Pamela's Secrets


As before, Sally was first round, skating behind Neal and I and flicking her fingers along the backs of our necks. Neal pushed his stool further out after she was gone, urging me to do the same and create a definite path that the guys would have to take and not go behind us.

Then Denis and the others approached. Neal even pointed at his wife, beckoning the guys in our direction. They swooped past and both Pamela and Cathy gave quick lifts of the front of their dresses. But it was so quick I never really saw anything, although Neal did say, "Wow! Did I see that?".

I checked out the reaction of the skaters – they were looking back, slightly bewildered but amused. I watched Denis - the Italian - indicate that they should go back round towards us.

"Here they come again," said Neal. "Hope you two are going to give them a proper flash and not that sad excuse. . ."

Pamela giggled, looked wide-eyed and pensive at Cathy, gnawing her bottom lip. Cathy grasped her dress hem with both hands, making a show of it. Nervous, Pamela did likewise.

Then the guys came zooming through out little parade ground. Denis at the front, followed by Antonio, then Alex, all skating crouched down, heads turned to the girls.

A few guys around the bar had half an idea what was going on and craned round for a look.

Pamela was first in line, before Cathy and amazed me as she gasped, "What the hell!" and lifted her dress. The tight red material was drawn up to above her groin exposing her silky black bikini-style panties.

I loved it, got a buzz, switched my eyes to Cathy, just as I heard one of the skaters cry out, "Shit, check that!" It was Irish Alex, last in line, who'd gotten the best of views as the girls held up the front of their dresses.

And what he was checking brought a smile to my face and a stirring to my loins. Cathy was baring her pussy. There was enough ambient light to make her smooth lips glow, the white bald mound contrasting with her tan thighs. No panties in sight, yet a gleam of moisture along her slit.

Neal clapped. I gaped. So did a few others.

Pamela dropped her own dress back and cried out with both hands pressed to her face in shock. "Oh my God! Cathy! You did it! You took them off! Oh!"

Then she said to me, "She told me she had taken them off in the toilets! I didn't believe her! Oh my God!" Then she too burst out laughing.

The show was going on, but you could see the guys slightly putt off by events, fluffing their cues, glancing over at the bar, laughing amongst themselves.

Cathy and Pamela were sent over some drinks by a few happy blokes. Pamela was still expressing her shock intermittently.

Cathy said to her, "You chickened out! I thought you were going to flash them as well?"

"I did! Just not. . .I didn't expect you meant, y'know – everything!"

"It's not a flash if they don't see it all, right Andy?"

I knew she meant the other night when I'd been flashed that same succulent pussy. She was teasing. "Oh, I enjoyed it, too, thanks. . ." I replied.

"Oh you did, did you?" Pam asked in mock anger.

"Enjoyed you both," I said with a smile.

"But you wished I had taken my panties off too?"

I shrugged, "Wouldn't have complained. . .Not like you don't get out naked in public much. . ."

She actually blushed, shushed me about the balcony incident. If only she'd known. I half expected it to be brought up there and then but Cathy was cagey. "Did you not get a bit of a thrill, Pamela? I did. Good-looking boys. . ."

Pamela looked over at the stage. "Yeah, I know. . .Met them before. . ."

"She was snogging them a couple of years back," I quipped.

Cathy shrieked, "No way! Really!"

Pam was bright red, trying to be angry with me but letting a laugh escape. "No, no. . .No! Well, I was here with some gilrls. . .a friend's mum and dad own that apartment we're in. . ."

"Ah, a girls' holiday," winked Cathy theatrically. "Enough said." She tapped a finger to her nose.

"It wasn't like that!" Pamela gasped, outraged.

"Oh, no?" Cathy raised a quizzical eyebrow.

Pam looked over at the show on stage. "Like I said. . ."

Neal nudged me, looking interested. I just shrugged, added, "Hey, girls secrets. I just picked up a bit of rumour. . ."

"Exactly," said Pamela with a glint, narrowing her eyes at me. "Rumour that's what it is."

I smiled a sarcastic smile back at her.

"Wouldn't mind hearing some of those juicy rumours," said Neal.

Pamela laughed and retorted, "If you're a good boy, you might get to hear them later. Now why don't you get your flashing wife and I a drink for our dare?"

"You only get half a drink," I said. "Kept your panties on. . ."

"Don't push it big boy," she joked. "Or they'll be staying on permanently when you're around."

"Oh-oh," Neal said, edging his barstool back towards the girls, "Time to get a round in. . ."

As the night drew to a close, the show gang began to appear around the bar. The three guys rolled up in a very jolly mood with a lot of questions to ask the girls. Pam and Cathy fended their enquiries as to what they had really seen – apparently only Alex had gotten a really good look and he was adamant neither Cathy nor Pamela had panties on.

Pamela looked really shy about the whole thing and quite reluctant to talk about it; she kept glancing over at me, looking worried. I shot her a few smiles to calm her but couldn't help but wonder why she was so anxious.

Alex was a bit more forthcoming than when I'd met him previously by the pool and, given he spoke English as a first language did most of the talking and a bit of translating into Spanish for Antonio and Italian for Denis although both of them conversed very well.

A little while later the two girls I knew – Sally and Morena the singer joined us, showered after their show and wearing nice casual gear – Morena had on a small black strappy top which enhanced those magnificent tits of her to terrific effect drawing a multitiude of stares. She wore a pair of dark jeans which accentuated her shapely legs and high, full ass – almost a black girl's ass on this sallow-skinned Mediterranean beauty.

Sally was cute as ever, stood right next to me in a little white mini skirt and boob-tube top that clung to her small perky breasts. Two buds poked the tight material across her chest and my eyes kept darting to those hard nipples, the comical urge just to hook a finger into the elasticated material and pull it down a bit flashing through my inebriated mind. She was also wearing her brown bobbed hair down instead of tied back as I'd seen yesterday and for the show. It softened her and gave her a sexy air, more warm than 'chirpy' as she'd first appeared. Not far in groin-stirring looks from the fine-titted chick from 'Friends' – y'know, the one Brad Pitt booted for being a miserable cow. . .

The entertainment staff certainly proved just as entertaining off-duty, however. Cathy was lapping up the attentions as the drinks and jokes flowed. We were joined by another girl and guy – both Spanish. The guy, who everyone called, 'Juanjo' – though I never did know if it was a nickname or his first name – pointed with an open mouth as he set eyes on Pamela. He gave her a big hug, greeting her like an old friend saying something in Spanish which neither she nor I understood. Pam looked even more nervous as Juanjo blabbed away, full of compliments I reckoned. Pamela introduced me, making sure he knew I was her boyfriend.

He nodded and exclaimed "Aaaah. . ." as if the info was finally sinking in. He shook my hand enthusiastically, flicking his dark eyes to Pamela, saying something in Spanish to me which he found amusing, shaking his slicked-back dark hair and flashing his dazzling smile. He appeared a right smooth operator, so I just nodded along, smiling, shrugging.

The girl – his girlfriend, I was told – knew Pamela as well. She was very bright and sparky, a slim leggy girl with blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. Her Northen Spanish genes kept her hair a waxen, straw-blonde colour, setting off her attractive tan face which was speckled across her nose and cheeks with freckles. She moved in a very elegant manner, sporting long legs encased in a pair of sheer white pants that exposed her flat brown belly – complete with belly-button diamond that sparkled as much as the black sequinned top which held firm her fine, high breasts and revealed a very tantalising valley of shining cleavage.

She also wore a neck choker, black with diamond studs which set off her refined appearance. When I was introduced she offered her hand for me to kiss, which I did so and caught the faintest whiff off a very nice perfume. This willowy creature was called Rosa and I placed her slightly older than the other girls – except Cathy – at around her late twenties.

Pamela explained in a bit of a nervous mumble that Rosa and Juanjo had 'hung around' when she and the girls had been on holiday, but they were not part of the hotel entertainment staff. Rosa worked in the hotel office but Juanjo had employment in the town somewhere. Town lothario, I reckoned, as he schmoozed with Cathy, charming her - well, you couldn't say 'panties off' because it was too late for that – despite his flimsy grasp of English.

The hotel bar was not scheduled to close to guests for another couple of hours but Sally suggested we all head up to Denis's suite for a bit of a party. The entertainment staff had the following day off so tonight was a night for some fun.

Neal and Cathy were right up for it. Pamela was a bit hesitant and needed a bit of cajoling. She even said to me, "You sure about this?" before realising I was going to question her reluctance and so she shrugged and said, "If you want, Andy. I don't mind. . ."

I wondered what her problem was – she usually likes a fun night. Some old grudges? I didn't think so – there seemed no cattiness between the girls. That set me off wondering about the snogging rumours and exactly who, if anyone, Pam had gotten involved with when she was here with her friends.

But Denis was having no refusals. He took a few bottles of drink from the bar on tick and led the way. Everyone followed, merry enough.

His suite was a really nice live-in apartment on the top floors of the hotel. A main living area led onto an open-plan bedroom with a broad balcony big enough to hold six people with some room to spare. All decorated in light, bright colours with soft furnishings and off-white curtains. There was a kitchen and bathroom off down a short corridor. It was actually nicer than the apartment Lorri's parents were letting us use; definitely more spacious.

He did only have one couch and an armchair to sit on so the eleven party-goers spread out using his big bed for seating as well. Sally threw the balcony doors open and we wandered about for a bit, sipping drinks and chatting about nothing in particular.

I was out on the balcony sharing a joke with Neal when a rise in the commotion levels drew us back in. Turned out Sally, Morena, Rosa and Juanjo had just been made aware of Cathy's flash to the skater boys. There was much hilarity.

Denis was loudest, adding that he couldn't believe it was Cathy who had on no panties and not Pamela. I wondered a bit about that.

Pamela was more drunk by now and a bit looser so she catcalled him down. Sally claimed she also didn't believe that and Pam flashed her silky black panties just to prove it. That put a spike in my groin, got a few appreciative shouts from the guys. Pam blushed shook her head and drank.

Alex wanted Cathy to show the other guys that he was damn right in what he'd seen. She was sitting on the edge of the bed beside Pamela with her legs crossed. Sally had commanded the only armchair while Morena, Rosa and Juanjo were squeezed on the couch. Denis was standing in the midst of it with Antonio by his side. Alex was leaning on the TV placed between the bedroom and living area. I was stood at the end of the bed near the balcony with Neal. Cathy looked at her husband with a cheeky glint. He kind of nodded his approval and before you knew it Cathy had uncrossed her legs and provided everyone with a quick flash again. It was very quick and her cheeks definitely flushed at the uproar it caused.

Cathy said, "Hey, who wears panties in this heat anyway?"

Neal laughed, "You, for about three hours then they're off to flash!"

I got the impression she indulged in this pantiless lifestyle quite often. . .

"Well, I've got some on!" said Sally in her cute London accent, and she flipped up her short white mini to prove it. Sitting in the chair, her hips were angled up and she gave Neal and me a great camel-toe view of her white panties hugging her little mound.

"Well, you've seen mine, too," said Pam. "So I guess that's just you who's the tramp, Cathy. . ." The girls laughed.

Then Antonio shouted, "Hey, Juanjo say Rosa has no panties as well!"

Rosa slapped her man playfully as Juanjo ducked and laughed, sitting between her and Morena on the couch. Morena joined in with his mock beating.

Sally pointed at her co-star and claimed, "Morena's got nothing on under those jeans either. I saw her in the dressing room!"

"Hey, so that makes you two the only chicks with underwear on, "said Alex in his Irish brogue with a charming smile as he looked between Sally and Pamela.

"Huh, what about you, playboy," Pamela grinned at him. "Thought you didn't wear any either?"

She was too involved teasing Alex to notice my surprise. What was this? How did she know anything about that?

He was beaming back at her. "And what would you remember about that?" he asked.

That seemed to bring her to her senses. She looked at me quickly, then shook it off with a smile. "No idea. Just a guess by the looks of you. . .an alley-cat"

He seemed to intuit her discomfort, glanced at me, said, "Ah, that would make me an O'Malley. . .You're a shy thing, Pamela, aren't ya?"

She blushed. He smiled at me; a conspiratorial grin which I did my best to play along with despite my confusion.

Sally saved her any inquisition by piping up, "You sluts better prove you're commando!"

Morena threw a cushion at her. Rosa didn't comprehend at first but laughed when Morena translated the expression. She jumped to her feet, fixedly staring down Sally and fiddling with her waist button.

I made a face at Neal; he creased his forehead – 'wow!' – back at me.

Morena gleefully joined in, giggling madly, standing to her full statuesque height as she unzipped her jeans' fly.

My pulse was racing. Rosa loosened her white pants first, then turned and wiggled them down. She leaned against the back of the couch, baring a tight, round ass to us, devoid of tan lines I noted but looking absolutely juicy as a peach, each symmetrical butt cheek lovely and soft and smooth.

"Shit!" Neal muttered, "Sweet. . ."

I had to agree. Morena followed on, spinning as she dropped her jeans. They slipped further than she intended I think – right to just above her knees. She was bending as she turned, the jeans slipping from her fingers. Her body shape just afforded me a quick glimpse of her groin – a flash of a dark bush hidden in the shadow there. Then she was all ass, leaning like Rosa against the back of the seat, bum stuck out. Her voluptuous figure had the ass to match the tits, a big firm heart-shaped butt in perfect proportion to the rest of her. Her thighs were bared by the fallen jeans – long, muscular but fine indeed. A real Amazonian.

They got a big cheer and applause. Juanjo, sitting between them grinning like the man who just won the lotto, reached up and slapped his girl's ass. Rosa squealed and wiggled. Then Juanjo did the same to Morena, whooping like a cowboy – the red-blooded kind, not the Brokeback Mountain kind. . .

This got them both wiggling their bare asses playfully. Morena's pants slipped a bit, their bright white setting off her slim brown tan thighs and ass. But the real reward was in the wiggle – where Neal and I were standing we saw their full on rear view as they arched their backs and swung their asses about.

That meant a sight of two delectable pussies from the back. Morena's pubic hair, fluffing between the backs of her thighs as her big hairy pussy lips pushed right out. Rosa's slimmer thighs formed an arch around her groin, displaying her bald undercarriage beautifully – two thin outer lips with lippy inner labia poking through. They looked like little petals as she shook side to side.

I had to sit when the two Spanish chicks started to pull their jeans back up – my dick had risen considerably fast to form a bit of a bulge. I took a seat on the end of the bed, Cathy between me and Pamela. Neal slumped down on the floor at Cathy's feet, looking up at us with a big sloppy grin.

"You two enjoyed that," Cathy laughed.

"You bet," her hubby said. Then he looked at me, pretended to wipe a tear away and sobbed, "this is the best holiday of my life. . ."

I had a good laugh at that one. Then it got even better. Or more. . .strange, should I say.

Sally tutted and said to Pamela with a smile, "Damn, Pamela. . .That just leaves us the odd ones out."

Pam gave a small laugh, said, "And I' think I'll stay odd one out, thanks Sally. . ."

"Oh, you got shy now?"

"Ha-ha. . ."

"Bet you think she's really shy, Andy?" Sally giggled to me.

I didn't really know what to say. But Cathy put her big foot in it.

"Not shy enough to say no to a good screw on her balcony a couple of nights ago!" she exclaimed.

Pam looked genuinely aghast.

"Neal moaned with humour, "Aw, no, Cath. No, you weren't meant to say. . ."

"You saw us?" Pamela gasped.

"Yep, everything," Cathy said with glee. "And Andy saw us watching. . ."

Damn, how alcohol loosen tongues. . .Everyone joined in the remarks and cheering, even the Spanish when it was translated.

Pam was red-faced, glaring at me. I just smiled and said, "Hey, how could I tell you?" with a shrug.

She looked like she was going to kill me – glad I had Cathy between us – but she eventually laughed and shook her head, saying, "God, what I do when I'm drunk. . ."

"Yeah!" Sally suddenly shouted, pointing at Pamela, "That's right!" She looked at Alex, at Denis, said with enthusiasm. "Get that tape! What about that tape, Alex? From back then? Pamela and her friends and us?"

Alex looked at me pretty concerned. I was bemused. I glanced at Pam. She looked horrified, staring at Alex. Denis yelled, "I get it!" and disappeared towards his kitchen.

Pamela jumped up, shouting, "No way! You said it. . .No way. . ."

Juanjo yelled, "We have seen it, Pamela! Magnifico!"

Sally was laughing, got to her feet, grabbed Pam and yelled, "Help me! She's got to watch it!"

Pam struggled but was laughing too – a bit in denial I think. But Morena and Rosa joined in. Even Cathy after looking at Neal and checking with me. I shrugged – I was shrugging a lot that night; just got to let some things go and see how they transpire I guess. Wore a sort of wan smile on my face as I tried to get a handle on what was going on/about to happen.

The girls wrestled Pamela to the couch, holding her down, shooing Juanjo off. Cathy tickled her until Pamela was helpless with laughter. Morena was sat beside her, pinning one arm and leg against the seat with her own body. Sally took the other side, perched one the chair arm needing Rosa's help because of her small size. Cathy gave up the fight and took the opposite couch arm from Rosa and Sally.

I edged up the bed, Neal sitting himself beside me and Antonio joining us to get a view of the big widescreen TV that Alex was preparing.

"What's going on?" Neal asked.

"Not sure," I muttered. "Wasn't really going out with her long when she was here with the girls. . ."

"Ah, the snogging rumours?" Neal said with a sly wink.

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