his magnificent ebony tool the whole time. When he went in the shower she put on her sexiest lingerie. Out of a whole drawer full she picked out a pink and black crotchless number with fuck-me pumps and garters.

The young man drooled when he came out of the bathroom and spotted the sensual white woman standing in her bedroom wearing a come-hither look. He dropped the towel, entered the bedroom, pushed her on the bed in a sitting position, and rubbed his immense ebony shaft all over her face and then ordered, "Put your sweet lips around it and suck me off bitch." Pam kissed, licked, and sucked the big black cock with fervor. She thought that it must be at least 12" long and was so thick. She licked his balls and then played with them as he directed her. The white wife felt the rock hard cock stiffen even more as she lovingly sucked the black velvet tool. The throbbing cock then exploded in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but there was still plenty of hot cum left to splatter all over her pretty face. He demanded, "Lick and suck my cock clean bitch. Oh hell yeah! You love my big cock don't you slut.?" Pam could only nod her head yes as her tongue could feel the pulsating veins on his enormous cock.

She was astonished when the ebony shaft once again stiffened to a full erection in all it's glory. Her pussy leaked like a sieve and she reached several quaking orgasms as they engaged in a torrid sixty-nine with him on top. Then he put her on her back and fucked her brains out. At first it hurt but the sensation soon turned to pure pleasure. He shot another huge load up her tunnel of love. He made her suck his cock again and she couldn't believe it when his cock got rock hard once more. Then he pounded her doggy style and fingered her puckered anus as he fucked her hard and long. Suddenly he turned her around and fucked her face until he emitted another stream of hot, sticky, and savory sperm in her mouth and all over her hair, breasts, and face.

Pam was floating on a cloud and never felt such sublime ecstasy before but was also growing weary. She loved it but was exhausted. Suddenly without warning she was placed on her knees again. She groaned and despite being tired Pam thrilled and delighted as her pussy was being stretched and pounded by the ebony power shaft. She tried to protest when he pulled out of her pussy and jammed his huge cock up her virgin ass. It went from hurting so bad to feeling so good as he pumped her butt with long hard strokes. She reached another orgasm as she felt his red-hot cum shoot up her now stretched ass-hole. He wiped his cock clean by rubbing it all over her frail frame. It started to rise again but he stated, "No more for now. I have things to do. Let's see now. Today is Tuesday would you like to come over to my place Friday evening for some more fun and games?"

She looked at him with adoring eyes and cooed, "You know I want more of your special loving my big black stud?

He grinned and said, "Good be there at in the evening and wear your sexiest lingerie. Be ready for action because you're going to get plenty of it. See you then baby." Pam told him that he could count on it and then passed out from sheer exhaustion and pure pleasure.

As the week went by Pam was filled with eager anticipation. Her mind was filled with nothing but her ebony lover. She was tempted to use her toys but decided not to as she recalled the amazing stamina of the sexy stud next door. She trembled with longing and desire just thinking about him. Pam didn't sleep very well and got up early Friday morning. She soaked in the hot tub to relax when her husband called. She told him everything including her plans to visit John again. The wife delighted in her husband's excitement. He even begged his wife to arrange for him to watch Pam fuck her black lover. She assured him that she would ask him about it. Thoughts of her husband watching and stroking his dick as he observed his wife suck and fuck the big fat black cock were so arousing that her fingers were busy playing with her flooding pussy.

Pam wore a jacket over her sexy pink lingerie as she nervously strolled next door. Her fuck-me-pumps clanked loudly on the stone walkway. Pam took a deep breath as she rang the doorbell and was startled to see a very shapely black woman answer the door in a very skimpy French maid outfit. The black woman was just oozing with sex appeal as she took Pam's coat and said, " My, My, My, aren't you a most delectable white thing? You must be Pam. I've heard so much about you and it's so nice to finally meet you. My name is Tanya but they call me Tasty Tanya because I taste so fucking good." The white housewife blushed at the comment and the bombshell black woman caressing her ass and touched the inflamed white pussy while announcing, "You are one hot white slut baby and I can't wait to introduce you to my delicious chocolate cunt and taste your vanilla pudding. You're gonna adore eating me out and beg me to feed you more but first come with me into the living room. John is waiting for you." Pam was both frightened and turned-on by the voluptuous black maid and recalled the porn videos with interracial lesbians and how excited her husband was coaxing her to have sex with a sexy black woman. She followed the 6' ebony goddess into the living room.

She was so glad to see John again but was troubled by the young black woman in a mini skirt and two well muscled black men. The white wife hoped that they would leave soon so she could be alone with John. Pam was really puzzled when John made the introductions by saying, "This is Pam everybody. Ray and Robert are my teammates and Brenda is my girlfriend. Pam you are in for the night of your life. You are the star of the show and we are all going to fuck you. Come sit between me and Brenda on the sofa. My boys will watch us from their chairs but soon they too will join in."

Just then the Amazing Amazon Tanya sashayed into the room with a strong gin and tonic for Pam and beers for the others. Brenda assured Pam, "I couldn't help but notice the look of disappointment on your face when John called me his girlfriend but don't worry baby we are not exclusive at all. As a matter of fact we are quite inclusive . John is too much for any one woman and I like variety. I am a cheerleader for the team and enjoy sex with both men and women. John told us all how he fucked the white Cougar next door. John and the boys want to start out this orgy by watching some woman on woman action and then join in. Before we start I want to see you suck his cock. Do it bitch!"

John dropped his sweat pants exposing his beautiful black cock. Brenda and Tanya brought the white woman to her knees and pushed her head up and down as she sucked the black meat blissfully. Tanya touched Pam's pussy and excitedly declared, " Her fucking cunt is flooding! Hope she likes black pussy as well as she loves black cock." After splattering his cum down her throat and all over her face John directed the white wife to give head to his teammates. The two black woman taunted and teased Pam as she went down on the two other cocks. She stroked one while sucking the other. Pam liked them but thought that neither one could ever compare to John. The men soon shot their loads in her sucking mouth and all over her slim frame.

The black women placed Pam on her back on the rug. Brenda ate the white pussy with fervor while Tanya rode her face wildly. Tanya cried out. Oh hell yessssss! Suck my horny cunt bitch. You love it don't you baby? I know you can't talk with your mouth full of pussy but it's easy to see that you really enjoy me fucking your pretty white face with my chocolate cunt. Yeahhhhhh, suck, lick, suck, Hell yessssss. Don't stopppp, swallow my cum slut. Drink it all the fuck up. Yesssssssss!"

Tanya continued face fucking the white lady but Brenda stopped eating her pussy. Pam enjoyed the tongue lashing and was disappointed when the ebony cheerleader ceased licking but then she felt the all too familiar glorious sensation that only her black lover could provide. Tanya and Brenda took turns face sitting while John fucked the purring pussy powerfully. Pam was fucked into orbit and reached one quaking orgasm after another. She lost count but was propelled into a state of sublime bliss. The black women taunted her and made Pam kiss, lick, and suck their smelly ass-holes as well as their creaming cunts but the only thing that mattered was John's huge cock pumping like a piston in and out of her sizzling slit. Pam lost all control and humped back in a fiery frenzy as a stream of boiling hot cum shot deep inside her. Pam was spent but well satisfied.

The next thing she knew she felt herself being lifted to her feet by Brenda and Tanya and placed on top of Robert. As his cock penetrated her sopping cunt she thought how much it felt like her husband but her thoughts were interrupted when Ray shoved his cock up her ass. John and the girls cheered as Pam was savagely double penetrated by the two black studs. When they were through using her the white wife collapsed to the floor in an exhausted heap.

When she came to she heard them talking about her. When she sat up Tanya went to get her another drink. The two football players invited her to visit them and were surprised when she replied, "No thanks. I only go where John is. You call call me a slut and whore but I am John's slut only."

Brenda smiled and said, "Loyalty Wow! Good to see that you're so loyal to John but what about your husband slut? What would he say if he knew what you're doing?"

Pam stated, "I told my husband all about John and that I was going back for some more tonight. I am living my husband's fantasy. He wants to come with me next time and would like to watch me and John. He also mentioned me making it with a black woman."

John chimed in, "Pam you are something else baby. I like you. I like you a lot. Your not just a Cougar. You are a Wild Cat and a fucking Hell Cat. I really appreciate the fact that your not going to fuck with anybody without me. It pleases me to no end that your old man digs the scene. I was concerned that he would pose as a problem but now that I know that he is cool with it I am happy as hell. You bet you can bring him over here when he gets back home. We'll give him a really big show won't we baby? You may be 45 years old but you look much better than most younger bitches."

Pam stared at John's dangling dick and replied, "Oh yeah, a really big one!"

Brenda stated, "We all know you love the big black one Pam but it just so happens that I love white meat. Hell I've befriended every white girl on the squad and fucked all their husbands and boyfriends. Your husband can watch you and John but then you can watch your husband fuck a good black woman. He's going to love my bald black cunt every bit as much as his slut wife does. What do you think of that slut?"

All Pam could say was, "It's only fair. Hope he enjoys himself."

Brenda quizzed, "I know that you totally loved eating black cunt but tell me which cunt did you like the most?"

Pam thought for a moment and knew that she preferred Tanya's hairy, sweet smelling, and spicy treat to Brenda's bald one but decided not to offend by saying, "I loved both of you and it's hard to pick one over the other." John announced that the party was over and that they should all go home and he would walk his sexy white woman to her place.

The others all left but Tanya. She went upstairs to change. She descended the stairs in a stunning red dress and told Pam, "I know that you enjoyed my cunt much more than you did the cheerleader. I am closer to your age also. They are all in their twenty's, you are forty-five, and I am right in the middle at thirty-six. By the way I am not really the maid. My profession is an exotic dancer. I want you to visit me at the Club kitty Cat. Now admit it. You loved my chocolate treat much more than hers didn't you?"

The white woman confessed, "No contest. Not only is your hairy pussy prettier but it, smells, feels, and tastes far better. The way you dominate me is so damn arousing and titillating. Yeah, hell yeah, I adore you and the only thing I love more is John's beautiful chocolate joy stick. The club sounds tempting but remember that I belong to John and won't play anywhere without him."

John grinned and declared, "That's my girl! I met Tanya at the club and we became very good friends. Tanya is a Lesbian and don't want any man but is still a great friend. Next party I have will just be women and me. No other men except your husband that is. I'll take you to the club next week to see your sexy Tanya if you like. It should be fun baby What do you say?"

Pam beamed and offered, "Thanks John, I would like that very much. With both you and Tanya there it has gotta be a real blast. I can't wait." After John walked her home Pam showered and went to bed well satisfied. She drifted off to sleep dreaming about what was and what will come and cum. Her thoughts were occupied by John, Tanya, and her loving husband.


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